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Try Dancer Pose with me!

This pose can be physically challenging because it requires a lot of flexibility in the hips, shoulders, and spine, and on top of all that you’re balancing! But it’s one of my favorite poses, and has a lot of FUNCTIONAL benefits for your body.

So we’ll dive right in and talk about those benefits, I’ll walk you through a step-by-step how-to, and I’ll offer up a few modifications to potentially make the pose feel better in your body.

Ready? Let's go!

Feeling stiff? Try this 10-minute neck & shoulder yoga stretch! 05/06/2024

If your neck and shoulders are feeling tight, tense, stiff, or achy, then join me for this simple 10-minute yoga practice that will stretch out all the tight areas and leave you feeling much better.

Feeling stiff? Try this 10-minute neck & shoulder yoga stretch! If your neck and shoulders are feeling tight, tense, stiff, or achy, then join me for this simple 10-minute yoga practice that will stretch out all the tight...


🎉 Just announced: A NEW yoga workshop in Granbury for bone health!

Did you know research is now showing that yoga can improve bone density and even reverse osteoporosis, making us less vulnerable to falls and fractures?

Join Mikah for a yoga practice of simple poses that are especially effective in building bone strength, and gain a deeper understanding of bone health and how yoga can prevent and reverse bone loss.

This workshop is based in part on the pioneering research (including a 10-year research study) on yoga for osteoporosis by Dr. Loren Fishman and includes handouts with his 12 recommended yoga poses (including visuals and instructions) so you have a step-by-step plan to continue improving your bone health.

Link is down in the comments - or message me!

This is for my locals in Granbury, but I'm working on an online mini-course as well because this is such an important topic! Stay tuned. 🙏


You’re only as young as your spine is flexible!

Join me for this 5 minute bite-sized yoga practice that focuses on movement of the spine in all its different directions (flexion, extension, rotation, side bending, and axial extension) so that we can decrease pain and stiffness and maintain overall health and vitality!


Feeling stressed?

A recent research study at Stanford found that those who practiced a technique called the "cyclic sigh" regularly experienced less anxiety, a better mood, and overall body calmness.

This is a simple practice that takes just 5 minutes and you can do it anywhere.

I like to think of it like hitting the reset button on my day (a nervous system reset)!

Want to try it out? In this week video, I'm guiding you through how to do it step-by-step. Link down in the comments!


Join me in welcoming the energy of spring with this 20-minute gentle yoga practice! 🌿🌷

This practice is all about supporting the transition from spring to winter, so we’ll focus on movement and breath that leads to lightness and expansion in order to balance the stagnant energy and heaviness that might have accumulated during the winter months.

We start with intentional breath work, then transition into gentle movement, and end with a mudra (a hand gesture) called Ushas Mudra and affirmation. Get ready to make space for new beginnings and fresh starts!

(Link below! 👇)


Ready to get started with yoga at home?

In this week's YouTube video, I’ll help you get started with yoga at home by introducing you to the most essential props that can support your yoga practice.

We’ll explore yoga mats, yoga blocks, blankets, straps, and some additional “bonus” items to elevate your yoga experience and make your home practice both comfortable and fulfilling!

(Psss...there's also a clickable list of all of my prop recommendations that you can download!)


For my students in Granbury: Free Monday night yoga starts back up next week! 🧘

If you’re able, please bring peanut butter this first week as your donation. Mission Granbury is in need so we’re doing a drive!


If you've been sitting a lot lately and your hips have been feeling stiff and tight, then give Lizard Pose a try!

In this week's YouTube video, we’ll dive into Lizard Pose’s health benefits (like how it opens up those tight hips), we'll break down how do it step-by-step, and I’ll show you how to modify the pose to make it more comfortable for your body.

Enjoy! (Link down in the comments)


Just wrapped up 6 weeks of Yoga for a Mission, my free yoga class to benefit Mission Granbury!

Take a look at all of these food pantry donations! 🥰 I have the BEST students - you're all so generous. Thank you so much for your contributions.

