Hawaiian Time AZ Volleyball Club

Our purpose is to equip, empower, and encourage both Youth and Adult athletes to become successful v Please contact the Club Director if you have any questions.

We are a Volleyball Club located in the West Valley of Arizona that serves Youth and Adults.

Operating as usual


And that is a result of teams sticking together!

Hawai'i gets another SWEEP and improve to 12-1 in conference play!!! 🧹🧹🧹

The Rainbow Wahine will take on Cal State Fullerton tomorrow night at 7pm!

📸: David Croxford


🏐 How can you find the RIGHT volleyball club for your family?
🔗 https://www.azregionvolleyball.org/news_article/show/1060936

1. Use our birthday calendar to see which age division your athlete should tryout for! www.azregionvolleyball.org/agedefinitions

2. Get REALISTIC and HONEST feedback about your athlete's skill level. If your player wants to play on a more challenging team, how often will they be sitting on the bench?

3. How far are you willing to drive 2-4 times a week for practice? We have a Club Directory where you can find clubs near you. https://www.azregionvolleyball.org/clubdirectory

4. Be very diligent about reading your contract and knowing what you're signing up for!! Be sure to ask if post-season fees will be tacked on. And ask how long you're attached to the contract. Don't be shy! Get it in writing!!


Educate yourselves.....

CLUBS: We wish you the best as you head into the next couple of weeks of open houses and tryouts!!

Please be sure to follow all AZ Region guidelines.

CLUBS: Please review the latest email we sent you regarding open houses and tryouts.

"We have had a lot of calls from clubs trying to squeeze another session into their Open House Period. Please understand that this is the time for the PLAYERS to find who they want to tryout and participate with for the season. It is very important to allow them the freedom to explore and find what works for them. They will be happier in the long run. The club is restricted to 3 sessions per age group so that the players can go and see what is out there. The 3 sessions includes virtual meetings - parent and/or players. You may not tie up the parents on days outside of the 3 desigated sessions."

If you have any questions, please contact us.
[email protected]


O H A N A to us - means F A M I L Y!
Are you looking to join a family where
our leadership is led with A L O H A?

Here is our direct TRYOUT link:
(Revised on Flyer)

Don't forget your AZ REGION REQUIRED documents:
1 - USAV Membership
2 - Medical Release
3 - Concussion Acknowledgement
4 - SafeSport
5 - Birth Certificat Copy (this is for all NEW players to our Club)

Then...go to our website www.hawaiiantimeazvolleyballclub.com
....for all CLUB REQUIRED documents:
1 - Player Profile
2 - Tryout Evaluation
3 - HTAZ Waiver Release
4 - COVID Participation Waiver
5 - Uniform Order Form

For more information, contact 480.869.2487 by call/text.

See you all there ~ Mahalo 🤙


Photos from Hawaiian Time AZ Volleyball Club's post 10/30/2022

Super proud of our Kunāne Boys Team!
Holding down that 2nd place after a long day of battle 🙌 3W, 1L.
Imua Kunāne!!!

Photos from University of Hawaii Women's Volleyball's post 10/28/2022

Some empowerment as we head into our new Club Season.....


Purposed driven players!

Pass, set, MATCH 🧹

Timeline photos 10/25/2022

Timeline photos


A L O H A 🤙
It's that time of year ...
Junior Girls Volleyball Season
C L U B 🏐 T R Y O U T S

Things to prepare BEFORE tryouts:
AZ Region Requirements
1 - USAV Volleyball Membership
(Cost : $55) *you pay
2 - Medical Release Form
3 - Concussion Acknowledgement Form
4 - Safe Sport Form

Direct link for more information:

HTAZ Club Requirements
1 - Player Profile
2 - Evaluation Form
3 - Waiver Release
4 - Uniform Order Form *
5 - COVID-19 Participation Waiver

Go to:
>HOME tab

*if you are NEW to our Club, you will need to submit a COPY of your Birth Certificate.

