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2020 Pledge payment reminders were sent out last month. If you did not receive your invoice please contact me via the Cedarwood email. [email protected]
Is there going to be a trunk or treat this year?
Is there going to be a trunk or treat this year?
Lost dog. Chris is walking him around the neighborhood. Found on Sagewood. Contact Chris 336-552-4067.
I’ve never been around for the 4th July Party! What is the plans this year, exciting I hope!
We have section 5 reserved for anyone who would like to join the team.
Happy 4th! What time is the bike parade?

Cedarwood Swim and Tennis Club - It's not just a pool, it's a community! 300 Tangle Drive Jamestown, North Carolina 27282 Phone (336) 454-1414 Email [email protected] Website www.cedarwoodpool.com Facebook www.facebook.com/cedarwoodpool

Member only, community pool and tennis club in Jamestown, NC. Family and community oriented, a great place to belong to and enjoy with your family and friends!


Swim Team Regsistration 2020.docx

Hello Cedarwood Stingrays!💙💛

We are looking forward to the possibility of having some form of swim team this summer. That possibility is contingent on whether we have enough swimmers to financially support the team.

We are excited about working with your kids again this summer and having a modified version of swim team during this difficult, and uncertain times. We are going to do our best to make this a fun time for your children. However, this year please do not join the pool for swim team alone. This years' swim team will be more of a focus on fitness, exercise, and team comradery. Per the HPSCA (our swim league), there will be no dual swim meets or a City Meet this summer.

Please help support us in trying to keep everyone safe and healthy by following the guidelines below:

We will constantly monitor the number of people inside the fence and in the pool to make sure it meets the guidelines made by the governor and NCDHHS.
We will start groups of swimmers at different ends of the pool to minimize crowding.
Swimmers will exit the pool after each set to eliminate groups of swimmers congregating in the pool.
We will use the deep end to farther spread out the swimmers.
While swimmers are waiting in line we will do our very best to encourage social distancing.
According to the pool, there will be sanitation stations set up that the swimmers are welcome to use at any time.
Remember to adhere to the signs posted around the pool.
All of this is subject to change at any time.

Unfortunately this summer we will not be able to accommodate all swimming levels like we usually do. Due to social restrictions it is not feasible to work with young swimmers in small groups/one on one setting. Sadly we cannot do "hand on" swim team this year. Because of this, we have to ask that all swimmers joining the team be able to swim one length of the pool unassisted and without touching the wall or the bottom. We will be making all swimmers 10 and under do this during their first swim practice. Typically this is not our philosophy for our swim team. We pride ourselves in taking a hands on approach to develop a love of swimming but we feel like all of this is a necessary precaution to help keep everyone safe and healthy.

For the swim team to stay cost effective we have to keep our coaching staff to a minimum. Our coaching staff will be concentrating on our swimmers in the pool so please keep siblings under parental supervision. Remember, per board decision, the game room and the clubhouse WILL NOT be open. It would be a good idea to bring something to entertain your kids that are not in the pool.

Parents: While at practice waiting on your swimmers were asking that you please try to utilize the pool deck to help regulate social distancing. Let's all do our part to make this a successful swim season under the circumstances.

Swim Team Dates for 2020:
Week 1 Monday June 8th - Friday 12th
Week 2 Monday June 15th - Friday June 19th
Week 3 Monday June 22nd - Friday June 26th
Week 4 Monday June 29th - Friday July 3rd
Week 5 Monday July 6th - Friday July 10th
(Optional Week 6 for a small fee) Monday July 13th - Friday July 17th

Swim Practice Times:
8:00-8:45am 13 years and older
9:00-9:45am 10-12 year olds
10:00-10:45am 9 years old and under

Swim Team Fees:
$70 for the first swimmer, $65 for the second swimmer, and $60 for the third swimmer and so on. Checks can be made payable to Cedarwood Swim Team.

Registration Dates:
***We will make the final decision on swim team AFTER these registration dates. Registration is VERY IMPORTANT this year! Checks will be held until the decision about swim team has been made.***
Sunday May 31st 4:00-6:00pm Jamestown Presbyterian Church Shelter
Tuesday June 2nd 5:00-7:00pm Jamestown Presbyterian Church Shelter
Friday June 5th 4:00-7:00pm Jamestown Presbyterian Church Shelter

***Please fill out the attached Google Form so that we can get an idea of how many swimmers are interested.***

Your Swim Team Moms, Coach Brian, and Brittany,

Danielle King aka Lucy (336)906-0678
Erin Smith aka Ethel (704)796-9870



docs.google.com Name________________________ Boy/Girl_______ Age Group_____________ Registration Fee Paid________ E-mail address(es) entered________ 2020 Summer Swim Team Registration Adult members of the Cedarwood Swim and Tennis Club may register their dependent children who are at least 4 years...

[05/30/20]   Hello Cedarwood Family! We are excited about this season and look forward to everyone enjoying the pool!

POOL HOURS: Beginning Saturday, May 30, 2020

Mon & Tues 11am - 8pm
Wed - Sat 11am - 9pm
Sun 1pm - 8pm

Tennis courts are open daily till 10pm.

