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JIKC-Pearl Harbor invites students of all ages and experience levels to learn discipline and self-de

Operating as usual


Congrats JIKC. Runner up in Hawaii’s Best for 2022!


Our online classes via Google Classroom are now live and have been running pretty smoothly!

Hopefully you’ve received our emails this week and have scheduled yourselves into your respective classes. If you need more information or help getting set up, contact me.

Sensei Katrina


Mayor Caldwell provides update on Oahu's response to COVID-19

Osu everyone, Sensei Katrina here with some unfortunate but important information:

The Pearl City dojo will be CLOSED again as of tomorrow per the mayor's most recent order. We fall under a "fitness center" type of operation, and as the mayor describes in the attached video (starting at 3:05), we will not be permitted to hold group classes until September 5.

In the meantime, we will continue to produce our videos on our Youtube channel. We will also keep in touch via texts and emails.

We thank you all for your continued patience, understanding, and flexibility. Please keep yourselves and your ohana healthy and safe so we can return to the dojo as quickly as possible!

JIKC KARATE and WORKOUT Highlights 07/10/2020


Our new module videos are now up on our Youtube channel! They are sorted by belt color, so please watch and train along with the videos that are appropriate for your rank.

Try Hard!
Never Give Up!

JIKC KARATE and WORKOUT Highlights Training for elite Karate athletes


If you are scheduled for Saturday classes, we are still on for tomorrow!

Hope you all have a happy, safe 4th!

Social Distancing Dojo Procedures | JIKC Pearl City Dojo RE-OPENING 06/27/2020

Social Distancing Dojo Procedures | JIKC Pearl City Dojo RE-OPENING

Osu everyone!

We are so pumped to resume regular classes tomorrow! We've been spending the last several weeks trying to prepare the dojo in order to give everyone a safe, positive training environment. Please watch this short video to familiarize yourselves with our new class procedures.

If you haven't scheduled yourself for a class yet, please message or text us so we can assign you to your dedicated once-a-week class.

Social Distancing Dojo Procedures | JIKC Pearl City Dojo RE-OPENING Social Distancing Rules for JIKC Pearl City Dojo RE-OPENING -MUST wear face mask -less than 20 students per class -5 to 10 minutes to drop/pickup students be...


Congratulations to our newest black belts: Sullivan, Patrick, and Martha!

We were authorized to give them a special exam last night since these three will be moving off-island soon, and we didn’t go easy on them. They have trained extra hard over the past couple months and it really showed!

Best of wishes to each of you as you move on to new experiences, new learning, and new adventures. Osu!

Photos from Japan International Karate Center - Pearl Harbor's post 06/17/2020

Osu everyone! Yet another update on reopening the dojo...

We will now be resuming classes on June 27th, a week later than expected. We just wanted to make extra sure that we were prepared to open safely.

Based on responses I got from you folks, it seems like most PH students are more inclined to do their weekly in-person class on the weekends.

Attached is the current schedule as planned. Please let me know which day/class you’d like to reserve. Since we’re only operating at 50% capacity, we can only have 15 students per class, so don’t delay!

Sensei Katrina


Everyone’s lining up to get their belts and patches here at the Pearl City dojo!

We’ll be here until 6pm tonight. If you won’t be able to make it, let us know.


As we head into the weekend, let’s take a moment to reflect on a certain part of our dojo precepts, or dojo kun, Three Basic Factors For Relationships With Others:

🥋 Appreciation: to recognize the good qualities of someone or something, to show gratitude, and to have a full understanding of a situation.

🥋 Consideration: to have thoughtfulness and sensitivity towards others.

🥋Unity: to join together as a whole.

As karateka, it is important to remember to not only train the body, but to also train the mind and the spirit in order to foster positive overall growth and progress. That is why we always recite our dojo kun before and after each class, and we push for every student to say them loud and proud every day.

The relationships we have with the various people in our lives are incredibly important. They must be strengthened, now more than ever, not just in the dojo but outside as well: at home, school, work, and in the community as a whole.

We must have appreciation for one another, take consideration for others, and strive for unity between us all. We must also continue to be courteous, put forth our best effort into our endeavors, have patience, be honest, and exercise self-control.

That way, we can all be the best karateka (and human beings) we can possibly be.

Sensei Katrina


In case you missed the announcements on our streams this week:

🥋 Belt/patch pickup for all Pearl Harbor students will be at the Pearl City dojo on Sunday, June 7 from 3pm-6pm. If you aren’t able to make it, please let us know.

🥋 Regular classes will be resuming soon! More details to come since we have to fully review the state’s regulations and guidelines, but PH students will be allowed to train at the Pearl City dojo until PHES allows outside organizations back on the premises. We have the intention to continue with our live streams to supplement in-class training, so stay tuned!

