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Sometimes you’ll feel and look saggy and bloated and then in another photo or time of day you’ll look ripped and muscley.

Whichever version of you that you are seeing today, know and remind yourself that you are a hot piece of ass, who is strong and capable. Be kind to yourself, just like you would be to others around you 🙂.


Happy Friday Everyone!! ☀️

You are a strong human being, physically and mentally. You can do hard things and are doing a great job. Be kind to yourself and know you are going to be A-okay 👊🏽.

From Coach Lindsey ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤🤍🤎

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“I am down 8 pounds and 5% body fat!!” 🤩

Haha, just kidding. This is the same day, an hour and a half after a workout, me flexing and standing in a different spot at the gym with slightly better overhead lighting. I didn’t lose a single pound of fat or an inch.

There’s a lot of misinformation, false advertising and editing here on Instagram. It’s easy to alter photos and change the lighting and contrast to make myself appear leaner or more muscular. It’s easy for people to show only the best or fittest versions of themselves or even utilize photos/videos from a couple years ago, which can cause some problems as we know, with comparing ourselves with others' “best” physical representation of themselves.

Both pictures are of me, one just looks leaner because I was sweating for an hour and picking up some weights. And I’m not going to be upset at the first photo because I don’t have boulder shoulders or abs that aren’t constantly showing.

So before you go on comparing yourself and your body to someone else’s on the internet, whether they edited that photo/video or they did 100 bicep curls and lateral raises to look shredded and all swole, make sure to check yourself before you do so.

Happy Monday Everyone!!


I used to have a terrible relationship with food and with my body. I used to feel immense guilt when I ate sweets, any carbs, or junk food, and I felt this need to cut all “bad foods” out of my diet in order to be extremely lean, fit, and healthy.

It didn’t work whatsoever. Instead it only spiraled into being obsessive and shrill over food, and then restricting too much to the point where I would binge eat and couldn’t stop until I felt like I was going to throw up (thank God I didn’t start a binge-purge cycle).

The point is, you are allowed and are supposed to enjoy some treats here and there. You aren’t meant to diet or restrict forever and ever until the end of time. That is NOT sustainable and definitely not an enjoyable way to live. You can still reach your weight loss/body transformation goals while eating foods you like.

* JUST TO CLARIFY, I am not saying you automatically have a bad relationship with food or you do these things if you look similar to my before/if you have a little more body fat. And just because you are lean or have a lot of muscle doesn’t mean you should assume that that person has a healthy relationship with food. This is just my story and my journey I wanted to share. Thanks!

The SWL Strength & Sustainability With Lindsey Body Transformation Challenge is open for enrollment through January 23rd! 🎉We start on the 23rd so make sure to check out the link in my bio to get all the information and enroll.

This is a 10 week ALL ENCOMPASSING group online nutrition & strength body transformation program that will take you step by step through helping you lose weight, drop inches, transform your body and build a better relationship with food and your body in a way that is sustainable and long lasting!


How do I know I’m ready to make a change in my health and fitness? 🤔🤔

To be honest, you may ever feel “ready”. There isn’t really a perfect time for anything. There isn’t a perfect time because there will always be something that will “get in the way” of you investing in your health.

A lot of people wait. They wait a long time. They wait for the right opportunity, wait until finances are just right, wait until they’re not busy anymore, or even wait until they are at their worst condition to take time into their fitness.

Whether you are highly motivated and ready now, most likely a month of two later your motivation will fall. And not that I’m saying thats a bad thing; it happens to everyone, but what matters more than waiting til your ready is seeing what you can actually invest in and staying consistent with built in habits and discipline.

Here’s some examples of investing in your health/fitness that may not sound as scary:

🔹Drinking a few less coffees a week to put that money towards getting a gym membership
🔹Taking 15-30 minutes to go on a walk during your lunch break rather than being on your phone
🔹Mindfully choosing healthier food items at the grocery store versus getting a bag of chips or cookies
🔹Researching facilities that offer free boot camps or classes in your area if finances are tight

SWL- Strength & Sustainability With Lindsey Challenge is currently open for enrollment! This is a 10 week all encompassing group online nutrition and strength program that starts January 23rd. Check out the link in my bio for more information or feel free to DM me for more info 🙌🏽


ANNOUNCEMENT!! Oh Swoley Night- A FREE 7 Day Holiday Fitness Challenge is ON! 🎄✨💪🏽

What is the Oh Swoley Night Challenge you ask?? 🤔 It’s simple. 7 days, 7 workouts, all 15 minutes or less, to get you moving and grooving through this holiday season!

The goal? To complete 1, 15 minute workout of the day (that I will send via email to you) for the 7 days!

