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PLEASE SHARE: TOMORROW IS OUR BIG DAY: Food 4 The Pantry Pickup is from 11:30am - 2:00pm at Grace Church for drop off or please have bags out before noon. If we miss you by 1:30pm, please reach out to me and we will be there. If you want to give - it’s not too late - SEND US YOUR ADDRESS or come on by. Our goal is 200 bags! Feed It Forward Indianola is having their 2020 Senior Gift Card Giveaway from 3:00pm - 6:00pm at The Indianola Hyvee in front of Ron’s Grill Shack. Each Senior has a few surprises as well. If the Senior cannot make it, a parent may pick up. PLEASE SHARE! THIS IS THE LAST TWO EVENTS FOR FEED IT FORWARD AND WE HAVE BEEN HONORED TO SERVE THIS AMAZING COMMUNITY. GOD BLESS!
IMPORTANT- PLEASE SHARE: Feed It Forward Indianola is having their Senior Gift Card Give-A-Way on Sunday, May 31st from 3:00 to 6:00 pm. Seniors can pick up their choice of their $10.00 gift card at The Indianola Hy-vee in front of Ron’s Grill Shack. If the Senior cannot make it, parents may pick up for them. Look forward to seeing you all there. There will also be a couple of special guests handing out the cards.
Touch READ MORE: What does #Indianolastrong mean to you? How about these numbers just in for an update: 761 Followers of Feed It Forward Indianola Page 200 Donors have given to this amazing cause with $11,767 being raised in just over 1 month! We have helped by purchasing gift cards from 23 Restaurants and Girl Scout Cookies (average nearly $500.00 for each) We Fed It Forward to 20 Essential groups here in Indianola only! Food 4 The Pantry Pick-up had 62 people give 125 bags of food 4 local Pantries on Sunday, May 3rd And coming soon is our Indianola High School Class of 2020 version of Feed It Forward, buying $2,600+ in gift cards from locals to give one $10.00 card to EVERY SENIOR! (Only need $600.00 more for our goal). Not to mention our Food 4 The Pantry #2 coming on Sunday, May 31st from Grace Church with a goal of 200 bags of food for those in need. We will pick up all bags!
2020 DANCE FACTORY SWAG IS HERE! Place your order today! Happy shopping!
Size 9.5 Carmel taps- like new-$35 Size 9.5 Carmel jazz shoes- $15 Punk ballet fits 9-9.5 foot-$15 Let me know if interested!
When do we get letters in the mail?
Anyone have one ticket available for Saturday at 1 that they are not using?
Looking for 2 tickets to Sat night recital. Can trade for 2 Fri night. Thanks in advance!
Is there someone in here still selling a dream duffle? I have a girlfriend looking for one.
Do we have dance classes next week? (Spring break week)
Is there dance classes the week of spring break? Thanks in advance!
Tap shoes 2.5 $5

The Dance Factory offers quality dance instruction with a commitment to excellence.

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The Dance Factory offers quality dance instruction with a commitment to excellence. We encourage our dancers to reach their potential creatively as well as help them develop confidence, responsibility and self-discipline. We celebrate all dancers of every age and ability. Through dance our dancers work to achieve their goals and follow their dreams.

Prayers for peace, healing, love, and change. 💜💗🖤

We are so excited to see our dancers make their way back into the studio this week! Please make sure you have gone over our policies and procedures prior to returning to class. We’ve missed our dancers so much!

We hope everyone has a great Memorial Day! 🇺🇸 The studio will be closed today and the rest of this week.

Junior Prom Dance Class #prom2020 #thedancefactory #tradition #prettygirls @ The Dance Factory

They may not get to dance the night away at Prom but we still enjoyed seeing their dresses at our traditional Prom Dance Class! 💜💗💜 #thedancefactory #prom2020 #prettygirls #tradition @ The Dance Factory

Congratulations to the new team!

Introducing your 2020-2021 Southeast Warren Dance Team! Congrats Girls!💚🖤🤍

Congratulations to the new team!

Congratulations to all who made the dance team for this upcoming year! We are thrilled to have you, and can not wait to see you al! Please be sure to check your emails! 💜🤍🖤

Happy Mother’s Day to all the dance moms out there! 💜💗💐💗💜

May the 4th be with you! 💗🩰💗

It was so great to see so many of our students last week through zoom! Looking forward to seeing everyone again this week! #zoomclasses #thedancefactory #quarantinelife #wereallinthistogether

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week! We are so thankful for all our teachers at the studio! Dance is their passion and they share their love for dance with our students each week! 💜 This week we are going to learn about each one of our dance teachers! Follow our story as they show you a glimpse into their daily lives! Is there something you want to know about them? Comment below and let us know! 💜💗#teacherappreciationweek #thedancefactory

Our last Senior Spotlight is on Maggie!