Thank you all for your continued support and hard work at home. We certainly have a deep appreciation for our students and their respective families, and we can’t wait to see you all back in the dojo soon!




You've been learning from our streams, but would you also like to learn from other karateka from around the world?

Join the WKF in their "Learn Karate With" series that will be coming soon to their Facebook and Instagram pages. You can get tips and tricks on improving your kata and kumite from world-class competitors such as Douglas Brose and Luca Valdesi.

The first session is slated to start on June 5. More info here: https://www.wkf.net/news-center-new/learn-karate-with-the-best-karateka-in-the-world/1310?fbclid=IwAR1fRjxGBI7-r7EzxvZ1smACHksf0QrXY94S_TNlkr-AFwSNYumPgUtaZxg

Of course, since there are many different karate styles out there, not all of these sessions will directly apply to JIKC students. However, you can use this as a great tool to help improve your basics, physical conditioning, and overall knowledge about karate. Use these resources to make yourself be the best karateka you can be!

JIKC Live Streams - Intermediate Class with Sensei Katrina | 5/23/2020 05/24/2020

JIKC Live Streams - Intermediate Class with Sensei Katrina | 5/23/2020

Keep watching our streams on our Youtube channel and get a head start on your new kata!

If you sent in an exam video, you should have gotten a notification from your sensei indicating if you passed to your next rank. Once you get it, keep watching our Tues/Sat streams so you can learn your next kata.

Orange/purple: Pinan Nidan
Green/green + patch: Pinan Sandan
Blue/blue + patch: Heian Godan
Brown: Empi
Black: Kushanku

We already started going over them, including breakdowns of techniques and tips on how to perform each move better. We also figured out how to mirror our screen so you don't have to worry if you're doing your kata backwards while you're watching us, which is a huge plus!

Keep training hard, everyone! We know that practicing at home can be difficult and it is MUCH better to be in the dojo, so we are working hard to come up with solutions to get people back in class as soon as possible. Until then... do your best!

Also, shout out to the Almera family for their help on yesterday's intermediate streams... looking good!

JIKC Live Streams - Intermediate Class with Sensei Katrina | 5/23/2020 Welcome to Japan International Karate Center LIVE online training. Saturday morning intermediate class training with SENSEI KATRINA. OSU! Train hard everyone!


We’ve been looking at everyone’s exam videos, and they are awesome! It’s nice to see everyone training hard in many different places: in their homes, out in the park, on the beach, etc.

Keep them coming!


How did you all do during your exam basics yesterday?

We’ve gotten a bunch of videos already via text message, FB messenger, and email. Thank you to those who have sent them in! It’s nice to see everyone training hard.

If you haven’t had a chance to record anything yet, don’t worry: you now have until this Saturday, 5/23 to submit your kata and sparring videos.

We appreciate everyone for being flexible and bearing with us during this first-ever “social distancing style” exam. We just want to get through with this so everyone can have a chance to progress and we can move on to learning new material.

Once all the videos have been reviewed, we will let everyone know how we’ll distribute belts/patches.

Sensei Katrina

Prepare for the exam. 05/16/2020

Prepare for the exam.

Our exam basics will be streamed today, so don't forget to train with us today on our Youtube channel!

Advanced: 10am-11am
Intermediate: 11am-12pm
Beginner: 12pm-1pm

Thanks to those that have already sent in your videos. If you have any questions, let us know.

Although today is the deadline we set for exam videos, we understand that many families only recently got information regarding the exams or require more time to film their videos. If you need more time or assistance regarding video submission, please let us know.

Seriousness, try hard, never give up!

Prepare for the exam.


Sensei Marc explains how to send in your exam videos to us.

Pearl Harbor students can email [email protected] or you can record your videos on your phones and text them directly to Sensei Katrina at (808)292-7872.

Deadline to send in exam videos is this Saturday, 5/16. We will be broadcasting our streams as usual that day, so you may choose to do basics along with us then film your kata/kumite videos directly after, or you can film them during the week and send them in early.

Looking forward to seeing all of your videos!

Exam Prep - Training for JIKC students - YouTube 05/10/2020

Exam Prep - Training for JIKC students - YouTube

Exam week is officially upon us!