The holidays can be a tough time to stick with workouts, stay on track, and be consistent, and sometimes we don't have the motivation or a ton of time to do a full blown workout every day.

My hope is that you have a fun time and utilize this challenge to help you continue with your health and fitness goals through the following year.

WHEN: December 12th-18th

WHERE: Wherever you are able to complete the workouts

WHO: You! All fitness levels can join

WHAT YOU NEED: Dumbbells, your body, & 15 minutes


PRIZES: $50 gift card to choice of athletic brand & coaching!

Go to the link in my bio to join the challenge!! —> 📲

The challenge starts DECEMBER 12th! Comment down below or DM me if you are in for the ride!! 🙌🏽


Happy Monday Everyone! ☁️Do a little dance, point at random objects, and twirl around.

Mondays can be a drag. You blink, it’s already Sunday night and you want to hang on to the last bit of the weekend for as long as possible 😩.

But it can also be a day for new opportunity, better workouts if last week was rough, a restart to your nutrition, and plan for a more positive mindset.

You got it 😎🙌🏽


Everywhere we go, we are comparing ourselves with other people’s fitness, bodies, strength, etc. and it is easy to start putting ourselves down and undermining the goals we have already accomplished.

The fitness and health journey is awesome, don’t get me wrong! I am extremely passionate about the exciting things that come with getting stronger and body transformations, but from my experience, and when I speak with clients and friends, comparison with others can be a constant up and down battle.

Here a few reminders for anyone who is starting to workout, lift weights, and work towards changing their physique:

1️⃣ Physical strength (just like mental strength) takes years to build, so do not get frustrated if your lifts don’t compare to others who have been lifting for much longer. A year into fitness versus 5-10 years is going to look completely different!

2️⃣ Genetics, metabolism, and bone structure, etc. all play a role in what your body will look like. You are not going to look the same as someone else just because you’re doing the same exercises or workout program.

3️⃣ Athleticism and someone’s prior background in sports. If someone has been competing in athletics or played sports as a child, they will most likely have a stronger foundation in weight training than someone who just started their fitness journey in their 30s, 40s, etc.

Anyone else get stuck on some of these when they started out or even now? Comment down below and help each other out by unraveling some false expectations or untrue beliefs.

Photos from Lindsey Yeom's post 08/21/2022

Thank you so much for taking me on all the adventures in Colorado and 😄🌻🏔⚾️🍩🐶. I love you guys and am so happy I got to spend the weekend with you both and Ridge.



Happy Friday Everyone! ☀️☺️For those of you who joined this page recently, my name is Lindsey Yeom, and I am a trainer and CF-L1 coach in Oregon. Here’s a little intro of my fitness and coaching background!

I have been in the fitness and coaching industry for 7 years and have been doing 1-on-1 training since 2018.

I believe in making fitness and health a lifestyle change, which means I focus on getting clients strong, making nutrition sustainable, and prioritizing their overall performance. I love watching others get excited about what their bodies can do inside and outside the gym and find ways to continue to improve mindset and mental strength.

I have experienced my own trauma and struggled for many years with body image and the cycle of over restricting and binge eating. I like to utilize my own experience to help guide others through their own nutrition struggles. I love connecting with client’s stories and experiences to gear them towards their own health and fitness goals.

For fun, I love to go on hikes in Oregon’s forest, cook, eat yummy food, chit chat with my close friends, and watch movies.

♦️Bachelors of Applied Exercise Science (APU)
♦️Masters of Organizational Psychology (APU)
♦️Certified Nutrition Coach (Pn1, Precision Nutrition)
♦️CrossFit Level 1 Coach (CF-L1)
♦️Corrective Exercise Specialist (NASM-CES)

Give me a little wave 👋🏽 down below!! Thanks for being apart of this fitness journey and page!

My website is live and launched!! Check it out in my bio 😱💻


Wear the bikini. Go out to the water shirtless. Enjoy your body and what it does for you. Your body does not have to be a certain “readiness” or look a specific way for you to wear a two-piece swimsuit.

I used to say this to myself often. Sometimes would make an excuse that I was on my period so I didn’t have to go swimming, or I would wear shorts to cover up what I didn’t think was good enough to show in public.

But I realized I was worrying more about what other people said or thought rather than what I wanted. It’s a small thing, but those small negative messages we tell ourself definitely adds up.

Be strong and stay kind to yourself and others. Happy Saturday ☀️.


Thanks for taking me out and playing shuffleboard with me last night ☺️✨👟


Get Strong Coaching Pod Round 2 is open for enrollment!! 🎊🙌🏽

This is an exclusive, 8 week online strength-focused coaching pod, designed to safely guide you step by step to building muscle and strength, to help fuel your body and workouts with the right nutrition, while keeping you accountable throughout the busy summer months!

