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Tracking deer around Grand Lake Oklahoma with a United Blood Trackers UBT-1 & UBT-2 Certified dogs.

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Photos from Oklahoma Blood Trackers Association's post 04/05/2022

Here's a look at what we do in the offseason. Being a tracker isn't just something we do for a few months out of the year. We never stop learning, educating, and betting our teams!


Deer plays with dogs in Tennessee family's yard

Here's a look at how deer tracking dogs are trained. 😉If you don't have a deer that is willing to train your dogs, you can always join us at Tracklahoma, April 2nd - 3rd with the Oklahoma Blood Trackers Association. Visit their page for more details!


From our families to yours, be safe tonight. Wishing you all a happy and healthy 2022!🏹🦌🐾♥️



Have you ever been "punked" by a whitetail? Not exactly the same level of laughter Ashton Kutcher brought in his show. This would be the moment you shoot a deer and watch them drop instantly. You cheer quietly as you celebrate your victory. Your heart races as maybe your largest lifetime buck lays their motionless. Promptly you grab your phone to text your spouse and/or buddies. Then it happens. 😳 It's as if they rise from the dead and take off running or walk away as if nothing ever happened. You sit in a stunned state of disbelief as the visions of his mount on your wall dash away into the woods. You've just been "punked" by a whitetail. Nah, you just experienced a back wack!

Have you ever processed a deer? We've encountered numerous hunters who've never seen a deer without it's skin, let alone processed one themselves. If you're in this group here's a video for you to help improve your shot placement. In this video we're giving you a literal inside look at what a "back wack" means.

Feel free to SHARE with other hunters. You'd be surprised at how many veteran hunters aren't familiar with this shot reaction.

Tell us in the comments if you knew of this or if we've shared something new with you! Even better share your heartbreaking stories of this happening. If anyone has video of this with their own shot, we'd love to have a copy to help further educate! Send us a message!

- Melissa & Jon Saylor

Photos from Whiskey Bent Tracking's post 12/07/2021

No scream in the woods or the sight of two little arms of a long blonde, 4 year old going up in the air will ever compare to this track! She is officially the youngest we've tracked for and the youngest we've assisted in a recovery for. The knowledge that Oklahoma Blood Trackers Association shares online is helping to recover deer, and today's track is proof of it.

After an hour wait they went to find sign and the bolt. 1 deer remained close by at that time. We received a call from dad last night with details of the shot as well a photo that told us it was lethal. He has been a long time follower of OBTA and because of that knew from the sign on the ground and the arrow to just back out. The blood had food particles and the bolt was clear. There was many does in the group so that made it difficult to see a reaction. We advised to follow through with at least a 12 hour wait and the soonest we could track would be after work. Within an hour of that call a storm came through with wind and rain.

Anxious ourselves today, because it's a 4 year old and her first deer, we've finished work early and met up sooner to track in the daylight. This track had zero sign on the ground until 15 yards away from where the deer laid. Add in a logging road,(Trackers will cringe) a steep holler and the storm having spread scent down the incline and leaves blown. Major scent pool! After 2 restarts which GoPro footage confirmed, Whiskey was right and Jon pulled him off, the 3rd pull in the direction confirmed the path. Jon finally hollered he had blood. Me and the family advance to it and as I'm checking the bed for additional clues, Whiskey has Jon at the top of the holler, where he believes he has more blood for me to check. Within moments at the wound bed, mom spots the doe, slightly on the incline and just 15 yards from the bed. Whiskey had went down wind 20 yards and up parrell to the deer. I never confirmed the blood at the top so we can't say for certain if it had traveled up hill and then down. As I look over I see our little hunter throw her arms up and in her little voice yell, "THAT'S MY 1ST DEER!" Her smile in the pics can give you an idea of the adorable excitement we got to witness. Whiskey may not have went straight to it but he still got it close enough to be found. Jon had to see that he was working his way being pulled through vines as to why he missed it.

They did everything right! Rain washed away any sign of a trail if there was any. Whiskey's track went to where the area that the one lone deer stood and took off while the others went in different directions. 200 yards is all it went and only the crows got to it first. They didn't push it and the pheromones weren't spread around by boots. The cold front even kept the meat good, which was a big priority for our hunter and I believe it was spaghetti. Dad showed us video of her shooting the crossbow and she is dead on! There's no doubt she will kill many more in years to come. This track is the prime example of why we do this and why we love it! The next time you think that waiting is to hard, just think if she could do it, you can to! The next dinner that is made with her doe meat is going to be an extra special one because it was worth the wait. 🥰 Good job Hansen Family and thank you for sharing your daughters memory with us!


