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Signature Softball


Homeschool travel ball girls,
Where can you play softball during the high school season before travel ball starts? You can play for the PAC Panthers. The Providence Athletic Club (PAC) is a Columbia, SC metro based homeschool Christian sports organization that plays smaller public and private schools from across South Carolina. Our season mirrors the high school season so when travel ball starts up you will be in midseason form. Almost all of our players play travel ball. If you are homeschooled, attend online virtual school, or attend a private school without a softball team, contact Kevin Thomas at 803-361-1228 or email at [email protected] for more information. We have a few roster spots available. Go Panthers!
Ok softball parents (or any sport)....what do you do when your kids are not meeting their academic standards???? Let them go to their game but make them run laps or not let them go and let their team down????
Hi how's life going for you captains?
Greetings to all again!

We did it again, we did it one more time !!!
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Signature Softball- Head Coach and Lead instructor- Tina Hack Signature Softball offers Pitching, Hitting and Defense lessons. The definition of signature : an identifying characteristic or mark indicating identity.

Everyone has their own signature. One of the goals here at Signature softball is to take the athletes raw potential and help them to refine their mark on the diamond. With Signature softball lessons from Coach T the experiences will be unique and special.The sessions are capped out with small manageable numbers, and designed with your daughters confidence and potential in mind. The sessions are sh

Operating as usual

Timeline photos 04/21/2022

This post is always on time !

✋🏽✋🏽✋🏽 if you’ve been here!!!!! This picture makes me so full of emotions ... a mom of a new pitcher sent this to me followed by the words “frustration has set in” anyone who has ever been successful at any sport or thing in life can look at this pic with a smile on their face because we know that familiar feeling ALL to well. It’s a very precious bittersweet moment I’m seeing here... one where you have pitched for over an hour and just can’t get it down... you’ve completely exhausted yourself trying and tears are flowing, your legs are burning, your breathing is heavy... and you finally sink down to the dirt in defeat... those places are the most important places to remember, because we know what happens next! Weeks or months from now you will have that moment where it just CLICKS!! And then it clicks again!!! You will appreciate this solace painful moment from the pic bc it will get you to the next level!! There will be many more of these moments to come as you grow into the pitcher or athlete, you dream to become! Keep going sweet girl!!! Believe!! And push!!


As much as my heart loves the game of softball, basketball was truly my first love! Every part of it made me the pitcher I became! From ground force lateral movements, “beef” balance eyes elbow (leads) follow through! To undo the meaning of being a true team mate! I used to use the basketball to strengthen my shoulder and wrist/spins !!!! In return I hardly missed a free throw or a 3 pointer….. to me this is much like location in softball pitching.

The Lord blessed me with 3 brothers, no sisters, and 2 sons! Yet I’m completely loving the opportunity to coach young ladies in the sport and position (pitching) in softball… but I’m soooo thrilled that this child of mine decided to share the love of basketball with me!!! Even more so he decided tonight that he wanted to get serious about strengthening his body to become a great athlete!!! ❤️❤️❤️

Sho can see the importance of leaning what he did tonight in our pitching motion?? ❤️❤️❤️❤️


Screw ball fun with Hannah! Keeping it simple 🔥


Eval June 2021-50mph
February 2022-56mph
TL Hannah pitcher

This young lady here (15) has been a joy to train! She comes in ready to learn, works hard outside of lessons and has such class on the field!!

So glad I get to be a small part of her pitching journey 🔥❤️


Yasssss !

✅ There are different types of pitchers. Once your pitcher knows which one she is, it becomes easier become a go-to pitcher because she'll KNOW how she's going to get hitters out and pitch to her strengths.

➡️ TYPE 1: Spinny Pitcher

She has tons of spin on her pitches and she creates a lot of mis-hits. She doesn't blow hitters away by her speed, but she deceives them with her spin.

➡️ TYPE 2: Speed Pitcher

She has above average speed. You can tell you have above average speed because you jam a lot of hitters on inside pitches and there are a lot of balls hit put in play towards the opposite side of the field.

