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Way2Go focuses on strength training in small groups. We work with people of all ages(7 & up). Open by appointment only

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📣 Way2Go wants to motivate you all to increase your non-exercise energy expenditure, your NEAT.
🔥 A higher NEAT (Non-exercise activity thermogenesis) will result in a higher daily calorie burn.
💪🏼If you are interested in participating in this challenge, please DM me.


Do something, even if it isn’t perfect in the beginning, it is a step toward accomplishing great things.

Dessert Pizza 03/02/2022

Dessert Pizza

Hey Hey Good Lookin', What ya got Cookin'?
Will you cook some up for me?

Dessert Pizza Recipe for Dessert Pizza


🤩 what a week we had at Way2Go Fitness.

🔥Way2Go ladies!


💜💜💜We love helping people of all ages and fitness levels.

👀If you are looking for a place, please consider checking us out.
🎯Your 1st workout is always free.

Way2Go Fitness updated their phone number. 02/21/2022

Way2Go Fitness updated their phone number.

Way2Go Fitness updated their phone number.


🤩 wowza!! Such a diverse group of competitors this morning at the wrap up of the 2022 Way2Go Winter Olympics. ⛸⛷🛷

💪🏼These athletes participated in the following events: bobsled, cross country skiing, snowboarding, luge, figure skating, ski jump and speed skating.

👀 As you can see, the competition was stiff, but only one could walk away with the gold. 🥇

🎯Way2Go Stella. Shout out to your coaches, @peanutsmith2005 and @brockmitchell26_03.


Our very own Michael-Anne shared this recipe with us this week. I can’t wait to try it. The link for the recipe is in the comments. Under 300 calories and over 20 g’s of protein, makes it a 👍🏼!

Photos from Way2Go Fitness's post 02/16/2022

All set up for the 2022 Way2Go Winter Olympics. Featuring the “Bob”-sleigh.

🥇Who will take home the gold??

🧐Thanks @jen_kirk_cheermom for the fabulously fun fitness idea. 💡

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Exercise, not only does the body good, it benefits the brain and mental health.


Photos from Way2Go Fitness's post 02/10/2022

🧘‍♀️ Stretch & Flex 💪🏼
💯That’s what we do 🎯



🦵🏼💪🏼🎯 Battle Ropes, Bosu’s, & Land Mines…OH MY!! 😱
👉🏼Tomorrow’s workout is going to be so epic, can’t wait to see what you all think. 🤔
💜😡 I hope you hate it; but love it, too. ‘specially when you’re wearing your short, shorts this spring. 🤣

👆🏼First time visiting Way2Go Fitness? Your 1st session is ALWAYS free. 💯

🌞Early bird session starts tomorrow at 4:30 am.

📣 Feel free to spread the word.


Tasty Treat Tuesday….is that a thang?? 🤣😂🤣

Big shout out to my girl, Nikki, who created this delicious, satisfying, source of energy with a great macros ratio.

Protein: 22 g’s
Fat: 8 g’s
Carbs: 26 g’s
Cal: 255


🤔 Who wouldn’t want to get more stronger?? 🤣

🎯Come to @way2go_fit tomorrow at 9 AM, conveniently located at 3391 McDowell Rd.

💯You can expect to have fun, in a clean, non-threatening environment, while working on your fitness.

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Heart Disease is a real killer. It kills more women than all forms of cancer combined.
80% of all heart disease is preventable.
Here are some ways to avoid it:
🥶 chill out, relax, practice diaphragmatic breathing
🚭 Don’t smoke
🔥Have S*x 😘
👩🏼‍⚕️ Get regular check-ups
🪥 Brush your teeth
🥤 Skip Sugary Drinks
💪🏼Stay Active

Thanks @kbwmyers for helping raise awareness. So sad we couldn’t get our Flex Friday’s in red. 🥺😢


Speed, Agility, Endurance…oh my 😲

These gals are working hard to increase their speed, agility, and endurance.


These gals are working hard to increase their speed, agility, and endurance.



🎯💯Breakfast of Champions💪🏼🦵🏼

So wholesome, filling, quick, and easy…best of all:
36 g’s of protein
21 g’s of carbs
9 g’s of fat

311 calories

I eat what I need today, so I can be more flexible on the weekend. Key word “flexible”. I am still conscientious with my food and drink choices, but able to have things I enjoy, like Alcoholic Beverages and French Fries. 😋🤤😋💦


🥶💪🏼Flex Friday in 20° weather.
Have I mentioned these are some bad a’s?? 🔥💯
Love that @hrl4404 , @momma_kep , @deanamusic start their training session at 4:30 AM. And @mblack25 joins in at 5.

These ladies make it hard on anyone trying to come up with excuses about why they can’t fit an hour training into their day.

Oh, and @deanamusic drives 30 minutes to get to here. 🎯



Tough Chicks pushing it to the limits. Love how hard they work.

