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Arrowhead Martial Arts Academy


Little Dragons at Arrowhead Martial Arts Academy
Thank you to Arrowhead Martial Arts Academy for the donation of kleenex and copy paper to our Ironwood students it is very much appreciated. 🥋
Happy Birthday GM Michael Tippett!! Hope you had a blast today! Wishing you good health. God bless you always.. -Suguitan Family
We had an awesome day at Arrowhead Martial Arts Academy as moms and their children came to have a fun workout and earn their pink belt and certificates in honor of Mother’s Day. 🥰
I was a student of Arrowhead Martial Arts Academy for 15 years and they were some of the best 15 years of my life!!

I met Grandmaster Michael Tippett and Master Lisa Tippet when I was nine years old and at first I was nervous going in but after I saw all the individuals training on the mat in the different color uniforms I was ready to try it myself! From that point grandmaster Tippett and master Tippett Took me under their wing and started training me in the martial arts and helped me grow as a better person physically and mentally and spiritually! I was there when it started at the arrowhead country club, when it moved to its first location, and when it moved to its permanent location! I made some great memories growing up in that school! Thanks to them I was able to test for my first black belt at the age of 12, I was promoted to the rank of third-degree black belt and instructor at the age of 16 I had the privilege to start working for them and teaching others what they have passed down to me! Through years of dedication they allowed me to earn the rank of fifth-degree black belt and the rank of master in their school! I had the opportunity to be part of their performance team team thunder and perform at the Phoenix Mercury and the Phoenix coyotes and the Phoenix Suns!! They trusted me to be one of their lead instructors and have the opportunity to motivate and help change lives just as they did mine!! They took me to the martial arts super show for five years in a row and I got to meet some of the best mentors and martial artists and instructors in the world!!! Basically they watched me grow up nearly all through elementary school and all of middle school and all of high school and even up to me graduating from college!! They guided me, helped me when I was down, trained me how to teach and be a leader, create a path in life, and most importantly create some incredible chapters within my life book!!

Even when I made the decision to join the United States Navy they stood behind me and supported me in my decision! I have taken their teachings and still use it to this day and I’ve taken what they’ve taught me and I practice it on my own as best I can!! Anyone who ever comes to arrowhead Martial arts Academy I can promise you that from my years of experience there you will have a great time, you will learn much, form memories and bonds that will last forever, and grow as a future leader!!!

Thank you Arrowhead Martial Arts Academy!! May you continue to change lives just as you did mine!! Hooyah
I know that I'm more of an intellectual than an athlete, but I am a competitor, and I like to fight! What is wrong with me? Why would a hippie want to fight?
Working hard
It was great to get back to training in-center last night! Kudos to ownership and staff for maintaining strict social distancing, hand washing/sanitizing, and modifying the class schedule to allow for disinfecting of the mat between classes.
The Grandmaster/Masters/Instructors at Arrowhead Martial Arts Academy are some of the most empathetic and encouraging individuals you will ever know! You may think it's all about business and making money...but I say, oh contraire my friends...these martial artists want to share their expertise, but they need to survive! It's a struggle but it's also some of the best VALUE I've ever received for my money!
💙 (Part 1) We would like to take a moment to thank these incredible sponsors for their donations. Money raised via this years' silent auction will fund Legend Springs' FIRST Filtered Water Bottle Filling Station. Together, we can get cleaner, healthier water within' our students' reach. 👏 Help us thank these sponsors by liking, commenting, sharing, and shopping with them! Check out all the amazing items up for bid at:

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Merry Christmas to Arrowhead Martial Arts Academy!🥋

Glendale's Martial Arts (tae kwon do, karate) Academy has been transforming lives since 1995. Our mi We start training children as young as 4 years old.

To help our students reach their full potential, we specialize in character development by teaching: respect, teamwork, perseverance, self-discipline, leadership, integrity as well as self-defense. We have a clean, friendly, family environment with state-of-the art mats and equipment. We have an awesome and encouraging environment where teens and adults can flourish while building their self-estee

Operating as usual

Photos from Arrowhead Martial Arts Academy's post 05/20/2023

Task #4: Five days of Healthy Eating. Reward-Self-Discipline Badge. Not our intermediate students' favorite journal, but valuable as they learn how much better they feel when they cut out the sugar.


There’s no “i” in “team”!

Photos from Arrowhead Martial Arts Academy's post 05/17/2023

Task #3: Doing 1000 repetitions. Reward-Perseverance Badge. Our intermediate students are learning how to take a big goal and break it down into small attainable steps until they reach their goal; never giving up! This is also how we teach them to reach their black belt goal.


Self-control is a way that we show respect for others and respect for ourselves. Self-Control means making choices not based on our emotions in the moment, but based on what we know is right for ourselves and for others.
Parents, how do you practice self-control in your lives? Comment below and we’ll share some of the answers with our students!


A mother is she who can take the place of all others, but whose place no others can take. We love our Martial Arts moms! Thank you for all that you have done for your child to continue training with us. 💗


Making training at home fun as new students and parents learn to train together!

Photos from Arrowhead Martial Arts Academy's post 05/12/2023

So proud of our students for stepping out of their comfort zone and stepping into the ring to compete in our tournament. These are just a few of the awards earned.


You only need one “Why”. 🥋 💪🏽

Photos from Arrowhead Martial Arts Academy's post 05/10/2023

Task #2: Doing 50 chores without being told. Reward-Teamwork badge. Our students are learning the value of family working together as a team to keep the house clean. They are also working on the "0" rule; doing something without being told. Isn't that what Leaders do?

