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My previous post about the 1st annual Mike Roper Men's Doubles tournament disappeared, so here it is again. Mike was an integral part of our tennis community, who died recently of a brain tumor, surrounded by his caring family members. We miss his presence on and off the courts. Please pass the word to any men who are able to join this special event in Mike's honor.
Please join us for the !st Annual Mike Roper Men's Doubles Tennis Tournament Sat. June 26 9am at the Otsego County Sportsplex Tennis Center in Ga***rd. Mike was an integral part of our tennis community, who recently died from brain cancer, surrounded with loving care from his family. We hope to make this an even more expanded tournament in the future!
Thanks to ALL the 22 Alpine Regional Tennis Assoc. (ARTA) volunteers who came out this morning to get the windscreens up on all the courts! With many hands we were able to get the work done in just over 2 hours! BRAVO to any amount of time you were able to help today!! ARTA memberships, our Holiday Green sale and grants helped us fund the windscreens in the past, and the next important addition will be a new soon-to-be-delivered state of the art backboard !! We appreciate all the ways people support and help fund this community Tennis Center at the Otsego County Sportsplex! Come on out and play!
Calling all High School gals and guys! Be among the very first Otsego county wide high school tennis team! Tennis is a great crossover sport to improve skills for other sports too. No experience necessary, and ARTA will provide equipment if you need it. Interested students can sign up at your High School office or contact tennis pro Dave Johnson at [email protected].
There is a LOT happening at the Otsego County Sportsplex Tennis Center this summer. Check it out! More details for registration for activities can be found at!
There is a LOT happening at the Otsego County Sportsplex Tennis Center this summer. Check it out! More details for registration for activities can be found at!
Fun factoid in the March/April Tennis magazine: "In two recent studies, tennis players were shown to live longer lives than people who played any other sport." "After controlling for education, wealth and age, Danish researchers found that people who played tennis added an average of 9.7years to their lives, compared to 3.7 for cyclists, 3.2 for joggers, and 1.5 for those who worked out."
One more reason to keep playing and improving our skills!
Good am....i'm Ed Mallari....wish to apply for a membership in your ARTA if i cld be one?...
Planed in frm the Philippines last July 7 and will be staying here for 6 mos;
I did had already played with good guys a couple of days ago,their names were Sirs Charles,Dors,Nick,Mike and Dave?....did got a schedule also yesterday for a doubles game but unfortunately it got rained,it must be with Madam Laura?...
Seeing also a chance if i cld be lucky to play on your schedules for any tournaments in any near future?.....

i'm staying here at my daughter's residence,Celeste Mallari at Michaywe,Ga***rd....
The Michigan Senior Olympics are hosting a Tennis Tournament. Please share this flyer with anyone ages 50+!

The Alpine Regional Tennis Association will foster interest & skill development for the lifelong sport of tennis for people of all ages in Northern MI.

Operating as usual


The 1st Annual Mike Roper Memorial Tournament is right around the corner. See flyer below for more details and how to register!

The 1st Annual Mike Roper Memorial Tournament is right around the corner. See flyer below for more details and how to register!

Photos from Northern Michigan Tennis Association's post 06/02/2021

Photos from Northern Michigan Tennis Association's post


Play Tennis Midwest Night

It was a fantastic night to "Play Tennis", hosted by Play Tennis Midwest and sponsored by Alpine Regional Tennis Association. A big thank you to all who came out and we'll see you on the court again soon!


ARTA Membership

Help support local tennis programs by becoming a member of the Alpine Regional Tennis Association!

3 Ways to Handle LOW Forehands with Highly Ranked Florida Junior 05/10/2021

3 Ways to Handle LOW Forehands with Highly Ranked Florida Junior

Former Gaylord and ARTA Youth Tennis Player Michael Fernandez is now one of the top juniors in the country. Michael got his start with Coach Dave Johnson as an eight year old beginner. Michael is now 16 years old and a rising star in competitive tennis. In this video Michael is demonstrating 3 low forehand options. Great stuff for sure -- That a kid from Gaylord could now be on top of the National Junior Tennis Ladder is AWESOME. Tennis can change your life ! Just ask the Fernandez Family !!