POOL RULES - please follow these rules and adhere to the lifeguard’s instructions:
*Please go over these with your children! Lifeguards have the discretion to contact parents or sit out/send home children who are not following the rules consistently.
• NO GLASS! - Please do not bring any drinks or food in glass containers. You may be asked to look in your cooler upon entry to the pool. This is for the safety of all!
• NO running on deck!
• NO hard balls - no hard balls, including tennis balls, should be thrown in the pool or over the pool.
• NO goggles on the diving boards
• NO diving off the edge of the pool head first, except in the deep end of the pool. If diving boards are in use, no swimming in the deep end.
• NO water wings - water wings alone are not an approved safety device for children who cannot swim. If they are attached to an approved safety device/tube, they will be allowed. An example of an approved device is a puddle jumper.
• NO ONE under 10 is allowed to be at the pool without supervision - 10 year olds wanting to come to the pool alone should see a lifeguard to pass a swim test. Also, children need to be 13 years old to be watching younger children at the pool without additional supervision.
• HIGH DIVE - High Dive is for children and adults 8 and over. Also, there is a 250 lbs weight limit to the high dive.
• SLIDE - goggles may be worn on the slide, but no puddle jumpers. 250 lbs weight limit.
• BABY POOL - Baby pool is for children 4 and under. This applies during all open hours including break time.
• BREAK - Break is the 10 minutes at the end of each hour. Break will not be called at the last open hour. Break time is “swim at your own risk” as the lifeguards are taking their break and attending to other job duties at the pool. Children two and under may be in the pool with an adult during break time. The child need to be in the arms of the adult, not jumping off the side of the pool.
• YELLOW ZONE - The yellow painted area on the pool deck is a reminder for anyone under 18 to stay clear of the pool during break time. Staying out of the yellow zone also allows adults to enjoy the pool splash free.
• APPROPRIATE SWIM ATTIRE: Cedarwood is a family pool. Please wear appropriate swim attire when coming to the pool.
• SWIM TEAM - Please sign in every time you come to practice.
• MEMBERS - Please have the lifeguards sign you in and out every time you come to the pool.
◦ 2020 membership cards will be available at the front desk when you come to the pool starting May 30. Your membership must be paid in FULL to receive your membership card. If you make your final payment at the pool, you may use the pool that day. Please give 2 days for your cards to be available for pickup.
◦ Please be prepared to show your membership card and sign in each time you enter the pool. If you forget your card or if a child enters the pool and does not have a member card with them, membership information will be verified by the lifeguard.
GOLF CARTS - Please park all golf carts in the designated golf cart parking area.
POOL FLOATS - Recreational floats and over-sized noodles will not be permitted. The small noodles will be allowed.

Thank you for taking the time to read all of this information and for making Cedarwood a great place to enjoy!

[05/28/20]   First, we would like to say thank you to all of the members who have stuck with the Board while we have navigated these unknown waters. In these unprecedented times it was our responsibility to develop a plan. The plan that we have put in place follows the Governor’s orders while making things as flexible as possible for our members. Please know that we thought of the members first in every step of the development process. We will be reevaluating these rules as the summer progresses and at any time we feel our procedures are not meeting the needs of the members.

We had to wait to put this out as we were waiting on some last-minute requirements and inspections by city and county officials.

All of the following are mandated or recommended by the Governor’s order. If we fail to meet the minimum requirements it is considered to be a Class 2 Misdemeanor.

1) Checking-in/Checking-out
a) Members will be allowed in on a first-come/first-served basis until the maximum occupancy is reached.
b) If and only if we reach our maximum capacity, we will move to a 4-hour rotation for members. In extreme circumstances we may be forced to move to 3-hour intervals.
i) The check-in time will be used as the basis of when that interval would have started. As an example: Fred arrives at 11:00am and the pool is basically empty. Around 3:30pm we get an influx of members wanting to come in and we reach our capacity. With members still waiting the lifeguards will evaluate the sign-in sheet and see if anyone has been there for four hours. Fred would be asked to relinquish his spot as he has been there for 4 ½ hrs.
ii) If at capacity and a member is asked to leave, please write your exit time as we may have other slots open and can rotate you back in.
c) Check-in will be done by the lifeguards at the front desk only (both sign-ins and sign-outs). After your initial check-in, you will receive your membership card, which should speed up the process in the future.
d) We have installed two new emergency exits. Please do not use these unless it is a true emergency.
e) Exiting will be through the main office as usual so that your exit time can be documented by the lifeguard. Please be cognizant of social distancing in this area.
f) We are currently looking into options to keep the available capacity posted on our page and website, we will try to keep this as updated as possible.