.I.Janes -ups


💜😍💜Some of my favorite gals gettin’ in their early AM full body, energy burning, sweat session. 💯🔥💪🏼🎯



If you are looking to lose fat, read this and accept it as truth. 💯🎯💪🏼
Thanks again Maui Athletics

This was inspired by a conversation I had with @christian.thibaudeau.thibarmy yesterday in my Facebook group.

We were discussing extreme dieting practices...the topic on the table at the time was Carnivore and potential health hazards associated with it.👈🏻

" I think it’s a mindset thing: the more extreme something is (or the further away from what we normally do) the more we FEEL that it will work and the more it gets us excited" -Christian

My response: "People like to feel special. They also like to feel like they have a secret. That they are "in the know".

Hacks can prey on this by suggesting they have the secret and can let them in the club.

Thus we end up with nutritional extremism."

It isn't that more extreme diets can't work, only that they tend to be much harder to pull off for health and sustainability over the long run. And there is simply no reason to jam them into an otherwise healthy situation.

Oftentimes mixed in there are hidden potential dangers that many are unaware of.

For instance, @thealanaragon had an interesting take on this yesterday when he referred to a study where they looked at coronary artery calcium scores on the Carnivore diet and found a pretty significant rise in an acute time frame.

This is a cause for concern as a risk factor for some severe health problems down the road.

So please, before trying any extreme exclusionary eating practices where you remove entire food groups, check with a qualified doctor and learn the potential risks and benefits associated.

YouTube or a Netflix documentary are not appropriate substitutes.👊🏻


Medicine Ball Offset Push-Ups

I have a love hate relationship with medicine ball offset push-ups. 😍🤬
They are tough, but very effective. 🎯💯🔥



I have a love hate relationship with medicine ball offset push-ups. 😍🤬
They are tough, but very effective. 🎯💯🔥



🔥Bicep and Ab finisher
4 sets of 20 was fire🔥



Are you coachable??

There are some traits that essentially prevent people from being coachable.
1️⃣ Being unwilling to learn.
2️⃣ Believing their entire motivation is dependent on their coach. "If I get a coach he'll give me the motivation to do this." Lasting motivation is intrinsic. You may receive temporary boosts to motivation from a coach, but if this isn't inherent to you to foster commitment, it won't last.
3️⃣ Unwilling to take responsibility for their current situation.

That last one is important, and many will push against it. You should never feel guilty or ashamed because of your current situation, but something you are doing brought you here. Your habits are unproductive or misguided in some way. Owning that is the first step to changing to more productive habits.

This isn't a shameful thing. Being honest with yourself about this is noble...and making moves to better yourself FOR yourself is something everyone can be proud of.

Acknowledge these issues, figure out a plan to modify or overcome them, then put that plan into action. Continually evaluate your practices and adjust to incrementally improve over time.

Doing this without loss of enthusiasm is how you succeed.

If there is no change, there will be no change. 💯



🤣😂 After workout shenanigans.
💯💪🏼🎯Although these girls make it look fun and easy, you better believe, they work hard!!
🤩💜😍 I love that I get to work with this team!! Go Lady Knights!!


😂🤣😂 After workout shenanigans.
💯💪🏼🎯Although these girls make it look fun and easy, you better believe, they work hard!!
🤩💜😍 I love that I get to work with this team!! Go Lady Knights!!


💜🤩😍I love my 4:30 am girls!! Way2Go @hrl4404 & @momma_kep

They demonstrate what it means to prioritize their health. Mind, Body, and Spirit. They get up and get it done 💯💪🏼🎯



🤩🤩🤩 Wow!! I can’t find words to describe how proud I am of this girl. She is a fun loving, laugh a lot, amazing, dedicated, hardworking, never give up kinda lady.

🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼I am blessed to get to work with her on her ever continuing fitness journey.

👀I am looking forward to her continued growth in 2022.

💜💜💜 Way2Go Jenni D! Love you; my strong, beautiful friend.

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🥳We had a great time celebrating Christmas back home in Grove City.
😇So very blessed by Kathleen and Luke.
💜We love our picture of Max, and thoroughly enjoyed our time together this afternoon.


Alabama Christmas:
What a great time visiting with DJ and his beautiful family. Here are just a few pics from our time together. The weather was in the mid 70’s all weekend, so we were able to go to the park and on a little hike. But the absolute best part was lots of Miss Bonn snuggles. 💜🥰😍
Big thanks to all of my Way2Go family for being flexible and accommodating my quick trip. Love you all. 🤗&😘


😍Great time working out with Sydney and Felix. She is motivating and hard working.

💪🏼She does the hard things now so that her delivery will be less complicated.

🥰 Blessed to have her as my daughter in law and the mother of my grandchildren.


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Speed, Agility, Endurance…oh my 😲
Medicine Ball Offset Push-Ups




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