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Fitness Institute of Arrowhead


Have a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving!
Thank you Fitness Institute Arrowhead..they collected an entire bin for our Back2School drive! Fitness Institute of Arrowhead
At fitness institute. I lost 12lbs in a 7 weeks. Build my endurance and cut my workout time by half an hour. Hardcore workouts and makes my accountable on my diet.
It is the truth after I am halfway into the workout and out of breath. I search for the vent!
Hey everyone, I have been going to the Fitness Institute for several weeks now and it is awesome. I am working on overall conditioning and with that I have lost 6 pounds!!! My trainer, Sherman Taylor is great and is very knowledgeable. I highly recommend them to anyone who wants to stay in shape!!

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Our bodies are so amazing! Are you recovering from an injury? Do you want to loose weight? Do you want to have more energy to do the things you love? Whatever your goals are WE CAN HELP! Our certified personal trainers will work with you to create a fully individualized program based on your body, your needs, your goals.
Check out our website to read some testimonials, or give us a call to schedule a tour and see for yourself all the good stuff going on at The Fitness Institute Arrowhead.
Call for more information:
(623) 825-1699

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TFI always emphasizes being meal prepped for the week. One of the staples is grilling your protein along with vegetables. Mushrooms with asparagus are a great combo to add with chicken, shrimp, Turkey burgers etc. If you are planned with meals for the week, it makes eating healthy that much easier.


Personal Trainer Flashcards! 😁 Did you know that besides studying exercise science, personal trainers study psychology and motivational techniques so that they can be best prepared to help their clients achieve their goals?
We are here to help you Optimize Your Health.
Call for more information:
(623) 825-1699

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We had an amazing showing at the Tribute to 9-11 First Responders Sprint Triathlon this morning. Although it is not about medals, We All Medaled! This is a true testament to hard work and perseverance by our whole team ❤️. I thank everyone so much who participated for all the hard work they have put in for better health. TFI 💪🏼




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Countdown to The 9-11 tribute to the first responders annual Sprint Triathlon. Our shirts and towels are ready to roll.


Got stress in your life? Start exercising more. As summer is coming to an end, take your fitness routine to the next level with the help of our highly qualified personal trainers. For over 24 years we’ve helped clients of all ages and fitness levels drastically improve their health and wellbeing.
Call for more information:
(623) 825-1699

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This happened at our facility on Friday. We are so happy to be part of her journey to better health and admire her beyond belief for everything she has endured to help others. Thank you Lanette for allowing us to be a small part of what you are today❤️


4 weeks out until our Sprint Triathlon. This is a good reminder to make sure you are staying on top of your bike riding 😉


Mind over Matter in every scenario! If you believe, it will drive you to make it happen.


Words we live by at The Fitness Institute Arrowhead💪🏼


True Statement! You have to make it happen for yourself! It’s the best decision that will change your life forever.

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Happy 94th Birthday to a woman who never ages!! 🎉🎉. You are an inspiration to all of us Camille!!


Happy 4th of July from The Fitness Institute Arrowhead 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸


There is no better time than now to commit to get yourself healthier. We have guided many clients since 1998 in the West Valley to a healthier lifestyle. If you feel stuck or in a rut email us at [email protected] or text 623-670-8664 to set up a free consultation. You won’t regret it!


To all the amazing fathers out there who treat raising your children as the most important job you can ever have…we salute you! It’s worth more than anything you could ever buy! Enjoy your day!


💡 There are different types of muscle fibers within each muscle that serve different purposes, and humans and other animals have varying ratios of each. For example, ducks and geese (and other birds that migrate long distances) have more slow twitch muscle fibers which are better suited for endurance (and are the “dark meat”). 🦆 A chicken has more fast twitch fibers, which are used for rapid, short term activities such as fleeing from danger. These fast-twitch muscle fibers (“white meat”) are able to contract more quickly than the dark slow-twitch, but they fatigue rather quickly. 🐔
Would you rather run a shorter fast distance race, or a slower longer race? In other words… are you a chicken or a goose? 😅


Thank you to All military past and present for keeping our country safe 🇺🇸



These pictures don’t lie. The difference between a life of being sedentary vs active shown in the quadriceps is astounding. This does not mean we all have to be triathletes to maintain lean mass but it does show what an inactive lifestyle leads to. I can guarantee that the 74 year old with the de-conditioned quadricep has a difficult time walking for long periods of time, sitting to stand, along with other functional everyday activities. Who do you want to be?