In case you missed the live videos from yesterday, we have begun to accept video submissions for our first-ever "social distancing style" exams. You will need to submit the following in order to earn your next belt/patch:

1. Kata
- Perform your applicable kata
- Make sure the video is in landscape orientation
- Make sure your entire body is in the frame as much as possible
- Give yourself enough room in all directions so that you're not too close up or too far away as you're performing
- Set the camera to face you from the front, do not film yourself from the back
- You may do kata on-count or no-count. If you don't have anyone to count for you at home, you may use one of our training videos here for reference while you're performing: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLoFe6xNYvki5l86ZUiAFrUZTsIBNC7yD5

2. One-step sparring
- White belts: 30 seconds of #1
- Yellow belts: 30 seconds of #1, #2, and #3
- Orange to blue belts: one full round of #1 through #5
- Brown and black belts: one full round of #1 through #8

Three different ways to film the one-step sparring portion:
- If you have a family member to spar with at home, you can film yourselves sparring each other from a side view, just make sure both of you are completely in the frame the entire time
- If you do not have a family member to spar with at home (or if the size difference between you and your child is too great), you may film yourself doing your applicable requirements facing the camera, similar to this video: https://youtu.be/Z5zljU8NjyE
- If you want to use the aforementioned video for reference, you can have someone film you from the side as you're facing a phone/tablet/TV and sparring along with the video. Again, make sure your entire body is in the frame the entire time

Pearl Harbor students must submit your videos directly to Sensei Katrina no later than Saturday, May 16. You can get them to me one of three ways:
- PM me through this page
- Send them in an email: [email protected]
- Text me your videos: (808)292-7872

If you have any questions, please let me know ASAP. Also, if you still need to pay exam fees you may go to our website and submit it via PayPal or you can send us a check.

We know that this is a highly unconventional way to hold a karate exam, but we would like for everyone to keep going forward with their training despite the circumstances. Remember our three basic factors for mental strength: seriousness, try hard, and never give up. DO YOUR BEST!!

Sensei Katrina

Exam Prep - Training for JIKC students - YouTube

www.wkf.net 05/06/2020


Want to see how much you really know about the world of karate? Head over to the World Karate Federation's website and take their Karate Quizzes!

It's one thing to be physically proficient in this martial art. You could practice your basics, kata, and kumite techniques all day, every day, and be a good student. However, in order to be an exceptional karateka, it would serve one well to be mentally proficient by being well-versed in the history and current state of affairs within the karate community.

These quizzes may be your next source of inspiration to be a more knowledgeable karateka, whether you're a beginner still having trouble tying your belt or a lifelong practitioner. If you feel like you've been in a slump with your training, this may give a jump-start to your motivation by giving you something different to learn/research. You might even find yourself a new karate role model from all of the different athletes mentioned in the questions.

Hope you all enjoy taking these and learning from them as much as I did!

Sensei Katrina



Osu everyone! Just a quick heads up, we have changed our email address:

[email protected]

Most of you either contact us through this page or by texting/calling us directly, but in case you ever need to reach out to us for any reason you can always send us an email.

Look out for our next set of Youtube classes on Thursday:

White to green belts: 5:30pm
Blue to black belts: 6:30pm

Keep training, because we are preparing procedures on how to conduct our first-ever "social distancing style" exam! More info to come, so stay tuned. Again, if you have questions you can reach us through here, or you can contact us through our new email address.

Sensei Katrina

JIKC Live Streams - Beginner Class with Sensei Katrina | 5/2/2020 05/03/2020

JIKC Live Streams - Beginner Class with Sensei Katrina | 5/2/2020

Did you catch our live classes yesterday on Youtube? It's okay if you didn't, because the videos will stay up on our channel indefinitely for later viewing.

We'll do another set of classes this coming Thursday:

White to green belts: 5:30pm
Blue to black belts: 6:30pm

Also, the new schedule for our Saturday videos is now as follows:

Advanced (brown and black belts): 10:00am
Intermediate (green and blue belts): 11:00am
Beginner (white to purple belts): 12:00pm

Special thanks to JIKC-PH students Rod and Logan for assisting with this week's beginner class video!

JIKC Live Streams - Beginner Class with Sensei Katrina | 5/2/2020 Welcome to Japan International Karate Center LIVE online training. Saturday morning beginner class training with SENSEI KATRINA. OSU! Train hard everyone!


We’ll be on Youtube this weekend!


Combo Challenge!

If you caught the live training session yesterday, Sensei Marc and Ashley posed a challenge to everyone:

Who can do this kumite combo the best?

Take a short video of yourself doing this exact combo (don’t forget proper footwork!) and DM it to our Instagram page by this Wednesday, 4/22.

We will pick a winner from each of the following belt groups:

- White/yellow/orange/purple

- Blue/green

- Brown

- Black

The prize for this week’s challenge is... getting your video reposted on our IG page for bragging rights! We’re working on an actual small prize for out next challenge, so stay tuned and keep practicing!

Sensei Katrina


If you have Instagram, follow to watch our first ever live training session! Tune in tomorrow, April 4, at 1:00pm HST to practice along with me and Sensei Marc at our brand new JIKC-Kapolei dojo. We plan on doing this every Saturday afternoon until classes resume as normal, so stay tuned!