Should your daughter secure a spot on one of our teams, here's what you'll do AFTER:
1 - Sign Club Contracts
2 - Pay Initial Fee ($400)
*acceptable forms of payments are: Cash (exact amount - no change will be given), Check/Money Order (made payable to: Hawaiian Time AZ VBC Subject line : First Initial/Last Name of player)
3 -*Submit Uniform Order Sheet

If you have any questions, please feel free to call/text: 480.869.2487 or email: [email protected]



Photos from University of Hawaii Women's Volleyball's post 10/16/2022

That sistahhood though!!


More 411

🔗 https://www.azregionvolleyball.org/news_article/show/1060936

🚦 It should go without saying… but here it goes. READ THE CONTRACT.

💥 Clubs have very strict policies regarding how and when a player may be released from a contract. Remember, committing to a spot on a team means you commit through the end of the season - that is the last day of the Junior National Championships in July; not the last day of Region play in May. Read every word of every sentence in your contract before you sign.

💡 Beware of clubs promising starting positions, college scholarships or other flattering come-ons. All players in the 12s and 14s divisions should be developed in all positions and not concerned with scholarships. Find out if the club will develop your son/daughter to their potential no matter what their place on the team. Some offers of camp scholarships or other financial arrangements can be a violation of the NCAA or AIA Paid Athlete Policies and would jeopardize your child's status for school or collegiate play.


Educate yourselves Parents & Guardians



💡 The Arizona Region of USA Volleyball encourages players and their parents to attend Open Houses to make sure you tryout for and join the right club for your family.

🏐 Check out Do's and Don'ts of Club Open Houses!
🔗 https://www.azregionvolleyball.org/news_article/show/1060936



YESSAH! 'Bows take the Roadrunners down in set 5️⃣!


ASU vs CAL kind of team bonding - that's how we roll!


Lets go!

🏀 ⛰


Don't stop believin'

Oh yeah!!!!



Club Season is quickly approaching!
With that said - we'll be hosting a GIRLS OPEN GYM (available to ages 10 thru 18 for a non-refundable fee of $10.
Check out our flyer for more details and don't forget to lock in your spot by 10/14/22 . Call/text Coach Rae at 480.869.2487, include your first/last name + Email to send Open Gym flyers.
Mahalo 🤙for your support!



Got Fruit?

6-Then Jesus told this story: "A man planted a fig tree in his garden and came again and again to see if there was any fruit on it, but he was always disappointed.
How many of us are like the man who planted a tree and looked at the absence of the fruit - walking away disappointed vs taking in the overall growth of the tree in its entirety? (ie: deep roots, strong trunk, bold branches, green crisp leaves, nests being built in its cool shade, etc.)
7-Finally, he said to his gardener, "I've waited three years, and there hasn't been a single fig! Cut it down! It's just taking up space in the garden.
How many of us are like the man - don't trust in the process nor the time? Or how many of us think our investment is not producing the same results that others say they're having - only to find out that the grass ain't that green on the other side either? What about those of us who just plain give up on it all - the investors, investment - and cut off the very thing that God is about to reveal with truth, time, and real fruit? Or how many of us think the process or results of the fruit should be instant (seed to fig) as soon as I hit send on the Zelle/Venmo/CashApp payment method for clinics/camps/club season?
8-"The gardener answered, 'Sir, give it one more chance. Leave it another year, and I'll give it special attention and plenty of fertilizer. 9-If we get figs next year, fine. If not, then you can cut it down."
How many of us are like the gardeners - hoping for that one last chance? One more opportunity to prove ourselves? Wanting the special attention and more good fertilizer to give us spark? What about those of us who have been producing progress and our investors are only looking for the fig (win, vertical, etc.)?
Today - God reminded me about the direction of TRUSTING THE PROCESS ...... HIS TIMING & HIS PURPOSE!
In my assignment, God has called me to use the sport of Volleyball as an engine to reach his people. With that said, I find myself like the man who kept going to the tree only to be disappointed in the lack of effort & urgency leading up to the figs production. But the truth is - the fig will produce richness in flavor, texture, and quantity - in God's timing, not mine! Timing is another barrier - in this situation, the man waited three years. Well....some seasons for me, I only have three months, and others - I have 8-9 months, maybe even a year. But...TRUST takes time; PROCESS takes time. And if we rush both....well, the devil will make you think: "well, I can get better at this club!", or "this coach has more wins that that coach, so I'm going over there", or they start to believe the gossip of bitter parents who do absolutely nothing but pay the bills and complain the entire season....
What's the point?The point is this.....YOU are NOT God! His TIMING & PROCESS is perfect! So....get out of his way and allow his son Jesus to give you the "special attention and plenty of fertilizer" that you need.Some of you might be saying to yourself right now: "Well...I don't need special attention?""I definitely don't need fertilizer?""This message is dumb, Coach Rae doesn't even know me!"Yeah...you may be right - I don't know you! I don't know the struggles that your tree is having....but I know why you're reading this! Because GOD called you to!....And quite frankly - you coulda fooled me.....because from where I'm standing - God's message to me today is we ALL NEED SPECIAL CARE! Some of our soil has no fertilizer - no wonder the leaves are brown! Some of our soil get gnats in 'em - sucking all the nutrients out of the richness of the soi!Some of us are so stressed out that the crisp leaves that were once strong - are absorbing all that negativity, it's dining inside! And some of us just need water....
But hate to break it to you.....we are so stuck on stupid thinking and telling ourselves: "ah! I got this!", "I don't need that!"
Well....hate to burst your bubble - but we all need JESUS!The question is - when will you TRUST the PROCESS?Are you ready to bear good fruit - or want to continue to be that barren fig tree?

