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Sound Flow (with Sound Bath) - Yoga With Alysa 03/15/2024

New video up on the channel! With an added sound bath at the end 😊🧘‍♀️

Sound Flow (with Sound Bath) - Yoga With Alysa A short and simple yoga flow with an added sound bath at the end! Watch and flow or skip to the end to enjoy a minute of the sounds of singing bowls!For More...


Finding freedom isn’t about how much money you have, how many days a week you work, the things you own. It’s stepping into your own power. It’s honoring yourself each and everyday. It’s becoming aware of your inner world and learning to navigate it through the ups and the downs.

🪶 Poem by Yung Pueblo, from 𝘪𝘯𝘸𝘢𝘳𝘥



SMILE. Life isn’t as serious as you make it. Life is meant to be experienced. Felt. Loved. And learned from. ✨



Learning to embrace my wild side. To honor the divine feminine within me that longs to shine. Organically and authentically. Listening to the echoes of the moon. The calling of nature. Loving myself fully. 🌙



Got to teach outside today at Coxhall Gardens for ! Thank you to my lovely group that came out to enjoy the morning with me. You can come take class with me every Saturday morning at 9:30 AM for the month of June in the northern lawn. 💚


Photos from Yoga With Alysa's post 03/26/2022

To be honest, this is just a shameless post of me in the cutest bodysuit/jumpsuit from . That is all. ✨



The expansion or stretching of the body helps to expand and stretch our ways of thinking. Allowing us to go beyond the ego and see the world for what it is. The strengthening of the body strengthens the mind. Keeping us strong our convictions, strong in ourselves. We move the body not only to feel good but to shift the paradigm in which we live. To move and create space for new ideas and new ways of living. We breathe into discomfort because staying within our comfort zones that keep us stagnate, stuck. This is why the breath is so important to help us focus when we sift through the discomfort. To remind us that we are safe. To remind the body.



Life’s so much easier when you stop white knuckling every single aspect of life. You are the creator of your existence but you can also let loose and allow The Universe to shower the blessings onto you. Is it easy? No, I struggle with it constantly. Finding that balance of co-creation and not worrying about the outcome of every little things but I’ve also experienced the ease of the flow and it was amazing. Our world is chaotic right now — so leaning into life instead of fighting against seems like a confusing concept but in the end, you’ll always get whatever it is you desire. Take a deep breath, soften your shoulders and open your heart mind and body up to the possibilities.



REMINDER: You are magic and your body is magic. ✨



Bring on the chaos and bring on the peace. Life’s about the ebbs and flows. It’s a picturesque view of light and dark. The Sun and the Moon. Moving through each phase with whatever amount of grace you can muster.



🎃👻𝕳𝖆𝖕𝖕𝖞 𝕳𝖆𝖑𝖑𝖔𝖜𝖊𝖊𝖓, 𝕬𝖑𝖑 𝕳𝖆𝖑𝖑𝖔𝖜𝖘 𝕰𝖛𝖊 𝖔𝖗 𝕾𝖆𝖒𝖍𝖆𝖎𝖓! 🔮🌙

May you always embrace the unique self that you are. May you never let anyone tell you who you should be. Because being a weirdo is the coolest to be.



Here’s the fact of the matter, every sector of spiritual or religious type communities has its toxic traits.

I went through an experience that we could call, “the dark night of soul.” I knew in this time period that the Universe was throwing things at me so I could learn the lessons I needed to learn to shift my energy to receive the blessing I was going to be bestowed. And the blessings were plenty. But during this time period, I began to notice something about the spiritual community.

Constantly, I would get on social media to see posts that would say, “you attract what you’re ready for,” or things that would pretty much in so many words say, if you vibrate at a low frequency, you are going to attract low frequency things, which always are “bad.” In so many other words, it’s your fault things happen to you because you call them in subconsciously. As I kept seeing posts or videos of people talking about it, I started to see how problematic it is.

