Viper Tactical

We want to build a safe and secure indoor/ outdoor range that is open to the public. What Viper Tactical is:
We are an indoor /outdoor rifle and pistol range.

With a variety of things to do

What we will provide:
• Defensive shoot classes
• Tactical shooting instruction
• Hand gun familiarization classes
• Shotgun / rifle instruction
• Hunters safety
• Survival classes
• Private instruction
• Room clearing instruction/ Home defense
• Parking lot safety
• Martial arts instruction
• IDPA shooting competition
• 3 gun shoot’s
• NRA compe

Operating as usual

[08/05/19]   Well folks. Genesee Township has issues with me training CPL classes for my friends and sustainment training for my guards. Is okay if I shoot and my family but nobody else. I now have to apply for a permit. Even though I have 39 acres and have huge mounds of dirt that enclose the range. Now it seems the noise is an issue. I have a plan for that as well. Stay tuned this is going to get good.


Just a little work left to be done


Making improvements to the range


Had a great time on the range in the cold and Rain. CPL training no matter the weather. Thanks to a great friend and fellow instructor Wayne McIntyre



Israeli carry or one in the pipe... here is one comparison for you to check out.

a quick video side by side helping you decide if carrying one in the chamber is for you or not. how long is two seconds?


ABC12: Your Trusted Source! WJRT-TV

Who thinks thy don’t need a gun to protect their self. It can happen at anytime and anyplace

#BREAKING: Homicide victim shot in broad daylight outside gas station 11/14/2017

Be safe, practice often. Being prepared doesn't have to be expensive. You can build and maintain skills in your own home.

[11/06/17]   My message is...
Carry a gun anywhere
you go..never be a victim without fighting back!!!
Make the criminal pay for their stupidity.

Attend my CPL class and learn how to defend yourself today.

Classes held every Saturday call for information.

[11/06/17]   It has happened again an active shooter. The school was unprepared and knew this was possible.
Viper Tactical offers Active Shooter training.
I will come to you place of business or church and conduct the training on site.

I also do security assessments.

Feel free to call me and set up an appointment 06/03/2017

Michigan House Committee Approves Permitless Carry

When this passes the state will still issue a CPL for those who want to carry outside the state of Michigan. So with that said we will still conduct CPL classes on a regular basis A package of bills that would make Michigan the latest state to deregulate concealed carry by doing away with required licensing by the government was approved by the Michigan House Judiciary Committee on Tuesday.


Timeline Photos

[02/15/17]   Good morning everyone
My next CPL class is on Saturday October 13th
It starts at 9am-3pm
It is $80.00
You will need your own gun and 100 rounds of ammunition
Hearing and eye protection
Call for a seat by Friday prior there are 8 seats for this class.


Dene Adams Official

You ladies can hid guns everywhere.

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Anna Taylor: Professional Fi****ms Trainer
Sig Sauer: p320 & p238
G***K: Model 43
CobraTec Knives: Tiffany blue knife
Dene Adams Official: Concealed Carry Corset Natural & Body Shaping Thigh Holster shorts



I highly recommend this to everyone who has a pistol and has a CPL. This is perfect for your dry fire areas and for your in home drills to keep proficiency

Practice Target Shooting at Home using a Real Gun.


Classes every Wednesday and Saturday
8am-2pm call to reserve your seat


Viper Tactical's cover photo


Movement training, one on one


Post date / time - Friday July 22nd 2016 @ 1116

We are holding three classes this weekend here at Viper -

Saturday's class is 1400 (2pm) start time.
Sunday has 2 classes. AM - 0800 (8am) and PM - 1400 (2pm)

Am classes start in the classroom, PM classes start on the range.

We are running specials right now with a class price of only 80$!

Things you will need for this class:
Handgun with 100 rounds for your specific firearm
Eye protection and Ear protection

Please call or text 810.835.6253 to register for the class.
Instructor for this class is Chip Atkinson.
Chip is a retired USMC Master Gunnery SGT that has a significant amount of experience with fi****ms.

Viper Tactical LLC is an NRA certified CPL Instruction company.

[06/02/16]   Good evening to all. I have seats left for this Saturday's CPL class 6/4/16
It is $80. Bring your gun
100 rounds of ammo
Hearing and Eye protection
And be ready for a good time
Class starts at 8 am - 2pm
All I need is for you to text me your full name and I will send you the address. If you have taken the class from me and you bring in some friends then you shoot for free. It is better to shoot with people you know then a bunch of people you don't know and lots more fun with the trash talking. See you on Saturday. 05/09/2016

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Viper Tactical's cover photo


These photos were taken 3/5/16. Thanks to Chad Atkinson.


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Why Good People Should Be Armed

Despite all the fear-mongering, emotionalism, and deceptive propaganda surrounding the issue of fi****ms, the principle that matters most is quite simple. (I...


this is the new Viper Tactical logo


I need this in the back of my truck

[08/15/14]   Well everyone I went out to talk to the township and the person I was to meet with had something come up and cold not make it so I guess the meeting will have to take place over the phone ( not my favorite thing to do) or it will have to wait until I can make a meeting in person. I will keep you all posted. Feel free to call Vienna Township and tell them that you want Chip Atkinson and Viper Tactical in the area. ASAP.

[08/14/14]   Well the meeting with Vienna Township did not happen. The date was set for next Monday and I will not be able to make it. So I dropped off all the paperwork to the explaining what Viper Tactical is all about and what we will offer to the area and county. I will stop by there in the morning to see what they think wish me luck. I will also post the details of the conversation tomorrow night.

[08/14/14]   Well we did not have the meeting with Vienna Township. They set the meeting for a different date that I could not make so I dropped off all the paperwork explaining what Viper Tactical is all about and what we will offer the area and the county. I am going to stop by there in the morning to talk to them and see what they think so wish me luck. I will post the details of the conversation tomorrow night


Need this to go with the mail box


We need a mail box like this for Viper Tactical when we have a place to set up business

[08/11/14]   Today we meet with Vienna Township to pitch Viper Tactical.
We want to put this range in the township but we will need every ones help. For now wish us luck, I will keep everyone posted.

[08/11/14]   To day Mackenzie my 11 year old used my G***k 23, gen 3 (40mm) with 4 rounds and shot down all four bowling pins with out missing a one. Great Job sweetie


What my 11 year old can do with proper training from dad

Mackenzie shooting a 9 MM Rifle

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Just a little work left to be done
Movement training, one on one
What my 11 year old can do with proper training from dad




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