Name: Maggie Staudacher
High School: Indianola High School 💜💛
Extra Curricular: dance, NHS, track, cross country, 4H,FFA, NCYL, violin 🎻
College Plans: Planning on attending a 4 year college and studying human and animal sciences, in hopes of going on to medical or veterinary school.
Favorite Color: pink! 💗
Years Dancing: 14
Dance Styles: lyrical, jazz, pointe, tap, hip hop
Favorite Style: hip hop
Favorite Routine She’s Performed: rockin robin
Favorite Snack: chicken nuggets
Favorite Show to Watch: Dance Moms
Favorite thing to do While Quarantined: walk my pigs and dogs

Thank you to all my friends and teachers for making these 14 years an incredible and educational experience! @ The Dance Factory

Our next Senior Spotlight is on Molly!

Name: Molly Sage
HS School: Indianola 💜💛
Extra-Curricular: FFA, Spanish Club, Interact Club, Silver Cord, DECA, Impulse, Football Cheer, Wrestling Cheer, Competition Cheer, Soccer, Show Choir, IHS Musicals
College Plans: Iowa State University, major in Finance❤️💛
Favorite Color: light pink💗
Years Dancing: 12 years, 7 at TDF
Dance Classes She Takes: Jazz, Lyrical, Hip Hop, Tap
Favorite Style of Dance: Lyrical
Favorite Routine She’s performed: Rags
Favorite Snack: Cheetos
Favorite Show to Watch: Gossip Girl
Favorite thing to do While Quarantined: watch netflix & tan

Big shoutout to my momma Becky for supporting my love and passion for dancing & for always being my biggest supporter 💓

Molly Sage

Our next Senior Spotlight is on Madi!

Name: Madi Pedersen
HS School: Chariton Highschool ❤️🤍
Extra-Curricular: Archery, dance, FBLA, Student Council, GSA
College Plans: Attend University of Iowa as an open major with a minor in dance. 🖤💛
Favorite Color: Blue 💙
Years Dancing: 16
Dance Classes She Takes: jazz/lyrical/tap/hip hop and pointe
Favorite Style of Dance: Pointe
Favorite Routine She’s performed: National Emblem March
Favorite Snack: spicy sweet chili doritos and cotton candy
Favorite Show to Watch: Supernatual and One Piece
Favorite thing to do While Quarantined: Play with my dog and spend time with my mom and sister

Thank you to my teachers, my mom and dad, and my sister! @ The Dance Factory
Madi Pedersen

Our next Senior Spotlight is on Gabby!

Name: Gabby McCoy
HS School: Carlisle High School ❤️💛
Extra-Curricular: Dance, Dance team, Cheerleading, tumbling, 4-H, Warren county fair queen, band, speech, track. I’m in 27 so these are the main things! 🙂
College Plans: Double majoring in communications and environmental science at Wartburg College! Also on the cheer team. 🧡🖤
Favorite Color: PINK 💗
Years Dancing: 15
Dance Classes She Takes: Jazz, Lyrical, Hip Hop, Pointe 1, Tap
Favorite Style of Dance: Lyrical or Jazz
Favorite Routine She haS performed: “You are the reason”-lyrical 2019
Favorite Snack: sour patch kids
Favorite Show to Watch: Parks and Rec
Favorite thing to do While Quarantined: get outside!

I would like to thank my parents for all the years of dance that they have ran me to practice, bought many costumes, and sat through endless hour of dance competitions. I would also like to thank all my dance teachers that have helped me grow in the studio and out of the studio throughout my 15 years of dance.
Gabby McCoy

Our next senior spotlight is on Abby!

Name: Abby King
HS School: Indianola High School 💜💛
Extra-Curricular: dance, cheer, ffa, Youth group at Indinaola Community Church
College Plans: Major in Accounting and Ag Business at SWICC ❤️💙
Favorite Color: Purple 💜 and Blue 💙
Years Dancing: 12
Dance Classes She Takes: competition, pointe, jazz, lyrical, hip hop
Classes She Helps With: Preschool ballet, k-3rd hip hop, 5th Grade hip hop and 7th grade jazz/lyrical
Favorite Style of Dance: Hip Hop
Favorite Routine She’s performed: Competition: bombastic and recreational: I’m Better (2019 High School Hip Hop)
Favorite Snack: whales!! on protein balls
Favorite Show to Watch: Riverdale or Criminal minds
Favorite thing to do While Quarantined: watch tv, hang out with friends Practice dance!😉

Huge thank you to my coaches for pushing me to be the best i can be! Also huge thank you to my friends and family for always supporting me in whatever i do!!
@ The Dance Factory Abby King

Our next senior spotlight is on Natasha!

