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Elite Personal Training Facility, Strength & Conditioning, Bootcamp, Boxing. More Than Words... RESULTS !!

Operating as usual



Make 2023 your healthiest and most consistent year EVER! Be stronger than your excuses and build habits that will improve your lifestyle!

LET’S GO! 💪🏼

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Big shout out to our Cycling Team for competing last weekend at the 2022 with an impressive performance.

If you’re a true competitor and are interested in joining any of our competition teams, please DM us.


Happy 4th of July! 🇺🇸


Who else loves sled pushes? 🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♂️


Happy Memorial Day!


Let’s bring the intensity ⬆️


Keep on movin’ Señoritas! 💪🏼

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Shout out to Athlete Cesar and Coach Carlos for competing at the 2021 this weekend in the category 50 Mile 3700 Climbing, great job guys! •


Landmine row muscles worked include the lats, middle and lower back, traps, rear shoulders, forearms and biceps. Perfect exercise for back day! 💪🏼


Don’t compare your day 1 to someone’s day 365.
Move at your own pace, give your best and be patient.
The results will come - Trust the process ! •


Wrapping up another 8 weeks of hard work - Get ready for testing week 💪🏼👊🏻🔥

If you’d like to test your strength and conditioning, DM us!

New Program starts May 17th!
Sign up! Limited spots available !

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UNILATERAL WORK helps to isolate and correct muscle imbalances, improves balance, utilizes core muscles, aids in injury prevention and facilitates rehabilitation.•

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Our 8 week training programs always end with a two week testing period. During this period, we not only test for strength and conditioning but also athleticism, endurance and work capacity for optimal results. Join our next 8 week program and get ready for summer 2021 with the team!!!

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✌🏼🥳🤚🏻 Happy 7th Anniversary Family!!! ✌🏼🥳🤚🏻

Thank you to all our members for your support and loyalty, especially throughout the roughest year that our industry had to face, we wouldn't be where we are without any of you!

Here's to another great year of STAYING FIT and HEALTHY!!


If nothing changes, NOTHING changes!

You want to get Fit, but ...

-You’re not willing to do so much

-You want to keep eating the same way

-You don’t want to change your habits

-Change is required and change is uncomfortable



Monday’s are for Squats !


Wednesday Nights are for BOXING! 💥🥊

Join us every Wednesday at 6pm

DM us to reserve your spot!


Carry The Turkey 8.0 🦃🍁

Our Annual Thanksgiving Workout!


Saturday’s are for Buns & Guns !! 🍑 💪🏼

90 minutes of 🔥 Exercises that will get your ready for the weekend.


Bench Press x SkiErg 🔥💪🏼🔥


Becoming obsessed with your training is the only way you will get the results that you want! •


Jump to the next level!


Raise your hands if you Stayed Fit during Quarantine... 🙌🏻

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@ StayFit OC


Have come to an end! WE ARE GOING BACK INSIDE THE GYM!!!

Thank you to all of you who supported us with this project during these difficult times, while maintaining all the -19 regulations on point! It’s time to get back to real training and achieve our original goals!

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Social Distancing at it’s FINEST!

@ StayFit OC


“Drive In” workouts!

Our Semi-Private training concept allow us to be able to do these type of workouts maintaining all of COVID-19 regulations and social distancing precautions. Shareable equipment gets disinfected before and after each session.
join us! LIMITED TIMES AND SPOTS AVAILABLE! DM for more info! •


We at mix the Conventional and Unconventional Training to maximize RESULTS! •

Conventional training is about compound and isolated exercises, made to beautify.

Unconventional training is about compound movements, offset and unilateral training, and high intensity.•

Timeline photos 03/04/2020

Half way through “Testing week” stay strong! 💪🏼 •

Timeline photos 03/01/2020

Build that Bod! 💪🏼•

Timeline photos 02/28/2020

Bicep Drop-Set! 💪🏼🔥•


Keep it functional but don’t neglect the Aesthetics 💪🏼👊🏻 •

Timeline photos 02/10/2020

Exercising is Art in motion 🙌🏻•


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Let’s bring the intensity ⬆️
Keep on movin’ Señoritas! 💪🏼
#DriveInWorkOuts Have come to an end! WE ARE GOING BACK INSIDE THE GYM!!! •Thank you to all of you who supported us with...
“Drive In” workouts! Our Semi-Private training concept allow us to be able to do these type of workouts maintaining all ...
We at @stayfitoc mix the Conventional and Unconventional Training to maximize RESULTS! •••Conventional training is about...
Keep it functional but don’t neglect the Aesthetics 💪🏼👊🏻 •••••#StayFitOC #FunctionallyShredded  #PersonalTraining #Fitne...
We will be hosting a FREE training session at 12PM TOMORROW, Saturday Feb, 1st. Our friend @aarondiaz will be making an ...
For some people Leg day is Hell... for us it’s HEAVEN! 🙌🏻••••••#2020 #TrainingCycle #Resolutions #GroupTraining #StayFit...
Leg day! 🔥🦵🏼🔥••••#2020 #TrainingCycle #Resolutions #GroupTraining #StayFitOC #FunctionallyShredded  #PersonalTraining #F...




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