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Crossfit HSC is a gym in Hastings, MN dedicated to forging elite fitness through constantly varied, functional movements executed at high intensity.

What’s better than heavy sled pushes on a beautiful Saturday morning? Pancakes is the only thing that comes to mind. #hastingsstrengthandconditioning #communityfitness #crossfithsc #sleds #hastings #pancakes #generalphysicalpreparedness

You may remember Tom White from our member spotlight a few months ago. Tom has been at HSC for almost 2 years. This week he climbed a rope for the first time in his life. His 2 oldest were there to see it happen. Keep up the hard work Tom and keep inspiring those little ones and leading by example.

Couldn’t be more simple than that. Focus on your health and everything gets better. Make it a priority and cut out the excuses. #hastings #communityhealth #crossfithsc

Heats upon heats. #memorialdayweekend #communityfitness #murph #hastingsstrengthandconditioning #crossfithsc #hastings #holdthestandard @ Hastings Strength & Conditioning-CrossFit HSC

Beautiful morning, beautiful people

No one ever says “I wish I was less healthy.” Or “I regret getting healthier.” The solution is simple consistency and small changes. Consistency breeds success. Small changes are easy to adopt and make habits. This is the core of HSC’s stance on health and fitness. #communityfitness #crossfithsc #hastingsstrengthandconditioning #consistency #habits #letsgo


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This memorial day HSC will be hosting the annual "Murph" workout. Feel free to come out and say hi or get a little fitness in. Along with Murph we are running our first ever equipment fundraiser. We have a "fun" in-house fundraiser going but we also have a gofundme set up.


gofundme.com HSC began with the intentions of reinvesting as much as possible back into the gym and we’ve been so fortunate to have been able to “run” hsc that way. Our only goal was to offer an environment that allowed us to in some way help improve the lives of anyone that walks through our doors. We kno...

Hastings Strength & Conditioning-CrossFit HSC

Beautiful skies, beautiful workout

Festivus! @crossfit_ripwing valiant effort by all. #festivusgames #festivus #crossfithsc #communityfitness #hastingsstrengthandconditioning

Get started at HSC Monday night!


Crossfit HSC - Friday Night Lights


Crossfit HSC is more than meets the eye. Check out this video to see the many lives changed because of this hidden Hastings gem!

Have fun while you train! Starting new members Monday night at 7:30pm. Email [email protected] with questions and to enroll, or just show up 😁

Starting new members Monday March 4th at 7:35pm. Your first sessions serve as an orientation to the gym and the workouts. From there, you’re welcome to attend over 140 different class times a month and will get ongoing coaching and training everyday. Email [email protected] to enroll or with questions. See ya in the gym soon!

[01/31/19]   Tom White is a husband and a father of 4 children between the ages of 9 and 3 months. He is from a coastal beach town in England called Poole in the county of Dorset. He was always very athletic and grew up playing soccer, which is what brought him to the USA in 2008. He tried out for the Minnesota Thunder, did well and was going to play indoor soccer in Chicago but broke his ankle a week before. This kept him from playing for a while and lead to him quitting. Looking back on it, he feels that he used the injury as an excuse to quit instead of facing the fear of trying and possibly failing. “Excuses seem to go that way.” Having a history of being athletic and playing soccer at a high-level, Tom had never really had to worry about his weight or his health. “My nutrition choices were horrific, but I got away with it.”
Over the years the “horrific” nutrition choices started to catch up with him and the pounds started to add up. He was staying somewhat active coaching youth soccer until he was no longer able due to his busy schedule and commitments of his growing family. This was a very hard time. He needed an outlet with some flexibility. His wife has always been extremely supportive of him in everything he does and mentioned trying CrossFit. “I looked at it and it was intimidating. I was looking in the wrong place though. Seeing the professionals at the CrossFit Games and not the CrossFit community.”
July of 2017 is when everything changed for Tom. He was tipping the scales at 320 pounds and took a trip back home to England where his friends barely recognized him. At this same time his wife expressed to him her concern about his breathing in his sleep. He has asthma which got worse with poor diet and extra weight. He was also a closet smoker after he stopped playing soccer. After a trip to the doctor he was referred to a specialist for sleep apnea. “The road I was on was not a good one. Excuses were easy to make; bad back, ankle, work schedule, asthma, stress. Looking back now I had to do something, and I happened to come across HSC and reached out to Eric and Jeff.”
July 28th, 2017, Tom started fundamentals. He very nearly quit the second night. The reason he didn’t was because of the owners and coaches. They had all come up to him and spoke with him, knew his name and made him feel welcome. They spent time with him and encouraged him. He had never experienced anything like it before and wanted to stick it out. It just kept getting better and better. Each workout was hard and humbling, but it also gave him a sense of pride and achievement. Tricia, who coached him through fundamentals remembers how hard he was willing to work coming into those first two weeks of classes knowing it was a struggle for him. But she says, “to see him now, you wouldn’t know he’s that same guy! He has put in so much hard work and his strength and determination are inspirational.”
Tom quit smoking the day he started crossfit. He never did have to visit that specialist for sleep apnea. When I asked him about his asthma with CrossFit, he said, “I’ve taken 1 puff in the last year and that was after a party night. So, I’ve gone from puffing each day to never needing it. Probably a big deal really. Haha.” He also lost 20 pounds over the 2 weeks of 6 fundamentals classes.
But this was just the start of great things. Tom became part of the HSC family. “The coaches are all fantastic. With my schedule, I change up class times a lot and feel at home and happy at every class. I asked coaches and members about nutrition and at HSC everyone is so helpful and open about what they do. I think this sums up the community more than anything. It seemed to me everywhere else I had been people would keep their 'secrets' from me, or not really want to share. I have learned so much about my body and am still learning all the time. Also, there is no secret. Just hard work. But that hard work is so much easier in a fun, supportive and encouraging environment. The weight loss is cool and all. Going to waterparks with the kids and not having to sit and watch them but being able to play with them, having more energy to be present with the family, having my older kids see what I do and see people doing it and being healthy and happy… That's the really important stuff.
I could speak so much more about this and would always talk to people about it if they wanted to reach out to me, whether I know them or not. I am so lucky to have found CrossFit and look forward to setting mini goals and larger goals and working towards them. No more excuses because I am inspired everyday by the people I see at HSC and I have the support of my family and friends.
It is so cool to have the opportunity to publicly Thank the owners, Coaches and Members of the gym. Cheers”
Tom will be competing in Festivus in April @ripwing crossfit. He has lost 100 pounds in the 18 months since he started. Tom also has a great sense of humor. He had a little fun putting this slideshow together for us to enjoy.

