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Our 2 teams represented so well at Reaction Fitness Collective yesterday & our community showed up and supported them (missing about 5 in the picture)! Very proud of both teams for laying it all out there and giving it their best.
Great to drop in at Reaction Fitness Collective in Greenville, SC for a 6:15 workout this morning. Partner workout with Brian Holmes. What a way to start the day.
What a blast we had this past weekend at Reaction Fitness Collective Arena!!!

Congrats to our athletes who competed, and with Team Aggressively Average finishing 1st place in their division & team Kool and the Gang a 2nd place podium finish in their division!!

Sunday Funday sweat sesh!! With affiliate owners from the area.
- IG_ , CrossFit Field Leader for North and South Carolina.

CrossFit Field Leaders support affiliates and facilitate bidirectional communication between their communities and CrossFit.

Field Leaders work face to face with affiliates, taking in feedback and providing an open line of communication with CrossFit. They work together with local affiliates to engage in community outreach, supporting grassroots initiatives that allow us to effect positive change at the local level. They then work with other teams at CrossFit to promote these initiatives and share them with the greater CrossFit community.

Crossfit Potentia
CrossFit Greer
CrossFit Simpsonville
Crossfit OSC
CrossFit Clemson
CrossFit Fountain Inn
Full Auto Fitness
Reaction Fitness Collective

Huge thanks to Reaction Fitness Collective owner and coach, Amy Fryt, for offering a killer gymnastics seminar for the today. Excited to take the new skills and drills into The Open next week!
Hi everyone!
This Saturday, 3/6 my fiance Frank DeVar with Elite Stretch and Strength is having a Sports Massage Clinic at Reaction CrossFit. Nine free 10-minute mini sessions from 9am-10:30am.

There is a sign-up sheet on the front desk at Reaction CrossFit
Save the Date! Saturday, April 17th we will be hosting a Gymnastics Workshop put on by Amy Fryt from Reaction Fitness Collective. More details coming soon! 🤸🏼‍♂️🤸🏼🤸‍♀️
Hey guys!! I hope everyone is getting in some good workouts during your time at home! If you’re looking to add another piece of equipment to your home gym, my friend is making custom box jumps, just message me or Derek Gracely for more details. He owns a wood furniture business and they will all be hand built- can be stained, painted or raw wood. Pick your poison. The box will be identical to this one 🙂
Hi! Happy early Thanksgiving everyone!! Michael Riner and I are seeking a dog lover who may be available Thursday late afternoon or early evening to feed our 2 dogs. We are traveling for the day and likely won’t be back by dinner, and are hoping to let them stay home that day. Of course willing to $ for any help and time! TIA!!!!!
Still trying to work out if I can go but I am considering heading down to watch Daniel tonight in Anderson at Electric City.. If anyone wants to ride down together please let me know and I would be happy to drive (If I do end up being able to go)
So here's some pretty cool news.

Our very own Fittest of the Upstate female winner Madeline Helms is gonna go head to head with her male counterpart, Fittest of the Upstate male winner Daniel Sterling of CrossFit Reaction in the Open workout 20.1! And our besties from will be here LIVE STREAMING the whole thing! Can. Not. Wait!! More details to come, so go ahead and write "watching it GO DOWN at CFEC!" on your calendar for October 10th!!

photo credit: BucketHead.Media

Come support your fellow Crossfitters at the 10th annual Greenville Games, hosted here at Kroc Greenville by CrossFit Reaction!

The event will be taking place September 27-28.

There will be no Krocfit classes taking place during this time.

The lap pool will be closed from 7am-10am on Saturday, September 28th

The Greenville Games
: Let's get social, prance with queens, and strike a pose!

- Our JULY SOCIAL is at Encore Gastrolounge in Greenville on Thursday! Get some bites and buddy up with other LGBTQ folks in the Upstate!

- Rylee Hunty and Viktor Grimm want to DRAG YOU TO BRUNCH at Ink N Ivy Greenville on Sunday! Two shows, two chances to support your Miss and Mr. Upstate Pride!