I am looking for 8 committed beginner/intermediate lifters who are wanting to:

🔹 Feel more comfortable and confident in the gym
🔹Refine and continue to properly lift with the right technique, form, and intensity
🔹Learn more tips and tricks on your nutrition to fuel your body and your workouts
🔹Look and feel stronger and more athletic
🔹Experience what it's like working with a supportive online group with similar goals and objectives to fitness

The purpose of this coaching pod is to build a small, tight knit community of lifters with similar journeys to help be inspired and motivated by each other’s stories, goals, and results. I want it to be a space where people feel comfortable sharing their wins as well as their difficult moments in the gym 🤗.

One spot has been filled already, so if you have any questions about the coaching pod, DM me! 📲.

Let’s get strong together, whoop whoop!! 😁💪🏽

Enrollment ends Sunday, June 19th @ 6 PM PST ---> Link in my bio for more information

If you have any questions about the coaching pod, DM me! 📲s

Photos from Lindsey Yeom's post 06/03/2022

Happy National Donut Day Everyone!! 🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩

If you haven’t been on this account for too long, you may like to know that I love to eat donuts.

“But ohhh, Lindsey…how can you eat that kind of stuff? Aren’t you suppose to be promoting fitness and health?”.

There is nothing wrong with having treats and junk food from time to time. I believe in balance ☺️. I would say it is more unhealthy to constantly over restrict, worry, stress, and feel immense guilt about eating a little treat than actually having one and moving on with your life.

There’s a lot of stigma and angst behind eating foods that are “unnatural”, “junk”, “bad”, and “processed”. That you have to eat as clean as often as possible in order to be/look fit and healthy. I used to be one of those people, and I remember being pretty miserable.

So go! Go enjoy a donut today. It’s donut day!

*Heres a small compilations over the handful of years of me with donuts

Photos from Lindsey Yeom's post 05/31/2022

Thanks everyone for joining us for MURPH today!


Celebrating 10k with a giveaway 🎊

I started this instagram page during the pandemic because I wanted it to be a light hearted, positive space where folk could learn how to get stronger, lift weights, better their nutrition, and feel like they could be themselves and have some fun.

In no way would I have thought it would turn into more than just my family and friends 🥹.

I’m going to send off a $100 gift card of your athletic clothing brand of choice.

Want to be a part of the giveaway? Like this post and leave a comment below your favorite food/meal. I’ll comment first 🙃

Thanks for all your support and for being part of the journey. I will continue to be my weird self, educate, and bring a little perspective and joy to this fitness world. Much love Everyone. 💛

Photos from Lindsey Yeom's post 05/20/2022

That’s a wrap for the Get Strong Coaching Pod! We had an awesome time these past 4 weeks learning how to properly work through a strength program, perform exercises with proper form, and also covered nutrition topics and techniques to keep participants on track. 💪🏽

This is one of the participants, and she has lost a total of 7 inches overall! Within the 4 weeks of the program, she has felt stronger in her lifts, more comfortable and confident in the gym, and is excited to work up to using the barbell in her upcoming programming.

Thank you for all your guys’ hard work, consistency, and mindfulness throughout the month! I’m excited to see the community grow. 🥹💛

We have another online coaching opportunity coming up here within the next couple weeks, so keep your eyes open for that 👀

Photos from Lindsey Yeom's post 05/09/2022

Happy Mother’s Day 엄마 💛 Here’s to the mama who gave birth to a 9 lb 7 oz baby and raised two kids solo for half our childhood. Thank you giving us the mental and physical strength to do this thing called life.


Photos from Lindsey Yeom's post 04/22/2022

Happy Earth Day Everyone!! 🌎🌲🍃🌳
Have an awesome Friday. Let’s take some time to practice one thing to make our planet a healthier, happier place. If you’re able enjoy some nature this weekend 🙂.


LAST DAY to sign up for the Get Strong Coaching Pod! Whoop whoop!

Enrollment ends today at 4 PM PST.

🔹4 WEEK INTRO STRENGTH PROGRAM that includes 4 solo workouts per week, as well as warm ups, compound lifts, accessory exercises, and metabolic conditioning /cardio. You will need dumbbells and barbells

🔹FORM ANALYSIS of main compound movements to make sure form, mechanics, and technique are up to par for safety and efficiency.

🔹WEEKLY GROUP VIDEO CHECK INS for accountability, a space to ask questions on nutrition and exercises, examine your progress, etc.

🔹FULL ACCESS TO TRUECOACH ONLINE PLATFORM for workouts, video demos, direct messaging with me, upload progress pictures and measurements, and more!

🔹COMMUNITY AND ACCOUNTABILITY through check ins and also our private Facebook group.

It’s going to be a good time 😄

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