DESCRIBE HSC IN 3 WORDS: Amazing, magical, happiness.
WHAT SCARED YOU MOST ABOUT JOINING HSC? Seeing people swing from bars, facing how much I had neglected my health and let myself go, not being able to have an excuse.
WHAT ADVICE DO YOU HAVE FOR A NEWBIE? Don’t think about others performance, it’s cheesy but it’s always you against you and that’s the way it’s always going to be. Just try and improve wherever you are and keep moving forward.
WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE MOVE? Running, I couldn’t run when I joined, and I loved running when I was younger. Ran 10 miles without stopping in October at Medtronic.
WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE TIME OF DAY TO WORK OUT? 6:30 pm but challenging with the family, 5:30 am hardest for me but always feel great for the day.
GREATEST MENTAL OF PHYSICAL CHALLENGE AT HSC? Anything to do with hanging from a bar and burpees. I hate them, so I make sure I do burpees once a week if I can, even at home.
WHAT ARE SOME MEMORABLE SUCCESSES YOU HAVE EXPERIENCED? Eric teaching me how to do a kipping pull up before the open last year. Walking into my first class and people shaking my hand and introducing themselves. The Open and the Murph.
WHAT WOULD BE IN A TOM WOD? Running, burpees to pull ups and hang cleans. All things I struggle with. I’ve come to relish the things I’m not good at as it tests me mentally and think improves my fitness the most.
IF YOU COULD PICK A SONG THAT WOULD HELP YOU WORKOUT A LITTLE FASTER, WHAT WOULD THAT BE? Love and Hate Collide by Def Leppard. I like the deep love songs to workout to. Pretty much any Phil Collins or 80s, 90s ballads.
WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE QUICK PREP MEAL? I chop up veggies and throw them in a pan and then put a few eggs on top of them, healthy, quick and filling.
WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE SWEET TREAT? Galaxy chocolate. Have it shipped from England. Here it’s a Dairy Queen blizzard.
WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE MANTRA? Never, never, never give up. Winston Churchill. I tell my staff at work every day it’s the best day ever.


The Good Fight

Love this quote and this new video series. Crossfit really is for everyone.


"Your health is not insured by health insurance; your wallet is. It's fitness that safeguards health." —Greg Glassman, 2016 CrossFit® - Forging Elite Fitness...