- Pride Link is hosting a YOGA WORKSHOP at CrossFit Reaction on Sunday as well! Stretch it out and get re-aligned for the week ahead!

Remember to keep an eye on our calendar, and sign up for our monthly e-newsletter! See you around the Upstate!
Thanks for sending an athlete to compete at the Masters Tour in Travelers Rest, SC at BSW CrossFit!! If you would like to send more, the deadline to register and get a t-shirt is Monday 7/15!

Reaction Fitness Collective is a strength and conditioning gym for individuals of all ages, backgrounds, and fitness goals. CrossFit Reaction Est. 2009

We use functional fitness movements in a small group setting to help you become the best version of yourself.

Operating as usual


⚡️The way you mount the bar will vary slightly depending on what movement you are working on!

💥For smaller movements (pull ups, TTB, etc.) the mounting phase should remain tight and in the vertical plane. The tighter the window, the snappier the movement.

💥For the bigger movement, the BMU, since our goal is to get on top of the bar we will need a little bit longer loading phase. In order to accomplish this, you want to keep your hips behind the bar for a split second longer, holding the hollow for as long as possible before moving to the extension phase (superman).

⚡️This will allow you to get AS MUCH power out of the superman as possible- resulting in a snappy and powerful transition over the bar.

Patience = power.

Give this a try!

Photos from Reaction Fitness Collective's post 03/22/2021

Photos from Reaction Fitness Collective's post


⁣For this drill, focus less on what your legs are doing and more on what your arms are doing (or not doing) ➡➡⠀

Imagine you are karate chopping 🥋 the bar, using the pinky edge of your hands 🙌🏽 to engage your lats and pull down on the bar. ⠀

Focus only on using your upper body💪🏽, as shown in this drill. This will teach you how to engage your lats without relying on your legs for the “swing” 🦵🏽 ❌⠀

You’ll create the space you need for a more efficient range of motion, as well as the tension you need to maintain tight positions for multiple reps. 💯⠀

Give it a try!


Wrist position in the catch of the muscle up can make or break your reps! ⠀

❌ Common fault ➡ broken wrist with knuckles forward and elbows back. This is an unstable position that forces internal rotation of the shoulders and makes it very difficult to dip out with control (think barbell press in the fingertips…not ideal!)⠀

✅ The Fix ⠀
➡ Option 1: False Grip! Hold the rings in a super deep false grip, allowing your knuckles to stay on top of the rings and elbows easily rotate to the top⠀

➡ Option 2: Gently rotate those knuckles down to the ground, allowing your elbows to stay tight and close to your body. This sets you up for a solid and stable position for your dip out of the MU.⠀

Good luck and have so much fun!


This is a unique drill to help mix up your traditional handstand practice 🖐🏽⠀

This is great for having fun, but also helps to identify any midline weakness or instability.

If you struggle with low back pain or fatigue after handstand work, it may be the result of “dumping “ in the low back- ultimately putting your body in an unstable position❌⠀

Try this drill and notice if your low back collapses. Focus on keeping a VERY tight midline, moving as one unit to keep the position solid💯⠀

Start low, and gradually work your way up to the full inversion‼️


⁣Keep your options open!⠀
We generally have two options when it comes to the TTB movement: a slow and smooth option and a tight and fast option.⠀
The slow and smooth option is great for longer time domains and/or bigger sets within a workout. For this movement, try “doing less” by relaxing the swing and letting yourself settle into the pendulum-style swing.⠀

There’s space for breathing here plus you can relax your grip on the back side and re-grip if need be.⠀
The tight and fast option is great for high speed scenarios: knocking out the last few reps of a workout or even moving through small, quick sets.⠀

For this style, everything has to remain tight throughout, not leaving much room for breathing or re-griping.⠀

Focus on maintaining a tight midline, a tight backside, and a tight downward pressure against the bar. This will get you through some reps in no time! ⠀
Each of these have their benefits, try working through the different styles so when it’s game time you’ll be ready!!