I would get triggered every time I saw these posts to the point of not wanting anything to do with the community I believe I’m a part of. Let’s think about men and women who have been in or are still in abusive relationships. These people are literally told by their abusers that it is their fault because they did this or that. When they did absolutely nothing to warrant the abuse. This is just a tactic to make them feel small and to not want to do anything because you know, it’s their fault. This right here is why saying things like you attract what happens to you is a problem. It is, to me, another way to make people feel small. Do you have the power to change the course of your life? Oh hell yes you do? Is it your fault that s**t happens to you? No, I don’t believe that to be so. So I all I’m saying is, think before you say things to people. You don’t know their story.


Photos from Yoga With Alysa's post 10/26/2021

Summoning up my magic for All Hallows Eve. Calling in all directions. And dropping deep into the seed of the Earth. You know, just the normal stuff. 🔮🌙



Fun fact: I’m a yoga instructor who can’t do a handstand. Whaaaaaat?!?! She can’t do a handstand. No I can’t. As you can tell from this picture. However, doing the more “advanced” poses in yoga has never been a priority to me. Do I want to be able to do them? Of course I do, but honestly, I just want to feel good. I can do a headstand and for me, that’s enough. I love yoga for not only the physical postures (or asana), but how it can quiet my mind. How it connects me deeper not only to my body, but to my truest self.

When I’m in flow it’s the most amazing feeling ever. You know those days where everything just feels completely in sync. That’s what I’m talking about. I also love how practicing yoga everyday has opened my mind. Busted it wide open. Do I wish some days I could close off? Of course, but who wants to live life that way? I know I don’t. This practice is definitely not for the faint of heart. To look at your own s**t daily and have to confront it, is it an easy task but it’s one that I’ll gladly live through.




Remember to look up sometimes. From your phone. From the ground. From your life. There’s a world of wonder and beauty to see.




We all go there. I’m there now. Stressing over so many things. The human condition is to kill ourselves over working only to feel like we’ve come up short because we can’t do x, y or z. We are conditioned to believe that if we only make more money, have the house, have the family. Then we will be happy. But is it true? For some, of course it is. For others? Probably not. I fall for this every single day of my life. And is life rainbow and butterflies? Hell no. It’s difficult as f**k. Which is another human condition. And we shouldn’t overlook the shadows and darkness in life because they are our biggest teachers into the things we need to let go of. If there’s anything that losing my dad at 14 has taught me, it’s that life is too short. Life is meant to be lived, cherished, loved. For me, on my death bed I want to know that I’ve lived, experienced life and all it’s beauty.

Slow Flow Yoga | Yoga With Alysa 09/25/2021

I'm back and comin' at you with a new video! In this flow, we're taking it slow to really feel into the body. Go check it out!

Slow Flow Yoga | Yoga With Alysa I'm back and comin' at you with a brand new video! Todays flow is all about taking it slow. Feeling into the body. So grab your mat and let's go. For More on...


AFFIRM: “I don’t chase. I attract. What belongs to me will simply find me.”

All will be you magical being ✨

📸: Matt A. Mellen


New moon in Leo tonight and the opening of Lions Gate 🌑

It’s time to start inviting in the new to your world and see what manifests in this next lunar cycle. Take time to release the old. Calling in the abundance that you deserve.

This new moon in Leo and the opening of Lions Gate is asking you to step into your power. The power to create your world. Embrace it. Flaunt it. Just as Leo’s do, with their dramatic flair. Don’t be afraid of it. But remember to ground into the Earth to help you stay centered. ✨

📸: Matt A. Mellen


Lookin’ like Criss Angel holding this pose. Anyone remember that dude?

Now on to the point ——> have you grounded yourself today? Anything as simple as taking a deep breath or taking your shoes off and walking on the Earth. Let the breath or Earth release you from this idea that you have to be a certain way. Let nature be your guide.

