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Week 6 is in the books and mother nature has won her 4th event of the season at Clyde Martin Memorial Speedway. Looking forward to next weekend as we will have the car on display before the races on 5/21 at BC Fitness from 11-3pm. Then it will be off to the races.

We did get to race Friday night at Linda's Speedway in the #99 Mt Gretna Roller Rink Brandon Heist 270. Had a good heat race, as we went from 5th up to second In the first couple laps, but slipped back to finish 4th. Started 4th for the feature. With Brandon's car having some issues we landed up discussing and since he was running for point we switched carburetors so he could have best chance possible. It paid off as he went on to victory lane with the win. I landed up dropping back, but kept out of trouble to finish 16th. Thanks Brandon for the opportunity!

Thanks to Frostbitez, Edge of Kaos with Rich Kaos, B&K Tree and Outdoor Services, BC Fitness, Boltz's RV Service, Leaning Shed Hog Farm, The Gibraltar Handyman, RTS Chassis, Kim's Kreations, PWE Dave Walter, and all the fan sponsors.
Come join me with a day at the gym BC Fitness before the races on Saturday May 21st.
Week 2 in the books! Started heat race with another good starting position. Started 2nd for the 2nd week in a row. Finished heat in 2nd place. I decided to draw my own starting position for feature. Not a good decision as I drew 11 out of 12. Of course 12 was already picked or I would drew 12.started 11th and quickly moved through the field as I was up to 4th by lap 6. On a lap 6 restart I got connected together with third place car. This put us in the rear. Was able to work my way back up to finish 4th as the engine blew up coming off turn 4 on the final lap and limped across the line for a 4th place finish. Currently up to 2nd in points.
Thank you to my sponsors:
Edge of Kaos with Rich Kaos
B&K Tree and Outdoor Services
BC Fitness
Boltz's RV Service
The Gibraltar Handyman
Leaning Shed Hog Farm

Also thank you to this year's fan sponsors, RTS Chassis , Kim's Kreations , and PWE Dave Walter .

See everyone at the track next week!!
The third attempt was the charm for the Clyde Martin Memorial Speedway point season. Started the day with losing sprocket at end of warm ups but not before turning 2nd fastest time. Heat race started 2nd and took the lead on lap one leading to the checkered to win first heat race of the year. Started 5th in the feature and worked my way to 2nd and got to battle for the lead until late race caution. On the restart the 3rd place car was able to get under me as I got a bad start. This got me shuffled into the middle lane which was just too slick, so dropped back to 5th and fought hard on the bottom to be almost side by side with the 4th place car. Last lap 4th place car knew they had to block or was going to lose that spot, this caused me to lose my momentum and got passed at the line which put me back to a 6th place finish. Not exactly the result I was hoping for, but atleast we were able to battle for the lead.
Thank you to 2022 Sponsors:
Edge of Kaos with Rich Kaos
B&K Tree and Outdoor Services
BC Fitness
Leaning Shed Hog Farm
Boltz's RV Service
The Gibraltar Handyman

Fan Sponsors:
Weaver Clan, Tom, Kenny, Dave, Erma, Jeff, Dustin, Zoey, Aiden, Makenna, Carl, Howie

Thanks to RTS Chassis, Kim's Kreations, PWE Dave Walter

We will be back for another try next week!!
Following early night struggles the Champ sat them up and knocked them down in the A Main.

Mike Boyer went 19th to 3rd in the season opener for the BC Fitness hard charger in the 31 car 270 Micro Sprint field.
We are excited to introduce a few of our new marketing partners as we continue with the Opening Night Countdown for 2022.

BC Fitness is focused on providing high-quality customer service and satisfaction with a state-of-the-art workout facility. They have everything to meet your gym needs including free weights, cardio machines, aerobic room, and a variety of multi-function machines. With a variety of membership & personal training offerings to choose from, we’re sure you’ll be happy working out with them in Jonestown, PA.

📍2318 State Route 72 Jonestown, PA 17038


Friday April 8 will feature racing from the 270 & Winged 600 Micro Sprints along with the Slingshots.

Gates - 5:00 | Practice 7 | General Admission $5
Carrie Weaver 💚
Kalea Keppley
Hilary Sanchez
Carrie Weaver
Carrie Weaver

The Best Gym in Lebanon County located at 2318 State Route 72, Jonestown, PA 17038. With a variety o Family run gym with something for EveryBODY!

Operating as usual

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Arguably the best stretch I've ever been on with all 3 big lifts (SBD)
been working different schemes on all 3 and changing it up slightly each week
Today was definitely 1 of the best Bench days I have ever had( 5 weeks till 45)

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🤡show had their feelings hurt
And warned me AGAIN for sharing TRUTH and concern for your health! If you think any of this BS from the So called "leaders" of the world is them really caring about you.....PLEASE!!! DON'T FOLLOW OUR PAGE AND SHOP SOMEWHERE ELSE....🤡🤡

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The Scale might need to come down but MORE IMPORTANTLY
We Focus on Fat%, Musc% and Visceral Fat!!

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Today's work towards a better me and being in the best condition I can be to Love and take care of my Loved ones💪❤️💪

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Set goals, conquer goals
Then, Make New Goals to conquer💪💪
Never Gonna Quit😎

The better Your Fitness Level
The Easier every day life activities will be🤙😎

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Work on you! Challenge yourself to be a better version! Numbers are numbers...Make them whatever you want and Know where and What you wanna be!!
Looking forward to 45 in less than 2 months Cause I don't let my Time on this Earth Stop me! It's just more time for more experiences!!

Just like when so many told me 30 and 40 would slow me down....I'm sure more are gonna tell me 50 is the start of the downhill slide......Well, like I said before...I make it what I want! Watch me!
I've been told these things all my life...you're to small, you're to old, etc.....
ALL FUEL ON THE 🔥 to show you it is up to you!! NO EXCUSES!! JUST WORK!!

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Some of the days work

WORLD PREMIERE: These Little Ones 08/03/2022

WORLD PREMIERE: These Little Ones

WORLD PREMIERE: These Little Ones Today on the Stew Peters Show, we proudly present the worldwide premiere of "These Little Ones". Millions of children vanish each year. 83,000 each month. 2,700 a day. 115 per hour. 1 every 30 seconds

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Very pleased with how much space there actually is on side of road(72) ....Always pay attention no matter what, but happy to know I can get road runs in😎

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Felt very comfortable
Feeling lighter on my feet each day

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Today's goal: Lay a foundation to build on and see where it goes...... today I wanted to do 4 1/4 mile , Run, Rest 3min, Run, Rest 3min, Run, Rest 3min, Run, Walk 1 Lap, Run 5th comfortably between 1st and 2nd lap time
GOAL ACHIEVED!! Haven't lost my feel for pacing😎😎😎😎

Warmup- 1 Lap/ Stretch
1st Lap time- 1:40
2nd- 1:24
3rd- 1:13
4th- 1:12
5th- 1:34

Great day back on the track!!


Tomorrow night


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8oz water
1 scoop Carb Max
4 nectarines
1 peach

Delicious 😋

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Cardio day = blood flow = circulation = new blood cells = better recovery = Lean Old Machine

Photos from BC Fitness's post 07/20/2022

Last night's HR and Oxygen level, 42HR/97% and this morning workout with Cole Weaver



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2318 State Route 72
Jonestown, PA

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