The best way to introduce this into your repertoire is by taking small gradual steps:⠀
1️⃣ Isolate the upper body with small circular pulls. This focus should not be on the height of the pull but rather the rhythm. Stay smooth with it!⠀
2️⃣ Isolate the lower body with small circular leg swings. Focus on actively bringing your legs behind you and kick forward much like you would kick a soccer ball⠀
3️⃣ Put steps 1 and 2 together! Again focusing not on the height of the pull but simply on the rhythm. ⠀
🔎 Start with these three steps and remember patience is key with this movement!⠀

🐛 to 🦋 = 💯


This is a great drill for teaching athletes how to shift weight from left to right- similar to the weight displacement needed in the handstand walk! ⠀

1️⃣Start with belly facing the wall as this will reinforce solid body positions and neutral core ⠀
2️⃣Drive into the ground as you shift slightly to one side, allowing enough room for your opposite arm to rise up and on to the plate. ⠀
3️⃣Focus on “arms straight” as this will allow your lats to engage throughout and create a much more stacked position (as opposed to the bent arm, internally rotated struggle bus position)⠀
4️⃣Slight shifts from side to side is all you need! ⠀
5️⃣Once you’ve mastered this, try belly facing away to simulate the freestanding handstand walk position a little more closely.⠀

Good luck and have fun!


⁣This is a helpful drill when trying to find the “rhythm” of connecting or stringing together multiple reps of Kipping pull ups. ⠀

A perfect example of “less is more” I want you to focus less on the “pull” portion and more on the “when” portion. ⠀

1. Find your hollow/arch positions (like REALLY find them) 🍌 ⠀

2. Notice the moment of weightlessness on the backside (it’s quick, so pay attention!) 👀 ⠀

3. That’s your cue to bend the elbows! 👍🏽 ⠀

4. Maintain your hollow body throughout the “bend” phase 🍌 ⠀

5. Resume your swings 🔂⠀

There should be no change in the body positions when you start pulling- the only difference is adding a slight elbow bend 💪🏽

Photos from Reaction Fitness Collective's post 09/28/2020

⁣N E W CLASS OFFERINGS 🥳 Starting this week!⠀

Sunday Schedule:⠀
Open Gym 10-12pm 🏃🏾⠀
Burn 11am; all-levels cardio, drop-ins welcome🔥⠀

Women’s Wellness Program 4:30pm;👯‍♀️⠀
All-levels of fitness, drop-ins welcome⠀

Thursday Evenings ⠀
Specialty Courses: Gymnastics, Weightlifting, Bodybuilding (schedule rotates weekly, start times at 4, 5:30 & 7pm)⠀
Open Gym 4-8pm


“Do what you can. Do what you have to do. Step outside of yourself. Be more. Be better. Be bigger than you’ve ever been before.” -Megan Rapinoe


⁣Squatober is coming! Which means we’re in for a month of weighted ups and downs 🤩
We are also teaming up with Blitz Belts to give away O n E F r E e B li Tz BeLT⠀

That’s right! ⠀

For the month of October, the highest participation of Squatober will receive a free custom Blitz Belt, valued at $130. If there are multiple people tied, they will be entered in a drawing to win their very own custom belt. The peach won’t grow itself! 🍑🍑🍑⠀

Get ready for the dopest knee-bending party there is. 🦵🏽🦵🏽⠀


⁣Box Squats⠀
A great squat variation to incorporate into your regular squatting regimen, box squats offer huge benefits for athletes and coaches:⠀

💪🏽Teaches and reinforces the proper positions and bracing mechanics of the free squat⠀
💪🏽Increased engagement of glutes and hamstrings, getting greater posterior chain activation and development⠀
💪🏽Increased concentric strength, forcing athlete to generate force from dead stop position on box ⠀
💪🏽Helps athlete address and become confident in any sticking points found in the lift⠀
💪🏽Great for injury prevention and/or rehab, using specific range of motion training and controlled, pain-free positions


⁣New Specialty Classes starting October 1st!🗓⠀

We will be introducing a variety of specialty classes to give you the chance to engage in specific and goal-oriented training! With a little something for everyone, these classes are designed to be fun and constructive, with an emphasis on learning specific skills, drills, and movements to help advance your regular weekly training. ⠀

Classes include: Olympic Lifting🏋🏽‍♂️, Gymnastics🤸🏿, Bodybuilding/Aesthetics💪🏽 and our very first Female Fitness class 🦸🏽‍♀️⠀

Stay tuned for more details!!


