Valley Fitness Kickboxing

Valley Fitness Kickboxing


Highly recommend!Recently relocated to Arizona from Maryland, & found Valley Fitness Kickboxing after much research, & several visits to other area kickboxing classes, but VFK gave me the whole package (Fun, Judgement Free, Inclusive of All Fitness Levels, & Positive Energy). I joined after my 1st class, & felt really great after the w/out. VFK will be instructmental as I focus on my holistic goals. -Julie
I was too tired to join tonight but I survived and still did my evening of boxing. Felt good going! 🥊🥊
This baby can do it better than I can! 🤯🥵
This place is the absolute best place for an amazing workout and for the price you really can't beat it! Coach Casey is a phenomenal trainer come in and get your sweat in!
Any idea when we can start 700 classes yet I sooo need to get back to where I was?
My phone is having issues today!

Is there availability in the 7pm class tonight?
“If it’s important you’ll make a way, if it’s not you’ll make an excuse”💪🏽
My wife and I tried this gym today. Signed up after one of the best workouts we have had. Patient and motivating coach. It has been over a decade since I did any kickboxing and my form is horrible. It’s my wife’s first time and with the coach constantly observing and correcting the students and the workouts he incorporates are amazing. My wife and I plan on attending for a very long time.
7pm class starting again tomorrow?
Got a “workout” in. It really was just dance training. Choreographed a bit got frustrated because of how unfit I got but oh well... did this from 2:00-6:00( not nonstop though) and I’m beat 🙃😴
Where is the live I’m ready for this workout let’s get it
Home fitness! It's only 30 more days (hopefully 🤞🏻) ... but don't stop now... it's time to keep and make more goals!
How to start a Saturday ..... feeling good ! Feeling strong ! 😍💪🏻
Good morning VFK fam! 🥊Accountability Day 1!
Exercise: ✅
No refined sugar: Gonna be a looong day!

This is NOT your typical gym! Book your free class now!

Operating as usual


Get more out of your class!! Use your whole body when you punch

Warning: shirt tucked in for added dorkiness🤣


Happy Monday!! Lets work hard this week?!

I’m(Hannah) doing the 60 day shred so my schedule is
-Strength class:Monday, Tuesday, Thursday
-Kickboxing: Tuesday, Saturday

What classes are you coming to this week?!!

We will also be sharing some of our meal prep and snacks this week for inspo!💪🥗


Join us in the 60 day shred to commit to yourself for the next two months! We will be sharing more recipes, tips, and tricks that we have found when cutting and staying on a routine for workouts and food. If it’s something you want to join in on, come talk to us at the front desk!!🤪


Grab your shirt next time you’re in class!💕🌸🎀👚


DID YOU KNOW——> you get $$$ off your weekly membership rate when you refer someone who joins?!

Got any friends that you think would love VFK too?!

Bring them to a class with you! Having a familiar face always helps things feel less intimidating and it’s always more fun to take class with a friend!!🥊🫶🏼👯


Sometimes you have to slow things down to be able to speed it up!


It’s never too late for a Technique Tip!! Moving around the bag and staying light on your feet throughout your combos and class will amplify your workout! Stay loose and have fun with it👍👊


TOMORROW(and every Friday @5:30) End your week with a fun class where the coaches go around to everyone and do combinations with the mitts. This allows you to work on your form and speed!!
If this seems intimidating— it’s not! You go at your own pace and we are here to help every step and punch! As you get more comfortable we will incorporate longer and more complex combos. Try something new and push out of your comfort zone!!


Picky Eater? Try this way of prepping your chicken breast. It may not be very pretty but it gets the job done🤪
-Casey usually mixes it with rice and a little Buffalo sauce or puts it in a salad with broccoli, lettuce, dried cranberries, almonds, and poppy seed dressing!

Keeping chicken prepped this way allows you to put it in lots of different things!👍


Wanna build a “shelf” on your glutes? Hip thrusts are a key to doing so!! This is an exercise that is quality over quantity. Take your time and squeeze while getting a full range of motion in. If your feet are in the right spot, you will feel it!!