Visual Definition of "Behind the Shoulder."

Tales from the Saylor Chop Shop 🦌🔪

Have you ever processed a deer? We've encountered numerous hunters who've never seen a deer without it's skin, let alone processed one themselves. If you're in this group here's a video for you to help improve your shot placement. In this video we're giving you a literal inside look at what "behind the shoulder" means.


Not with your weapon though.. With your phone!
Make it a habit to document your blood/shot evidence. If you see hair, bone, meat, blood along your trail, snap a picture. 📸
Also take pictures of your arrow and broadhead. Tap on your screen, on your arrow, to focus. Why should you do this? This will help you better identify your own shots in future hunts! Once you recover your deer, you will be able to see where you hit and match your blood to it. Mostly, if in the event, you need a dog, your tracker is going to ask if you have pictures. Photos like this one, provide a lot of details in deciding wait times and shot placements. All this info increases your odds of recovery! Whether or not you need a dog!
Cheers! 🍻


We had our first double shot track ever that wasn't disturbed or searched prior to our arrival! This is lengthy but I felt the need to be as descriptive as possible for trackers who encounter doubles and the knowledge this can serve to hunters. Definite bathroom reading material. I promise the hunters you'll take something from this post! The track being undisturbed means that Whiskey could follow the pheromones as each deer left them and not having hunters boots spread them. It's not all about the blood for him. It's the line we can't see! Not spreading it, increases the odds of recovery!

Both deer were shot at the same spot with both thankfully departing in opposite directions at different times in the hunt. We've tracked our share of doubles that the trails do cross. While it's not impossible it's definitely a challenge and can be worked through. We've never had the opportunity to put Whiskey on an untouched double. Having footage for both shots but no blood information or bolt prior to arrival, one reaction indicated the possibility of a longer wait time while the other didn't.

We decided we would survey the hit site first before introducing Whiskey to determine which line we'd run him on first. The bucks reaction, tail down, hunch and low rear run gives the indication of liver/gut involvement that would be a minimum of a 6 hour wait to a 12 hour wait depending on blood/trail and bolt sign. The doe did the mule kick, sound was the good thump and she ran off indicating the possibility of a lethal shot. While surveying the hit site both blood lines were plentiful via mechanical broadhead. The bucks line showed sign of liver involvement with grit in the darker shade of blood. During that survey the buck was spotted with a light down 40 yards from the hit site. Exit confirmed liver and gutting confirmed the top of the heart was hit. Neither bolt was found.

We got Whiskey out to run the doe's track. Initially, Whiskey wanted to immediately take to the bucks track but Jon redirected him onto the doe's track. We didn't want him fixated on the dead buck if he tracked it first. Jon and I both forgot our phones at the truck and yours truly failed to charge the gopro. Unfortunately we don't have a tracking line for this and I didn't get any photos from this track until afterwards. Obviously we've been busy and on vacation from work.

We tracked her for over an hour and easily a mile of line. Through vines and several times crossing the creek bed where at one point she traveled down in the creek bed. There were a couple times she turned back and made circles. Massive scent pools that in his youth would've been a real struggle. We encountered numerous standing beds, (leg indication), 1 wound bed and several spots that held hair (short, white cut). Smears on brush indicated a frontal wound that were knee high on me. Blood remained watery and bright red but consistent. Any tracker I think would agree, when it's a youth's deer, you continue on and this would mean a double for him being his 2nd and 3rd. It was finally called in an open field as the signs continued to show this doe wasn't lethally hit having far passed the 250 yard mark, was covering some ground and the trail reducing.

After that we ran Whiskey on the buck line. It's good for him to see one down and it's always a great opportunity for us to observe him to learn more of how he tracks. Plus the factor of their being 2 lines. Once introduced to the hit site he quickly took to the buck line. He self corrected when questioned along the 40 yard line and went right to it. After tracking that doe he was ready for a fix! It was good timing as a coyote had already started work on the tail of the buck in just an hour after we left to start the doe. His reaction to wanting the buck line first was him doing what he's supposed to. Go to the dead deer. Something in future double tracks we will definitely trust, while keeping in mind the needed wait times of course. The pheromones tell the story.

The difference we are seeing in him this year is the slack in the lead on dead tracks. He will bulldoze Jon on live deer in proximity tracks. He will loose interest or search on aged non lethal tracks. Once home I was able to record the footage of the doe from a livestream, zoom and slow it down to confirm the shot placement. The bolt entered in front of the right shoulder and exited the brisket. The doe raised her head at the right moment. This confirmed the hair found, bright, watery blood, standing beds and that it's a non lethal shot.