Photos from Arrowhead Martial Arts Academy's post 05/09/2023

So Proud 🤩 of our April Students 🥋 of the month: Skyla, Ben, Lauren and Sandra! You were simply AMAA...zing. 👏 Keep up the good work! 👊

Photos from Arrowhead Martial Arts Academy's post 05/07/2023

Our Black Belt Club practicing ground self-defense; what they can do if a fight ends up on the ground and someone is on top of them.


We hope everyone fiestas like there’s no manana! 🌮🥑🎉

Photos from Arrowhead Martial Arts Academy's post 05/05/2023

Task #1: Completing 50 Acts of Courtesy, Kindness and Respect! Reward-Respect Badge. You guys amaze us! The whole world could benefit from what you are putting into practice! 🙏👏👊🥋


It’s a slow process, but quitting won’t speed it up.


This month at Arrowhead Martial Arts Academy, we are discussing self-control. This is an essential skill for children to develop as they mature, as it is crucial to success in school, work, and in relationships. Your child has the chance to regularly practice self-control through martial arts training. We’ll be highlighting the importance of practicing self-control with all of our students throughout this month.

Photos from Arrowhead Martial Arts Academy's post 05/01/2023

We had over 90 participants in our recent tournament held this past Saturday. Though a little crowded, their was definitely excitement in the air as the rings kicked into high gear. Congratulations to all who overcame their fear and stepped into the ring to compete and try something new. Thank you to all our judges and scorekeepers; without you we could not pull this off. Videos are posted on our private page.


What an AMAA...zing 🥋 graduation we had; 17 new black belts reached their first, second and third black belt goals. 👊 Our Lil' Dragons showed up to see several enter into our Elite Dragon Club, as did new members of our Black Belt Club and Master's Club. 👏 The performance by our Black Belts was stellar! They worked so hard to show our lower ranks the vision of where they will soon be as they continue their martial arts journey. 🙏 Photo by Ed Russell photography.


Only YOU can decide the life you will live 🥋 👊


Hey Arrowhead Martial Arts Academy Mamas! 👋
Has anyone told you that you’re doing an AWESOME job⁉️
In honor of you and all that you do, we are hosting a Moms and Kids class.
Get ready for:
💗 Fun with your Child
💗 Partner Drills
💗 A Great Workout
💗 Receive a Pink Belt
Join us for the most special Martial Arts class we have hosted YET on Saturday, May 13th.
Please RSVP to 623-937-9032 no later than Friday, May 5th to secure you and your child's spot. We have spots still available in our 11:45 am class. But it is filling up fast.


Cham·pi·on: a person who has defeated or surpassed all rivals in a competition.


“A man too busy to take care of his health is like a mechanic too busy to take care of his tools.” – SPANISH PROVERB ⭐
This month at Arrowhead Martial Arts Academy, our students are learning it’s important to practice good nutrition in order to keep our bodies strong and healthy! We are helping our students understand that healthy foods don’t have to be boring or taste bad.


YOU are the only one who can make the life you want!


The spirit of Easter is all about hope, love, and joyful living! From our family to yours, we hope your day is spent with family. 🐣

Photos from Arrowhead Martial Arts Academy's post 04/08/2023

Our Master's Club learning ground self-defense.


Don’t let your thoughts get in the way of your life!


This month at Arrowhead Martial Arts Academy we are learning about nutrition. 🍅 🍌 Nutrition is the nourishment we get from the food we eat. Good nutrition gives you the right amounts of the things you need to keep your body healthy.
👪 As a parent, your support is critical for your child developing a healthy relationship with food, since many of their meals will come from home and are decided by the food you buy. We understand that most parents have a busy schedule, and it is not always easy to put healthy, kid-friendly food on the table; however, the eating habits they develop as children will follow them throughout their lives – you owe it to their futures to help them make the best choices possible.


Strive for honor 💪🏽


Our Advanced students working on their One-Steps sparring techniques--how to defend against an attacker in one move.

Photos from Arrowhead Martial Arts Academy's post 03/26/2023

So proud 🥰 of this group of black belt 🥋 candidates who kicked, jumped, fought and persevered through their final stage of their black belt testing. 👏 They all passed and had an AMAA...zing testing! 👊 Lots more pictures and videos on our private page.


A mind is like a parachute. It doesn’t work if it isn’t open. 💪🏽


Videos (show all)

A fun opener to our S.W.A.T. (Special Winning Attitude Team) meeting held monthly to bring leadership skills to our stud...
Our Teen/Adult class exploding with power! 😲👊🥋
Can you tell who followed instructions and was the best listeners? 👂I had to film this drill because our Lil' Dragons we...
Master's Club getting better at their Kama pattern. 👏😁🥋
Learning the nunchaku pattern
Ending class with a drill that supports healthy competition, abdominal work, coordination, teamwork and lots of smiles!
This is a great focus and coordination drill we like to finish classes with. Our students really love this drill. 😍 Chan...
This is Max learning how to run the birthday 🥳 "hi five" gauntlet.👋 He had an AMAA...zing birthday party in our academy ...
Our Teen/Adult 🥋 class is exploding with awesome family members 😍 getting involved in our AMAA...zing programs. 👏
Our black belt club members are working hard on mastering the nunchakus this cycle. 🙂
Our students get excited about our classes!
Lil' Dragons ending class on a happy note. 😉




20165 N. 67th Avenue, Suite 120
Glendale, AZ

Opening Hours

Monday 12pm - 9pm
Tuesday 12pm - 9pm
Wednesday 12pm - 9pm
Thursday 12pm - 9pm
Friday 12pm - 9pm
Saturday 8:30am - 1:30pm
2pm - 3pm

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