Happy MONDAY! ‼️I have a challenge for everyone this week ——> during class try to go a few seconds or a rep or two past what you have to. After you hear the count down do a few more high knees or one more push-up or hold your plank 5 seconds longer. Even if it’s small things like that they will make a difference!!

Prove to yourself you can go a little harder because YOU CAN.

See you all in class, let’s have a kick-a🥊🥊 week

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Make sure you are getting in your protein! Weather you want to burn more body fat or build muscle mass, you have to eat enough protein.

Make sure you are having a serving of protein with every meal. Here are some ideas for high protein snacks to help you hit your protein goals!:)


-Where are you from: born in Idaho, lived in AZ since 6 yrs old
-Favorite Hobby: doing puzzles; I'm an old soul
Celebrity crush: The Rock! That body 😍 and he's a good human.
-Favorite movie: Hope Floats; I'm a hopeless romantic
-Best place You've traveled: Australia and New Zealand.

-Where are you from: born in Missouri and moved a lot when I was younger. My mom was in Air Force. I've lived in AZ since I was 8 years old.
-Favorite Junk food/Dessert: pumpkin pie. I can't wait for Thanksgiving.
-Favorite movie: I've been a Star Wars fan since I was little. Saw the movies when I was six and loved them.
-Best Place you traveled: I love going up to Seattle to see my extended family. The weather and nature there is amazing!


Happy Monday!
Come talk to us about starting your 60 Day Shred! Let’s have a good week and work on ourselves!!. See you in the gym!!🥊😊📈💪


On the go after class? Or just want a really delicious protein drink? Grab a Fairlife chocolate protein on your way out next class!!


Happy Wednesday!!
We are starting our weekly member spotlight so we can get to know each other better! First up is Ami! She always has a smile on her face😁 She comes to a few classes in the week as well as personal training! Say Hi to Ami next time you’re at the gym!!🤜🥊


Make sure to get your protein in after you workout!!
➡️If you are on-the-go try a protein shake, hard boiled eggs, or (my favorite) a low fat meat stick like Chomps turkey sticks!
➡️ If you are headed home after class ideally have some meal prep or come home and have a protein source like chicken with a complex carb and some veggies!

Let’s refuel our bodies so we can keep working hard👊


Bring your pet to the gym day!!!🤪

JUST KIDDING! That would be a terrible idea. But you can still come! 4 & 5:30 tonight! Mitt work in the 5:30 class😎😄 see you there!


Every Friday! Use this class to slow things down and perfect your punches and kicks!


Hopefully you are recovering from the long weekend and are getting back on your grind!

What are some songs you want to hear in your next class?!⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️
Comment them down below and we will add them to our playlists!


What are your goals for the rest of the year? Even if you haven’t been actively working towards them, the time to start is now! What do you need to do to get back on track or push yourself harder?

Pick your 3 classes this week! Our schedule is pinned to our feed so make a plan for each class you are going to show up for! We can’t wait to see you!😎🥵🫵💪🧠




GOODBYE JESS! Jess is moving back to the Northwest to pursue her nursing career (she delivers babies for a living, how cool!) and we wanted to say a huge “THANK YOU” for all she has given to our little gym. She has been such an amazing coach! Super energetic, inspiring, and always supportive. In addition, she has been such a positive and helpful person, always willing to pick up an extra shift and always with a smile on her face. Have you ever known a person who is always in a great mood, and kind of seems to have everything all figured out? That is Jess! She is truly a good person in every sense! She may be young, but she is a wise and generous soul, and we are all lucky that we got to be around her, even if it was only for a short amount time. We wish her all the luck in the world and expect big things! Thank you Jess!


HEADS UP- we will be closed this Monday 9/4 for Labor Day. Normal schedule Tuesday!


Technique Tip Tuesday: this is a great drill to practice at home or in the gym! Kicks are the most technical move we do in class and they can be tricky to get down. I (Hannah) practiced this before the 10am class for just a few minutes and felt a big difference in my kicks during class-more control, stability, and power!!🦵

Photos from Valley Fitness Kickboxing's post 08/24/2023

Madisyn is going off to NAU to peruse a degree in Physical Therapy. Her and her dad have been coming for over a year and we wanted to recognize their commitment to kickboxing but also, just how cool it is to see a Father and Daughter working out together. Good luck up In Lumberjack country Madisyn! We will see you soon!! 🥊🪵🪓

You can reword it a little


the 6 AM crowd. They’re like the cool kids table at lunch that you hope invite you to sit with them🤣🤣

YOU ARE INVITED! There is no better way to start your day!!