3 Ways to Handle LOW Forehands with Highly Ranked Florida Junior Don't Forget to Sign Up: Ways to Handle LOW Forehands with Highly Ranked Florida Junior


Summer Youth Tennis Program! Registration now open!

To register and for more information go to

Be a part of the future of Gaylord Area Tennis with this awesome 6 week program!

The goal is to help participants become competitive players and eventually form an Otsego County area high school tennis team (a cooperative program).

*No experience necessary, just the will to learn and improve.
*All classes will be under the direction of Dave Johnson, a PTR certified instructor, and ARTA assistants.
*Your child will learn the game of tennis quickly in a safe, fun environment.

All lessons are at Otsego County Sportsplex
6 -7 years old Wednesdays June 24 – July 29th 5pm – 5:55 pm (Instructed by Karen Savage)
8-10 years old Wednesdays June 24 – July 29th 6 pm – 6:55 pm
11-14 years old Thursdays June 25- July 30 from 6 pm -7 pm.

In addition, if your child is enrolled for summer classes they will be eligible for Match Play Saturday Mornings from 10:30-Noon beginning July 11th- Aug 22. During this time students will play actual matches against each other. ARTA volunteers will be on hand to supervise play.

Cost is $30 per player for the program.


Big shout out to some of our tournament winners since ARTA has been established:
Michael Fernandez: ARTA Youth Champion
Cathy Johnson & Mike Turnbull: 3peaters Arta Mixed Dubs
Sindy Steffner & Bob Merry: ARTA Mixed Dubs Champs 2018
Eve Eldon & Sindy Steffner: Womens 3.0 Champs TC
Cathy Johnson & Eve Eldon: Womens 3.0 Champs TC

Just some of the many players and supporters of ARTA growing the game here in Gaylord and Northern Michigan !

[05/16/20]   Hey tennis fans ! Just a reminder if you haven't had your racquet restrung since last year ( or 20yrs ago hehe) ARTA has partnered with Jeff Pollard to handle all your stringing needs. The cost is 15.00 plus string ( bargain) Jeff can be reached at [email protected] or 661-993-0183. Fresh strings can make a difference in feel and power in your strokes and help prevent injuries. Do it now as we kick off the outdoor season !


Hi everyone Coach Dave here with the Alpine Regional Tennis Association. Beginning today and throughout the month of May I will be highlighting the people, players and supporters that make ARTA one of the best Community Tennis Associations in the Midwest! Today we are celebrating Laura Hansmann and Sheila Simpson. Laura was the first ARTA board president and relentless promoter of building new courts at the Sportsplex. Shelia has taken over the presidency reins and has been instrumental in growing the game here in Gaylord and throughout Northern Michigan. Without these two visionaries it's doubtful the new courts at the Sportsplex and the plethora of programs available to the community would be available ! Great job ladies and looking forward to what awaits ARTA in the future!!!

[04/24/20]   Hey tennis enthusiasts! Coach Dave here! Just wanted to touch base with everyone to let you know we have a full slate of tennis programs tentatively scheduled for June. This will include adult as well as youth tennis. We will be following State and USTA guidelines when we return to the courts. I know we are all ready but patience is the word of the day! In the meantime I encourage everyone to keep up the cardio training whether walking or running. Include shadow swings and visualization into your routine. It will be a short season outdoors so it will be important to hit the courts physically fit! Stay safe !!

Untitled Album 04/21/2020

Untitled Album 04/16/2020

UTR - Unifying tennis for everyone

Due to Covid-19, we are uncertain when tennis will begin this spring. We will keep you informed as to when youth and adult programming, summer leagues and clinics for all ages will start. For now, our friend and tennis pro, George Lowe at the Grand Traverse Resort, has shared the following links where you can watch great tennis and work on your game on line:

UTR All Access Interviews - tune in to live interviews with John Isner and other professional tennis players! All the info is here - - scroll down, you have to register ahead of time but it is totally free. I know I'll be jumping on some of these to see what the pros and coaches have to say.

