Juneau Archery Club

Juneau Archery Club


Hoping to get back in the range soon. 😭
Anyone looking for arrows? Facebook won't let me sell them because they consider them weapons, but I have several sets for sale, spines from 650 to 330, for bows from about 30 to 70 pounds draw weight, on craigslist now at
Are there range hours tomorrow night (Wed 6/19)? Or a schedule for the rest of the month? Thanks!
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Hello is kids archery on for tonight?
Will there be kids night tomorrow the 28th? Thanks
Is kids night on tonight? thanks
Just double checking...is kids archery on for tomorrow night? Thanks
Hello..is kids archery on this friday? Thanks
I just ran into a bear about 30 yards off the trail. I would suggest you bring what ever you use for bear protection when you go to the outdoor archery range. Especially if you shoot by yourself. There are a a lot of berries up there right now so I'm sure they will be around.

Welcome to the Juneau Archery Club's Page. ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP FEES: Individual = $20.00 Family = $30.00 SHOOTING FEES: Non Members = $8.00 Members = $3.00 Youth = $2.00 ***YOUTH MUST BE ACCOMPANIED BY AN ADULT*** Youth are children ages 6-16

Mission: To provide a quality year-round archery program and to offer recreational archery and bow hunting safety classes. We also support organizations interested in the sport of archery.

Operating as usual


NFAA | National Field Archery Association USA

If you haven't renewed your NFAA membership or would like to join here's the link. Help support your sport as its desperately needed right now.

nfaausa.com Jan20 Western Classic Trail Shoot to Offer Early Registration for NFAA 3D National Participants Due to current COVID-19 restrictions, the Western Classic Trail Shoot will be limited to 840 participants (12 per target group) for the April 30-May 2, 2021 event. Early registration will available to arc...

[01/20/21]   Hey Archery Folks. Update. JAC met tonight, Jan 19 2021...we are fielding interest from current range masters to hopefully do a soft opening in March. Please stay tuned as we try to get our range up and opening. I want to remind our constituents, this range is operated under NASP guidelines...and we need to have NASP certified individuals run the range. We are hoping we will have volunteers to open. We will keep you informed!!

[11/12/20]   JAC UPDATE:
I want to apologize to our members and non members interested in shooting and our delay in making an announcement on opening. The JAC Board has come to a consensus regarding opening the Range. We have decided we will remain closed through the end of the year and evaluate in January. We also voted to extend all the 2020 Memberships to 2021.

This was not an easy decision, we are lacking manpower to safely run the range during this pandemic.

Please stay safe, healthy and optimistic we will be able to open in 2021.

[09/29/20]   JAC Update:
Thank you to everyone who has continued to be patient with us while we navigate these uncertain times.
The JAC Board met tonight. The range will be under rental for the first couple weeks of October. Range Masters will meet on Oct 17 to do some "dry runs" on operating the range, shooting, and sanitizing, and the plan will be to then determine who is available to run the range, and do a "soft opening" to see what kind of interest there is. At this time Kids Night will not open, we need to determine how to safely run the range, set capacity, and figure out if we have enough Range Masters comfortable to do so.
Please bear with us while we work out any kinks.
I would like to ask our shooters to let us know, respond to this post in the comments, or message us, to let us know your interest in coming in to use the range, this will also help give us an indicator on how many people to expect.
We thank you and we hope to get the range open soon!

[09/17/20]   JAC Update
To our shooters, we want to thank you for your patience in waiting for the indoor range to open. The board is planning to have a quick meeting on the 28th to discuss opening the range and how that will look, and if we have range masters willing to cover. We will try to figure out logistics for Kids Night. Anticipate that things will be quite a bit different as we will need to limit the # of people in the range, and who is actively on the line, along with coming up with cleaning equipment between shooting. We ask for your continued patience as we try to work these details out, and hopefully get the range safely opened up again.

Unfortunately, outdoor range parties took a back-seat to the weather, and also folks out doing summer activities and also with fall coming in, hunting as well. We still have 4 more targets to finish and need to start planning trail maintenance.

Please stay tuned!

