Elliott Stables

We offer riding lessons,equine assisted therapy, boarding and training. Riding lesson nights vary, but are mainly Tuesday through Thursdays. Our web site link is http://www.freewebs.com/grelliott/

Richard Elliott Stables has been at it's current location for 15 years. We offer riding lessons, training,boarding and equine assisted therapy practicing the EAGALA model. Lesson nights are currently Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings. Private lessons, group and private therapy sessions scheduled at various times.

Operating as usual

SBR Lynx and Addy Hampton

I can’t stress it enough

Fighting Chance Rescue 501 c3

This was a question asked and its a really important one . I'd like to share the question below and the answer .Please know the person asking meant no ill will she was just curious . ( PLEASE don't bash the person) I think it was time we actually answered this question on a post.

Question :I have a question. Why would you rehab a 38 year old horse spending thousands of dollars and donations for a horse that likely has very little time left on earth? Wouldn't it have been more humane to let him stop suffering now than to bring him back from organ failure to need surgery on a rotten mouth all of which will only prolong his life a very short time? I believe we want to save them ALL but many times it's our hearts and not our heads leading. Wouldn't the thousands spent on him help many more horses that have years of healthy lives ahead of them? Help me understand. I love seeing him getting life back in his sad eyes and I love his updates, I'm just wondering if this is all just a "hospice" type rescue.

Answer : We will never give up until that horse is ready. We don't care what the expense is. Lady is 36 years old came here 2 years ago with a terrible infection that required surgery we have spent thousands of dollars on her and the love she gives us from all our hard work is worth every cent. She will die here on this farm with the people that gave her love , comfort and caring in her last years. Cutie has been here 18 months body score 1 starved almost to death . She is now 40 years old we have spent thousands of dollars on her upkeep and will do that until the day she tells us she is done. She is 40 years old and her favorite thing in the world is to be ridden. She too will die here knowing we gave our all. Both these girls could have years left to love. They are part of our girl scout badge trainings they light up this farm. These are also horses we were told we were wasting funds on. Dan is 38 years old he may have 2 months left may have 5 years left. Our rescue is different than any that I know of this is what we specialize in senior horse rehabilitation and sanctuary for them. Their owners failed them in life we have redeemed humans in their eyes. As long as we have supporters behind our cause we will continue to save these sweet angels. We understand your question I don't think you meant it in a harsh way but FCR is different we do not give up until there is no chance left. Make no mistake though when that time comes we are there. We have humanly put down 5 horses here this year . Spent $1000's of dollars to do what their owners should have done for them. We are not people that don't know how to take the horses best interest in mind we just know what to do until it's time to choose that . If at any moment we believe a horse is suffering you bet we will intervene and end that suffering but until then if they are breathing they are within our mission to save them . It may be hard for people to grasp this yes Dan has cost the rescue $2500 in a weeks time but he may live here for the next 5 years teaching children about horses with special needs. I hope this explains it I am in no way trying to be nasty about your question at all this is a question that is asked on every single older horse we save. We are just trying to educate folks on why we are different. Sure we could have saved 5 horses with this money we spent on Dan brought them in found them homes. That's why FCR is different we don't do that anymore it's not quantity to us it's the quality of care and dignity of dying with people that didn't give up until the animal said they are done. Does that make sense? Every rescue has a mission every person that started the rescue had a purpose sometimes that changes. We started out rescuing only auction horses. We would bring them here find them homes immediately and get our funds back. Over time you change and you realize there are already people doing that ( those people are good at it and that's what the stand for . Buying , saving, training and rehoming .Every rescue is needed we just don't want to do that any more )and it doesn't follow the path for what you want to leave as our mark on things. FCR ( board members) love old horses , Joe and I love saving old horses so this rescue still gets auction horses we don't so much care if we ever get a dollar back on them just that they have a good home, we still take surrenders when people can no longer care for the horse and adopt them out, We still take donated horses that allow us to bring in some funds. The point I am making is money means nothing sure we could have alot more if we didn't waive our fees and charged for other horses that come in only take young healthy horses with no issues, but those things mean nothing at the end of day if you feel like the best interest of the horse is not met. We want to save lives not have tons of horses come and go. We saved 60+ horses this year spent $30,000 to do that but the ones that we come back to us are the Star's that cost $1000's and had a 10% chance to survive . She is thriving loving life and I know so many people that would have put her down with a 10% chance of living. She is doing that because people backed our cause. All rescues have there niche ours is to save a horse life at all cost. Something I learned you can leave abuse but the abuse never leaves you. Horses come here to heal from all sorts of abuse and neglect. . In turn they are healing us.

There’s still time to order our 2021 calendar.

