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Operating as usual


Yoga with Linda Rigsby starts Tomorrow, September 9th at Noon
In the cardio classroom!


Yoga class starts this Friday, September 9th at noon!!


Members…..(speaking specifically to some of my high school students, since they are the ones that appear to ’not know’……..
The boxing gloves in the cardio classroom are to be used on the heavy bags ONLY!!! DO NOT use the gloves on another person, walls, mirrors, any equipment, other than the heavy bags!

If you are unsure if it’s allowed, you should definitely ask!!
‘Common Sense’ is Always a good tool to use when you are unsure as well.

Thank you,
Kimberly Dixon Springsguth




The water has been turned back on!!
Thank You City of Jay Utility Dept for working quickly to get our water restored. You are greatly appreciated.


Stay Consistent and Dedicated!
You Will Get There 💪

Circuit Training Tonight 515pm-615pm


Members Please Read!!!!
TOMORROW Sept 1st, the City of Jay Utilities Dept. will be working on a water main issue beginning at 6am; therefore the gym Will NOT have water until they have competed the project. They are hopeful that our water will be restored by 8am however could be longer so plan on NO restroom usage in the gym until 10am. I will keep you updated as I know more tomorrow.

Thank You,
Kimberly Dixon Springsguth


The ‘Kyle Wayne NEO’ workout!
One of our loyal BURN class members left for college so the class decided to do a workout in remembrance of him!
We Miss You Kyle however we know you are going to do Great things! 📚 ❤️


Your gym family is So Proud of You!
Keep crushing your goals Girl!
A Lifestyle change is a Journey,
Not a Race! You Got This!


It’s that Time!! Let’s Do It!! 💪

Cardio Kickboxing Tonight! 515pm-615pm


You Got This!! 💪



Members!! We have Air Conditioning in the main gym!!

A BIG ’Thank You’ to Mr. Paul Turner for finding the issue, and getting our gym a new unit!





Cardio Kickboxing Tonight!!
5:15pm-6:15pm 💪


Good Morning Members 😎

I am reminding ALL Members to
NOT park in front of Joe Hutchison’s (Hutchison Heating & Air) buildings, located on the south side of the gym. Apparently, the entire 2 buildings’ frontage are his ‘private entrances’, even if you are parked on the states roadway as I was notified by Jay PD last night, after Joe called them and threatened to have my vehicle towed.

I get the frustration and do not understand some people myself; however, let’s be the bigger/kinder people, eventhough sometimes we want to throat punch them!

Again, I apologize for the inconvenience of parking, and I Thank You for Loyalty, Kindness, & Help ❤️

Kimberly Dixon Springsguth


Join us Tonight for Cardio Kickboxing!!
515pm-615pm 💪




Yoga Classes to begin August 23rd!!
Tuesdays at 630am
Fridays at Noon

All classes are included in the Membership package!


BURN Fitness is a ‘Member Only’ gym!

IF you are Not an Active Member or are Not a ‘Guest’ of a BURN Fitness member, You Are NOT Allowed in the gym (Period). If you are caught inside the gym and are not a member nor a guest of a member, you are trespassing and charges can/might be filed against you!

Members….IF you bring a guest,
1) your guest is only allowed to come with you a total of 3 times (period)
2) you AND your guest MUST complete and sign the guest form located on the counter in front of the gym office
3) put the completed guest form along with $5 under the office door or inside the office window

If you have any questions regarding gym policies/rules, you should definitely ask before doing! It will be MUCH better for you to Know and Abide by the gym rules than for me to catch you and have to terminate your membership or file charges against you for trespassing.

Members, please share this post to your FB page so that we can get this out to as many people as we can.

Thank You,
Kimberly Dixon Springsguth


Good Morning! We have Great News!!

We have found a Yoga Instructor!! Yay!
She will begin classes around the middle August and needs to know what is the best day/time for the class. Starting off, she will be teaching 2 days/week. If you would be interested in taking this class, Please comment the best day/time for you.






The City of Jay is shutting off the gym water Today around 12:15pm. It shouldn’t take long to get the change made, however please Do Not use the restroom until they have turned the water back on.