Thank you to the Range Masters, Jeff Jemison and our other volunteers ( Jodi, Jill!) for coming out on a hunid buggy Sat am to work on targets! Much was accomplished! So the crews that we had today totally rocked! We now have up to target 10 done. Target 8 got a full rebuild and target 9 had the base rebuilt. So 6 targets done today four left to go. And they are the easy ones. Thank you to everyone that helped on all of this!

Many thanks from the JAC!!

[06/07/20]   JAC outdoor range work party set for Sat June 13 at 10am. Volunteers welcome. Meet at indoor range area to coordinate with range masters on work items. Bring tools ( power drills, hammers, etc). Most of what needs to be done is target frame rebuild. We will have materials up there. We are adhering to state guidelines and will watch our "social distancing " and please wear a mask if possible and recommend good work gloves.

If weather is not conducive for work we will cancel and reschedule.

Please contact us via FB Messanger or email with any questions. We do not have anyone at the range to check voice mail regularly.


[05/27/20]   JAC Update. Due to the ongoing COVID19 saga the board has voted to keep the indoor range closed until October 1. This will allow the range masters and board the ability to focus on working on the upper outdoor range targets and clean up. We feel indoor turnout may be lower than normal for summer and feel our time is better spent on the outdoor range to get the new targets into place. We are encouraging all of our participants to utilize the upper range. We will be putting a list of needs together and will post notices for work parties and ask for volunteers to assist in safe work party groups or individually. Stay tuned! We do not have someone answering phones at the range so the best way to contact us is through Facebook or emailing us at [email protected]

Thank you for your continued patience during this time.


[04/24/20]   JAC Update: Due to concern for public safety in light of the COVID-19 National Emergency, the indoor archery range will remain closed until further notice. The JAC board will reevaluate the closure when City and State COVID-19 Mandates are lifted. Until then stay healthy and safe.

[03/31/20]   JAC Update. The whole facility will be shut down now until April 21st.The main gate will remain closed and locked until further notice. The range and classroom will be deep cleaned in the next 2 weeks. The BOD is discussing how to proceed with 5 spot League so stay tuned for details. Unfortunately as this puts us closer to May, and we typically close for May we may have to cancel league. We will update you as to our next steps. Please stay safe and healthy!

[03/24/20]   JAC Closure Update: Due to the CBJ "Hunker Down" Ordinance, the JAC will be closed to public shooting now, until April 7th. This may be extended depending on how this situation develops and changes. Any future BOD/Member meetings are on hold further notice.

Thank you for your patience and understanding during this stressful and trying time! We wish you all good health and hope to see you again soon.

[03/15/20]   Due to the prevalent circumstances the Board of Directors has moved to shut the Juneau Archery Range down to all public shooting as of March 15 to March 30. We will re evaluate the situation then and determine a re opening. League will also be postponed until then. We are deeply sorry to our shooters and are anxious to get our range open to all. Please stay tuned to any future updates.

[03/13/20]   The JAC will be cancelling kids night, March 13. We should be open March 20th.

[03/13/20]   The range will be closed tonight. Sorry for any inconvenience!

[03/02/20]   JAC wants to congratulate our participating shooters in the NFAA NW Sectionals this past weekend, as well as the two ASAA Shoots. Good job everyone!!

JAC will have a BOD Meeting tonight at 6:30. Sorry for the short notice, this range master has been a little behind being busy with shoots.

Range will be closed next week: Monday, Tues, and Weds for Hunter EDU. Set up will happen Sunday the 8th after open public shooting and will be back open for Thursday night. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Also please be sure to try to get your 5 Spot League scores in as the league will be done at the end of this month.

[02/28/20]   Reminder: NFAA NW Sectional shoot this weekend. The range will be closed both Sat and Sun after the Tournament.

[02/25/20]   JAC Reminder: The JAC will once again be hosting the NFAA NW Sectionals Tournament. Sat Feb 29th and Sun March 1st. Shoot time 10am. Come early to register and warm up!
Need not be NFAA to compete, can register as a guest, if you have a NFAA Membership be sure to bring your membership ID / Exp date.
Adult $45, Junior $35 to participate.

[02/20/20]   JAC Reminder: ASAA 5 Spot Tourament this weekend, Sat and Sunday. Shoot time 10am. Please come early to register. Non Pro Adult both days is $30. Youth both days is $20. Can shoot as a guest if not NFAA or ASAA members.