Everything in nature is as it is. A tree is only a tree. A flower only a flower. They don’t take on different personalities or morph to fit in to different crowds. Only humans do this. We are in a world that is constantly trying to make you feel like you aren’t good enough. Like you have to be someone else. You don’t. F**k that.

Breathe, look at some trees. Put your feet in the ground and draw yourself back to your truest nature.



You are useful when you aren’t useless. We live in a world that prioritizes hustling through life. In order to make to the next level and the next level and the next level, you have to be in a constant state of doing. Resting? That’s for lazy people. We are so centered around exhausting ourselves over our jobs, over our lives. Is life easy work? Absolutely not. However, burning yourself out is no way to live. We need to prioritize resting. Through this we can be useful to ourselves and to the world. We can actually make a difference. Move effortlessly through. Even in the spiritual world it’s all about the next manifestation and the next one. Why not let things come effortlessly to you? Make the conscious decision that this is exactly what you want and let it flow. Through rest we can reach deeper into ourselves. Actually feel like ourselves. Instead of being tired and agitated all the time. This change will help to make a conscious shift in the world. Look to nature to be your teacher because nothing in nature moves quickly like they are going to miss out on things. You miss out by not slowing down.



Just your daily reminder that no matter how your life is going — The Universe is always conspiring with you. Not against you. Your resistance to what is causes the pauses you feel. Move with the flow. Everything has its phases. ✨



Don’t think about it - just flow. In your yoga practice, your body and breath are your guide. Move in any shape or form. Who cares what it looks like? It only matters what it feels like. How it makes you feel inside and out. Let your practice teach you to stop worrying about what others think. Let it help you embrace yourself as you are fully. I used to feel like I had to hold myself back a lot. My practice helped me let go of that. It helped me to be who I am fully. No matter if people appreciate it or if they will think I’m weird. Who cares? You’re just being you.



My heart is open. Ready to receive all the good things for me. Remember, to keep your heart open to all possibilities.



Doing the inner work sucks but it’s necessary. Looking at your shadows is scary. None of us want to do it. Admit when something was our fault. But our past versions of ourselves are merely just teachers, to show us where we need to show up more. For ourselves and for others. Don’t put yourself down. Don’t seek out negativity. Just keep doing the work. It’s exhausting. And even when days are hard and you fall back on old patterns, you don’t have to hate on yourself. By doing the inner work, you create a ripple into the world for change to happen. For the world to shift from an unconscious view to a conscious view.



Social media scrolling rest:

Take a deep breath. Tune in to tune out. Silence the noise of the mind. Soften the heart, let it open to all new possibilities. Let go of the weight on your shoulders. Breathe. Breathe deep. The past doesn’t matter. The future doesn’t matter. Just be here in the present. Be as you are. No strings attached. No expectations to be something your not. Just be you. Breathe in. Breathe out. Breathe in. Breathe out. And let go....



Here’s the truth - I am person who naturally holds a lot of patience inside for anyone and everyone (minus myself it seems like) but since 2020, I’ll be honest, I have lost my patience. I am the kind of person who avoids the news and avoids social media because of all of the bad that gets posted there. All of the terrible things that happen around the world. And when I am constantly bombarded by this, I get sad, a little depressed. It puts this major weight on my shoulders that’s too heavy to hold. All I want to do is help - help animals, help the people who have been outcasted, help the planet, anyone or anything that endures cruelty on a daily basis. And here’s the thing, 2020 brought out the absolute worst in people. It brought it out in me. And this is what fear does to us. Our natural reactions are to place blame and to be cruel to other people. And through seeing this for a whole year, I began to lose my hope in humanity, that we would be able to come together as one and fix the problems we have created. It’s mad world out there. But slowly I’m working myself back to getting to that spot. I still have patience in my heart. I still have compassion for this world and will continue to do what I can to help. Even if that means I’m not vocal as some. And if you feel this same way, continue to look for the good. The growth of nature, the little tidbits of news that’s good. And just breathing to come back to the present, knowing that every little thing that you do can help make a wave of difference.


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