(And a big thank you to Healthy Connections of Lake Granbury Medical Center for hosting!)

We're taking a few weeks off and then I've decided to start back on March 18th for another 6 weeks of classes. Registration is encouraged if you'd like to join us!


I've been noticing more and more students coming to me with sciatic nerve pain.

Sciatica often comes from tight muscles that compress the sciatic nerve along its pathway.

This week's YouTube video is a 20-minute gentle yoga sequence that might help relieve some of your pain, focusing on decompression of the spine and stretching the hamstrings and muscles around your hips.

Please take your time with this yoga practice and don't force or push your way through, because that can irritate the nerve even more. Instead, think of easing in to each movement and really listen to your body.

Link in the comments. Let me know how it goes for you!

Touch Your Toes! 10-minute yoga to stretch your tight hamstrings & calves 01/22/2024

Today's 10-minute YouTube yoga class focuses on opening up the back of the legs: Your hamstrings and calves!

Stretching this area can improve your flexibility, help with hip and knee range of motion, reduce your risk of injury, and even relieve back pain.

👉👉👉 By the way...this class is Day 1 of my new FREE 5-Day Vibrant Body Yoga Challenge. Sign up to get the other 4 yoga classes delivered right to your inbox (they won't be on YouTube):

Touch Your Toes! 10-minute yoga to stretch your tight hamstrings & calves Join us for the FREE 5-Day Vibrant Body Yoga Challenge here:'s 10-minute yoga class focuses on opening up the b...


Who here is on Instagram? 🙋‍♀️

I have been loving it over there lately! Follow me there () for yoga tips and inspiration and a little fun, too.

Photos from Lifelong Yoga with Mikah's post 12/30/2023

Ready to make a change and finally get started with yoga?

Great news: I'm bringing back my popular 4-week Yoga for Beginners Workshop Series (in Granbury) for the new year!

This yoga series is for TRUE beginners.

Each class session is 75 minutes and will include a breakdown of several yoga poses, a breath technique, and a relaxation at the end of practice.

**You’ll also receive printed handouts as a companion to what we’re learning in class.

At the end of the 4 weeks, you’ll leave feeling comfortable with the most foundational yoga poses - and better yet, you’ll know how to make them work for YOUR body.

I'd love to have you join us! Please message me for more information or register at the link in the comments.

👉👉 If you're one of my students, you no longer need this series (unless you'd like to revisit the foundations, in which case you are welcome to join us) but this would be a GREAT way for one of your loved ones to try out yoga. Please share this post! :)

Photos from Lifelong Yoga with Mikah's post 12/25/2023

Merry, merry Christmas! 🎄🎁☃️ Here’s some yoga holiday humor to make you smile today.


Lifelong Yoga Online members - we start our new holiday yoga challenge on MONDAY!

You don’t want to miss this one…EVERYONE that completes all 12 days gets a gift! 🎁🎄

Check your email for details.


Thank you to my Monday night yogis (and my other students who contributed) for your generous donations to Mission Granbury’s food pantry! 😍😍

Quick reminder for my locals: No classes next week (the week of Thanksgiving). We'll pick back up the week of November 27th! If you're not registered for one of my yoga series, you can drop in to the Monday night yoga class for free anytime! Just bring a non-perishable donation.


For my Granbury friends and students, I'm excited to announce that I'm teaching another 6 weeks of FREE Monday night community yoga! 🧘‍♀️

This class benefits Mission Granbury, so please bring a non-perishable donation for their food pantry! 🥫🍭

We begin this upcoming Monday (5pm) at Healthy Connections on Water's Edge Drive and the class will run for 6 weeks, skipping the week of Thanksgiving.

I encourage you to register online if you're planning on coming, but you're welcome to drop in anytime.

Get more details and register here:

Please share this post with your friends! I'll see you on the mat!


Did you know you are at a higher risk for falls if you can't get up and down out of a chair with ease?

Don't let this discourage you.

