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Rasika School of Dance


We are proud to be partnering with Rasika School of Dance on our 2022 Young Acting Company production of Panchatantra Tales! The show will feature a fusion of classical and folk Indian dance. Rehearsals are underway, and we hope you'll come see the wonderful choreography by Co-Director Rachita Menon.

Learn more about this show: www.gamuttheatre.org/yac
Open auditions are coming up on December 11 and 14 for our next Young Acting Company production! Panchatantra Tales is a set of folk tales from ancient India, adapted by Sean Adams into a play for students. We're excited to be partnering with Rasika School of Dance to bring you a dynamic performing experience!

Students ages 6-18 and their parents can find more info about auditions on our website: www.gamuttheatre.org/yac
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Congratulations Sagarika on your incredible production “Bhakthi” last night and congratulations to your Mum and guru Manjula and all at Rasika School of Dance. The performance was extraordinary and exquisite - to think Sagarika is still in primary school is mind blowing, so much talent! You have a huge future ahead of you.

After Sagarika’s performance, I joined the NSW Federation of Community Language Schools annual dinner which celebrates the success and importance of community language schools in keeping languages and culture alive in Australia.
Enjoy this beautiful performance from Rasika School of Dance, founded by Rachita Nambiar!
Hope you come early Sunday July 28 to take in the First Listen (more a First Look!) performance by the next generation of classical Indian dancers from Harrisburg's Rasika School of Dance
is right now in Jhalak.com

The Rasika School of Dance provides basic & advanced training in South Indian classical dance (Bharatanatyam).
Rasika School of Dance is specific for Performing Arts School
➡️ https://bit.ly/2YBr8sJ
Thank you Rasika School of Dance! We look forward to your performance before the concert!
Such a great night working with Rachita Nambiar, the choreographer for our upcoming production of Pericles, Prince of Tyre! We can't wait to share this story with all of you! Learn more about Rachita and her work by visiting www.rasikadance.com, and "like" Rasika School of Dance here on Facebook!
Jumping for joy over Rasika School of Dance upcoming performance this weekend! Tickets are ALMOST GONE, so order yours now!

I LOVE photographing classical Indian dancers! Be sure to check out Rasika School of Dance's upcoming performance in Camp Hill on August 11. More info: www.rasikadance.com


The Rasika School of Dance provides basic & advanced training in South Indian classical dance.

The sole purpose of this institution is to enrich and maintain the traditional heritage and fundamental basics of this age old dance style from the temples of Southern India,while staying current and targeting a global audience. Offers classes in Bharatanatyam at Mechanicsburg and Hershey locations.

Operating as usual


The Jungle Book - Auditions on January 14 and 18th for kids ages 8-18| Gamut Theatre & Rasika School Of Dance

The Rasika School of Dance and Gamut Theatre are back this time with the classic,The Jungle Book!
After a successful run of “The Panchatantra Tales” in April 2022,involving over 50 kids and bringing Bharatanatyam and Indian folk styles to a theatre stage,we are excited to partner up to present “The Jungle Book”!

Auditions on January 14 and 18th for kids ages 8-18.
Do not miss out on this wild adventure!!!

Video by: Lens Guys

Timeline photos 01/04/2023

Get registered for auditions!!!Do not miss out!

Attention students ages 8 - 18!

Young Acting Company presents
The Jungle Book

Auditions are January 14th & 18th

more info at

this production is in partnership with Rasika School of Dance


“Opportunities are like sunrises. If you wait too long, you miss them.” — William Arthur Ward
As 2022 comes to a close,I step into 2023 with a renewed sense of hope,humbling opportunities and a sense of gratitude towards our achievements.
I set my goals realizing I am “imperfectly perfect” and with an intention to continue working hard towards my passion.

Wishing you all a happy,healthy and a peaceful 2023!!!


Back to 1995!!!27 years ago!
A memorable performance in Chennai!
Thank you Sucheta Tai for sending me this gem💕🙏🏽

Photos from Rasika School of Dance's post 12/19/2022

It is with immense gratitude and humility that we close this year🙏🏽
Rasika was busy with numerous performances , 3 Arangetrams,artist residencies,lecture demonstration and it’s first collaboration with Gamut theatre in bringing Bharatanatyam and folk styles from India on to the theatre stage.
We are reminded of the power of practice and the handling of challenges with grace.
As we look back at a terrific year,we are even more excited at the opportunities and collaborations that lay ahead of us.We want to thank every person who came out to support us and continue to encourage us in our journey.
Have a happy ,healthy holiday season and see you all in 2023 with exciting news!


Rasika wishes my Guru,Dr Sucheta Chapekar who started this journey for me, a very happy and a healthy birthday!!!Tai,you amaze me with your grace and vigor,dancing at the age of 74!

