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I am now accepting clients at !!!!
Click the link below to find the session type for you and schedule to get started!!!
Amazing workout tonight!!!
Confession: I did the vertimax routine a couple months ago and I didn't walk correctly till 6 days later... I thought I was tough but seriously couldn't hang lol..overall though, an excellent results driven routine...highly recommended
First vertimax boot camp completed !! Seriously... get ready to sweat 💦💦💦💦☔️☔️☔️☔️🌊🌊🌊
hey Ohio State Buckeyes football fans, secret while your team is so dominate on the football field. Train like the Buckeyes by scheduling your session at Vertimax Bootcamp
Michael Coleman II Thursday at 8pm in Santa Monica for vertimax training. Time to get your bounce up with my boy john kaker. Hit me up if u can go. I'm tryin to adjust my schedule so I can be there. 8-9pm.
elite world class sprinters use Vertimax, so why not you? Try Vertimax Bootcamp for FREE* first time! email: [email protected] to RSVP
not in town but will come train asap . good job brodie
coach Kaker training former Legends Football League and Lingerie Basketball League player Julie Ginther!!!

Explosiveness is key!
Vertimax trains explosiveness, video clip of the upcoming NFL pro's training on the Vertimax!

The ultimate fitness studio garage gym training service for those who want a state o "What is a Vertimax?"

Vertimax is a circuit style plyometrics (jump training) boot camp designed to better an athletes athletic performance for;
-proper core activation
Physical benefits of this style of training promotes;
-maximum caloric expenditure
-develop type II muscle fibers
-tones legs
-tones abs

"researchers at Boston University School of Medicine have found that increasing the mass or size of type II muscle fibers will lead to a significant decrease in fat mass or the amount of fat in the body"
↑ Nick H.

Operating as usual

Photos from Jon Kaker Fitness's post 08/11/2022

Photo1 What does your vertical jump score mean? Photo2 best hoopers in the world test results. How high do you wanna get to?


to my semi private group workout I ran successfully 2x a week for 8 years in Santa Monica. Should I bring it back to - Inglewood ? Hmmm 🤔

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For my 32nd birthday 🎂 I wanted to reverse the clock of aging by focusing on getting my body to get back to it’s physical prime. I used this photo from my prime as a bench mark. Health is a man’s first wealth. I’m happy with my progress this year. Can’t wait to see what the next year holds for me. 💪🏻


FPV First Person Video drone videos 🎥 of coming 🔜 🙌🏻💪🏻 Shoutout to for the amazing work!

Building The Perfect NBA Shooting Guard: James Harden's Basketball IQ, Klay Thompson's Shooting 07/07/2022

Building The Perfect NBA Shooting Guard: James Harden's Basketball IQ, Klay Thompson's Shooting

Building The Perfect NBA Shooting Guard: James Harden's Basketball IQ, Klay Thompson's Shooting There are many roles that a shooting guard has to play on the basketball court. Usually, a shooting guard is a team’s primary scoring option or at the very


New mini fridge has been installed & fan has been moved to the center of the fitness studio !

@KakeFitStudios | Linktree 06/30/2022

@KakeFitStudios | Linktree

Check out my linktree for any questions

@KakeFitStudios | Linktree Private Fitness studio Inglewood!​ Now accepting clients at !


New updated linktree .ee for everything related to


Jump 2 inches higher even with knee pain!

How to jump 2 inches instantly higher even with knee pain by using the v8 system!

F = M x A

F= Force Production out of the 1/4 squat jump for a maximum standing vertical jump can be maximized by training 3 different styles of squat jump variations.

M = Mass
Mass is developed from the muscles by increasing the joint angles, emphasizing a hard landing also known as the force absorption (eccentric) side of the vertical jump. Doing 1/2 squat jumps emphasize this part of the equation.


A = Acceleration
Acceleration based squat jump styles are done by decreasing the joint angles, focusing on staying tall / stiff during a 1/8th squat jumps (also known as a pogo squat jump). The goal of this is the emphasis on the up (concentric) phase / reaction time.

Then bring it all together back to the goal of a higher 1/4 squat jump & you’ll be just as shocked as Brooke was with how much higher you can jump instantly!