WAY TO GO KATRINA!! We are So proud of all the hard work she has put in to her classes, personal training and diet. All of the workouts and healthy choices compound over time to make a huge difference! Katrina is a prime example of NO EXCUSES. Hitting this kind of goal isn’t easy, she made sacrifices and worked her butt off. And the results are AMAZING🤩👊🥊🎉

👉 If you are looking to see results, please come talk to us and we can get you on track to help you look and feel your best!


Our Air Conditioner guy paid us a visit today and got things back on track. No more 90 degree Kickboxing! Thank you for hanging with us🥊


Technique Tip ——>UPPER CUTS ✂️
Hereis a few pointers to get the most out of your 5 % 6 punches in class🥊


Take Casey’s advice for the last few weeks of summer🥵


Use the last few weeks of summer to focus on yourself, it’s never too late! For 60 days, commit to a workout and meal plan created just for you! As well as weekly personal training sessions to dial in on your fitness goals. Come talk to us at the front desk at let’s start your 60 day Shred!!


Pearl is wrapped and ready for class!🤪 Are YOU?!


It’s almost the weekend!! Keep working hard, We got this!🙌


The gym will be CLOSED next Tuesday to celebrate Independence Day!


HAPPY FRIDAY!!🎉 if you are contemplating coming to class Saturday… DO IT!! It’s going to be a good one!


1️⃣Eating Protein Promotes Muscle Gain
-When you perform strenuous exercise, tiny tears form in your muscles. For these micro-tears to heal and create new muscle, your body requires amino acids—which protein has in abundance. Replenishing with dietary protein helps the body build muscle back stronger and larger post-exercise.
2️⃣ Eating Protein May Help You Recover From Fatigue
-Some research indicates that eating protein after a workout could keep you from feeling wiped out on your way home from the gym.
3️⃣ Eating Protein Boosts Metabolism and Supports Weight Loss
-If weight loss is one of your goals for exercise, you may want to go the extra mile by adding protein after a run or cycling session. “No matter which time of the day, eating protein can help support a healthy metabolism,” says Manaker. “It takes more calories to break down protein versus carbs, and protein has a satiety factor as well.”
4️⃣ Eating Protein Helps Prevent Injury
-It’s long been known that a high-protein diet helps wounds heal more quickly.4 And according to a 2022 research review, consuming enough protein is also associated with maintaining lean muscle mass, which in turn supports strength, power, balance, and exercise tolerance—all of which can reduce the likelihood of injury.


WE LOVE OUR COACHES!(missing Jess^)Who’s class do we think will be the hardest this week?!😈


FRIDAY 4pm was FIRE🔥💥 kicking off the weekend right!!


The vibes in the 6am class>>😎if you know, you know! If you were waiting for a sign, here it is…Take the 6am tomorrow with Jolene, you won’t regret it!💥🥊

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Morning Workout 💪🏼🔥🥊
Reminder, we are also closed TODAY (Tuesday) ​​​​​​​​We will be open full schedule tomorrow (Wednesday)
Happy 4th Everyone! ​​​​​​​​We are super grateful to live in a country where a guy with a limited skill set and even mor...
Better listen to George...
Just a reminder of our 4th of July hrs - No Class on Monday or Tuesday!
Friendly reminder that will be closed on both MONDAY & TUESDAY of next week in honor of America's Independence Day!
We will be closed on Monday & Tuesday... cause "Merica!
Decide who you want to be and don't let anything stop you! #kickboxingworkout #kickboxingtraining #kickboxingclass #kick...
Thursday is Leg Day (and it's gonna hurt 🤷🏻‍♂️) #LegDay #Squats #Glutes #kickboxingworkout #kickboxingtraining #kickboxi...
Abs or having a 6 Pack aren't about how many sit-ups you can do. It's about having a very thing layer over a strong core...
Quick video to help with your form while doing single leg lunges. Thanks Dr Ana! #valleyfitnesskickboxing #valleyfit #va...




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