If you're not able to view it live, no worries; we will repost the videos on this page and the Japan International Karate Center - Kapolei/Aiea page.

Sensei Katrina


Per Shihan Rusty:

Aloha, everybody, and Osu!

The corona virus situation has been very fluid but I believe that now that Hawaii has imposed a two week quarantine on returnees and visitors, we should see the peak of our problem this month. Let’s all hope and pray that it won’t be too severe. Also, I think it is responsible for all of us to follow the general guidelines and social distancing. Sensei Marc is exploring the possibility of doing some kind of online class for all our JIKC students, and we will send info about that if we are able to do it safely.

Currently, our plan is to keep all JIKC dojos closed until April 30. When we get close to that date, we will contact you again.

Until we return to class, don’t make payments. (I am holding uncashed the checks I’ve received recently, until we resume classes.) When we do return, we’ll figure out what everyone should pay. For those of you who have memberships paid in advance, your membership will be extended for whatever full amount of time the dojos remain closed.

Be well and stay safe!

JIKC KARATE and WORKOUT Highlights 03/25/2020


Osu everybody! Did you know that JIKC has a Youtube channel?


Sensei Marc, Senpai Brennan, and Shihan Rusty have decided to make special instructional videos to help all students keep their training up to speed during our "extended vacation". Videos include:

- Warm up

- Basics: grouped by belt level

- Kata: on count and no count

- Sparring: one-step and alternate

Classes at PHES and exams are still postponed until further notice, and more info is yet to come. If you have not been getting any of the email updates from Shihan Rusty or us, please PM us your email address so we can keep you up to date.

Please stay safe so we can see you all back in class (hopefully soon)!

Sensei Katrina

JIKC KARATE and WORKOUT Highlights Training for elite Karate athletes


Osu Pearl Harbor Dojo...in light of the public schools extending spring break till March 30, JIKC will also be closing during that time and resume classes once the school is back in session.

We understand everyone’s concern about classes and the upcoming exams. We will keep you all informed as we obtain more information. We feel that this is the most responsible thing to do.

If there are any questions, please feel free to reach out to Sensei Katrina or myself.

In the meantime, please stay safe and take good care of yourselves.


Thank you Sensei Les Nishikawa from SKIF for inviting us to train with you and Kancho!


What a way to start the new year! We had our first training session of 2020 at Ala Moana Beach Park this morning. See you all back at the dojo tomorrow!


If you’re looking to get extra training over the break, certain senseis and senpais will be opening up the Pearl City dojo on their own time. Students that are 11 and younger must be accompanied by a parent/guardian.


Don’t forget:

- Last day of class for all dojos is this Thursday, Dec 19

- Dojo Christmas party at the Pearl City dojo on Friday, Dec from 5:00pm - 8:30pm

- New Year’s Day training at Ala Moana Beach Park at 8:00am; wear your gi/belt and bring some swimwear

We all trained hard this year and accomplished many things inside and outside the dojo... let’s finish this year (and decade) on a high note with each other!



Congratulations to our newest black belt at JIKC-PH: Chance Moniz! 🥋


Here’s the schedule for tomorrow’s tests at Kapolei High School in case you need it:

Black/Brown belts w/patches: 9:00am

Brown no patch/Blue/Green one patch: 11:00am

Green no patch/Purple/Orange: 12:30pm

Yellow/White: 2:00pm

Please remember to show up 30 minutes before your start time in order to get parking and warm up.

Also, note that there are NO REGULAR CLASSES on Dec 7 due to the exams. Classes will resume on Dec 8.

Makeup exam is Dec 18 at 6:30pm at the Pearl City dojo.

Good luck out there, and try your best!


It’s time for our end-of-the-year sale!

🥋 $6 off a karate gi and patch

🥊 $6 off a pair of kumite gloves

👕 $3 off a JIKC shirt

🚨 And NEW JIKC stickers available for $5 each, or $16 for all 4 designs as shown

Supplies are limited, so hurry and grab a last minute gift for your karate student (or yourself)!


Don’t miss class on Tuesday, since Thursday class is cancelled due to Thanksgiving! Enjoy the holiday with your families.


No class at JIKC-PH this Thursday... enjoy Halloween with your families!

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We’ve been looking at everyone’s exam videos, and they are awesome! It’s nice to see everyone training hard in many diff...
Combo Challenge!
What a way to start the new year! We had our first training session of 2020 at Ala Moana Beach Park this morning. See yo...
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Beach Bash 2019 was a success! It was great to see hundreds of students with their families enjoying training, games, fo...
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Aizeah D-Cruz with nice Kizami Tsuki during team kumite!
Riley Mendigoran!
Riley, Hayden and Daniel representing the JIKC Competition Team well in Team Kata at Hawaii International Karate Champio...




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