"Fight for the things that you care about, but do it in a way that will lead others to join you.”

RIP to a fierce trailblazer 🤍


Change is inevitable. Growth is optional.


⁣It’s ok not to be ok. ⠀

Your mind is like a muscle- the more you push its limits the stronger and more confident you’ll become. ⠀

Embrace the discomfort 🥳 have fun there.


There are few things greater than watching sports act as a unifying language. When we all help one another, everybody wins.

Happy Monday everyone 🥳🙌🏽


Thanks to for helping design this special tribute WOD 🇺🇸 Taking a moment to recognize and remember those who were lost and to celebrate the heroes from them and now ❤️


where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts 👯‍♀️🥳💪🏽


"We are more often frightened than hurt, and we suffer more from imagination than from reality" ⠀

The mind is a powerful tool 🤯 use it to your advantage 💪🏽💪🏽


Join us at 9am for a 🌶 track WOD 😈 🏃🏽‍♀️ then hit a pump sesh at Open Gym 10-12pm! 💪🏽💪🏽


small steps lead to big things 🦶 🦶


Wake up and choose to be great 🔥


⁣Focus on the “can do’s” not the “can’t do’s” of 2020 🔥🔥

Timeline photos 08/26/2020

⁣One size may not fit all- especially now 🦠 ⠀

That’s why we offer individual program design. This program gives you access to all of our fitness, nutrition, and personal training techniques from the comfort and leisure of your own environment and schedule 🏋🏽🥗⠀

Individual Program Design is perfect for members looking for more consistent accountability and a specific road map to teach their goals 🗺 Shoot us a message to learn more and start your journey today!


⁣A common fault we’ll see is when athletes rotate shoulders inward and start creeping closer to a bent arm pull in the TTB ❌⠀

When the shoulders are rotated inward, the lats are less likely to engage, putting unnecessary pressure on the shoulders and midline to make up the difference. You’ll see this a lot with the old tuck-and-pull style of TTB 🙃⠀

Instead, cue your athletes to the “knife edge” of their hands, the pinky edge, mimicking a kind of karate chop against the bar 👋🏽 This reinforces an external rotation, puts the shoulders down and back, and lats fired up 🔥🔥⠀

Give it a try next time you see TTB pop up on the whiteboard!

Timeline photos 08/18/2020

⁣Baby steps are still steps- help your friends take theirs today! ⠀

Membership referrals are open to all current and active members. Here’s how it works:⠀

⁃Bring a friend to class 👯‍♀️⠀
⁃Show them how much fun they will have 😎⠀
⁃Teach them that fitness and friendship go hand in hand 🤚⠀
⁃Once they sign up for 12-month membership you both will receive one month FREE! 💸⠀
⁃High (air) five all the way home!! 🏡


⁣From Vertical to Horizontal… how to adjust your pull to transition to the Bar Muscle Up 🤩↗️⠀

Try this 3-part drill to help you feel (and see) the difference in pulling positions from a vertical pull up position to a more horizontal BMU pulling position🤙🏽⠀

The goal here is to be patient enough to allow your body to rise up a little further each rep, leaving more space for your hips to drive you up and eventually over the bar 🤸🏽‍♀️⠀

Give it a try and as always hit us up with any questions or tips you'd like to see! 👀

Timeline photos 08/17/2020

⁣Today is a great day to make one move in the direction of your dreams 🤩⠀

One step, one action, one percent at a time ✨⠀

Happy Monday 😎

Timeline photos 08/16/2020

⁣Now accepting applications! 📝⠀

One of the core values of Reaction Fitness is growth- both individually and collectively. To remain in line with this value and to promote inclusive fitness in our community, we are thrilled to announce the launch of our Reaction Fitness Scholarship Fund 💌⠀