Training theory developed by
Want to train on a Vertimax in Los Angeles, CA ? Get in contact with one of the best in the nation on how to use the machine by visiting the website above.


results speak 🗣 for themselves 💪🏻 🏀 I started with this group 4 years ago. Tons of city titles later. I’ll miss the graduating class from this squad from as we usher in the future this summer off season. Trained by #2021

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- Inglewood offers 4 work stations & 3 recovery stations. Photo #10 coming soon outdoor pool whirlpool bath

2 Minutes of Planks a Day 05/24/2022

2 Minutes of Planks a Day

2 Minutes of Planks a Day

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I met Ijezie at the start of his Senior season unsigned, no offers & not able to dunk yet. He came to me wanting to work on his bounce so he could dunk & his ultimate goal was to get a D1 basketball scholarship to a high level SoCal school such as UCLA or USC. With such a short time table, I worked on mastering his jumping technique, vertimax v8, heavy hinge exercises & core work. At the start of the 7th session with him I asked, “You dunking in games yet?”. He replied, “Jon everything I do now is a dunk!” Then he showed me these articles being written about him. Now he got SDSU & some other D1’s that he dreamed of interested extending offers. This is one of my favorite success stories. Never give up on your dreams. If I take you on as a client, I will make you the best possible athlete you can become if you listen to everything I tell you to do in both our time together & homework 📚 I assign for you to do on your own.


Winning Time | HBO

So dope 🏀

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take your game to new heights?
Plyometric based training is a fun way to burn a ton of calories while developing long lean type 2 muscle fibers that are designed for athletic performance.

Here at we have have multiple pieces of equipment to make each workout exciting & fun, while working on all the various aspects of increasing your vertical jump;

•Vertimax v8
•Vertimax Raptor
•2 Squat Racks
•Loop & asssited bands
•cushioned Plyo Box
•private half court to work on your dunking technique
& much more !

Schedule a session today
Click this link above to schedule ⬆️


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“The real workout begins when you want to stop.”

Speed / Agility training station

this 10 yard / 30 foot runway is designed to help athletes focus on acceleration/deceleration/ lateral movement in a controlled environment to maximize human sports performance using multiple tools;
•Speed Ladder
•Vertimax Raptor

💪🏻 - Inglewood


My goal is to simply become a better version of myself 💪🏻

Studio Gym

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some of my favorite fitness photos I’ve ever taken 💪🏻 hoping to duplicate some of these to show my journey back from dropping 25 lbs tomorrow with 📸 here at


been working hard to get my 6pack back 💪🏻 fitness photoshoot coming Wednesday

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new equipment! Rowing machine for cardio !


Multi sport athletes are the best athletes

👀 (✍️ )

Photos from Jon Kaker Fitness's post 01/29/2022

hiking & pull ups


Random files of greatness…


did you hit your New Years resolutions last year? I did thanks to ! I wanted to drop 20lbs & I got 22 lbs off. I started with a vegan based diet & after a few months I noticed I hit a plateau. I decided the last month to switch to an 18:6 intermediate fasting schedule. For me I’m doing it a tad untraditional where I only eat at night time, & if the sun ☀️ is out I don’t eat. I’ve been supplementing electrolytes, vitamin, minerals & drinking water from my machine. This next year I want to get my 6pack back so only another 5-10 lbs to go, a much easier goal to obtain for 2022!


arm swing velocity / sprint mechanic day with & here at


really thankful for all my clients I have worked with over the past 10 years. Great feeling to wake up to this review on my google business page from a satisfied client! Thank you Sofia! 💪🏻 ⚽️ 🏃‍♀️

McDonald’s rolls out exercise bikes for dine-in customers in China 12/25/2021

McDonald’s rolls out exercise bikes for dine-in customers in China

McDonald’s rolls out exercise bikes for dine-in customers in China

Drake's Music Makes People Run Slower, According To New Study 12/14/2021

Drake's Music Makes People Run Slower, According To New Study

Study reveals listening to Drake will make you run slower, find a different artist!!!

