Big North Barbell Strength and Conditioning

Big North Barbell Strength and Conditioning


Left a pair of new big north sweats at the gym last Saturday and now I can’t find them. 🙃

They are size large and have the tags removed. If anyone found them, let me know. Thank you!
Did anyone pick up a small orange Yeti water bottle last week?
The cooler is stocked again!! I’ll do my best to never let it run out of burritos🤣🤣 🌯you all are great! Thank you for your support! Let me know what you guys think... requests, opinions... all of it, feedback is awesome. Also, I put a sheet out today to help Carey and I. This will help us tremendously... If you grab something do us a quick favor and write it down! Thanks again!!☺️💕
Missing my barbell fam this AM 💜
Finished up a great conversation with an old friend, Chad Volant.

He’s the owner of Big North Barbell Strength and Conditioning and doing great work in the health and wellness space as a fitness professional.

He’s extremely smart and entertaining to listen to!

Looking forward to dropping this episode on The Painful Pursuit podcast in the next couple weeks!
Such a fun Field Day today! Thank you to all of our staff, parent volunteers, and businesses who sponsored or donated to make this a great day for our kiddos! Extra special shout out to Jay's Sporting Goods - Ga***rd, Mooney's Ice Cream, North Star Gardens-Ga***rd, the Michigan State Police, Big North Barbell Strength and Conditioning - CrossFit Ga***rd and Adam Korson Farm Bureau Insurance Agency! We couldn't have done it without you.

Join us tomorrow at 8:00 a.m. for our final All School Mass at the Cathedral with elementary awards and 8th grade graduation to follow!
Thank you to Big North Barbell Strength and Conditioning - CrossFit Ga***rd, Mooney's Ice Cream, Jay's Sporting Goods - Ga***rd, North Star Gardens-Ga***rd and the Michigan State Police and their K9 unit! Thank you for helping make our field day awesome!
Is there still a 4:00pm class on Fridays?
I wanted to let everyone know that the Firetruck Pull for the Special Olympics has been canceled. They were unable to get enough teams to be participate. I spoke with the Trooper who was organizing the event, he plans on combining it with the Firemans Memorial in Roscommon next year.
Dose anyone else have dreams about getting there first muscle up? 😂
Do you have Saturday morning WODs??
Any girls looking to do a beginners competition ??? If so messages me asap!!

Building a foundation of HEALTH through MOVEMENT
Big North Barbell offers coach led classes for all

Operating as usual


MiniFit is back tomorrow!
Ages 3-6🙂


Do we max out lifts regularly? Nope.

Do we gain strength regularly. Yes, yes we do.

This board is a celebration of hard work and commitment to getting better. Whether it was a 3 rep PR, 2 rep PR or a heavy single with great form, we celebrate!

I was beyond impressed with the great movement inside the gym today💪
Great job everyone!


Peep this beautiful Wolfpack sighting at the first annual Nick Mazur Golf outting😍

AND a big happy birthday to Ashley Miller 🥳


SHOUT OUT to all the humans pushing every day to become a better version of themselves.

And a happy birthday to this one🥳



When is the last time you went upside down?
Our bitty’s got to practice last night. Our regular classes even our boomers got to practice yesterday too!

Benefits include:
✅increased oxygen and blood flow to the brain, lungs and heart
✅increased balance and core strength
✅improved focus and balance

We try to get upside down weekly for all of these benefits.

Photos from Big North Barbell Strength and Conditioning's post 07/19/2022

We are just finishing up our eight weeks cycle with our Big North Boomers. The inbody scans are showing their hard work is paying off! Here are a few photos of members that added muscle while losing body weight and body fat. This is just incredible! To continue to make progress every nine weeks is extremely hard to do. Cheers to all of you hard-working boomers!

One that is very special to me is our new buddy Dan (first photo). Dan was diagnosed with stage four prostate cancer in March of 21. He is now cancer free but still on testosterone suppressants. Dan has made his health a priority and was doing strength training in Grand Rapids twice a week. He joined us 5 weeks ago.

In the 5 weeks he has been with us, he has gained 5 pounds. Most importantly, he has added SIX pounds of lean mass and dropped 3% body fat. This is just incredible! Even with the odds stacked against him, he has worked hard and is still making progress.

Our next 8 week strength cycle is starting Tuesday, if you know someone that wants to make their health a priority, send them our way!

Photos from Big North Barbell Strength and Conditioning's post 07/17/2022

What a crew this weekend at from Big North Barbell🙌

Congrats to all our teams throwing down in the sand all weekend💪


how to create change💪

Commitment+ Consistency =
How you create CHANGE.



Just a dose of cuteness for your Friday🥰 Our BittyFit crew last night got to work on learning squat patterns, jumping on things, jumping OFF things (always fun!), some balance work and most importantly PLAY!

So excited for next week already💗


MiniFit & BittyFit

July is here! MiniFit and BittyFit are back!

First 3 Thursdays of the month.
$35/student (non BNB member)
$25 BNB members

Please comment or message to sign up 🙂




FIRST BAR MUSCLE UP! Best high ✋ ever!


Turkish SITUP

Our boomers learning the Turkish sit up (and later will be the Turkish getup) with Coach . Being strong enough to get up off the floor safely should be a TOP of the list skill for all ages. 💪


The greatest show!