2) Occupancy Load
a) Per the Order we can have 50% of the maximum occupancy load set by the fire marshal. This leaves us with a maximum occupancy of 170 members. In looking at the numbers last year, we rarely exceeded this number.
i) It is imperative that at check-in the log has your time of arrival and the total number in your party. Once again, this is handled by the life guards.
ii) Lifeguards in the front office will be maintaining our total occupancy load at all times.
b) Out of the 170 people, we can only have 46 members in the pool. This does not include anyone sitting on the sides with their feet in the water. Once again based on the numbers from last year, this was rarely exceeded.
i) Lifeguards will be monitoring the number of members in the pool as best they can.
ii) If they feel that the occupancy load for the pool has been exceeded, they may signal for some members to leave the pool or they have the option of signaling that all members leave the pool so that we can get an accurate count as people reenter.

3) Seating Areas
a) We will be marking the pool deck with specific seating areas so that we can help to maintain social distancing.
i) Each space is designed for a maximum of 6 members.
ii) Exceptions may be made for larger families upon notification of the on-duty manager.
b) You must bring your own chairs this year. This is just another step to help meet the intent of the Governor’s order.
c) We will have the umbrellas up. Please do not touch the umbrellas, the lifeguards will put them up in the morning and down in the evening. During a storm situation, the lifeguards will take them down.
d) There will be no seat saving allowed this pool season.

4) General Rules and Recommendations
a) As much as possible, please attempt to maintain social distancing at all times. This is just as important in the pool as it is out.
b) Members are encouraged to wear face masks when entering and exiting the pool area and anytime you are not in the pool. This is not rule, just a suggestion to help our members stay as safe as possible.
c) When members have checked-in, they must stay in the pool area until they leave. Picking up food or a forgotten item is completely understandable, please speak to the guard signing people in/out about this before leaving. Leaving for an extended amount of time may cause your spot to be given away.
d) The use of the clubhouse and game room will not be permitted this pool season, and as a result the snack shack will not be in operation. The areas will remain locked.
e) The baby pool is now only to be used by children 4 and under, including break time. There will be specific seating areas marked off in that area. A Parent/guardian MUST be in the baby pool area with the child at all times.
f) We will be enforcing the above rules and violators may be asked to leave.
g) Our lifeguards will be doing enhanced hourly cleaning of the facilities.
h) Aqua Tech will be monitoring their staff on a daily basis for any health-related issues.
i) We will have multiple sanitation stations set up around the pool area. Please utilize these as much as possible. We are all trying to do our part to stop the spread of the virus.

5) Weekly Evaluations by Staff and the Board
a) Currently we are not allowing any guests. The evaluation of the numbers and overall times members are there will be used as a basis to loosen this restriction. This is why it is imperative to both sign-in and sign-out with times.
b) Recreational floats and over-sized noodles will not be permitted. Small children and those with special needs are allowed their personal flotation devices. The small noodles will also be allowed. Once again, we will reevaluate this during the first couple of weeks based on the numbers.
c) We are aware that there is very limited shade space. For the first week we ask that no guests bring tents. We feel that there will be amble room for them, however, we need to judge the capacity first. Once allowed, 6’x6’ and 8’x8’ will be allowed on the pool deck. Any larger tents can be used in the grassy area at the back of the pool.

Thank you again for helping us through this awkward time. We apologize again for the rules coming out this late, however, our hands were tied based on code officials’ final decisions. If you have any questions regarding these rules, please contact:

Mac McGuire (336) 508-4247 [email protected]

Matt Thorpe (336) 970-7459 [email protected]

[05/27/20]   Please remember to use social distancing tonight if you are making a payment at the pool. It is raining & we can’t have everyone in the clubhouse at once. Either bring an umbrella or stay in your car & take turns.

Thank you!

[05/27/20]   If anyone sees or hears momma duck and 8 babies in the Cedarwood neighborhood , please contact Tom Prevatt, 336-509-8242. We have her other 4 ducklings and wold like to reunite them with their family. Thank you


If you want to pay your dues through Venmo please send your payments to.....

[05/21/20]   Hello Cedarwood families,

We wanted to have a couple of opportunities for you to come out to pay membership fees and update your membership forms before the pool opens on Saturday, May 30, 2020. We will be at the pool/parking lot to help you and answer questions. However, we would not be available for tours during that time. If you would to come out and see us on Wednesday, May 27, or Thursday, May 28, we will be there between 6:00 - 8:00 pm both evenings.

We look forward to seeing you at the pool!

Daniele Peace Kay, Membership Chair
Leah Sharpe, Treasurer

[05/21/20]   Good evening Cedarwood Pool Families,

I hope this email finds everybody safe and healthy. GOOD NEWS…!!!! Governor Cooper has moved us into Phase 2. As I stated in my email a few days ago, we need a few days to prepare for the new guidelines. That being said, Aquatec will not have staff (Lifeguards) available until Saturday, May 30th for any pools they manage in NC. This allows them to train everybody on the new guidelines set forth by our NC Government regulations. Cedarwood Pool is planning on opening SATURDAY 5/30/20.

Please be patient with the Lifeguards, Management, and your Board members as we navigate through these uncertain times. I anticipate times this season that we may (as a pool) be over capacity and have to turn people away due to capacity restrictions and we are working through that to ensure that is kept at a minimum, if it even happens. Thank you for your patience and understanding. We look forward to seeing everybody next Saturday at the pool.

Best regards,

Mac McGuire

Cedarwood Pool Board President

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