USTA Player Development Update on Strength and Conditioning - some tips and suggestions on working out at home

Watch some classic tennis on YouTube. Check out how tennis has evolved and what is still the same. Definitely some of the clothes have changed, but how has strategy changed? I like watching the full matches to see how each player adjusts as the match goes on but of course there are shorter "highlight" versions of all these matches too.

Borg v. McEnroe 1980 Wimbledon Final, two parts Part 1 and Part 2 - definitely different styles of play and Borg's two handed/one handed backhand follow through???

Sampras v. Agassi 1990 US Open Final
- Check Agassi's hair and outfit!

Jean King v. Chris Evert: 1971 US Open - The US Open was played on grass... and look no doubles lines! It was also played on clay, and to check out that surface, watch
vs. Conners US Open 1976

vs. Evert 1984 US Open - You get to hear from Navratilova’s coach in the beginning. Some good stuff on how they tweaked her practice to achieve her goal… win all four grand slams in
a year!

STAY HEALTHY EVERYONE AND WE WILL SEE YOU ON THE COURTS ONE DAY SOON! UTR is a rating system that provides a single, unifying language and standard for tennis players across ages, geography, gender and economics.


Big congrats to ARTA members Cathy Johnson and Eve Eldon on winning the Governors Cup 6.0 division tennis tournament at the Grand Traverse Resort this weekend. They continue to raise the bar for women's tennis here in Northern Michigan!
Well done ladies, your hard work is paying off for sure...


It's that time of year again! ARTA is selling beautiful holidays wreaths and holiday greens. Order yours today!

Ordering online is easy! Just click here:


On behalf of the Alpine Regional Tennis Association and the USTA's Net Generation Gaylord Pro Dave Johnson was able to present Colleen Cerac and Gaylord Community Schools with much needed tennis equipment including racquets, balls and other teaching aids ! Thank-You Colleen for helping grow the game in the Gaylord Community !!


ARTA held their 4th annual Fall Mixed Doubles tournament Sat. 9/7. 8 teams competed for the right to have their names engraved on the ARTA Cup. The competition was stiff throughout the day but in the end the championship was sealed by Christie Rasche and Gaylord Pro Dave Johnson. They defeated last years champions Sindy Steffner and Bob Merry in the final match. The Consolation Bracket Championship went to Eve Elden and Gary Rasche who battled Cathy Johnson and partner Steve Asher for the win. A great day and congrats to all the competitors !



Some fun at Wimbledon!

100 days to go until The Championships 2019...and more classic moments like these 😅

[06/30/19]   Want to win more Doubles matches ? Then quit practicing groundstrokes and learn to master serves, returns, volley's and half volley's !

Coach Dave


ARTA women make waves at the Traverse City SPLASH Tennis Tournament !
Congrats to Eve Elden and Sindy Steffner who teamed up to win the women's 6.0 doubles last Sat in TC. Great teamwork and another big win for Gaylord Tennis !!

[05/27/19]   Hi everyone, after a rather dismal spring Strokes and Strategies Tennis is ready to kick-off this Wednesday at 10am at the Sportsplex Tennis Center. Please spread the word. Class fee is 10.00 but new ARTA members are eligible for two free classes ! Please let me know if you will be participating on Wednesday. Get ready for a paradigm shift in your game !

[email protected]
Alpine Regional Tennis


Please welcome Jeff Pollard as one of the newest members of the ARTA team. Jeff assembled our new stringing machine yesterday and its fabulous. If its been awhile we encourage you to get your racquet restrung and feel the difference that it can make in your game.


CONTEST! $50 Dunham’s GC!!

ARTA is happy to announce Midwest Youth Team Tennis is just around the corner and registration is now open!

This year we are giving away a $50 Dunham’s gift card to one lucky winner who shares this post. Please like our page, like this post, and share with all your friends for your chance to win! We will announce the winner in two weeks here on Facebook and hope to see your kids on the courts! Thank you for sharing, and good luck!


CONTEST! $50 Dunham’s GC!!

ARTA is happy to announce Midwest Youth Team Tennis is just around the corner and registration is now open!

