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It’s so uplifting to be a part of someone’s journey to living a healthier lifestyle❤️👏🏻Wolf Creek CrossFit

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Big birthday shoutout to our Coach Jonas. His positive presence brings energy and fun to the gym. He is encouraging and intense, yet light-hearted with his wit and big smile. We are so lucky to have him in our lives and fitness journey!

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Happy birthday to our hardworking, skilled, and witty Coach Corey! He is passionate about CrossFit and is very good at it, and this inspires and transfers to those that he teaches. We are so lucky to have such an outstanding coach!


“Successful people are always doing what the other guys are still talking about.” — RxMindset


Did you know that to improve your physical and mental health, it requires strength training? Don’t pass up your opportunity to treat yourself well. It’s hard work, and you may not always know what to do for improving your physical and mental health. The workout of the day, or WOD, is a key part of the CrossFit program. There is a new set of exercises every day — a goal in which to complete as many repetitions of an exercise within a set period of time. This does not mean you have to turn yourself into an elite athlete competing in weightlifting or powerlifting competitions. CrossFit is for all people — any age, gender, background or experience. The goal is to work towards improved health, to be at your best. Physical and mental health keep you in optimal performance to carry out your daily tasks easier and healthier. What will you do today to be stronger and get better?


“The only thing standing between you and your goal is the bullcrap story you keep telling yourself as to why you can't achieve it.” - Jordan Belfort

Here is a great picture of the 5am class this morning that overcame the excuses, and now they are that much closer to their goals.

So you want to live a healthier lifestyle, but there’s “just too much going on right now.”
What this translates to - “I don’t want change in order to live a healthier lifestyle.” Change takes work, but that work you put in will lead you to your best self. Being in shape, healthy and strong is not a handout, it’s an achievement. There will always be an excuse for everything, and there will never be a perfect time.

Leave your excuses and come join us. Wolfcreekcrossfit.wodify.com


Proud of our own Coach Logan for working on her certification in nutrition coaching 👀 stay tuned!

Excited to get this done! Hope to provide nutritional coaching in the near future 🙂


So, you want success? Keep showing up for yourself. Keep plugging in that hard work. We know you’ve got what it takes. We see that greatness in you. Stay consistent! Stay the course!


September 11, 2001 tribute today.
We remember the dedication, selflessness and strength of those who responded to the tragic events.


CrossFit workouts share the same basics as high intensity interval training (HIIT) — performing a series of exercises with little to no rest in between. Once the repetition of exercises is complete, then you can take a breather. This kind of exercise has shown to increase the body’s metabolic response and fat-burning ability. Even more so, HIIT-based workouts, like CrossFit, help your body continue to burn calories well after the exercise has ended. What’s your favorite exercise to perform in a HIIT?
(Boutcher SH. High-intensityy intermittent exercise and fat loss.)

Photos from Logan Thronebury's post 09/09/2022

Photos from Logan Thronebury's post

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The end of summer is a major bummer until you realize Wolf Creek CrossFit Gym has what you need to be fit for the everyday labors.
“A [person] is not paid for having a head and hands, but for using them.”— Elbert Hubbard


In fitness and in life, it all starts with your mind. If you have goals you want to achieve, believe in yourself. You have the capacity to do what it takes. There may be set backs or challenges along the way, but you have the capacity to recover from that and continue to reach those goals. The body achieves what the mind believes.
Practice strengthening your mind daily with fitness, and watch the positive impact it has on your life goals and challenges as well.

You don’t have to do it alone - join us in 1 of the 4 class times daily to fit your schedule. Sign up for a free trial at wolfcreekcrossfit.wodify.com


We’ve created another bootcamp program during the week since we keep selling out! Come join on Tuesdays and Thursdays, 6am - 7am Sept 13th-Oct 20th.

To sign up, call or text the number on the picture, or you can Facebook message!

Join the fun with Coach Katy’s HIIT program consisting of dumbbell/kettlebell variations and body weight movements. You’ll listen to upbeat motivational music during the one hour class that keeps you going until the last rep! This program is good for all skill levels.

If you buy the Monday/Wednesday 6 week program (Aug 29-Oct 10), get this 6 week program half off!

This is a 6 week class sign up only, no association with the CrossFit classes.

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Interested in protein powder or pre-workout? The research has been done, and we’re now proudly serving Ascent Protein products!
First 6 purchases get a free Ascent gift.