Name: Natasha Franzen
HS School: Indianola High School 💜💛
Extra-Curricular: Cheerleading, FFA, DECA, UNICEF, Silver cord, Yearbook, Interact, 4H
College Plans: Attending Montana State University to major in Environmental Science 💙💛
Favorite Color: Forest Green 🌳
Years Dancing: 14
Dance Styles: Competition: jazz, lyrical, hip hop, line, musical theatre. Regular classes: Jazz, tap, lyrical, hip hop, pointe
Classes She Helps With: Kindergarten, second grade, third grade, fifth grade
Favorite Style of Dance: Lyrical
Favorite Routine She’s performed: Black Widow (competition hip hop 2015)
Favorite Snack: Cauliflower
Favorite Show to Watch: Longmire, Gossip Girl and Lucifer
Favorite thing to do While Quarantined: Go on walks with my dogs

- Special thank you to all of my coaches, my parents and my teammates for helping me grow as not just a dancer but a person as well, pushing me to be the best I can be, and being my biggest cheerleaders 💜💕
@ The Dance Factory Natasha Franzen

💜💗💜 Look at those cuties!

Our May 7-9 Virtual Competition is filling FAST!!

Register your routines today to save your spot before it's too late! Go to to register

#infernovirtualseries #cantstopwontstopvirtualdancecomps

Our first senior spotlight is on Kate Day!

Name: Kate Day
HS School: Indianola High School 💜💛
Extra-Curricular: Dance
College Plans: Attending the University of Northern Iowa for Elementary Education 💜💛
Favorite Color: Pink 💗
Years Dancing: 14
Dance Styles: lyrical, jazz, tap, hip-hop, pointe
Classes She Helps With: 1st and 4th grade
Favorite Style of Dance: Lyrical
Favorite Routine She’s Performed: Supermarket (2019 Pointe Routine) - it meant a lot to me
Favorite Snack: Easy Mac n Cheese
Favorite Show to Watch: Gossip Girl
Favorite thing to do While Quarantined: Play with my new puppy

- Thank you to my family and friends for always supporting me in everything i do, and thank you to Dana for staying calm and helping us all through this tough time! ❤️ @ The Dance Factory

Our zoom classes start today! Can’t wait to see our dancers this week! We’ve missed you all so much! 💜 Be sure to watch your emails for links/meeting IDs!

We love our seniors! 💜 Be sure to check in next week as we feature each one of graduating dancers! #dancerstrong #classof2020

Happy Birthday to one of our competition teachers Miss Madison! We hope you have a great day and can’t wait for the chance to dance with you again in the studio! 💜💗

Happy Easter! 🌷💜🌷

We hope everyone has a great Easter weekend! Enjoy these Easter themed dancing coloring pages!
If you color one we want to see! Leave your picture in the comments or tag us!

Old Movie Stars Dance to Uptown Funk

Flashback Friday! Check out these dance scenes from some older movies!

Do you know any of these old movies? 🎥 🍿 Comment below the ones you know!

If you like this video, please support these film preservation charities: The British Film Institute, The George Eastman Museum, http:/...

Happy Thursday! We have a Tiktok Challenge for you all! We challenge you to make a dance video WITH your siblings, mom and/or dad! Have fun! Post your entries in the comments!

❤️ #hope

...I must confess I want to leave, Leave! 💗 🎶🎵

Repost @Britney Spears

Can I just tell you that we miss you all so much! Every face, every student, every parent, every sibling, every grandparent—we miss you all beyond words.

We miss the little ones who run in in the door to give us hugs each week. We miss the parent’s chatter in the lobby.

We miss students who are always early, we miss the one’s who are always late. And we miss the students who forget their dance shoes.

We miss the young ones who cry and whimper when they miss their parents. We miss the “grown up girls” determination when two pirouettes turn into three.

We miss our devoted teachers who give so much more than you’ll ever know.

We know this trial will end and this separation will too. Until we can get together again, missing you all so dearly will simply have to do. 💜💗💜


Have you been stretching everyday at home and working on your splits?! Share a picture of you either stretching or doing your splits at home. M

Leave your picture in the comments or tag us! @thedancefactory208

We hope you can get out and enjoy some sunshine today! 🌞 We want to see you get creative and show us a sidewalk chalk masterpiece! Dancers, include yourself in your drawing. You can have other family members or pets in there too! Leave your picture in the comments.

The person with the most likes on their photo will receive a prize!

Here are some examples!

Love to color? ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

Color one or all of these coloring sheets and put your finished product in the comments!

Do you have some time to watch a movie?! 🎥🍿Here’s a list of some great dance movies out there! 🩰💃🏼
Leave a comment with your favorite dance movie or leave us a gif for us to guess what it is.


We want to see one of your favorite costumes!

Leave your picture in the comments or tag us in your post.

Bonus if you can name the year and the song you danced to!

#thedancefactory208 #flashbackfriday

— My costume was for Tap, the year was 1999 and the song “Rock My World, Little Country Girl” 🤍

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