Drake's Music Makes People Run Slower, According To New Study A new study reveals that Drake's music made joggers increase their running time. Drake makes music for every occasion. Sad? Drake has a song for that. Happy? Drake has a song for that. Hangry? There's likely a record in Drake's expansive catalog that will suit whatever vibe you're on that day. Unfor...


cable chest press tips & tricks from

Photos from Jon Kaker Fitness's post 12/02/2021

welcome to - Inglewood’s finest private fitness studio for athletic based personal training. Accepting only 4 new clients for 2022 starting January. DM for your first free session!

Photos from Jon Kaker Fitness's post 12/01/2021

“6 game winning streak so far. V-Tor#23 leading scorer almost every game. 18pts last night “ father of Vitor Dorn


Fitness studio updates! The client locker has been moved inside the gym of behind the v8. Also installed & have running a google nest mini 2nd generation. All you have to do is say “hey google” & it’ll play whatever jams you want for your workout!


“Was awarded MVP of the USA Touch Rugby National tournament. Thanks for getting me ready for the tournament. It was pretty huge. Probably the best tournament I’ve ever played.“ Rugby 🏉


doing sled 🛷 + sprints 💨 to backpedals

This former professional Australian rugby player & mother of 3 is prepping for her next touch rugby 🏉 national match for at in Inglewood California


Stay if you have a Tesla did you know you can charge up for free during each one of your paid personal training sessions?

Photos from Jon Kaker Fitness's post 09/11/2021

New Equipment ‼️

•Assisted Squat Bar
A great tool for those beginners learning how to front squat and even advanced squatters who feel their limiting factor is their rack position / grip / hold!
The ultimate way to increase overall strength, as you lift the weight up, another chain link lifts off the floor thus adding additional weight during the top of your lift where you are scientifically stronger than the bottom of the lift.
•53lbs Kettlebell
No more having to make the jump from 25lbs to 85lbs here at
•Torque Cushioned Plyo Box
Safer, more stable & higher plyo box !
•Additional Bumper plates
Another set of 45lbs & 10lbs (not listed)
•Industrial fan
This powerful beast of a machine can single handedly keep a room cool by itself.
•Outdoor lockers
Groups / clients now have lockers to store their items at instead of randomly putting them on the floor. Makes it easier to stay post workout without impeding the next client(s) after you by keeping your equipment in these outdoor lockers so you can stay post workout to get some shots up, additional cardio &/or stretching / massage tool time!

prides itself in providing the ultimate training ground for athletes in LA without the corporate hassle of a silly gym membership. Pay only for the training session, the way athletic based personal training should be.


Upgrade alert! Outdoor cardio area now has a retractable sun shade with solar lighting underneath it. Shade for the super hot days, lights for late night sessions.


updated outdoor fitness area
•Rubber horse stall mat for weights
•Roman chair / GHD for hams & glutes
•AirBike for cardio
•Row machine for cardio

Get your sweat on in the sun ☀️ - Inglewood


Work on your hoops game at new themed has now been installed


Not accepting new clients in the year 2021.

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Jump 2 inches higher even with knee pain!
@vertimax arm swing velocity / sprint mechanic day with @boobieflow & @tr3hutch here at @kakefitstudios
#throwbackthursday cable chest press tips & tricks from
@selsheerin doing sled 🛷 + sprints 💨 to backpedals This former professional Australian rugby player & mother of 3 is pre...
arm swing velocity & core day for @ucancallme_dill using the @vertimax for @vertimaxbasketball specific athletic based p...
arm swing velocity & core day for @ucancallme_dill using the @vertimax for @vertimaxbasketball specific athletic based p...
arm swing velocity & core day for @ucancallme_dill using the @vertimax for @vertimaxbasketball specific athletic based p...
Alternating lunge jumps with 1/2 squad landing in the middle. I call this “split-split-squats” a great way to start a py...
DB Single Leg RDL 3 x 10-15 reps. Any sport that requires running should be incorporating this posterior hinge exercise ...
Dumbbell hang clean to rotational overhead shoulder press. A must do lift for all basketball players! Try 3-5 sets x 5-1...
How to properly do a glute bridge. Try 2 sets of 30 reps! @kakefitstudios video series coming soon!
This is the saddest post I have ever made. RIP to @yngant.s I have been informed of him passing away. Ant was one of my ...




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