Thank You,
Kimberly Dixon Springsguth


Let’s Do It Again!! We’ve been off for 4 days! Let’s get back to it starting Today!
Cardio Kickboxing Tonight 530pm-630pm!! 💪


Some of Our BURN Family supporting Our gym, each other, and our community at the Huckleberry 5k Run this morning!
Great Job Team! Way to Represent 💪


Alexis Gibe & her workout partner ❤️

While walking through the gym yesterday, I caught a glimpse of a woman that was determined to get her workout in, no matter what! I didn’t ask Alexis Gibe why she had her baby boy on her chest while doing the leg press, I was just so impressed that she was that determined to workout and that she would do whatever it took to get it done!!

I also thought it was probably one of the Most Beautiful Moments I had seen in any gym I’ve Ever been in ❤️

‘If it’s Important to You, You will find a way. If not, you’ll find an excuse’


Members and Non-Members!!

As many of you know, the building that my office was in sold and I have to be completely out by June 30th. I have a lot of things (30 years worth) that I do not want nor can use yet are very good and could maybe be a blessing to you. With that being said, Tomorrow June 25th at 9am, you are very welcome to come get what you want for free. I will have it all out for you to look over. There are a ton of nice drapes, home interior decor, golf bag/stuff, bedding, etc.
You All have been such an Amazing Blessing to me and I would like to give back to you for being so kind, supportive, and encouraging to me.

Thank You My Sweet Friends/Members
Kimberly Dixon Springsguth ❤️


Get some exercise today! 💪
Take an early morning walk and enjoy nature! 🦢
Ride your bike! 🚴
Get cooled off & refreshed and go for a swim! 🏊 🌊
Keep your Grands and run circles around them 🤪❤️

‘I am Fearfully & Wonderfully made’ Psalms 139:14

Photos from BURN Fitness's post 06/15/2022

Today…..God Breathed Life into the first phase of ‘His’ inspired vision/dream!
We are So Blessed and Excited to be part this AMazing journey God has appointed us to Live out!

We have So Many people to Thank and I hope I do not leave anyone out….
First, Foremost & Most Importantly,
Our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ ❤️
Also, Steve Odle & Grand Savings Bank, Ben & Janea Edwards, Skye Amos of Keller Williams, Apex Title Company, Mayor Becki Farley & the City of Jay, and of course, ALL Our BURN Fitness Members/Family.

We look forward to the next phase God breathes into Life! I KNOW it is going to be AMazing!! ❤️

Cody & Kimberly Dixon Springsguth

Photos from BURN Fitness's post 06/08/2022

And these Sweaty, Stinky, Dedicated People are just One of the Many reasons why we Need and Are getting a Brand New Gym!! We packed all 18 of them (with 3 absent) in our cardio room last night!!

In May 2019, this gym had less than 100 members. Three years later, BURN Fitness is busting at its seams as we have over 350 members and continue to add to that number daily! I Love walking into this gym and watching members interacting, helping, teaching, and telling ‘their story’ to others. I have prayed many times that God would provide a platform for me and others to give testimony about Him and what He has done in our lives. This gym is just One of the Many of My Testimonies to Trust Him!!

God Never Fails Us! When He puts a Dream and a Vision in You, don’t pass it up! Be receptive to be His Vessel and ‘He will do exceedingly abundantly above anything you could Ever Imagine!’ Ephesians 3:20


Every.Single.Day 💪


Happy Birthday to Miss Jana Jay Earp Haynes! She led the team tonight in a brutal ‘42’ EMOM Workout!! She teamed up with Kyle & Colin Sixkiller, giving them a run for their money! Great Job Jana! You have made Amazing progress because of your sheer determination, dedication, and giving it everything you’ve got Every.Single.Class!! We Love You and Hope You have the Best Birthday Ever ❤️


Jana Jae & The Sixkiller Boys❤️

Jana Jay Turns 42 and gave The Sixkiller boys a run for their money tonight!! 💪

Photos from BURN Fitness's post 06/02/2022

My Team last night! Great Job Ladies & Gentlemen! Join this group of Rockstars Every Monday-Thursday 530pm-630pm 💪

Photos from BURN Fitness's post 05/25/2022

Join Our Team!
Cardio Kickboxing Every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday
530pm-630pm 💪


Even in some of my hardest workouts, I am So Very Thankful that I ‘still’ Can!!

Photos from BURN Fitness's post 05/18/2022

MEMBERS….Please DO NOT park in front this is building, nor anywhere around it! You Will be towed.

