FIT - Friends of Indianola Trails

FIT - Friends of Indianola Trails


Things I've seen on the bike trail from Indianola to Carlisle: All your normal suspects; snakes, turtles, cats, dogs, squirrels, rabbits, deer, chipmunks, groundhogs, skunks, mink, geese, ducks, pheasants, 'coons, 'possums, a stray calf, goats, horses, hikers, bikers. Some of the rarer things I've seen are bikers older than me, a bald eagle and a bobcat. Even more unusual was the mountain lion crossing in front of me. Even more unusual than that was the naked lady and the most unusual was the beautiful opera singer who actually sang me a song from "Phantom of the Opera" to prove that my idea of 'opera' was misinformed. It surprises me that I haven't seen a muskrat or a beaver (well except for that naked lady).
I would like to extend an invite to everyone in the community. Vaughn Enterline and I are putting on a gravel bike race to raise money for the American Legion. If you haven’t heard of a gravel grinder before or are wanting to try one out this a perfect race! If you can’t ride and want to help out anyway feel free to send me a message! We can always take help and the more hands on deck the better to support more local Veterans! 🚴‍♂️❤️
I have funds for the purchase/placement for a bench like the ones now found along Summerset Trail. An old biking buddy recently died and he and I biked thousands of miles on central Iowa trails many on Summerset. We think such a bench would be a fitting memorial for Mike and need to know how to go about it. Help!

An organization dedicated to foster the development, safety, and promotion of commuter and recreational trails in Indianola and Warren county Iowa.

Mission: Foster the development, safety, maintenance and promotion of commuter and recreational trails in Indianola and Warren County

WOW!!! Great job from our friends at Street Collective!

With nearly 1900 bikes donated to us in various states of repair, our shop staff and volunteers worked tirelessly refurbishing and reusing as much as possible while sustainably recycling everything beyond use.

We depend on your support as members, volunteers, and donors. We're thrilled to have over 3,000 volunteer hours put to work refurbishing and recycling in our community shop. Add in thousands of pounds of rubber and metal diverted from the trash cycle and we're pretty proud of this program. Your donations make this possible year-after-year.

Why every cyclist needs a pool noodle It’s National Bike to Work Day—so don’t forget this neon-colored $2 cycling hack.

Cycling Cycle

Bus company makes driver feel what it’s like to cycle pass next to a bus

Connecting Downtown Des Moines to Easter Lake!

City Council approved final plans for the South Des Moines River Trail, which will connect Downtown with Easter Lake. We’re excited to share that when it opens later this year, it will be officially named the Carl Voss Multi-Use Recreational Trail. A well-deserved honor, Carl!

Who’s planning to bike out of Indianola?

Wishing you all a Happy BikesGiving!

Bicyclists May Use Full Lane

Sometimes you need to Turn Left, and not just-Right. Why do cyclists ride in the middle of the road? Because they are advised to, and because it's the safe thing to do.

Would you just look at this weather?!?!?!

BIKEIOWA - Your #1 source for Iowa bicycle rides, events and news.

Bike Iowa organizes many fun events. Is anyone planning to do the Capital City Cross or the Big Creek rides this weekend?

World Economic Forum

Harmony in Houten. Learn more about bike-friendly cities:

[07/18/18]   Who is looking forward to riding RAGBRAI? And what is your favorite thing about it?

Renowned doctor injured in freak bike accident credits helmet for saving him

Helmets save lives! Dr. Richard Deming, who created the organization Above and Beyond Cancer, is recovering in the intensive care unit at Mercy Hospital after bicycle accident. Dr. Richard Deming, who created the organization Above and Beyond Cancer, is recovering in the intensive care unit at Mercy Hospital.

Companies are designing their offices with employee wellness in mind, but Joanna Frank of the Center for Active Design says that can mean simply having stairs, instead of building a climbing wall or a yoga studio. The Chicago headquarters of the bicycle-component manufacturer SRAM, however, promotes wellness and their corporate culture by providing employees who commute by bike indoor storage and a locker room with showers as well as an indoor bike lane.

A dozen bucket list bike rides for 2018

RAGBRAI made the list. Has anyone ever done Pedlar’s Jamboree? Make your bike riding dreams come true this year

Safest Most Active Streets in the U.S.

Are you familiar with the Des Moines Bicycle collective? They do lots of great things like refurbishing old bikes to donate to children and adults in need. You are Key to Sustaining Momentum With broad support from employers, city leaders and passionate residents, the Des Moines Bicycle Collective made tremendous progress to make our community more active, healthy and inviting in 2017. Bike Giveaway: Partnered with nonprofits, public schools and volunt...