➡️ TYPE 3: Off Speed Pitcher

Her change up ROCKS and she may even have another off speed pitch that is faster than her change up and slower than her fastball. She can change speeds in any count and she keeps hitters off balance with the element of surprise of speed.

** No matter if she's Type 1, Type 2, or Type 3, LOCATION IS KEY.**

✅ It’s also important to know the types of OUTS she is likely to get!

➡️ OUTS 1: Ground Ball Pitcher

She stays down in the zone, has down spin and there are a lot of ground balls put in play. Pitches that are likely your strength: Drop, Curve, Change Up, Low Fastball. A GBP will get more outs from batted balls on the ground than in the air.

➡️ OUTS 2: Fly Ball Pitcher

She stays more up in the zone, has up spin and there are a lot of balls in the air put in play. Pitches that are likely your strength: Rise, Curve, Screw, High Fastball. A FBP will get more outs from battled balls in the air than on the ground.

➡️ OUTS 3: Strikeout Pitcher

This is what everyone WANTS to be, but it’s not what every pitcher actually IS (and that’s ok!!). A strikeout pitcher is usually a blend of Type 1, Type 2 and Type 3 listed above! They are likely to have above average speed, above average spin with late break and can change speeds very well. This keeps hitters very off balance with deception and you can get them to chase more out of the zone. ** NOTE: When a strikeout pitcher is not getting outs via strikeouts, she will either by more of a GBP or a FBP and she needs to know which is more of her strength.

✅ Remember: Root for your pitcher to own HER strengths! 💗

She has strengths that no other pitcher has. Help her find them! Help her TRUST in those strengths, OWN those strengths and BE READY to go on pitch #1 when you get into the game.

Every coach wants a go-to pitcher that brings CONSISTENCY.


👉Start tracking her outs.
👉After every day or weekend of pitching in games, go over the numbers of strikeouts, ground ball outs and fly ball outs.
👉 On the days you had the most success - how did her outs come?
😉 She can also ask her coach what she/he thinks are her strengths - I bet they know pretty well the type of pitcher she is when she is her BEST.

Join the conversation in the comments 👇

🙋‍♀️ Are you going to start helping your pitcher own her strengths?


One of my Hs Seniors sharpening her speed changes tonight!!! @uscsumtersftbl commit!! 🔥❤️

Same spin, 2 different speeds!!!! Yes ma’am Savannah!!! 🔥 first pitch 45mph -second pitch 57mph !!! 🔥🔥🔥


Change up sequence 🔥🔥🔥🔥 great job!!!


12u Ems putting in work!!! Feeling separation and hips!


So proud of this little one. April -December . (9yrs old)
She’s so driven! Keep it up miss Press. !


This sweet kid came in for an Eval today ! Lots of potential and incredibly coachable! Excited to be apart of her journey!

Top video Eval video(no adjustments given )

2nd video - end of our 30 min lesson portion of the Eval.

haha 😂 she loved it tho 💪🏽
@paisleyspitching they found my info in our affiliate coaches corner 🤩🤩


Top video- eval- she wasn’t sure how to use the mound then.

Bottom-7 months later.
Bella! Love my littles!!!


Top video- Eval July 2020
Speed 36mph /608 rpm
11yrs old

Bottom - Oct 2021
50mph/1000 rpms
With speed still to put into her pitch - once we settle down uploading a bit much.

12yrs old now, and never had lessons. she does the homework- and commits to 1 lesson /week.

Consistent/never complains and completely trust the process!

So far she has -
-mastered top spin (4 Seam Fb) and has 70% command on location
-is working on mastering her drop ball , is 50% consistent in and outside on command

-change up- 50% command low in the zone in and out.

I’m so proud of this girl !!! She comes to lessons early ! Never skips her warm ups, hustles even when sh****ng balls! Focus is always on point and is ready to learn!!! If she had a ruff day I would never know it!! game on point !