Range will be closed to public shooting both Saturday and Sunday.

[02/14/20]   JAC Notice: Please be advised due to change of Range Master coverage, the range will not be open Monday's, we will instead have coverage on Thursday nights. This will start the week of Feb 17th. Mondays will be closed until further notice.

Thank you.

[02/10/20]   Thank you to the members and guests who showed up to our Annual Meeting today and many thanks to the 2019 BOD and welcome to the new 2020 Board! Looking forward to hopefully getting a lot accomplished for this year!

[02/09/20]   Range will be open Sunday Feb 9 but on a modified schedule. 130 to 3pm. 3pm is the Annual meeting.

[02/07/20]   Friday Feb 7th- Kids night is cancelled. Due to range masters being ill and otherwise unavailable we will need to cancel Kids Night tonight. We are sorry for any inconvenience. We hope to have healthy range masters next Friday!

[02/07/20]   JAC Reminder: Annual Membership meeting will be Sunday Feb 9 from 3 to 5pm. Please join us!! It is important to have our membership involved so we can bring in the new BOD keep our range moving forward!

[01/30/20]   JAC Notice:
The range will be closed to open shooting both Saturday Feb 1st, and Sunday Feb 2nd (Super Bowl Sunday). We are participating in the ASAA State 3 Spot Tournament. We will be shooting at 10am, come in and register before then if you are interested in participating!

[01/23/20]   JAC Annual Member Meeting Update: Due to conflict with classroom needs on Feb 8th, we are moving the meeting to Sunday, Feb 9th. Time will still be 3 to 5pm. Thank you and hope you all can make it! We value your input and ideas on the future of the archery range. We need member participation to keep us moving forward!

[01/20/20]   In observance of Martin Luther King day, the Archery Range will be closed.

[01/08/20]   JAC Updates:
3 Spot League is just about wrapped up, thank you to the shooters who have participated. Elton is asking that we have all scores turned in by January 12th. We have posted some newer 3 Spot Score Sheets as well.

5-Spot League is staring Feb 3 and will run 8 weeks. Sign up sheet at the range, $25.00 to participate. League rules, scoring and sheets are up.

We will be posting sign up for the ASAA 3 Spot Tournament Feb 1/2, and the ASAA 5 Spot Tournament Feb 22/23. And will get notices about the NFAA Sectional for Feb 29-March 1. We have been delayed in getting registered for NFAA so stay tuned.

Reminder we have our Annual Membership Meeting Feb 8th.

[12/24/19]   With the Busy holiday season and travel plans ahead, our very own Monday night range-master,Jess Lujan, dropped the ball and forgot to open the range. To all who was disappointed with his absent mindedness, he sincerely apologizes. To all JAC members we would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and a safe and joyous holiday season.

Jess Lujan

[12/19/19]   Due to lack of RM coverage we will not be able to open for Kids Night Friday Dec 20. We should be back next Friday the 27th though!

[12/18/19]   Range Closure Reminders:
Dec 24 and 25. Dec 31 and Jan 1.

Also please sign up for board of director nominations!!! Being on the board is one way to help support our club!

[12/14/19]   Due to Range Master unavailability we will be closed today. Sorry for the inconvenience! Range will be open on Sunday.

[12/11/19]   The Annual Membership Meeting is set for February 8th from 3pm to 5pm. We will have pizza! We are asking for BOD and Officer Nominations and need to complete our nomination list before we can mail out the forms to the Membership no later than January 8th. If anyone is interested in participating as an Officer, or Member at Large please let us know, and sign up at the range! Must be a 2020 member to hold a position.

[12/10/19]   Reminder: Tonight is the monthly Board Meeting at 630pm. All members welcome. Also, we have posted a listing for the 2020 Officers and Directors, please review and make nominations. Must be a current member in order to participate. We will be setting the Annual Membership Meeting date.

[12/01/19]   Due to range master availability the range will be closed today. So sorry for any inconvenience. Will open regular time on Monday.

[11/29/19]   No Kids Night tonight. Lack of Range coverage. We will be back next week!

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