A liquid solution for the fishermen.

Operating as usual

[04/11/21]   Liquidscaler was made in the. 80s when we had myspace which is still on there till this day.


Crappie an whitebass time

Crappie an whitebass time

[11/27/20]   LiquidScaler can be a preventative for alot of infectious diseases.

[11/08/20]   Camping areas of exaggerated camping will have less covid problems.


Ready for night fishing

[06/12/20]   Smoke your fish sometime , try some thing new.

[05/31/19]   If you see trash please pickup if it's alot of trash have someone help you. Or complain to the commission of parks and recreation to pose fines for littering

[05/24/19]   Going out after fishing, the solution is here.

[05/16/19]   Tired of fish smell and cooking it plus descaling the fish. Get Ready For This.

[04/24/19]   Do you like to fish before a rain , or after?

[04/14/18]   Cold snap but shouldnt stop the tru fishermen.


Liquidscaler's cover photo

[01/19/18]   Weather is getting much better.

[01/14/14]   This is a one of a kind liquid formula only few have seen. This was made in the 80's and since that time has only been sold in California. This product contains no chemicals. It is all produced by God. This liquid takes the scales off of fish without utensils an will also aid in detaching the skin from the fish. If you have a fillet with scales and skin , you can pour Liquidscaler into a bowl and dip the fillet into the bowl and skin and scales will slowly release from the meat. Now the kicker to all this is not only does it aid in releasing the scales from the skin and the skin from the meat. It also MARINATED the meat at the same time while all this is taking place. And when you are finished. Take the spray bottle of liquidscaler and spray on your hands. THE FISH SMELL IS GONE!!



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