The first day I met her I asked her.. do you think your a lion or a lamb (because she is very quiet) she shrugged and said I’m not sure yet. So we agreed to find out!!! So far this lioness cub has proven to be an incredible student of her craft and position she’s chosen to focus on, and I’ve personally enjoyed her trainings!!!

I can’t wait to see where her Journey takes her!


Hip! Whip! Kinda night!!!! Being extra with the hips !!! This 12u young lady has extremely flexible limbs !! Sheeesh!


with the littles and so much more lol


There are so many phases a young pitcher goes through, mechanics, speed, max effort with speed, then max effort , speed and efficiency. THROW STRIKES!! Then max effort and minimal speed (change up) . Then onto spin, which takes time ! And in the process we can lose certain pitches like drop when learning spin… then all of a sudden your body hits a growth spurt and now your focus shifts again back to mechanics so we can manage the growth! Now we picked up speed and are pitching high in the zone and walking batters… hello speed spurt and less mound time and more backyard time and reminding pitchers to trust the process even when parents don’t!
Now… back to spin … drop change, rise , curve … screw…
Then guess what!!! Make them miss which means… we not throwing strikes!!! We’re throwing balls that look like strikes!!! And THAT!! That’s skill!!! That’s pure artistry as a pitcher!!! 🔥🔥 but it takes TIME!!! And a lot of it! Be patient parents.

My job is to weather each season of the process to my students becoming a dominant pitcher… which typically happens in 16u+. And you know what!!! That’s ok!!! Because if you really think about the process as a whole… is it not parallel to real life!!!! There’s no quick fix, and yes some people excel past you and get things faster… don’t compare!!!! Trust the process! Support! Encourage! And make changes accordingly to instinct!!! As long as they line up with their path in life and goal in this sport! Enjoy the rd and journey! One day they won’t have lessons or be on a field, they’ll be in this amazing world that is filled with incredible challenges way bigger than pitching can ever be!

not an ending!!!

Preaching to the choir!! Basketball season is upon me lol for my son !! !!! Lol


This young lady is 14 and I’ve had the privilege to work with her since May for about 5 lessons now. She clicked in on Eval day average out 10 pitches 57/59 mph.
She’s now throwing 63-65mph.

We worked on driving our hips, foot work and timing !!! She is probably 5’10/11 and has the most incredible work ethic I’ve seen! I can’t wait to see where here journey takes her! Grateful to meet such athletes/students ❤️❤️❤️


Top is Eval day-
Bottom is after 5 lessons in 2 months!

Her drive at 10years old is refreshingly impressive! Love this kid!

@paisleyspitching @footdoctor_esia


Video 1 (top) May 21 - 43mph
Video 2(bottom ) July 22 -50mph
4 lessons and tons of homework done in between! keep it up kiddo! It’s only the start 😊 @paisleyspitching @footdoctor_esia my kids are loving the workouts and connecting them from the academy!!


I wanted to share this from the NCAA!

5.6% of HS softball players go on to play in the NCAA, 1.8% play D1. (‼️ Only .03% go to Power 5 conferences - ACC, Big 10, Big 12, PAC 12, SEC- Thanks Cheri Naudin for the stat!)

Are you working harder than 94% of the softball players out there?

If your goal is to play D1, are you working harder than 98% of the softball players out there?

Are you finding ways to get better every day?

Do you understand that ALL of your choices play a part in your small % to try to make it to the next level?

Are you aware that your attitude and drive greatly effect whatever is coming next for you?

To me, this just really puts thing into perspective about the importance of your day to day choices for your softball journey.

Sooo many things need to be on your side and go your way in order to play at the next level- many things aren’t in your control.

Therefore whatever the things are that you CAN control - diet, sleep, strength work, order of priorities, amount of times you practice, the attitude you keep in games/practices, etc - make the MOST of them!! It is is so competitive to play D1, D2 and D3- make the most of ALL of your choices, as a softball player and as a softball family.

‼️ For pitcher perspective with round numbers, I’ll say there are 300 D1 schools. Say there are 4 pitchers for every team. That means there are 1200 pitchers in D1. That would mean 0.3% HS players go to D1, D2 or D3 as pitchers!