Gamut Theatre Group founders celebrate 30th season 12/01/2022

Gamut Theatre Group founders celebrate 30th season

In 2018,I walked through the doors of Gamut Theatre Group and made my pitch on how we could bring a dramatic dance form such as Bharatanatyam on to the theatre stage!Clark and Melissa along with Tom Weaver who was working at that time with Gamut listened patiently and granted me that opportunity!!!!
We are so thankful and honored to be working with artists of the highest caliber and artists who believe in bridging communities through cross collaboration!!
This is an excellent article that showcases your love for art and why Gamut stands apart!!Congratulations!!!💕👏🏼

Gamut Theatre Group founders celebrate 30th season “We fell in love and decided we would start our own venture."


After running a super successful debut in theatre with its production,”The Panchatantra Tales, the Rasika School of Dance is honored to be invited back to collaborate with Gamut theatre on its next production “The Jungle Book”.We are excited to showcase Bharatanatyam and South Indian folk on the theatre stage and promote youth artists and their talent!We also, are bringing a surprise element to this production!
Please note the audition details and we hope your child can be a part of this WILD ADVENTURE!


Our student Nithya Nandakesh performed a “Pushpanjali “ in Ragam Jog ,on the occasion of Deepavali for the Harrisburg Kannada Sangam.
Choreography:Rachita Nambiar
Music Composition:M S Sukhi
Please enjoy the piece!Congratulations Nithya!Well done!👏🏼


A very happy Diwali from our family to yours!!!May the light guide you towards positivity,growth,health,
prosperity and good cheer!🪔🪔🪔

D_136E_Abhinaya - Histrionics of Dance 10/13/2022

D_136E_Abhinaya - Histrionics of Dance

Sree Gurubhyo namaha🙏🏽
A blessing to watch both my Gurus in the same frame with such poise and grace🙏🏽
For all my students and those who are learning Bharatanatyam should watch this video and understand “Abhinayam” and it’s depth.

D_136E_Abhinaya - Histrionics of Dance ...

Photos from Rasika School of Dance's post 10/11/2022


The creative duo that brought you “Panchatantra Tales” is coming back with the classic “The Jungle Book.”
A never seen before unique collaboration between Rasika school of dance and Gamut theatre group. Don’t miss this wild adventure! We promise a special surprise that will blow your mind!
Bringing Indian classical and folk dance styles to the theatre stage on Gamut theatre’s milestone anniversary!
Come join us and Mowgli on the quest for answers to life lessons.


Photos from Rasika School of Dance's post 10/06/2022

Sundal ,kesari and the sound of dancing feet.The smell of fresh fruits and flowers and the red kumkum on our foreheads.
The chanting of shlokaas and seeking blessings from Lord Nataraja 🌺🌸🌼🌺🌸🌼
A tradition we follow every year as we pray for another successful and a healthy year for our dancers as they continue to learn and grow in their Bharatanatyam classes.
A beautiful celebration we had this past week as part of Vijayadashmi!
May Rasika and her dancers continue to make a difference in their communities🙏🏽


Sharing some work I did last year for senior citizens and for the academy of creative aging!I was honored to be invited as an artist from the State of PA to contribute to this innovative program which is now a part of the national directory 😊🙏🏽💃🏻


Have you heard about our Academy for Creative Aging?
This innovative, free, digital platform - available now! - was developed by a team of industry experts to help teaching artists better understand and support the unique needs of the aging brain. The Academy offers a Professional Development track with a certificate of completion, and a Lessons on Demand section, which allows users to explore and interact with a vibrant portfolio of videos.
Your can explore the Academy for Creative Aging here: https://www.academyforcreativeaging.org/

Profile pictures 10/01/2022

“Happy Golu hopping folks”[email protected] Rasika School of Dance…we reminisce this beautiful Golu style lobby decor that welcomed our guests for Dakshina,our 10th year anniversary celebrations!


Photos from Rasika School of Dance's post 09/26/2022

The Rasika family wishes you all a “Happy Navratri “ season!
The celebration of the victory of good over evil and the worship of the divine power ,strength ,incarnation and energy of the Goddess Devi🙏🏽
Performer:Simran Kulkarni
P C:Lens Guys.

Photos from Rasika School of Dance's post 09/12/2022

Welcome back Rasika dancers!Back to the basics and growing stronger every year as the learning continues!
“To watch us dance is to hear our hearts speak”💃🏻♥️

Photos from Rasika School of Dance's post 09/05/2022

Sharing a few snippets from Natyanjali 2022.
Thank you Gayathri ,Dilip and Sari for sharing these pics with us!