Father, Thank you so much for this deep dive into today's devotions!Thank you for my family & friends that continue to breathe because of you and your love for them. It's been three months of hard core refining in the fire - and now, it's time to LET GO and LET GOD!Thank you for the truth behind the Barren Fig Tree Parable and the knowledge you have given me and the direction to which I am to go in this new season! I pray today - we can all lay down the "I got this" to "you got this"Help us to TRUST in YOU, and TRUST the PROCESS!In Jesus name I pray - Amen.


SET yourself up to SUCCEED




Club Season vs High School Season

Do you have a High School Athlete getting ready for High School season? Not quite sure what the AIA rules are?

CLUB SEASON VS. HIGH SCHOOL SEASON: KNOW THE RULES Don't jeopardize your high school volleyball career.


Oh yeah!
Getting registered now...space is filling up!

Bump, Set, Spike!

Join us for a 2-Day Volleyball Camp!

Cost: $100 per athlete
Includes: 2 full days of training, lunch, and camp shirt
Who: Open to any and all (Grades: 6th-12th / Ages: 12U - 18U) Reserve your spot now!
Date & Time: Tuesday, July 19th and Wednesday, 20th, 2022
Check-In (8:30am) - Day 1 Only
Session 1 (9:00am-12noon)
Lunch (12noon-1:00pm)
Session 2 (1:00pm-4:00pm)
Location: Bourgade Catholic High School - Gym (4602 N. 31st Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85017)
For more information, please contact [email protected].
Follow this link to register - https://www.bourgadecatholic.org/volleyballcamp.html

Photos from Volleyball Festival's post 06/19/2022

Photos from Volleyball Festival's post


Our Assignment

The purpose of Hawaiian Time AZ - Volleyball Club is to equip, empower, and encourage Youth & Adult athletes with a divine passion for volleyball (at any skill level) to become successful volleyball players.

Our philosophy is to build on the basics and progress to an advanced level of success through a demanding, structured, and high level of training. With this in mind, our goal is that each athlete will stand strong and remain grounded on this biblical truth: “I can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me.” - Philippians 4:13

With the sport of Volleyball being the engine, our hope is that our team will stand together not just to support our Hawaiian culture, but as one family (ohana) to model our Clubs’ motto: E KULIA I KA NU’U - “strive to reach the highest”

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