For more information on the “why” behind the scholarship program and steps to apply, please head over to the link in the bio 📲⠀

This scholarship fund exists thanks to the generous contributions of our very own members and anonymous donors. Thank you to those who have helped create a foundation on which we can build a future of fitness for others🏋🏽‍♂️🤸🏽‍♀️🧘‍♂️🏊🏼‍♀️

Timeline photos 08/14/2020

⁣Difficult is not bad. ⠀
Difficult is not impossible. ⠀
Difficult is just difficult, and you can do difficult things. ⠀

Happy Challenge Friday 🔥🔥


⁣Snatch Balance ⠀

Break bad habits + build confidence under the bar 💯 ⠀

Try focusing on pushing down to the bottom of your squat position, enforcing the proper full sn**ch receiving position. 🏋🏼‍♀️ ⠀

Take some time with this one! Patience is essential when trying to build a positive relationship with the barbell 💕

Timeline photos 08/10/2020

⁣G I V E A W A Y 🥳🥳 ⠀

Happy Monday! Tag three non-members in comments below and be entered to win this f***y pack filled with goodies!! 🤩⠀

This slim fit F***y pack is perfect for running, biking, do walking, etc. 🙌🏽🙌🏽

Fashion + Fitness = 🔥 💯

Timeline photos 08/09/2020

⁣Our third core value-⠀

Acceptance starts with the self, but we are here to help. ⠀

We aim to foster a culture of respect and encouragement for individuals of all ages, backgrounds, identities, and abilities- using fitness and exercise as a way to break down barriers and build up relationships.⠀

You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn how to surf 🌊

Timeline photos 08/08/2020

⁣Our second core value-⠀

We value balance by acknowledging that what we do inside the gym helps us live better, more flourishing lives outside of the gym. 🏌🏼‍♀️⚽🏊🏽‍♀️⠀

The physical exertion of exercise is just one piece of a much larger puzzle, and want you to feel empowered to supplement your lifestyle with healthy relationships, nutrition, self-care, and more.

Timeline photos 08/06/2020

⁣One of our core values-⠀

We aim to inspire and empower growth, both within each other and the ever-changing world around us 🌍⠀

Growth for us represents a mindset that we are open to and accepting of our opportunities- be that on the gym floor, in our homes, or in our communities 🏘⠀

We acknowledge that growth can happen in many forms, whether that’s embracing the discomfort of a workout or embracing the discomfort of change, always coming out a little stronger than before 💪🏾⠀

Join us in your growth journey 😎

Timeline photos 08/05/2020

⁣Tag your fitness friend and get them on the gain train 🚂 🚂 ⠀

New member referral = 1 FREE MONTH for both parties 👯‍♀️👯‍♀️⠀

DM or drop in for more details 🐒⠀

See you on the other side 🔥🔥

Timeline photos 08/03/2020

⁣Wake up. Get fit. Be kind. Repeat. 🔂⠀

Here’s to a great week 🔥🙌🏽

Timeline photos 08/01/2020

Friends help friends get fit. Friends help friends stay fit. Be a friend. Spread the fit. 🏋🏽

Membership referrals help us help you help others. Refer a friend today, you both receive 1 month free. 💸 That’s right- one month F R E E for you and your friend. 👯‍♀️

Contact us today for more details 📱

Greenville’s Premier Fitness Facility

Reaction Fitness Collective, Downtown Greenville, SC

We are community-driven fitness; a strength and conditioning gym for individuals of all ages, backgrounds, and goals. We use functional fitness movements in small group settings to help you become the best version of yourself. We build on elements of positive peer pressure to help each other become stronger and more confident, both individually and collectively. Join us today!

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⚡️The way you mount the bar will vary slightly depending on what movement you are working on! 💥For smaller movements (pu...




9 Ferguson Street
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General information

Oldest CrossFit In Downtown Greenville.

Opening Hours

Monday 5am - 8pm
Tuesday 5am - 8pm
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Thursday 6am - 8pm
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Espacio ideal para realizar actividad fisica de manera diferente y entretenida, en busca de bienestar integral...Bendiciones..