So proud of these Rasika dancers for the beautiful performances they gave us yesterday @ Hari for Natyanjali on the occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations!
Your dedication,practice and passion shined bright on that divine stage!!!Keep it up!!!💕👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

Photos from EG Photography's post 09/02/2022

Photos from EG Photography's post


Ganesh Chaturthi also known as Vinayaka Chaturthi is one of the important Hindu festivals celebrated with great devotion. This day is celebrated as the birthday of Lord Ganesh, the elephant-headed son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. Lord Ganesha is the symbol of wisdom, prosperity and good fortune.The one to whom we pray for a good beginning and the remover of obstacles in our path!
“Ganapati bappa moraya”🙏🏽

Photos from EG Photography's post 08/26/2022

Thank you!!!


Happy “Krishna Janmashtami “
Celebrating Krishna and his glory🙏🏽

Photos from Rasika School of Dance's post 08/16/2022

A big thank you to my family ,friends and community for supporting Rasika and for opportunities that help us share our art and enrich our lives💃🏻♥️🙏🏽
Sharing a few pics from our performance this past weekend
Thank you for capturing us in our element!!!


Happy 75th Independence Day
India 🙏🏽 🇮🇳 🙏🏽


Bharatanatyam classes resume the week of Sept 5th!!!
Exciting choreography and another year of fun!ARE YOU READY?


“Spotlight Saturday” is a positive space created to applaud,appreciate and encourage talented individuals who are not only hardworking upcoming dance artists but also change makers in their respective fields.
Today our Spotlight Saturday recipient is Priyanka Nambiar!
Please join me in congratulating this talented Rasika dancer who became a published author at the age of 15.Her novel “Escape The War “hit the stores in August 2021 and has done very well!!!She is a rising Junior at Hershey High and was recently awarded second place Justice at the national Youth and Government competition (NJC) held at Minneapolis this week.
Apart from being a writer ,Priyanka is a Scholastic award gold key recipient for her artwork and a Hugh O Brian Youth leadership recipient.She is also a passionate theatre artist!
We are so proud of all your accomplishments so far and we hope you continue to inspire your fellow dancers to reach for the stars!
You can follow this upcoming artist on her Instagram handle https://instagram.com/penciled.by.pri?utm_medium=copy_link



Photos from Rasika School of Dance's post 08/03/2022

Namya Jindal from York performed her Arangetram on July 23 @ the beautiful Pullo Center!
Thank you EG Photography and Emily Golihew for capturing her technique,expressions and emotions!


We are looking forward to be performing at this festival!
Anoushka and myself will be presenting a 45 min performance with an array of classical numbers.

Timeline photos 07/29/2022

Thank you Gamut!!!!💕🙏🏽

This week's spotlight is on Rasika School of Dance!

Every Friday for the next few weeks, we will be highlighting one of the organizations we partnered with this past year.

Rasika was our production partner for Panchatantra Tales. Founder Rachita Menon Nambiar was a co-director on this show and several students from Rasika performed as well! We encourage you to check out Rasika and show some support - supporting our partners is supporting our community. 💟

Photos from Rasika School of Dance's post 07/26/2022

Rasika celebrated its milestone Arangetram by Simran and Sahiti Kulkarni on July 2 ,2022.
Here are a few pics that captured the beauty of that performance!
“Expressions that tell the story”!
P C:Lens Guys

Photos from Rasika School of Dance's post 07/13/2022

Seeking blessings from both my “Gurus” on the auspicious occasion of Guru Purnima🙏🏽
May they both always guide me in my Bharatanatyam journey.

gururbrahmā gururviṣṇuḥ gururdevo maheśvaraḥ .
guruḥ sākṣāt parabrahma tasmai śrī gurave namaḥ ..
The guru is Brahmā, the guru is Vişņu, the guru is Maheśvara (Śiva), the guru is the self-revealing limitless Brahman. Salutations to that revered guru.



Our Story

The Rasika School of Dance created and founded by Rachita Nambiar provides basic and advanced training in the ancient form of Bharatanatyam (South Indian Classical Dance). The sole purpose of this institution is to enrich and maintain the traditional heritage and fundamental basics of this age old dance style from Southern India, while still staying current and targeting a global audience.

Videos (show all)

Anoushka and myself are honored to be invited to perform at the Susquehanna Folk Music festival on Sunday,Aug 14th @ 12 ...
Merry Christmas from all of us at Rasika!Come celebrate the season of Joy,beauty,peace and love with family and friends!...
Chaliye Kunjanamo  - A melodious composition portraying a dialogue between the nayika and the flamboyant Krishna. | Rach...
Vandhe Bharathambe | Republic Day Tribute | Rasika School of Dance | Trichur Brothers





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