Know that you CAN get stronger with just a little consistent effort. I've seen it time and time again, and helping my clients improve in this area is one of the most fulfilling parts of my work.

This week's YouTube short yoga video would be a GREAT start to begin incorporating into your daily routine.

The link is down in the comments! 👇👇


Coming at you LIVE from my new yoga space! Tune in for some updates, both for Lifelong Yoga Online and my locals.


Great news: Lifelong Yoga Therapy is now able to accept HSA and FSA cards as payment for both telehealth and in-person 1:1 yoga sessions.

Flexible Spending Account (FSA) or Health Savings Account (HSA), also known as health benefit accounts, are pre-tax savings for eligible healthcare expenses. If you aren’t sure if you have either of these accounts, check with your employer or plan administrator.


Putting the finishing touches on my NEW “yoga office” space this weekend. 🥰

This will be where I see my private yoga therapy clients - and also where I film for Lifelong Yoga Online.


(I’m going to be offering a special 1:1 yoga package deal to celebrate. Stay tuned!)


Wow! Tonight’s yoga class had a great turnout. Look at all these donations we collected for Mission Granbury’s food pantry. 😍 Thank you so much, everyone!

If you missed tonight’s class, drop in and join us next week! Monday at 5pm.

15-Minute Yoga for Strong Knees: Stop knee pain! 09/07/2023

This week on YouTube, we're continuing our focus on the knees: I'm guiding you through 15-minute gentle yoga practice to strengthen the muscles that surround and support the knee joint.

I release a new yoga video each week, so make sure you subscribe to my channel! ✅

15-Minute Yoga for Strong Knees: Stop knee pain! Struggling with achy or painful knees? Join me for this 15-minute therapeutic yoga class to build strength in the muscles that surround and support your knee...


This weekend we're wrapping up the 28-day Path to Posture program in Lifelong Yoga Online!

It's been a blast and I'm loving the feedback that's coming in:

⭐️ "My lower back is not as swayed as it was in the beginning."

⭐️ "This is my favorite program we've done so far."

⭐️ "I have arthritis and I've noticed that I have less stiffness and less aching."

Now, it's time for me to start planning the next program 🤩....but in the meantime, I've just released the September class calendar!

I release class calendars monthly. It's my suggestion of what classes to do WHEN so you're not endlessly scrolling and picking a class at random.

If you're ready to join us in Lifelong Yoga Online, come on over! It's only $29/month and you can cancel easily anytime. The link is down in the comments. 👇

Protect Your Knees in Yoga: No more knee pain! (pose modifications) 08/28/2023

Just released a new YouTube video this morning about how to protect your knees while kneeling in your yoga practice. Enjoy. 🙏🧘‍♀️

Protect Your Knees in Yoga: No more knee pain! (pose modifications) Are you feeling held back from your yoga practice because of knee pain or arthritis? In this video, I walk you through a few ways to modify yoga poses to bet...

Photos from Lifelong Yoga with Mikah's post 08/26/2023

I was so honored to be invited to teach a yoga class this morning to kick off Granbury Fit Body Boot Camp’s Grand Re-Opening!

You know how I’m always encouraging you to add resistance training to your routine? Well, their small-group training would be a FANTASTIC complement to your yoga practice.

It’s a friendly, encouraging environment - which you all know I value highly - and their new space is amazing. ❤️

Congratulations to Kristian, Bryan, and everyone else involved!


I just received this email from a student in last Sunday's posture workshop. 😍 THIS is why I love teaching help people feel better, reduce pain, and live their most vibrant, healthy life.

Want your business to be the top-listed Gym/sports Facility in Granbury?

Click here to claim your Sponsored Listing.

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Just wrapped up 6 weeks of Yoga for a Mission, my free yoga class to benefit Mission Granbury!Take a look at all of thes...
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Thank you to my Monday night yogis (and my other students who contributed) for your generous donations to Mission Granbu...
Quick updates from my new yoga space!
What a transformation…My NEW yoga therapy office space is finally ready! 🎉🙏 I will be seeing my private yoga clients her...
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