Saturday Morning Fun

HSC Member Spotlight

This is Brian and this is his CrossFit journey. “I was never the smallest kid in school or the most athletic by any stretch of the imagination (somethings never change). I played offensive and defensive line my entire football life.” In adulthood he found himself weighing around 260 pounds and feeling a little out of shape. Here his story starts to sound familiar to many of us. He got a job, met his wife and started a family. Suddenly he found himself in an unhealthy routine of fast food and 5-6 20 oz Diet Dr. Peppers a day. He started to put on weight and then started the dieting cycle. He would struggle to stick to any 1 diet for more than a week and would fall back into bad habits. This went on for years!! Then it finally it happened, that tipping point, or so he thought. “I saw some terrifying pictures of me on a family vacation in the Black Hills in 2013. I realized things were completely out of control. I set out on a path with new determination. I went on a “diet”, I made it an amazing two weeks this time then quit.” Then, the real low happened. He remembers it as “maybe the worst experience of my life.” He was sent for work to Kentucky on a chartered plane. As he sat on the plane getting ready to go, he had a moment of terror when it came time to fasten his seat belt. He says “I shook with fear when I had to fasten my seat belt. Oh, thank you lord I could put it on without an extension. I mean, I couldn’t breathe but I was not going to ask for an extension. After what felt like an hour, but truly only 5 minutes, you know when you can’t breathe time goes really slow.” A friendly flight attendant realizing his discomfort, moved him to a new seat in the back with an open seat next to it and then handed him an extension and said, “Enjoy your flight”. His worst nightmare had become reality! He remembers sitting there thinking “What have I done? How can this be me?” Reality check, yep reality hit hard on that plane. That was September of 2014. Brian decided that he needed to make a change. After skeptically agreeing to run a Tough Mudder with his brother he started researching workout plans. As we all know there are so many choices out there. The “Y”, P90X, yoga, running, weight training. Brian had no clue where to start. This thing called CrossFit kept coming up. “I didn’t know what that was or where to do it. So, I did what we all do, I Googled CrossFit in my area and bam, HSC enters my life!! After a few days of looking at the web site and page I took the plunge and sent an email.” HSC (Jeff) quickly responded, “Hey come on in and try our free workout on Sunday”. So, he did. His first experience at HSC? “I walked into the gym at about 330 pounds to find a complete animal of a man on a stationary bike going as fast as I had ever seen a bike go, sweat flying, breathing like he was dying. I softly asked some random person for Jeff. They pointed at the animal on the bike. Oh crap!! What have I gotten into!!” Brian still remembers his first CrossFit workout. 3 rounds of 10 wall balls, 10 box step ups and 10 burpees, for time. He remembers thinking “simple enough how hard can that be? I did way worse stuff during football.” He also still vividly recalls how he felt after. “My legs were burning, my body was shaking, there was sweat everywhere and I had tunnel vision.” Coach Tim even had to get him a lower box for step ups. At the completion of, what seemed like at the time, the hardest workout known to man he was thanked for coming in and asked if he was planning on coming back. He jokes that he was not in his right mind when he replied, “for sure can’t wait”. That first workout left him sore, humbled and a little curious. After a couple days, when the soreness got better, and walking became a thing again, he recalled that he had promised to go back. Monday, November 3rd, 2014 he joined HSC! Brian was hooked. He started working out 3 or 4 days a week, which then went to 5 or 6 and even 7 days a week at times. He made friends! He learned to do new things. He saw all the things he wanted to be able to do. Pull ups, rope climbs, wall walks, and muscle ups (someday maybe). “It took me just under a year to drop a hundred pounds. During that year I learned the most important thing. You can’t out work a horrible diet. For the first time I had people in my life who truly understood nutrition. Eric, who is an open book about all things nutrition, is the one who got me off pop, fast food and most importantly sugar. I am not perfect by any stretch, but I try to stay good 90% of the time. Eric was never forceful about changing my diet, he just laid out information I never knew. Slowly I would try them and slowly all my physical abilities improved. I felt freed from being in a low functioning body. I feel like anything is possible!”
Not only did Brian lose 100 pounds but he did go on to complete his first Tough Mudder that summer. 10 miles of running/walking in the mud. That event a year earlier had seemed impossible to him. That fall he also competed in his first CrossFit competition. Brian has been part of the HSC family for a little over four years, competed in five CrossFit competitions and completed four Tough Mudders. In 2018, along with his brother, he completed a Spartan trifecta, traveling to Colorado, Washington, and Texas completing races varying in length from 8 to 32 miles of running and obstacles. “HSC has given me not only the physical ability to do these things but also the mental strength to complete these events. Imagine just 4 years ago, 10 wall balls, burpees, and box step ups were very difficult, and I just completed an Ultra running event!! Thank you, HSC, for giving me a new take on life!! It’s funny I’m not the most emotional guy in the world but I feel anxious sharing this, maybe even a bit emotional.” Being a member at HSC can be life changing, which of course can be very emotional. Thank you, Brian, for sharing your story and being a part of the HSC family.

What scared you most about joining HSC? Being judged for weighing 330. This is not the case at all. Everyone is here to help.

What advice do you have for a newbie? It’s going to hurt. You’re going to be sore. You’re going to be slow compared to people that already have a strong fitness base. It's okay. You be you, and you will get there. CrossFit is not easy, but in time you will be doing what you thought was impossible.

What are some memorable successes you have experienced? Getting that first pull up!!

What do you like most about HSC? It’s a great environment! People are always working hard. We are there to hold each other accountable. You start slipping people will notice. If you’re working on a goal others will go out of their way to help you achieve it. If you’re having a bad day, week or month HSC will pick you up!!

Greatest mental or physical challenge at HSC: Mental is if I go off my diet, can I get back on track. My greatest fear is gaining the weight back. Physical are Muscle ups and hand stand pushups. Someday I’ll do them!! Lol

What would be in a Brian WOD? Deadlift, Sled pushes, Row (We should really do that!!)

What is your favorite time of day to work out? I love working out in the evening 5:30 or 6:30. Seems to be a lot of energy in the gym at those times!

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