This building has been bought by Joe Hutchison and he has asked that my members do not park anywhere around it. I know parking may be tight now however there is plenty of parking across the street, In front of the courthouse.

On a Positive Note, we are Very Blessed to have parking problems having So Many Members! As always, I give Praise & Glory to God as He always provides and He has exceeded My Every Prayer with this gym and it’s growth! We will soon be closing on the property to build a new gym that will have sufficient space for All our members to get their workout in, the latest in gym equipment, and convenient parking for Everyone!

Thank You All for your loyalty, support, and prayers. I am beyond Grateful for Each and Every One of YOU ❤️

Kimberly Dixon Springsguth
Cody Springsguth

Photos from BURN Fitness's post 05/18/2022

Proud of You Nikki Rowton!
You are doing AMazing things My Friend!
Stay Motivated, Determined, & Disciplined! You Got This! 💪


BURN Family…..say a Big ‘Thank You’
To Colton Benge!! He got our internet connection working again!!!
Door is accessible again so please use your key tags to get in the gym!

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You Colton Benge!! 💪❤️

Photos from BURN Fitness's post 05/12/2022

My Awesome Husband getting our Multi-Function Machine working again!
You see, Cody had a long list of things ‘he’ needed to get done today; however, he put me and our ‘gym needs’ above his own because he knew we needed it and he supports, encourages, empowers, and believes in me/my dreams!
Thank You Cody Ray for ALL you do for me and Our Gym. We are truly Blessed to have You 💪❤️


Tonight at 530pm! Be there!!
Team Challenge! It’s on!! 💪


Kyle Sixkiller working the Battle Ropes

Photos from BURN Fitness's post 05/10/2022

Cardio Kickboxing Every Mon, Tues, Wed, & Thurs 530pm-630pm! 💪


Hello My BURN Fit Family!!

We have some Really Good news & a little bit of ‘bare with me’ news

The Good News…..we put an offer on property in Jay on Main Street yesterday and it was accepted!!
Sooo, BURN Fitness will have a Brand New Homesite!! We Are So Excited that we want to start building immediately HOWEVER we want to pay the property off first so it may be a couple years before we break ground but It.Will.Happen!! We, first of all, want to Thank Jesus for the answered prayers that many of us have been praying for! Secondly, we ask that you continue to pray for our BF Family, Friends, and God’s Will to be done in His timing ❤️

Now, the ‘bare with me’ news……
YES, I Know it is ’Raining’ in the gym, like literally!! We had the gym roof sealed yesterday and apparently it didn’t take well. Taylor and I are doing the best we can to keep it under control until the Tsunami is over! The good news about it, it’s not raining on any of the equipment, AND you can now use the restroom AND take a shower All at the Same time!! Two for One!!
You’re welcome! 😉🤣

Anyhoo, we have so many things to be Thankful for and we aren’t going to let a little (okay maybe A Lot) of rain,
‘Rain on our Parade’

Thank You All for this ‘Little Slice of Heaven’ you have allowed us to be a part of with you 💪❤️

Cody & Kimberly Dixon Springsguth


When the cat is away, the mice will play!
Apparently during class last night, Miss Jana Jay Earp Haynes decided to ’borrow’ a bike in the alley rather than run 🤷🏻‍♀️😳🤣
I’m so looking forward to getting back to these Crazy, Fun, Hard-working Rockstars!


I Cannot say ‘Thank You’ enough to
My BURN Fit Team, And Taylor White for covering for me this week.
My husband and I had to make an unexpected emergent trip Sunday evening to Wyoming. I sent out a text immediately to my BF team explaining the situation and that I would most likely be gone all week and would not be able to teach class nor manage the gym. Within seconds of that text, We had nothing but support, understanding, and kindness from Every.Single.One of them. Cody & I are So Blessed to have Each of You in Our lives. We pray that God will Bless Each of You just as You have Blessed us ❤️

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Alexis Gibe & her workout partner ❤️
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It’s Cardio Time!!
Shout out to One of Our BURN Members: Dani Tanner!!Benched 135 tonight! A new max for her!(Below is the text I received ...
Members!! PLEASE! PLEASE! WIPE Your feet or take your shoes off before coming into the gym!!I mean seriously!!  Do you d...
This is what being consistent and working hard to crush your goals will do for you!! Dani Tanner Maxing out at 285 lbGre...






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