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Functional movement systems for people who have access to equipment at home or at a gym. Services provided via our world-class app, with video based clips of proper exercise instruction. Weekly check-ins and success-tracking to help keep you accountable.

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**Questions for Reflection**
1. How does the blending of Mexican and Alaskan cultures influence the author's identity?
2. In what ways does the author's relationship with his father shape his outlook on life?
3. What role does humor play in the narrative?
4. How does the memoir challenge traditional notions of cultural identity?
5. What can we learn about family and heritage from Gonzales's experiences?



You guys still being good and working out? Still eating healthy, riiiiiight??????

Photos from Hillsboro Fitness's post 11/03/2021


Some of you know my friend, Angela Wallace and have watched her amazing transformation over the past couple of years from a gym-goer, to a competitive bodybuilder. What you might not know is Angela was recently fired from her job as a respiratory therapist after 15 years. I’m sure you can imagine why.

Read her full story here: https://conta.cc/3bD3rrD

She’s gone from having a great career in the medical field, to being fired, unemployed, unwanted, and unsure of where she's going to live or work.

Never willing to back down from a fight, and always having faith in Him to find a way, Angela has created her own line of supplements, to help women and men have their own transformation, and discover their own power again.

Please, please click the link below to find out more about how are you can help her and her family during this very important time of transition.



It’s Sunday, are you ready to food prep for the week?? Here’s a quick list fir you to use for healthy meal options.


❓Need a new GLUTE-BLASTER move? ❓

This is a front-rack KB step up w/reverse lunge.
3 sets, 10 each side.

90 seconds recovery between sets.

Complete twice per week, with 3 days between.

This is just one templates for our virtual personal training program, built for accountability & success.

Note: your glutes will be TOAST after this! Start slowly, under the guidance of an exercise specialist.


This is a snipit of our Virtual Personal Training program. It's video based, easy to follow, with up to 12-months of different workouts.

We're not going to get you to look or train like Chris Helmsworth, Gal Gadot, or Black Widow, but, we CAN help you become happy in your own skin, and in those old skinny jeans!

If you'd like to try this free for 30-days, comment below or PM us. We'd love to hear your story and watch your success over the winter!


Just can’t stay away for long. It’s in my blood.
It seems our virtual training plan is taking off these days, surprisingly.

Want to try a month for free? PM me and I’ll send the program to you. You’ll love it.

⚠️A Warning For Parents⚠️ 10/10/2021

⚠️A Warning For Parents⚠️

Children should not wear masks during exercise or PE. Please read this very important email, and take action by calling the Governor’s office, local congressional leaders and school board members to DEMAND masks be taken off our kids during PE.

It’s time for all parents to speak up and tell officials this is wrong, for the physical and mental health of our kids!


⚠️A Warning For Parents⚠️ No masks for kids in PE Parents, do what's right for your own children If you know me, then you know that I take children’s health and fitness very seriously, and there is a CLEAR submission and “canc

Good Bruce, Almighty! What's happening to the world? 09/02/2021

This is a link to this months newsletter that I wrote last night.

I realized that although I no longer work directly in the industry, I should still share what I need to do with our followers to help them live a healthy lifestyle, and maybe even inspiring someone to action today.


Good Bruce, Almighty! What's happening to the world? I close down the gym 1 year ago and the world goes to hell! Hey, good Bruce, Almighty! I close the gym a year ago and the entire world goes to hell in a handbasket? What's a brother got to do for a li


Did you put on or lose weight during COVID?


Hey, want to win a FREE, TWO-WEEK guest pass? Comment below with any emoji and we’ll enter your name in a drawing next Friday, June 18th for a guest pass, A FREE CONSULTATION, AND BODY ASSESSMENT!

Do you love yourself that much? Do you regularly make deposits in your fitness bank account?

We are always so proud of each one of our clients who continually come in to become a better mother, a better husband, a better employee, a better business owner, a better person.

That all starts with Loving yourself enough to exercise body, your mind, and your soul.

