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Champions Freestyle MMA


1 week till AL Championships (sub-only)

October 20, 2018

Venue: University Fitness Center, 500 John Wright Dr. Huntsville, AL 35899
In case you’ve missed it, our ABC - AUM Force Impact Study is starting to draw attention from national MMA publications.

Your participation in the study could positively change MMA fighting for years to come.

Contact Dr. Angela Russell ([email protected]) now to schedule your testing appointment. Testing is taking place at Auburn University - Montgomery and should take no longer than 1 hour to complete.

As some of you may know, I serve on the ABC MMA Rules and Regulations Committee (the guys that give you the Unified Rules for MMA). In an effort to better understand striking in the sport, we have partnered with Auburn University-Montgomery to conduct a Force Impact Study.

We are currently seeking volunteers to participate in this Force Impact Study. Participants will be testing strikes in various positions, including Standing, Standing with Side Control (simulating a single leg take down attempt), Grounded Side Control, and Mount.

Participants need to be:
- 19 years of age or older
- Male or female
- Trained in MMA or BJJ

The Study is being conducted at the AUM Sports Science Lab in Montgomery, AL. If you are interested in participating, please contact Dr. Angela Russell at [email protected].

We really need your assistance with this Study, as it will be a tremendous asset to Regulatory Commissions around the world.
Allen Swain wants to know when an were is your next fight?
Hello, I am interested in becoming a student at your gym. Do you have a set schedule for classes I could review?
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Wrestling 6 o'clock be there!
PLEASE HELP! Gym has flooded again and we need as much HELP as possible!!! All fighters that can help PLEASE call Jonathan. Thank you!
Champions Freestyle MMA Family,
Registration is NOW OPEN, Saturday, Aug. 19th!!!
XBOX will be raffled for ALL 1st place Children and Youth divisions
Hi there, I would really appreciate the time for a meet and greet and to check the place out a bit. Please contact me when you have a chance by Facebook message - thanks!

Ken Farrar
Save the date August 19, 2017!!!
Yo who's coming to the gym tonight? I'm headed there now! Hope to see y'all soon!

Classes offered to men, women and kids in Mixed Martial Arts, Sports Training, Kickboxing, Jiu-Jitsu, Thai Boxing, Personal Training and more.

Operating as usual

Timeline photos 07/12/2019

Guess who's breaking into Bare knuckle following his teammate hardhitting knockout artist Marcel Stamps .Great night of training with these two monsters. Over a decade of coaching these two and they still put a smile on my face. Honorable, Successful, Great Dads, Great men - the list goes on and on. I am so proud of Fred Weaver and Corey Jones. Jones


giving these little guys his fight gloves. They were so excited.

Timeline photos 06/23/2019

Congrats to Carlos, Deonte, and Deandre. Carlos Andres is the new 125lb Strikehard, champ. Deonte Simon knocked his opponent out at Strikehard.Deandre dominated at KOTC in California.What a great night . Winning in Alabama and Cali. Thank you Kurtis Taylor ,Peter Zahel ,Seth Burgett and everyone else working with these amazing athletes.

Timeline photos 06/23/2019

Another win for The Protege, undefeated in King of the Cage. Deandre Anderson dominated.

Timeline photos 06/23/2019

Deandre is up . KOTC ,repping Alabama like always. Here we go.

Timeline photos 06/21/2019

We knocked 15 lbs off today. Was fairly easy cut. Weighed in and ready to go.Thanks to all employees ,great group and great gym.

Timeline photos 06/20/2019

In L.A., California , Deandre the protege Anderson Saturday night at Citizens Bank Arena.

Timeline photos 05/10/2019

Marcel Stamps getting the win ,another win by destruction. Marcel trains at a different level and it shows. Congratulations, Happy for you. that's some great coaches , , . Way to go guys.

Timeline photos 03/06/2019

Marcel Stamps fighting tonight on . It's time.

Timeline photos 03/04/2019

Coach Seth Burgett brought his adorable little girl to get some mittwotk in.