This year we are giving away a $50 Dunham’s gift card to one lucky winner who shares this post. Please like our page, like this post, and share with all your friends for your chance to win! We will announce the winner in two weeks here on Facebook and hope to see your kids on the courts! Thank you for sharing, and good luck!

[03/21/19]   In a recent study, tennis was found to increase the lifespan of avid players by around 10 years highlighting the health benefits of the game. The reality is that tennis taxes every important fitness component and that is why it has such a considerable impact on health. However, in the same way that playing tennis improves your fitness, boosting your fitness will also improve your game and, more importantly, keep you on-court longer.

Total Fitness for Tennis kicks off this Friday March 22nd at the Powerhouse Gym. Dave Johnson will be doing an orientation at 10:30 am. This is a very dynamic class based on the legendary Pat Etcheberrys tennis fitness programs. With the outdoor season right around the corner now's the time to get TENFIT. Contact Dave Johnson at [email protected] for further info or show up at the orientation to see what this exciting class has to offer !


Alpine Regional Tennis Association's cover photo


The first major of the year, The Australian Open begins tonight ! Will defending champion Caroline Wozniacki's serve help her defend the title ? Who's your pick to win in the "Summer Down Under" tournament ?


ARTA members Eve Elden and Sandra Quaal working on their tennis fitness at the Powerhouse Gym in Gaylord. Coach Dave, who is an Etcheberry Certified Tennis Trainer, will be offering tennis fitness classes beginning in March. Be ready for the 2019 outdoor season ! Class sizes will be limited. Contact Coach Dave at [email protected] for further info.

[12/31/18]   From all of us at the Alpine Regional Tennis Association thank-you for making 2018 the best tennis year EVER ! We look forward to seeing everyone back on court spring 2019 !!!


Here is a photo of one of our wreaths we made for the Greens Sale last year! As you can see, they are beautifully made and very high quality. Order yours today!


Alpine Regional Tennis Association's cover photo 10/08/2018

Annual Holiday Greens Sale

It's getting to be that time of year! We are now accepting orders for Holiday Greens! Whether you are looking for a very nice Wreath, Candy Cane or Garland, we have what you need! Annual Holiday Greens Sale


Dave Johnson, local tennis pro, is joined by tennis players of all ages to show how much fun tennis can be!

On Thursday, July 12, from 2-4 pm, the Alpine Regional Tennis Association will sponsor a “Family Play Day” at the new Sportsplex Tennis Center. Family members and friends are invited to attend and to play for ice cream!

Dave and Cathy Johnson will organize easy but competitive games on the courts. With 25 prizes of free ice cream cones for winning players/teams, redeemable immediately from The Forever Yum Ice Cream truck which will be on site. Tennis shoes are required, equipment and fun games provided, no tennis experience is necessary. All are encouraged to come and have fun! Questions? Call Sue Smith 989-732-5971.


The victors! - TEAM HANSMANN, lead by Laura Hansmann, rode to victory at the 55+ league. Pictured below are left to right: Joe Hagenmiller, Don Wright, Hansmann, Sheila Simpson (partly hidden), Mike Ziska, Ruth Smith, and Dave Johnson. Teammates but not pictured: Christie Rasche, and Kathy Arndt. #tennis #GaylordMi #ARTA


Players from 8 counties across Michigan competed in the 55+ Mixed Doubles Northern Michigan Tennis Association League played for the first time in Gaylord on our new courts on June 9-10! 23 players in all, and a total of 18 matches on 3 teams, provided an exciting two days of tennis. Everyone had a good time, loved the play of the courts - it was a SMASH success! #tennis #GaylordMI #ARTA


If you haven't been by to see them, our rain gardens have finally been completed! Cathy and Dave Johnson, Sheila and Charlie Simspon, Sue Smith, and Marian Lammers all worked for hours last Thursday on planting the last 200+ plants! Thank you to all those that worked so hard to get these very important rain gardens done! Otsego County Sportsplex #tennis #ARTA #gaylordmi

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Play Tennis Midwest Night
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