I capitalize love because it’s a name, it’s a place, and it’s a person: L-O-V-E.

Emoji us below in comments!


You can still do it! Even though we closed our brick and mortar, you have every reason in the book to keep grinding on your own!!
If you need help with an organized exercise plan you can do 3 days a week at your own gym, we still have the worlds best for plan for you! (We think so, anyway)




Call 503-547-5521 if you’re being called to sweat.


Calcium for , healthy bones and teeth.
Gavin is 13 and is working out 3 times a week.
He’s really interested in learning how growing stronger to whoop his old man.


This is about more than just a doughnut.

Maybe we’re a little angry this week already, but for f***s sake, seriously...don’t eat GD doughnut.

Do Americans lack any access whatsoever to processed sugar, partially hydrogenated soybean oil and GMO dwarf wheat? No.

Did anyone see the 40-car-deep line in their drive through during quarantine? I mean, WTF, our gym was forced to close but fu***ng KK Doughnuts was essential and “neeeeeeeeeeded” to stay open? Now they want more of your money by you sharing your medical information? Does anyone think this is ethical?

No, there’s an ethical fading in their organization, brought to the surface by corporate leaders who were either too ignorant to value ethics over profits, or too profit-driven to value ethics over profit.

At least when we we’re training clients, we told you exactly what you were going to get: Coaching, accountability, discomfort, muscle soreness, then a transformation.

What does KK Doughnuts tell you you’re going to get? Temporary happiness, temporary fulfillment, 1-minute joyfulness.

What’s they DON’T tell you is that the hydrogenated oils used to cook their products are 1 molecule away from being plastic.

What they DON’T tell you is that SUGAR, not fat are the leading causes of obesity on the planet.

What they DON’T tell you about is where they purchase their sugar from and the subsidies that farmers are given to produce as much sugar as possible to help us become sugar-addicts so they can increase their profit margins.

This is about more than just the doughnut.


Don’t fall for this bu****it.


🍎 🧁 This is an apple-bits, cream cheese, maple syrup spread, cinnamon roll. BUT, it’s GLUTEN-FREE, so it’s healthy, right? 😂

😢 Sorry, not a chance.

😱 Even though this is gluten free AND low fat, it still contains about 700 sugar calories. This rapid spike in blood sugars means the insulin response will start turning this STRAIGHT INTO FAT, WITHIN THE FORST HOUR!

🗣 Fat hasn’t made Americans sick and overweight, SUGAR has made Americans sick and overweight!
Cut out the sugar, and you’ll burn through the fat!

🍞 Modern day gluten a s wheat are another story...

🧐 See, modern day wheat and gluten is typically genetically modified. As a result, it causes a high amount of stomach bloating, stomach inflammation, can cause irritable bowel syndrome, leaky gut syndrome, and puffiness under the eyes. Yep!

🤢 The immune system is forced to respond by attacking this inflammation, and even attacking the body itself, causing auto immune disorders after years of this “internal combat.”

🍀We know it’s St. Patrick’s Day, and there’s always, ALWAYS a reason to celebrate with treats, but just remember, treats like this are a once-a-week thing, and NOT an everyday thing.

📱 Want to know more? Schedule a free, virtual, consultation with us over Zoom to see how our custom meal planner can help you start eating right and burning through fat today!



Let’s live a life worth telling a story about. If you need help finding yourself again in 2021, we’d like to reintroduce you to the strength & power that’s still inside of you.

Want your business to be the top-listed Gym/sports Facility in Hillsboro?

Click here to claim your Sponsored Listing.

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❓Need a new GLUTE-BLASTER move? ❓This is a front-rack KB step up w/reverse lunge. 3 sets, 10 each side. 90 seconds recov...
This is a snipit of our Virtual Personal Training program. It's video based, easy to follow, with up to 12-months of dif...
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❤️Hillsboro Fitness Gives Back!❤️ FREE 7-Day Nutrition & At-Home Fitness Plans! No cost, not tricks, no gimmicks. Now th...




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