Timeline photos 03/04/2019

The 3 athletes have put the work in and I can not wait to see them step in the cage. It's fight week.

Timeline photos 03/04/2019

Getting a little mittwotk in with this legend Fred Weaver. Another great Saturday .


We have had a great deal of people ask where our gym is located. We are now located in Hoover right off Rocky Ridge Road. Posted in the comments is a snapshot of a map to help 😀 If you need any help finding us, just send us a FB message 🥊


Walked in Bellator KO, in BareKnuckle KO, 4-0 all KO's.Marcel Stamps tearing it down. Listen to song run for your life.

Timeline photos 02/09/2019

This is an article from about in a super fight against Joe Riggs. Marcel dominated one veteran and we would love to dominate another. Marcel is on a mission and training harder than ever.

Timeline photos 02/06/2019

Having fun at gym last night with and at practice. Two years and they have not changed a bit. Fred has been part of Champions family since beginning ,was even at my WEDDING 12 years ago. Special friend that you would do anything for. He is a great dad ,works two jobs and helps out with . You can not help but love this guy.

Timeline photos 02/06/2019

Hard work this morning. It was a great one. Super talented group climbing to the top.Round after round wrestling and sparring. Marcel, Moises, Carlos , Stan and this bad man James Nicholson.


Happy birthday Deandre Anderson. We will be celebrating a birthday in the UFC before you know it.

Timeline photos 01/18/2019

, we are going to have a busy year. The hardwork, preparation has started. Putting it all together.

Timeline photos 01/17/2019

Some great shots from . Deandre Anderson with another win and not against just anyone. His opponent held multiple title belts in different divisions and is one of Tennessee's top prospects. .

Timeline photos 01/17/2019

after his TKO at Strikehard. Deandre followed the gamelan perfect switching stances, stay outside then crash in, clinch after exchanges, put opponent on fence, pressure. Great performance by this protege. Proud of you D.

Timeline photos 01/16/2019

Just one of many great photos taken by .This guy gets some of the best action shots. Great to have a professional that captures such great images to express what happens fight night. Keep up the great work Joshua Alan. We appreciate you and the time you put into being a professional.

Timeline photos 01/16/2019

,this guy is a machine and after a few months training is on a 2 fight win streak. With two great promotions and WFC . With , back in gym working with him on his ground game, he has a bright future in our sport. Proud of you Steve keep it up..


Deandre Anderson had the crowd going Saturday night. His walkout was on point , that was the loudest I heard the crowd all night , maybe ever. Deandre put on a show. This kid is a superstar.


Ladies Kickboxing class out here supporting the fighters and gym!

Timeline photos 01/06/2019

fighting tonight in Main Event . Elliott is fighting for A.K.A Promotions in Bossier City, Louisiana at the Horseshoe Casino. Thank you to everyone that help Elliott get ready for this fight.


Having some fun after our 10am practice as jumps out of the screen. Unbelievable talent every morning and every night at Champions Cage MMA. Big things coming from these athletes 2019 will be another amazing year for our team.

Timeline photos 12/20/2018

The Dana White ,will be there tomorrow night at Island Fights .Big Frank Tate in Pensecola,Florida.

Timeline photos 12/18/2018

Bellator veteran, Island Fights veteran Big Frank Tate is fighting Dec.21st in Pensecola . Dean Toole always puts on an amazing show , .

Timeline photos 12/17/2018

Elliott Conn starting the new year with our teams first fight of 2019.Jan 5th Elliott fights in Main Event in Bossier, Louisiana at Horseshoe Casino. This team will have the best year ever ,2019 is our year. .


The power Marcel Stamps has in his hands and hips is ridiculous. Crazy thing that's not even his strong side.

Timeline photos 12/13/2018

You will see all three athletes in the UFC ,no doubt in my mind. -three superstars putting the work in this morning. If your ever in TTown stop by and work on your ground game with the one an only kurtis.


,this is part one of video . I am so happy video came out so everyone can see what we saw ringside. . .


Marcel Stamps showing that amazing Jab and handspeed. Unreal, standup is looking great. Championscagemma,our fight team is on a roll.

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