$40 for 2lb bag of protein powder; 27 servings, $1.48/serving, 25g protein/serving. Chocolate, chocolate peanut butter and vanilla flavor.

$35 bag of pre-workout; 30 servings, $1.17/serving, 150mg of caffeine per serving. Orange Mango and Raspberry Lemonade flavor.

Recovery drinks coming soon! These are packed with electrolytes and 20g of protein, and no caffeine so they’re great for after an afternoon workout or those sensitive to caffeine.

Why Ascent?
- simplicity; the company stands strongly behind their 3 products total (protein powder/preworkout/recovery drink)
- straightforward ingredients - they use the least processed whey protein you can get and no artificial sweeteners
- pre-workout only has 150mg of caffeine, so no creepy jittery feeling

Protein powder and preworkout is currently stocked at the gym. Come to class and try a free sample.


Long post, but it’s worth your health to read 😉

We are a certified CrossFit affiliated gym (the only one in a 1-hour radius), with coaches who have experience and certifications to teach CrossFit.
Why go through all of these standards for CrossFit? Why do we believe in it?

Cue the famous line from a CrossFit commercial: “People come to our gyms and say, 'where's all the machines?'. And we say, hey, we're the machines!"
That simple quote gives it all away. We’re using our own amazing bodies, doing amazing natural movements our bodies are designed to do. The workouts are grounded in these basic moves: squats, hanging, swinging or pulling our own body weight, jumping, lifting, pushing, climbing. CrossFit’s short definition of itself - “A regimen of constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity.” That ideology keeps us at our healthiest physically and mentally, improving the daily things we do in our life outside of the gym and prevents sickness and injury. Health is the biggest factor in your quality of life.
This type of gym also comes with a big bonus - you do it in a class full of supportive people trying to better themselves as well, and with a coach to guide you through the workout.

So going to the gym here is not just pumping weights or running on a treadmill to look a certain way. It’s about health, self improvement and community. We want to inspire people to be the best version of themselves. This is why we believe in CrossFit !
Sign up for a free trial with us at wolfcreekcrossfit.wodify.com


❤️ 💪

This was my favorite quote from this weekend. “Nothing was given to me. I had to work for it”- Tia Toomey. This has been very true for many aspects of life! Hard work is what makes us better people everyday!

Today I am a much healthier mom, wife, coworker, friend and person physically and mentally than I was 5 years ago!

Forever thankful for my Wolf Creek CrossFit family!


We’ve got another B***y Bootcamp 6 week program coming up! Only 3 spots out of 15 left.

Join Coach Katy for her fun HIIT program of dumbbell/kettlebell variations and body weight movements. You’ll listen to upbeat motivational music during the one hour class that keeps you going until the last rep! This program is good for all skill levels.

Call or text the number on the picture, or you can Facebook message Katy.

This is a 6 week class sign up only, no association with the CrossFit classes.

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Here’s our Wolf Creek CrossFit crew enjoying the incredible weekend of the 2022 CrossFit Games!


Echo Bike Cool Down

This is definitely Karen and Jordan 😆

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Consistency consistency


📣 Limited class size - only 5 spots left!
It’s a hot summer and you’re going to sweat anyway, so why not sweat some more at gym class that gives you a fitness and mood boost?! This class is a 6 week program that starts July 18th and ends Aug 24th. Coach Katy Fitzgibbon Sisco makes the workout fun, yet will rock your body using dumbbells or body-weight only exercises while jamming out to some great music!
This course also comes with a easy-to-follow daily healthy meal plan.
Any age and level of experience is welcome.
See the picture for more details and sign up information 😁

No membership to CrossFit is required - this is a 6 week course only and is not associated with CrossFit.


🇺🇸 4th of July Morning Workout 2022 🇺🇸

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New baby James Wilder took that leap and tried his very first CrossFit workout! He said he was nervous at first, but afterwards he loved all of the action, the new friends and family friendly atmosphere! He noted that his energy level already felt higher, and he will for sure stay up even longer at night 😆
Come join us! Your first 2 classes are free to try out 😁 sign up at wolfcreekcrossfit.wodify.com


▪️What makes this kind of fitness so successful? The combination of group support and individual progress!
▪️CrossFit classes bring a group of people of all ages and skill together to do the same workout at the same time, yet each person can focus on their own individual progress. Every class is led by a certified CrossFit Trainer, and every workout contains components that can be scaled to a very beginner level.
▪️For example: If pull-ups are on the workout of the day, the coach will first start the member’s fitness journey with upper body and core strengthening exercises, then move to banded pull-ups or jumping pull-ups. Over time, the individual progresses in strength and technique to learn how to do a pull-up without assistance.
▪️Creating and achieving these goals is empowering and exciting not only to the individual, but also to the surrounding group that’s cheering and supporting each other!