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[11/02/17]   The. Hillbilly Hike is seeking a volunteer to sweep (follow last runner/walker by bike or on foot) the trail of half marathon course from the Indianola high school to Hillcrest on Saturday morning from 8 AM until 8:30 AM. The objective is simply to make sure everyone makes it to Hillcrest as the Indianola Safety Team takes over at Hillcrest. Anyone willing to help?


Too cute not to share.

Just a doggo riding a bike 😂

The Carlisle Nature Trail has made the finals of the People's All Star Tournament! Please click on pic below to go to Iowa League of Cities page and then Like the pic to vote. Thanks everyone who has helped get us this far...let's bring this on home!!! PASS THE WORD...we are neck and neck for the win. The deadline is noon Thursday to vote.

The City of Carlisle Nature trail serves not only as safe, important pedestrian and bicycle transportation medium within the city, but regionally between the cities of Indianola and Des Moines.

Anyone missing a bike? Perhaps stolen from your property recently?

Street Collective

Check out the new bike lanes & see how you are supposed to park downtown Des Moines.

The E. Grand complete streets project is still a work in progress. Here's how it feels to ride this morning.

More New Yorkers Opting for Life in the Bike Lane

On Hoyt Street (NYC), the bicycle crowd squeezes into a one-way bike lane that is nearly as wide as the car lane beside it. On a recent evening, 442 bikes — compared with 331 cars — passed by in one hour, more than three times the 141 bikes counted in the same hour in 2011, according to city data. Two years ago, cars still dominated.
“Rush hour is bad here,” said Jim Kerby, 63, a real estate broker, who often rides a Citi Bike to work. “But it would be so much worse if the bikers were in cars.” Biking has become part of New York’s commuting culture as the city expands bike routes and Citi Bikes become ubiquitous. There are more than 450,000 daily bike trips.

Have a safe and fun 4th of July friends.

Giant Defy 3 Road Bike Saddle up, b!tches, and get ready to have your nips blown off by the fastest bike in the world. I'm reluctantly selling this magnificent beast of a bike because I'm tired of getting too many speeding

Go 'dirt surfing' on Des Moines' first mountain bike flow trails

The new Colorado-style mountain bike trail opens today at Ewing Park and is the first in Des Moines. Central Iowa Trail Association partners with city to build downhill mountain bike trails in Ewing Park.

Public service announcement for the I-town Dad's. 🚴🏾

Celebrate Trail Riders, Daily Commuters, Distance Rollers & Lovers of All Things Bikes!

Good stuff ~ May is Bike Month.
Happy Cinco de Mayo & Happy Bike Month! Bike Month is Right around the Corner Bike Month celebrates the weekend trail riders, the daily commuters, the distance rollers and the lovers of all things bikes here in Central Iowa. Sponsored by the Des Moines Bicycle Collective, Bike Month 2016 will be the biggest yet with a host of new partners...

Opening Day for Trails | Rails-to-Trails Conservancy

Kick off the trail season on April 8 by joining your bike friends and @railstotrails for Opening Day for Trails! Learn more and enter to win great gear from @FUJIBIKES and @performancebike by pledging to explore trails on #RTCOpeningDay ➤

The Des Moines Register

Check this out.

Check out what West Des Moines has planned for its park system — it includes a 26.2-mile trail loop.

Read more:

Indianola Parks & Recreation

This cold winter weather is the perfect time to prepare your bike for warmer months ahead! Join Casey Holmes at Canoesport Outfitters for her Bike Maintenance 101 Workshop to learn important skills for getting (and keeping) your bike in tip top shape...saving both time and money for you and your family! Two dates to choose from. For more info or to register on-line go to…/Activity_Search/271

'This time, they're doing it right' at Easter Lake

Some info on Easter Lake dredging project & it also talks about the bike trail connecting between Des Moines and Carlisle. The current impaired state water body is being dredged and drained, and extensive trail additions are coming, too.

Warren County Conservation Board | Board Meetings

This was in my email today.

If you're having trouble viewing this email, you may see it online

Attention all Central Iowa Trail users: The Great Western Trail is under threat…

The Warren County Supervisors and the City of West Des Moines (WDM) recently developed new plans to build Veterans Parkway in 2017 using 2-miles of the Great Western Trail corridor
The proposed alignment of this 6-lane road would be placed within the Great Western Trail corridor for nearly 2 miles near Orilla
The Great Western Trail would shift from a 100-ft greenway to a 10ft side path along the highway
Does central Iowa truly value parks, trails, smart growth and natural capital?
The Warren County Supervisors and Warren County Conservation Board must vote to donate the Great Western Trail corridor to WDM for road purposes.
Because of concerns raised about the taking of the corridor, WDM has developed alternative alignments – so they have an option that avoids the trail corridor
What to do:

1. Please attend the Warren County Conservation Board meeting on December 14 th , 7:00pm, Annette Nature Center 15565 118th Ave Indianola, IA 50125 to learn about the project, impacts, and alternatives!!!

