Cherry Creek Gear Shop

Cherry Creek Gear Shop


are you Stacyc's bike dealer?
In case any cyclists want to team up, the triathlon is this Saturday!
Just liked your page. Can you please tell us more about your business. Thanks

New and used bikes. Full service repairs and accessories. Giant, KHS, Salsa, STACYC, Groovelife, Osp

Operating as usual


The Busted Knuckle Taproom - Glasgow now has a bike rack to park and lockup your ride.


We are now your local source for Disc Golf on the Hi-Line.

Photos from Cherry Creek Gear Shop's post 04/25/2022

Smiles say it all for these 2. I have a feeling both of these bikes are going to see some miles.

Photos from Cherry Creek Gear Shop's post 04/25/2022

First ever in the shop and it’s mounted to a gorgeous . Electronically controlled suspension for the perfect ride. 🤙🏻


I was finally able to snag a trike for my mom. The kids were so excited to be able to deliver it grandma.


We waited a long time to do customized bottles because I didn’t want to do a generic bottle I didn’t use. We now have CCGS 20oz insulated Polar Bottles.

2020 All City Super Professional custom 58cm Goldust For Sale 04/12/2022

2020 All City Super Professional custom 58cm Goldust For Sale

I have finally priced out and officially put up for sale my All City Super Professional. If you haven't already seen it in person stop and check it out.

2020 All City Super Professional custom 58cm Goldust For Sale 2020 All City Super Professional custom 58cm Goldust For sale on Pinkbike buysell


We have one incoming for the upcoming race season. If you like camping where a camper can't go come check it out. We have access to a lot of cargo and camping options for your vehicle.

Photos from Irle Elementary School's post 04/07/2022

I did not get to make it up to watch thank you so much for the videos. I have heard from a few kiddos that it was so fun.
All Kids Bike


Gotta make room in the shop somehow. New @rudyrackwis coming home. With the @smartcap_na we didn’t even have to fully disassemble.


Trying out the new GoPro and first time taking the Anthem on this short trail. It’s not a long ride but it’s fun.


Oh I cannot wait to see the videos of this guy on his new 16” Stacyc.

Photos from Cherry Creek Gear Shop's post 04/03/2022

When I get to deliver fun and happiness the cost of gas doesn’t matter. This young man in Malta had the bike figured out by the time I left. Once in Havre the fun continued. He may try to steal her new bike. And a special delivery of a Strider to family friends. I did get to talk with them just as I pulled out of the driveway.

Watch this reel by cherrycreekgearshop on Instagram 04/01/2022

Watch this reel by cherrycreekgearshop on Instagram

I get to road trip this one and 2 other bikes across the Hi-Line tomorrow.

Watch this reel by cherrycreekgearshop on Instagram dhruv.bhatia.505 • Original Audio


Gravel roads I don’t see any gravel roads! 2023 Fort Peck 100 with a 60ish, 40ish, 20ish planning has begun. My goal no matter how long it takes is 1000 riders. Watch and see what happens.


It was so much fun watching Addie show her mom she could ride the big bike. She rocked it like a pro.

Photos from Cherry Creek Gear Shop's post 03/29/2022

I’m not an engineer but I play one at the shop. Someone needed to be able to control both brakes on their walker. The simple solution was out of stock. Thinking outside the box is what I do and we made it work.


Deshawn is telling me he’s going to speed off outta the picture. Well I got ya buddy. 👊

POV | Amaury Pierron's Insane WINNING Run in Lourdes 03/28/2022

POV | Amaury Pierron's Insane WINNING Run in Lourdes

Insane Speed and Breath control. If you think biking is boring or lacks extreme fun check out the video!

POV | Amaury Pierron's Insane WINNING Run in Lourdes Fasten your seat belts, speed limits have been broken during the production of this video. The opening round of the 2022 UCI Mountain Bike World Cup delivere...

Experience Epic Glacier & Save With Our Spring Bike Package 03/27/2022

Experience Epic Glacier & Save With Our Spring Bike Package

Looking to get a group together and do this ride in June depending on when the road is cleared. If you want some of the most amazing views and a heck of a lot fun let me know. These packages look like a great deal that include room and bike rental if you need.

Experience Epic Glacier & Save With Our Spring Bike Package Beat the summer traffic and cruise by beautiful valleys, cascading waterfalls and towering mountains on the iconic Going-to-the-Sun Road and have it all to yourself.


First family ride with new bikes. Benton asked if he could ride by himself in the Longest Dam Race this year.
Also Sketchiest photo I’ve taken. Used the gap in a wood bridge to hold my phone with a 10 second timer.

Photos from Cherry Creek Gear Shop's post 03/23/2022

So it’s a experiment. That resulted in my 4yr old rolling and learning how to crash on a 20” XTC Jr Lite. Since his bike can now fit the @kuatracks NV 2.0 it was to bad sister came home sick and couldn’t ride with her brother.


Saturdays for Danielle. The biggest smile and OMG I love it was her response after test riding the Liv Alight.


When you have both race bikes together and drape the freedom woobie over them it just gives you comfort.


Little Norman, Tenley, and Benton get the spotlight in the paper. Benton will be starting kindergarten next year and will I’m sure try and help teach the class.

Athletic Brewing Company | Craft Non-Alcoholic Beer 03/15/2022

Athletic Brewing Company | Craft Non-Alcoholic Beer

Who would be interested in non-alcoholic craft beers?

Athletic Brewing Company | Craft Non-Alcoholic Beer Pioneering a revolution in non-alcoholic craft beer. Brewing high-quality, great tasting non-alcoholic beer for today's healthy & active beer lover


Norman is a man of few words. He smiled and told me he wanted pedals after I set the seat for him. He also helped build Striders at the school last week. He loves to ride and I’m so excited he got the first Tangerine colored Strider 14x we got in for


Build day for the All Kids Bike Striders. When everyone left I started going over each bike and it hit me right in the feels. How this simple program and just these 20 bikes could impact kids all over Valley County for years to come. 2 years of me talking about this and a few times thinking it wouldn’t happen. It’s real and I’m so freaking thankful for those that made it possible. No one is around but I swear someone is cutting onions.


If you only watch one video I’ve ever done make it this recap video. What I learned and why I think everyone should do a version of this challenge. Watch till the end for my newest and hardest challenge yet.


Goggins is a wrap. Friday at 9pm - Sunday 4pm. Regular scheduled training resumes today with a 1.5 hour recovery ride.

Photos from Cherry Creek Gear Shop's post 03/02/2022

Two for Tuesday and it’s all gravel bike. Ryan finally took his dream bike home. And my #1 girl in the world on her “race with daddy” liv Devote. She’s doing 3 races this year with me.


The votes were counted thank you all but for my 44th birthday I’m doing the 100 mile at @thedeadswede. June 4th. The kicker is I will be doing the 80 mile gravel battle in Medora on May 29th the day after my actual birthday.


The voting starts now! Your votes determine if I ride the 40 miler or the 60 miler. Vote with a comment and tomorrow I will register with the winning mileage from Facebook and Instagram totals. Also if you want to come with and ride any distance let me know.

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