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Timeline photos 12/26/2022

Timeline photos

Nellie Fox only struck out 216 times in more than 10,000 plate appearances and recorded a career .288 batting average. He was born in 1927.


Hank Aaron, Ted Williams, Stan Musial & Willie Mays chat before the 1959 All-Star Game at the Los Angeles Coliseum! Like a Mount Rushmore of Baseball Legends!!! (edit/color by BSmile)


"Don't try to get out of it, Chuck! A deal is a deal is a deal! Just show me my new shortstop..." ~ Peppermint Patty (Classic Peanuts - 1976)


Biggio 3000th hit

Seton Hall grad


Happy Birthday to Williamsport native, National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum Inductee and Hall of Excellence Enshrinee, Mike Mussina! 🎉


Maybe the only dominant top hand hitter besides Reggie to ever produce those kind of numbers. This pic happens to show him taking his top hand off the bat to go after a pitch.

On December 7, 1992, Paul Molitor leaves the Milwaukee Brewers, sinning a 2 year $8.5 dollar free agent contract with the Toronto Blue Jays. Molitor, who had spent the first 15 years of his career in Milwaukee, batted .320 and stole 31 bases for the Brewers in 1992. Molitor would be quoted as saying,”I still have a lot of baseball left to play. I regret it won’t be in a Brewers uniform.” The 36 year old will go to hit .313 over the next 5 years, win a world series, a world series MVP and collect over 1,000 hits. He entered the 3,000 hit club and will be elected into the Hall of Fame his first year on the ballet.

In 1993, Molitor will help the Blue Jays repeat as World Champions in 1993 hitting .332 with a career high 22 homeruns and 111 RBI’s. He will win the World Series MVP while batting .500, and chipped with a 390 BA during the ALCS.


Great hitting posture on the Home run. Hands go to the ball not the head.


When you include in your stride diving
Down with your head, your changing the plane where your eyes pick up the baseball. Castellanos


When your in the World Series facing the best in the world. You may never see your pitch. You must be hacking on any strike and especially borderline strikes. It is arrogance not intelligence to think the first.

No one is that good to call their shot except for a select few. Most of them are just gifted 2 strike hitters.

Your learning capacity improves 40% taking a swing compared to watching a strike go by.

For those that don’t get it, this is
not to be confused with swing at everything👀


Without specifics, telling someone to get their foot down sooner is very subjective. Communicating foot down faster can cause a shorter stride resulting in premature rotation.
A timing process and customization gives the hitter more consistency and allows for flexibility


Even 2 handed hitters take their top hand off the bat once in awhile.

Photos from Jerry Cooper Baseball Instructor's post 10/27/2022

Schwarber’s counts for the season.

A oldie but a goodie. Plain to see the importance of the first 3 pitches in an at bat. Don’t be fooled by the numbers the % of 2 strike counts has increased in the MLB to about 50/50.
This is what a 46 Hr /96 rbi/218 Ba Looks like.
Nobody cares because as of late the Homeruns have actually been game changing.
Of late the Phillies have been aggressive early and they are swinging their way through an at bat not taking strikes. That’s the difference.




Great timing helps you see the ball better and many will say slows the pitch down.


Elements of a great swing


To all my Yankees fans,

Their hitting coach talks about a culture that has selective hitting. Hitting strikes

How players understand this communication is important. Yankees 2 strike counts are 55% of their ABS. On the back side of being selective is taking too many pitches. Sometimes it only gets them in trouble.
I call this stat the terrible 2’s. The MLB finally has it in their stats. Remember Jeter only spent 40% of his time in the terrible 2’s.

Mike'd Up: Trout in the Cage 09/02/2022

Mike'd Up: Trout in the Cage

Many hitters who don’t release the bat with the top hand practice releasing the top hand off the bat. I noticed that they had a 75 pitch limit for Mike. He seems like the type of guy that would overdo it. That can be as much of a problem as those under doing it. 😂

Mike'd Up: Trout in the Cage Straight from the cutting room floor - we mic'd up Mike Trout during an indoor batting cage session this past season.

Cycloid — The Brachistochrone Curve [4K60] 08/27/2022

Cycloid — The Brachistochrone Curve [4K60]

A detailed analysis describing what to take. Think about bat path.

Cycloid — The Brachistochrone Curve [4K60] This is a short video of cycloid being the solution to the Brachistochrone problem and the Tautochrone problem.• This video is produced using the animation e...


The MLB finally made 2 strike stats available.
Remember, if you’re only going to look at home runs, you have to ask yourself, was the homerun game changing?


More detail from the last post. Everyone wants to talk lower half but if we pull the k**b and finish our swing that takes care of itself.


What is called flat hands. It is important that your grip promotes this action. Notice the back shoulder goes down but the back leg does not collapse.


2018 % in the count. Unless your gifted, you need to make an effort to avoid, what I nicknamed the terrible 2’s, in your approach.


Phillies update(the Terrible 2 strikes)


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After 20 years I found more than just a few good men
No feet,no shoulders drill open top hand. Shoulders working like a Ferris wheel not like a merry go round
Set up
Watching this today. The long drive competition. I took video of this swing.*The golf announcer called this swing a cont...




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