The hunters made the right call in giving the buck well over an hour, not looking at the hit site and backing out. Had the heart not been hit, the blood and the reaction already gave the indication needed for a hunter to see a longer wait was needed for insurance of recovery. But because both organs were hit the deer didn't go far. I thanked the dad for teaching to wait for a broadside shot. Frontal shots are most commonly non lethal hits. There's a 2 inch window that most of the time isn't hit. If that shot is taken and you can't find your deer, don't expect a dog to be able to because most usually it's a non lethal hit to the neck and shoulder muscles.

The odds are typically better to avoid coyotes when the line is short, the deer isn't pushed and beds near a hunters stand or blind, even though that wasn't the case here. Our population of coyotes is in my opinion at its worst and there was a lot of blood between both deer on the ground spread out reducing the odds in providing an abundance of scent in the air. Think of the sharks in water. They are the sharks on land. The more blood spread out, the faster they'll find it. That aspect is why we chose to not wait longer and to go into the hit site with 1 deer being down over 1 hour and the other over 2. This family we knew hunts to fill their freezers like we do. Better to have all the pieces of the puzzle to make a decision then go from there. If we could get 1 out of the woods even if the other had to wait at least that would be 1 less for the coyotes.

While Whiskey didn't make the recovery himself, so much more came from this track. The reminder that reaction signs don't tell the full story just as blood trails don't. You need all the pieces to see the full picture. We got to see him work 2 separate trails from the same hit site and breeze through several challenging scent pools. Most of all in this 5th season we continue to get to learn more about how he works and that lethal hits will bed within the first 250 if unpushed. Plus we got to pass on some tracking knowledge to a couple of the best young hunters we know! A big thank you to this family for having us out, we enjoyed tracking with you. 🧃🧃🥃🥃🥃🥃


Smart advise from up north, on how to better your odds against the coyote population in recovering your deer! A MUST READ!


Text us. Leave a voice-mail. If we aren't answering, it's because we are tracking! Don't blow our phones up. We will not answer while in the field.



Lure the deer in for breakfast and warm your belly! Assorted scents and flavors available!



One of the misconceptions of deer hunting that we run into is the assumption hunters have regarding organs hanging outside the deer. Most automatically assume that when they see organs that death is going to occur quickly. However, this footage demonstrates it's not always the case. Time and time again, we get calls for deer that have been jumped from their beds and hunters in disbelief that it is still alive because they could visually see organs.

Here's what you can take away from this video. Just because you may see guts hanging outside the deer, that does NOT mean they will die with minutes, let alone within the hour. They need at least 12 hours unpushed by you, the hunter, or other predators. Most commonly, they will bed within 250 yards of the hit site. If pushed from this bed, they can potentially travel up to 2 miles to evade those that pursue them. Take in the aspect that this deer doesn't appear to be struggling and going into the brush with its intestines hanging out didn't stop him! Nearly every gut shot we have recovered the trail will be minimal to nonexistent as those intestines will push out the entrance and exit holes. Yes, they will die, but how patient the hunter is will ultimately be a deciding factor in how close to your stand that animal will lay and increase your odds of recovering it. Just because they are hurt, doesn't mean that they will give up.

Thanks to Mr. Beatty for allowing us the use of his video encounter with a gutshot buck.

Photos from Whiskey Bent Tracking's post 11/13/2021


This track has become the new favorite of the season! If you've ever had the thought in your mind that an injured deer wouldn't take a path of heavy obstacles and resistance, allow us to introduce to this buck!
He presented to our hunter limping with an obvious leg injury of some sort but that wasn't stopping him from pursuing a doe and neither was the lethal shot delivered by our hunter. Even though he was in pursuit of a doe it was obvious this buck would be better in the freezer. This buck traveled some 300 yards before our hunter backed out and booked us for today. Whiskey acknowledged the arrow marking the place that the buck crossed the road and took to the trail. The buck traveled along the ridge of a very steep holler and eventually bedding up to a log where he was found. This trail had no standing or wound beds and blood indicated he was steadily moving. After having traveled over a mile after being hit, this liver shot finally expired. Even after 15 hours post shot, this buck was still limber. Proof that it pays off to wait them out. Thankfully the coyotes didn't find it, because the best part of this track is that the meat of the deer is going to an elderly widow woman. 🥰 The hunter isn't leaving empty handed as he got to have his daughter along for her first time tracking a deer, so I got show her a few tricks along the track. Those memories are priceless!

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Visual Definition of "Behind the Shoulder."
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