Asking rescues and others to pass along. Thanks, G

This horse needs a home or a ride . Any one willing to haul to Wyandot Equine 20+ year old horse. We cannot have a proudcut horse here . Zip code where he is 43843

Info we have from the person handling an estate :( please be kind this horse does not belong to this person they are helping find it a home )
We were told years ago that this horse was proud cut. We have no way of knowing if that is true. He was in a field with another gelding for a long time but that gelding died 10+ years ago. Cimmarron has been alone ever since. He was broke at one time but no one has ridden him in 15 years. His feet look ok and his weight is good. He has a broken front upper incisor and the other is missing but teeth are decent otherwise. He eats well, no slobbering or weight issues. We do not have a trailer and we do not have any way of knowing if we could even get him on a trailer. We have tried to borrow one but found it with tires that were leaking air and I can not find any one to hire to move him since we do not know if we can get him in a trailer without a lot of time. Wyandot Equine said I could bring him anytime. But we can’t if we don’t have a trailer, LOL. I have considered euthanasia but would like that to be a last resort. I do not have a safe facility to bring him to my home. My neighbors have mares that border our pasture and I do not know what he would do near a mare if he is proud cut. He is friendly and not timid on the ground. But he can be a bit forward because he has been alone for so long 😞 I want to do what is best for Cimmarron

[12/23/20]   The shirt order is here!!

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Turning Point Integrative Veterinary Care

Turning Point Holiday Giveaway!

In honor of the holidays Turning Point Vet is giving away a 🎁 Bundle that includes 1 FREE Equine ACUPUNCTURE or CHIROPRACTIC treatment, double insulated tumbler, and 2020 Breyer Horse Ornament.

To Enter:
****LIKE, COMMENT, and SHARE on THIS post.
❤️For every comment Turning Point will make a $2 donation to the CHILDREN’S HUNGER ALLIANCE (up to $250) to help battle childhood hunger.

To win the Prize you must:
❄️ You must be in the Dayton or Columbus or surrounding Ohio area.
❄️ Must be over 18 to enter
❄️ This offer is for Equids only
❄️ A farm call may be charged depending on location
❄️ Entries must Comment on the original Facebook post. You may comment with words or pictures or something more than an emoji👍🏼. We cannot follow comments on other Facebook accounts.
→You have until 2 pm on Saturday 12/26/20 to enter. Winner will be announced Saturday evening.

You can message Turning Point with any questions or call (937) 504-1534 to make an appointment.


Local animal rescuers save a 38-year-old horse they say we severely abused

fox19.com For the first time in a long time, a rescued horse named Dan is getting the love and attention rescuers say he deserves.

A quiet morning.




Queen wraps up warm for a horse ride around grounds of Windsor Castle

Her Majesty, 94, sported a silk headscarf and beige trench coat for a leisurely ride around her home accompanied by an aide.

[12/15/20]   Taking prepaid orders 4 the 2021 Elliott Stables wall calendar! $23.00. $ must be received be4 Jan 3rd

Happy national day of the horse. I can't name just one beloved face as my favorite. I've loved and lost so many over the years. But, my bubby Xander is who I've chosen to picture.

Lithographs by Helen Hayes. My friend Dan purchased through the Saddlebred Memories page auction. I’m in love. G

Black Mountain View Farm Draft Rescue

As the season is coming up we are reminded that there is still magic in the air this time of year. It’s a time to put smiles on so many faces and spend time with family and the ones we love and make someone dreams come true. This Christmas we would like to change the fate of some of the drafts who stand in the Killpen. Our Goal is to Raise $3000 to save the lives of 2 or 3 souls and offer them a warm stall and mash for the season to come. Please consider a small donation $5,$10,$20 any amount will help us change a life of ones fate. Or PayPal.me/blackmtndraftrescue

Sophies Horse Services

Morning stuff.

Hair night for Chigger.

The girls went out today. Little Rose, the Peruvian paso hasn’t stayed with us in a few years. I’ll confess Charlotte was a less than gracious hostess. After a few minutes, all seemed to calm down.

Hillcroft Farm Combined Driving

Weekend fun. Tandem Tuesday...just on Sunday! 😂
#HillcroftFarm #BetterWithBEMER #ChoiceOfChampions #ExcelEQ

[12/08/20]   If anyone has any used portable stalls for sale please let me know. Thanks!

Serious reconstruction in stall number 4. Thanks John Lowe!

Jumping Instructors Network

Is this true for you?

Saddlebred Rescue

Okay the SBR Patch Holiday Card will be ready to ship in 48 hours! It will be produced professionally by our printer that we have used for years. Thanks Barbara. We have attached photos of the cover, inside and back cover. Like all of our cards of course they come with envelopes. Get you order in so we are prepared to ship as soon and the cards are picked up. Email Mark at [email protected]. The price is the same as the others $1 each plus shipping for your order. we ship USPS Priority as they arrive to you on a timely basis and we will pass to you the tracking number. Please Share!

My bubby Xander. Photo by Amy Straiton.

[12/05/20]   Looking for a nice, used 22” cutback saddle with adjustable bars for a customer. Brown only.

[12/05/20]   Starting on the 2021 Elliott Stables wall calendar!!

Horse Grapevine

Frazier Farm

You’re not a true horse person until you’ve performed CPR on a frozen double ended snap

Tonight’s highlights.

The Trainer's Loft

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SBR Lynx. Best boy!




8707 Jamaica Rd
Germantown, OH

General information

We offer a professional,family friendly environment. Our establishment is in a state of constant growth. We're always looking for enthusiastic, friendly people to add to our barn family.

Opening Hours

Tuesday 17:00 - 19:00
Wednesday 17:00 - 19:00
Thursday 17:00 - 19:00
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