2. Follow-up with comments to:

Warren Co Board of Supervisors

Supervisor Chair Doug Shull
Phone: 515-961-1030
[email protected]
Supervisor Crystal McIntyre
Phone: 515-961-1029
[email protected]
Supervisor Dean Yordi
Phone: 515-961-1028
[email protected]
Warren CCB

Jim Priebe [email protected]
West Des Moines City Council

Mayor Steven Gaer
Work: 515-974- 5261
[email protected]
Councilmember Kevin Trevillyan
Phone: 515-240- 8786
[email protected]
Councilmember John Mickelson
Phone: 515-554- 7165
[email protected]
Councilmember Russ Trimble
Phone: 515-554- 8746
[email protected]
Councilmember James Sandager
Phone: 515-225- 7540
[email protected]
Councilmember Rick Messerschmidt
Phone: 515-223- 6398
[email protected]
What to say:

Tell your story…first. Why are parks and trails important to you, your family and central Iowa.


Do not compromise the integrity of this greenway corridor
Keep Veterans Parkway away from the Great Western Trail
Other points….

Regional Importance of the corridor
The Great Western Trail is more than a trail it is a linear park that extends another 17 miles from downtown Des Moines, along Grays Lake, and through Water Works Park
As a National Recreation Trail, this corridor plays a vital role within the Central Iowa Trails Network
GWT helped launch Central Iowa’s “World Capital of Trails” status
If we face a compromised GWT, we undermine our network’s national significance and the trail’s associated public health, recreation, and economic benefits
It is the only trail with easy, year-round, uninterrupted access to downtown
Des Moines.

The network of linear parks and trails in central Iowa is important for our quality of life and diversifying economic opportunities
General Benefits
It’s a safe place for families with kids to explore with few dangerous road crossings
Scenic qualities
Wildlife habitat
Health and wellness from being outdoors
To unsubscribe from future mailings please click here. Board Meetings The Warren County Conservation Board meets the second Wednesday of the month, beginning at 6:00 p.m., at the Annett Nature Center. The board occasionally meets in special session, at special times or in alternate locations. Any changes to date, time or location of meetings will be ind...

[11/04/16]   Heads UP! The Hillbilly Hike Half Marathon will be using 1st street in front of the High School on this Saturday morning 11/5 as our race begins at 8:00am. After snaking through the High School parking lot the course goes north on 9th Street until it can connect with the McVay Trail. Once on the trail the course goes north out of town. We have 400+ runners from 14 states including Canada this year if you want to find a cozy spot along the trail to cheer them on.

Advocates worry new WDM road will ruin part of Great Western Trail Trail and conservation enthusiasts worry a road expansion in West Des Moines will destroy 20 acres of wooded recreational trail.

Carlisle is having a ribbon cutting ceremony for the new 3 mile section that branches off of the Summerset trail. This section will soon be the link into Des Moines. The ceremony is happening at the Carlisle Rec Center (1230 S. 5th st.) from 4-5:30 with a Walk/Ride on the trail afterward.

Some are planning on riding from Indianola starting at 4:30. Cal’s in Carlisle is offering up 2 for 1 on drinks and 1/2 appetizers for after the event

[09/26/16]   Together, we will demand that the next president:
1. Include trails, walking and biking as a key part of federal transportation investments by defending programs that help communities build trail networks. Trails, sidewalks and bike lanes are critical parts of our national transportation infrastructure and create healthier, more connected communities.
2. Nominate a U.S. Secretary of Transportation that fully backs trails. Our next U.S. Secretary of Transportation must understand that transportation includes trails, walking and biking.
3. Develop federal policies that make it safe for people to get around in their communities on foot or by bike, including using trails and low-stress routes suitable for all ages and abilities.
As citizens and trail lovers, it is our responsibility to tell the candidates that trails matter to all of us!

What Tops the Charts in Trail Use? Here Are Our 2016 Survey Results.

We already knew this, but good to see it confirmed below. =] In August 2016, we asked our awesome members and supporters to let us know via our short-but-sweet 2016 Trail Use Survey about their best (and least)...

Petition To End Fatal Bike Crashes | Iowa Bicycle Coalition Petition To End Fatal Bike Crashes To: Iowa Senate President; Iowa Speaker of the House; Iowa Governor; Iowa Department of Transportation (DOT); Iowa Department of Public Safety (DPS): We demand an end to fatal bike crashes in Iowa and insist the Iowa General Assembly, Iowa DOT, and Iowa DPS work to...

State Transportation Plan Survey

The dot is looking for opinions Web survey powered by Create your own online survey now with SurveyMonkey's expert certified FREE templates.

Want your business to be the top-listed Gym/sports Facility in Indianola?

Click here to claim your Sponsored Listing.



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