Our bodies are seriously cool. 😎 Did you know that there are different types of muscle fibers that serve different purposes? And that different people have different ratios of each? 🤯


Certified Personal Trainers study exercise science, anatomy, psychology, and more to pass one of a few nationally accredited (and globally recognized) certification exams. The exam is hard and scary…but so worth it! 💯 After that we continue our education in order to maintain our certification for the rest of our careers. There may be a lot of people out there who are social media “experts” at enhancing their own fitness, but that’s not the same as someone who is trained to assess behavior adaptation readiness and offer guidance in the development of realistic, client‐centered goals related to health, fitness and wellness. It’s what we do. It’s what we love. Let us know if we can help you find a Certified Personal Trainer.

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TFI would like to wish Jim, one of our longest standing clients, a Happy Birthday! Our mornings wouldn’t be the same without you 💪🏼.


Endless number of ways our bodies can move. And endless possibilities for our lives and futures when we are at our strongest and healthiest. Make regular exercise a priority. If you need help getting started, contact us.


Happy Mother’s Day to All the Super Moms today from TFI ❤️. We will honor by waiving all set-up fees this week in observance for wonderful moms.

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TFI has a new bio-impedance scale with loads of information in each printout. Some of the new specifics are bone mineral density, metabolic age, and visceral fat. If you are interested in a free consultation that includes the body composition analysis, give a call or text to 623-670-8664. We would love to be a part of your health journey.


There is a lot to think about when trying to target specific muscle groups (whether is for rehab, skill development, or strength gaining purposes) and we need the vocabulary to describe it!
What is your favorite mode of exercise? (walking, running, weight lifting, dancing?) 🚶‍♂️🏃‍♀️💃🏋️‍♂️⛹️‍♀️🤸


It’s not everyday 2 people that workout at the same time come dressed with the exact same colors! It was a photo opportunity we couldn’t resist 🙂. Thank you Paula and Mary Ellen for allowing us to take your picture today.


Exercise science can trace its origins to ancient Greece! 🏛️ The noted ancient Greek physician Galen (131–201) wrote 87 detailed essays about improving health with proper nutrition, aerobic fitness, and strengthening muscles.
New ideas about the working and functioning of the human body emerged during the Renaissance as anatomists and physicians challenged the previously known theories.
The roots of exercise science in academe can be traced to 1861 when Edward Hitchcock, Jr., M.D. initiated a program of gymnastics and physical training at Amherst College. The aim was to maintain health and relieve the strain associated with “academic courses.”

(info compiled from reliable internet sources) 🖥️


Have a great Friday and don’t get lazy on your end of the work week workout!!💪🏼💪🏼


Certified Personal Trainers can be such nerds when it comes to exercise science facts. 🤓 It’s just all so fascinating! 😁 😅
Share your random exercise physiology facts in the comments! 🖊️


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TFI has a new sign!  The last one made it 10 years but finally went out. Here’s to the new and appreciating the old 💪🏼
Thank you for all the hard work, friends. 🥳2022 new record for highest total weight loss - 560 lbs. 🤩Weight Loss Winner ...
We're continuing to celebrate the amazing success of our 10 Week Challenge Weight Loss Champions of 2022!! Our Challenge...
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Never Been A Better Time
This Success Story Can Be Yours
You Can Do This
A Place Where Everyone Can Succeed
2022 can be your year to renew your focus on your health! The 10 Week Challenge starts January 3. Sign up today. 🖊💪Call ...
Over the past few years, our Challenge winners lost between 23 - 57 lbs!! This is the type of event where everyone wins!...
TFI Arrowhead is a place where everyone can accomplish their weight loss, strength building, health gaining goals! Join ...




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