Sign up for your free trial here 👉 https://wolfcreekcrossfit.wodify.com


Come join Coach Logan and all of us at WCC to start your fitness journey! You don’t have to do it alone. Classes are M-F 5am, 8:30am, 4:30pm and 5:30pm / Saturdays at 9am.

The left was our very first competition together. The right was murph this year. Thankful for developing a new relationship with food and fitness! 😊 We couldn’t do it without our WolfCreek CrossFit Family! Come join us. I would love to help coach you 😊 Jarod Thronebury

wolfcreekcrossfit.com 06/03/2022


A supportive group and an encouraging coach makes a world of difference for reaching fitness and health goals!
The 8:30 class all stayed after to get their extra plank work in today 👏🏼. Determined to hit that 60 minute goal for our June Challenge 💪🏼
The plank has many benefits:
- increases core capacity
- builds physical/mental endurance
- improves posture and balance
- aids in injury prevention - we take this seriously here!


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Memorial Day Murph 2022 workout is now complete 💪 Great job everyone!
We honor all who have served and sacrificed for our freedom 🇺🇸
We were able to raise $660 for the veteran memorial 2LT Jered Ewy Foundation!

Thanks to Recruiter Wheeler and the Oklahoma National Guard for the water and Gatorade.
Thanks to Natasha of Grand Auto Spa of Grove for event planning and letting us use her shop for the food!
And thanks to Wolf Creek CrossFit’s awesome coaches who helped put this together - Corey, Logan, Jonas and Erin!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend remembering the fallen and spending time with their families and friends!

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🇺🇸 Memorial Day “Murph” Event 🇺🇸
Date/Time: Monday, May 30th, 9:00 am
Location: 5546 Hwy 59 N Grove, OK 74344

🎉 The gym is open to everyone for free, so non-members and members bring your family and friends!
Join us in the opportunity to dedicate a bit of pain and sweat to honor LT Murphy and all those who've given the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom, as well as a chance to donate to an Oklahoma-based memorial foundation! Bring a lawn chair to hang out and socialize afterwards too.

🇺🇸 “Murph” is an annual Memorial Day workout tradition done all over the country to honor the sacrifices of service members who've given their life in defense of freedom. It is named in memory of Navy Lieutenant Michael Murphy who was killed in Afghanistan June 28th, 2005. The workout itself was one of Michael’s favorites and consists of a 1 mile run, 100 push-ups, 200 pull-ups, 300 air squats, and ending with another 1 mile run.
This workout can be scaled to any skill level, and there is even a partner option to complete it. There is also the option to not participate, but still come check out the gym and cheer everybody on!

❤️ At this event, we will be accepting donations to the 2Lt Ewy Memorial Foundation (https://m.facebook.com/EwyFoundation/). This nonprofit organization out of Edmond, OK is in honor of 2Lt Jered Ewy - one of Wolf Creek CrossFit’s own member’s platoon leader that was killed in action July 29th, 2011 in Afghanistan. This foundation raises monies for veteran endowed scholarships at the University of Central Oklahoma.

💦 Drinking refreshments will be sponsored at the event by our local Oklahoma National Guard recruiter SSG Daniel Wheeler (Recruiter Wheeler) and Oklahoma National Guard. Special thanks to them!

👏 Whether you've done it for years or are trying it for the first time, this is a special event open to all that pushes and humbles us.

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September 11, 2001 tribute today. We remember the dedication, selflessness and strength of those who responded to the tr...
Getting ready for 22.2!
4:30 enjoying the weather before it turns back into winter again
5 am group crushing the workouts
5 am Monday great way to start the week
5 am loving the echo bike 😆
❄️ We posted on Facebook earlier that we might have to close because of the bad weather coming, and then it ended up hol...
Proper Lifting Technique Review is for Beginners AND Seasoned Athletes!
5 am getting back to it.



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