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Sledheads is a must see stop when you are riding in the Grayling, Ga***rd, Frederic area. Lots of rid

Operating as usual

Photos from Sledheads of Frederic , Michigan Snowmobiling's post 05/02/2023

Can you believe it? May 2. Let's ride.


WIsh I was riding up that "hill"

Photos from 3 Old Guys ride to Alaska's post 04/16/2023

Photos from 3 Old Guys ride to Alaska's post


3 Old Guys RODE to Alaska

On April 6 the 3 Old Guys accomplished their mission, they successfully rode to Alaska on snowmobile after departing from Grand Rapids, Minnesota on March 6 – but their journey was not complete and they set their sites on the final destination of Fairbanks. The final stretch proved grueling- and after thousands of miles of extreme riding, everyone (and everything) was getting tired. Exhaustion did not stand in the way of the 3 Old Guys and they arrived at their final destination on the evening of April 12….but not without challenge.

With only a short distance remaining, the 3 Old Guys struggled with Rob’s snowmobile yesterday (Tues) as they rode into Circle. Thinking it was some water in the gas, they also noticed the hyfax was completely wore out. By luck, another individual happened to be riding through and was headed to Circle. They towed Rob’s snowmobile by sleigh into Circle and the Guys spent the evening putting new hyfax on and stored the machines indoors overnight in preparation for today.

They intended to take the Yukon Quest trail, but with fresh snow on the highway and continued issues, it was determined that they would try to ride the road as much as possible.

Unfortunately, when they ventured out this morning, they found Rob’s machine was dead; they needed a coil, but didn’t have a spare. The decision was made to leave the snowmobile in Circle and have it hauled to town in a few days. The Guys took off from Circle on 2 sleds with 3 sleighs, and 3 Old Guys…. They were making good time until Rex’s engine locked up. With two snowmobiles down, they now had 1 snowmobile, 3 sleighs and 3 Old Guys remaining in the fight.

With only one snowmobile, the message was sent to the “home crew” requesting a trailer. The Guys made the best of it, with a few runs on the single sled they hauled their equipment about 10 miles back down the road to where they had pit-stopped earlier and enjoyed coffee. It wasn’t long before the trailer arrived and the 3 Old Guys loaded up. It wasn’t their intent to drive/trailer the last ~60(?) miles into town, but they were close enough and there is no question it was a successful run.

Despite every obstacle, obstacles that would have stopped anyone else, the 3 Old Guys successfully rode to Alaska. Man > Machine.

For a live recount of today’s trail report, view the live feed provided by “Alaska Lizzie,” Lizzie Hartman at about 20 minutes in. HUGE thanks to Lizzie Hartman for her help.

Photos from 3 Old Guys ride to Alaska's post 04/12/2023

Photos from 3 Old Guys ride to Alaska's post


Day 35 / Apr 9 - Overcoming Setbacks is the name of the game.

The 3 Old Guys set out yesterday intending to conquer the winding tangle of the Porcupine River and, ideally, arrive in Fort Yukon by evening.

Setting out, the going was slow as they continued to fight the deep snow and make trail. It was around 4pm (Alaska time) when the message came through that another snowmobile (Rex’s this time) had caught fire. 🔥

With limited ability to communicate, the Guys reported that they were safe and healthy, but frustrated and disappointed at this turn in events- so close and yet so far from their final destination, one can only imagine the emotions that were pulsing in those moments.

Already low on fuel, the Guys had no choice but to leave the equipment and continue the journey into Fort Yukon for help- They were still a long ways out and it was unclear whether they would even be able to make it to town before nightfall.

Meanwhile, our “home-crew” went to work, determined to re-energize and support our Guys. We leveraged Facebook - and all of you- to help us. With our phones on fire (in a different sense), we direct messaged, called and texted a network of people striving to help the guys in any way we could from our cozy homes.

We were quickly able to contact individuals from Fort Yukon and garner support. We have seen it so many times on this journey, but once again we were humbled by the Fort Yukon community and their willingness to help— they went out and met our Guys on the trail- traveling ~50 miles before their paths crossed and they were able to es**rt the Guys into town- offering not only a trail, but guidance towards the easiest route into town. Deep gratitude for the support of Joshua Cadzow and the many others that pitched in late on a Saturday.

As if that wasn’t enough, upon arrival, the tribal leaders welcomed them with a warm meal- stew, moose meat, rice, and veggies. What a blessing after a brutal day. Thank you Melanie Olivia!

The 3 Old Guys took the evening and morning to evaluate all options (pretty sure we are on Plan G or H of this trek about now). We do not have a full understanding of what happened to the snowmobile that caught fire. Thankfully, it sounds pretty mild- as far as snowmobile fires go! - the Guys think it may have been a fuel line leak that then sparked the fire on restart.

The current plan is to retrieve the equipment with some amazing Fort Yukon help and work to fix the machine. - if this plan works, and they have the necessary parts, the Guys could be back on track and on the move as early as Tuesday, but that is a big unknown.