+++ Say there are 300 freshmen pitchers. 300 sophomore pitchers. 300 junior pitchers. 300 senior pitchers. That means there are only 300 D1 pitchers who get recruited every year. 👀

Staggering stats when you really think about it!

Also - it’s important to remember, there are a lot of other opportunities outside of playing D1. Players & families love their experience at the D2, D3 and junior college levels as well! Keep your options open if you love the game ❤️


I’m a strong believer in training the younger generation in all learning styles…. Tonight we did visual training and worked vertical and horizontal zones throughout the evening.

Drop ball work with Dani-
See it, feel it, execute !!! matter!

How many of you grew up as multi-sport athletes? I did!

For me -Basketball , volleyball, pool, tennis , ping pong, softball - etc…

All of these sports attributed to my pitching , and I’m grateful for it!


Happy WCWS opening day!!

Here are the games today - all day on ESPN!

I’ll be on the call for the first two and I can’t wait!

College Softball - ESPN Press Room U.S. 02/11/2021

College Softball - ESPN Press Room U.S.

College Softball - ESPN Press Room U.S. Back to Sports Categories College Softball Schedule February 11-14 Date Time (ET) Game Network Thu, Feb 11 7 p.m. No. 3 Arizona vs. No. 7 Texas Alex Loeb, Michele Smith Longhorn Network 6 p.m. McNeese State at No. 5 LSU SEC Network+ Fri, Feb 12 10 a.m. Omaha at Butler ESPN+ 11:30 a.m. …

Accommodations for family, organized by Tina Hack 02/05/2021

Accommodations for family, organized by Tina Hack

Accommodations for family, organized by Tina Hack We just received news my dad has AML Acute myelogenous leukemia (AML) is a cancer of the blood … Tina Hack needs your support for Accommodations for family

Signature Softball 02/01/2021

Signature Softball

Link is live

Signature Softball Schedule your appointment online Signature Softball



And consistent excellence comes from consistent mechanics / strong foundation.

Don’t be scared to revisit the fundamentals!



Signature Softball 12/27/2020

Signature Softball

January availability

Signature Softball Schedule your appointment online Signature Softball


Im not MAD, I’m just disappointed.

The coach-talk is about to pour straight from my heart right now.

I feel the same emotion as when someone asks me for a workout. So, I write this AWESOME workout and then the workout never gets used because someone didn’t care enough or was too lazy. Then they want to know why they aren’t getting better.

I posted this a few days ago.

It got like 22 likes and 1 comment and a 2 shares. Literally.

I’m shocked.

You guys ask me ALL THE TIME...

“How can I get my pitcher become more confident?”
“How many times does she need to practice?”
“Why is my pitcher plateauing?”

So, in return, I give YOU questions that are THE starting point to your growth and becoming the best you can be.

The answers to these could absolutely be the MOST important part of your upcoming 2021.

And i get 🦗s....

The answers to your most asked questions do not get answered by one specific drill. I’m sorry, I know you want it to, but it just doesn’t work that way.

The answers to what you ask me come from YOU taking time to have DIRECTION toward your training, your journey, your path, your plan.

It happens from setting the goals, knowing your why, and having a clear motivation that you can always fall back on in the tough times.

If you can’t answer these or are uninterested in answering these, then really why are you pitching?

You’ll find yourself in March with little to no growth.

You’ll be heading into May trying to make the same adjustments you were trying to make before thanksgiving.

You’ll end up fading into the rest of the pitchers who also don’t take the time to set goals and figure out what you really want.

Commit. Now’s your chance.

Know what worked AND what didn’t work.

Have exact focuses with your mechanics to commit to change.

Commit to being a leader, and say out loud the leadership qualities you’re committing to.

It’s truly all right here. The answers to all of your questions can actually be found in the answers of the questions I came up with for you to take a meaningful step forward.

There is so much power in answering these questions and heading into 2021 full steam ahead with MOMENTUM.

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