The greatest show.

When the song comes on and you realize you truly are watching the GREATEST SHOW.

People coming together to hold each out her accountable, committing to a healthier body, a healthier mindset and a higher quality of life. Right here folks. This is it.



Running for this weeks gainzzzz like🏃🏃🏻‍♀️🏃🏃🏻‍♀️


Never stop trying💪


Never stop trying.

If this week kicked you down. Get back up. Dust ya self off and get back after it. 💪
🎥 cred: .lawson40


boomer strong💪

“The swelling in my knees is almost gone and I can get down from curbs and up and down stairs with no pain.” Fred

Our boomers are getting stronger by the week and it’s amazing to watch their confidence soar🙌 if you know someone 60+ send them our way! We love new faces.

6:15-7a OR 10:30-11:15a


MiNiFit and BittyFit

It’s finally here!🥳

MiniFit and BittyFit are back this week! Classes will run first 3 Thursdays of the month.
$25 for members
$35 non members

Message to sign up!


Thank you Megan for coming to shoot our photos today!! 💗

This crew showed up to kick butt today! Big North Barbell Strength and Conditioning hosted the Murph today. In case you're unfamiliar, “Murph” is a classic CrossFit workout known as a Hero WOD. Hero WOD's are made by CrossFit to honor the men and women that have fallen in the line of duty. This one is specifically to honor Navy Lieutenant Michael Murphy, who was killed in action in Afghanistan on June 28th, 2005. It includes a one-mile run, and then a hundred pull-ups, 200 pushups, 300 squats and finish it off with a one-mile run. That's no joke.


Bring a friend Friday!

It’s that time again! May 20


If you have been wanting to try our gym, now is your chance!

•Do I need a friend? Nope!
We have one for you!
•Will there be balloons? Maybe😬
•What if I can’t do the movements?
We have lots of variations of each movement, your coach will help you find the right one!
•Will I love it? We think so! Fitness with friends is ALWAYS a good time in our book

Message to sign up for a class!


💗Happy Mother’s Day to all our strong mama’s and grandmama’s and GREAT grandmama’s 💗



Solid 6 months of consistency. I wish I found 20 years ago but It is what it is. It’s not easy but that’s because easy doesn’t change you. And it just goes to prove that regardless of your age you can start over. If you let go of comparison, do it at your own pace while being consistent in it, you will find a groove. You will find the change you seek. Grind now and shine later. God’s glory always 💪😤

P.S. If I would stop eating M&Ms like their protein pellets I might be able to get rid of this lint trap I call a bellybutton and see my abs again 🤷🏻‍♂️😂


Coach Raymond Badgley doing his thing every Saturday morning 8-9a🏋🏻‍♀️

If you want to learn how to Olympic lift this class is for you. All levels and all community members welcome💗
$5 drop in (BNBB members)
$10 drop in non members



Do you know somebody 60+ that would benefit from:
✅Improved balance
✅Increased muscle strength
✅Increased mobility
✅A group of friends that will hold you accountable to come to class every week

If so, send them our way!

Big North Barbell is partnered with the Otsego County Commission on Aging to offer a program that will do just this!
Our class times are:
Tuesday/Thursday 6:15 -7AM &10:30- 11:15 AM.
All levels welcome.

Cost is $3/class.

Let’s spread the word and let’s get this community stronger together!




5AM crew already hitting bench PR’s on week ✌️💪

Raise your hand if you hit a heavy bench today🙋🏻‍♀️🙋‍♂️


Anyone else hit a box jump PR today!?
Michael did🙌


Yes! We are open for all classes. Please be safe out there friends! Parking lot may be icy🥶




Total DAWEmination at 9AM 😍


dubs PR

Heyooooo hitting a PR on dubs 🙌 it appears that Florida sun is good for skill work💪 great job JESS!



Make sure to check ZenPlanner for updated spring break hours!

Our Story

Formally known as CrossFit Ga***rd, Big North Barbell is a community of fitness coaches and members who are devoted to the highest level of health and wellness. We have numerous class programs ranging from our MiniFit (5-10 years old) all the way to our Boomers Bootcamp which is specifically for aging adults. In addition, we offer personal training, nutrition coaching, and customized strength programming to help you achieve all of your goals. Our belief is all humans can “live better through strength”. Whether you are in high school sports or you are 90 years old, we can help enhance your everyday life and athletic ability. Possessing the required strength is an essential part to a long healthy life and that is why we put a large emphasis on resistance training. Consistency first, before intensity.

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Fist bumps. Smiles. Fitness.   Cheers to a healthier body. A stronger mind. A better outlook on your day. #wolfpack #com...
how to create change💪
MiniFit & BittyFit
Turkish SITUP
The greatest show!
Never stop trying💪
boomer strong💪
MiNiFit and BittyFit
Bring a friend Friday!
dubs PR




818 North Otsego Lake Road Suite B
Ga***rd, MI

Opening Hours

Monday 5:15am - 9:30am
4pm - 6:15pm
Tuesday 5:15am - 11:15am
4pm - 6:15pm
Wednesday 5:15am - 9:30am
4pm - 6:15pm
Thursday 5:15am - 11:15am
4pm - 6:15pm
Friday 5:15am - 9:30am
4pm - 6:15pm
Saturday 8am - 10am
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