The 3 Old Guys fully appreciate that every day that passes is another day of changing weather as this journey gets longer and the temperatures rise; this is on their minds as they consider other backup plans in the event they are unable to make the necessary repairs, but for now we are going to remain positive that the 3 Old Guys can overcome this latest obstacle.

The 3 Old Guys do not have internet or phone service in Fort Yukon. We have been able to speak with them to cover critical details through local land lines, but our communication continues to be extremely limited. (Also no ability to get updates pics).

Easter is about Hope, and the people on this journey that have helped the 3 Old Guys every step of the way - including this last leg, have certainly helped restore our Hope in the kindness of humanity. These 3 Guys have more grit than the average, but it is all the individuals that have assisted along the way that have ensured success on this expedition. Thank you.

Fairbanks…. The 3 Old Guys are still coming for you! Please be patient — we will continue to keep you posted! 😁🎉


Day 34 / Apr 8
The Porcupine gave the Guys a challenge yesterday; deep snow with slush underneath for most the day was hard on fuel, men and machines. The good news is that they were able to rest safely in a cabin last night and believe they are through the “Ramparts” and the trail ahead will be easier going. They’re well on their way today and hopefully they will make it into Fort Yukon this evening.

Fort Yukon is an Alaskan town that straddles the Arctic Circle. This area has been occupied for thousands of years by Gwich’in people, but the village of Fort Yukon developed from a trading post, Fort Yukon, established by … you guessed it… the Hudson's Bay Company, in June of 1847.

As you can imagine, Fort Yukon has a long, deep history, but I want to focus on the climate. At the confluence of the Yukon and Porcupine rivers, and roughly 150 miles northeast of Fairbanks, Fort Yukon has a strong subarctic climate. In fact, in summer they have midnight sun- meaning the sun nearly never sets, whereas in December the sun only appears for a few hours each day.

Just as the sun seems to go from one extreme to the next, so do the temperatures. Summer temperatures in Fort Yukon are high considering how far North they are and average mid 70s(F). Until just recently, Fort Yukon held the highest temperature ever recorded in Alaska when it reached 100F in 1915. In the winter months, one can expect an average of -10F; Fort Yukon holds the record for the lowest mean monthly temperature when the notoriously cold month of December 1917 had an average daily temperature of −48.3 °F.

This area may bring some big swings in daylight and weather but it’s also one of the best places in the world for observing the Aurora Borealis.

For those who are interested in learning more about the area, you may want to check out the book “Above the Arctic Circle: The Alaska Journals of James A. Carroll 1911-1922” by James A. Carroll. This book shares the journey of a young man of 17 who leaves his home in Minnesota in hopes of Alaskan gold, but stays for the land and the people. The book is a memoir of his first ten years as a trapper in Fort Yukon from 1911-1922 and the many adventures he encountered.

Photos from 3 Old Guys ride to Alaska's post 04/08/2023

The old guys are getting closer and on saturday morning here at Lake Margrethe we have a light dusting of fresh snow.

Photos from 3 Old Guys ride to Alaska's post 04/07/2023

Photos from 3 Old Guys ride to Alaska's post

3 Old Guys 04/03/2023

3 Old Guys

3 Old Guys Day 28 / Apr 2 The guys successfully found the trail today, but whiteout conditions prohibited them from moving forward and they retreated back to the cabin they stayed in last night to safely wait…


Just in☃️Grooming is extended for areas and clubs that meet the following requirements


Day 23 / Mar 28
The 3 Old Guys have officially crossed the Arctic Circle!

For those that are not familiar, the Arctic Circle is an imaginary line defined by where the sun does not completely set for the Summer Solstice (June 21) and never rises on the Winter Solstice (December 22). Everything north of the line is considered the Arctic.

A few facts about the Arctic:

-8 countries own land within the Arctic Circle: United States, Canada, Russia, Norway, Finland, Sweden, and Greenland

-The Arctic landscape is made up of glaciers, icebergs, sea ice and permafrost (soil and rock that remains frozen for years at a time)

-Average air temperatures above the Arctic Circle are around -30F in winter

-60% of the world’s polar bear population are found in the Canadian Arctic

-One fascinating species found only in the Arctic is the narwhal, 75% of that population is found in the Canadian Arctic

-The word ‘Arctic’ comes from the Greek word for bear, Arktos. But this isn’t because of the polar bears! It’s believed the name refers to two constellations that can be seen in the northern sky — ‘Ursa Minor’ (Little Bear) and ‘Ursa Major’ (Great Bear)

Photo Credit: World Atlas

Fresh Snow 03/29/2023

Fresh Snow

Fresh Snow Fresh snow this morning, imagine my surprise to laying in bed this morning and I heard the county truck go by scraping the road. I got up and looked outside and saw we had a whole fresh 1 inch of n…


Monday riding near lake margrethe #2


Monday riding. Near lake margrethe


Well, It's now 8:20 AM Saturday and we have about a half inch of new snow here at Lake Margrethe

Photos from 3 Old Guys ride to Alaska's post 03/22/2023

The 3 old guys are still working their way to Alaska look on a map and see how far north they are

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