Juneau Youth Sailing

Learn the thrill of sailing through this volunteer-run Juneau non-profit. Sailing teaches confidence, leadership and boating skills. Classes run every summer from June to August for students ages 10 to 19, plus a few classes for adults.

Operating as usual

Juneau Youth Sailing inc. 04/25/2021

Juneau Youth Sailing inc.

There are still spots left in this summer's Youth Sailing classes! Learn more about how they will look this year and register at https://juneauyouthsailing.org/ Season starts May 31!

Juneau Youth Sailing inc. Juneau Youth Sailing is the capital city's volunteer, non-profit youth sailing program. In 2021, we offer 4-day summer classes for ages 12 and up, for all experience levels. We are primarily youth-oriented, but periodically hold a few adult classes as fundraisers for the youth program (see below). C...


Juneau Youth Sailing


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juneauyouthsailing.org 06/06/2012

Juneau Youth Sailing inc.

Youth Sailing Classes begin June 11!

Classes are filling up fast, but we still have openings.

Juniors classes are scheduled:
- June 11-15 Juniors - (Mornings)
- June 18-22 Juniors (Mornings)
- July 9-13 Juniors (Mornings)
- July 16-20 Juniors (Mornings)

Level 1 classes are scheduled:
- June 11-15 Level 1 - (Afternoons)
- June 18-22 Level 1 (Afternoons)
- July 9-13 Level 1 (Afternoons)
- July 16-20 Level 1 (Afternoons)

Level 2 classes are scheduled:
- June 25-28 Level 2 (Long days, 4-day week)
- July 23-27 Level 2 (Long days).

Level 3 classes are scheduled:
- July 30-Aug 1 Level 3 (Long days, 3-day week)

Adult Classes are scheduled:
- July 28 (long day)
- August 11 (long day)

To register and find more information, just visit the Juneau Youth Sailing website at: http://www.juneauyouthsailing.org/

juneauyouthsailing.org Juneau Youth Sailing is the capital city's volunteer non-profit youth sailing organization. We offer week-long summer classes for beginners and experts. We are primarily youth-oriented, but hold a few adult classes as well. Use this website to learn about the program and sign up for classes online.

[02/29/12]   What's the status of classes for summer 2012? Will the schedule be up on the JYS website soon?

pickclickgive.org 01/15/2012

Pick. Click. Give.

Quick reminder: When filing for your PFD online, please consider sharing some of it with Juneau Youth Sailing through the Pick.Click.Give program. Thank you!


[01/03/12]   Don't forget to donate to your favorite causes through Pick!Click!Give!, including Juneau Youth Sailing!

[10/09/11]   THANK you to everyone who did our survey. It will be open for one more week, so if you haven't given us your input and level of interest or willingness to help please complete this 5-10 minute online survey. Here's the link: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/ZXF3PSS
Thank you for your support.


2011 Survey

Juneau Youth Sailing (JYS) needs input from those who participate in and support the program in order to make JYS resources more widely available and to ensure the program's sustainability. Please help us by completing our survey which shouldn't take more than about 5-10 minutes. We ask you to complete the survey by October 1st. Thank you for your help.


[09/18/11]   DON'T FORGET - The boat and dock haul-out is scheduled for Sunday, September 18 at 1:00 p.m. Those of us who aren't up to helping move boats and dock pieces will be organizing the conex box, so there will be something for everyone to do. This spring several people brought refreshments, and we even had a little picnic. Thanks for helping,

[09/16/11]   The boat and dock haul-out is scheduled for Sunday, September 18 at 1:00 p.m. Those of us who aren't up to helping move boats and dock pieces will be organizing the conex box, so there will be something for everyone to do. This spring several people brought refreshments, and we even had a little picnic. Come join the fun!

[09/09/11]   The boat and dock haul-out is scheduled for Sunday, September 18 at 1:00 p.m. This is one job we can't do it without lots of volunteers, so please show up and help, if you're able.

[09/09/11]   the next JYS board meeting is Monday, September 12, 5:00 - 6:00 p.m. in the small conference room in the Downtown Library. Tentative agenda:
review of draft survey (Pat is putting together), set agenda for October board retreat/planning meeting (Pat is also putting this together), & the usual: Budget Boat Repairs, Boat Haul-out, Drysuits.


Local News : Alaska Sailing Club sponsors 2-day Fireweed Regatta - Frontiersman

frontiersman.com You must register with a valid email to post comments. Only your Member ID will be posted with the comments. Registered users sign in here: Become a Registered User Member ID: *Password: Remember login?(requires cookies) Do not use usernames or passwords f...

[08/09/11]   Race group tonight (Tuesday, 5:00 p.m.) at the JYS Docks/Yacht Club. $20 per person. There is no safety boat on the water during this event, so participants must be competent sailors able to self-rescue.


JYS ADULT Registration

Not too late to sign up for the adult class on Sunday, July 31!
Go to the JYS website to sign up: http://www.juneauyouthsailing.org/adult_registration_index.html


[07/25/11]   Board meeting this evening: Monday, July 25, 5pm, small conference room, Downtown Library.
Tentative Agenda: budget review, instructor bonuses, end-of season instructor meeting, drysuit report, adult classes, advertising board meetings, other business.
(posted by Shana)

[07/25/11]   Still spaces in next Sunday's adult class. Yesterday's class was terrific learning and fun for the 9 participants - including 5 parents encouraged by their kids to give it a try. Sailing is a great way to spend family time. Get involved!


Epic Sailing II

This year's awesome head instructor has made another video for Juneau Youth Sailing. Thanks Hans!

fun fun

[07/19/11]   Don't forget: Tuesday evening sailing tonight at 5:00 p.m., $20 per sailor. Looks like it's gonna be a stormy one!

[07/14/11]   Many thanks to the volunteers who showed up at the Yacht Club yesterday morning to help switch boats around. Your response to our request for help was great. The kids have had a grand time sailing in this week's windy and gusty weather - but some of the boats didn't come through as well. Our kids are learning a (never ending) fact of boat life: things break and have to be fixed.

[07/10/11]   No Tuesday sailing this week (Tuesday, July 12). I think Carl needs a break from driving the race skiff (any experienced skiffers out there want to give him a break so he can sail next Tuesday evening?)

[07/05/11]   Don't forget Tuesday evening sailing tonight at 5:00 p.m.

juneauempire.com 07/01/2011

JYS offers summer races for young and old | Juneau Empire - Alaska's Capital City Online Newspaper

Great article on the Tuesday evening races by Katherine Wilson! http://juneauempire.com/outdoors/2011-06-30

juneauempire.com Find the latest news, crime, weather, business and community information from juneauempire.com and the Juneau Empire.

[07/01/11]   Next race day will be the 5th. 5:00, $20, as usual. One change, though, we are instituting a minimum age of 14 for race days. All participants must still be able sailors, and anyone under 14 must be accompanied by someone who's at least that old (arranged ahead of time). Our annual(ish) end-of-season race, the Commodores' Cup, will of course still be open to anyone under 18 who has completed a Level 2/3 Mix class.


Evening Sail, Tuesday, June 21, 2011

a very slow sail on the evening of Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Epic Sailing

Produced by Hans Lie-Nielsen Thank you JYS level 2/3 class!


2009 - Race team

[06/25/11]   Board meeting on Monday, June 27, 5:00 pm, Small Conference Room, Downtown Library. Agenda - touch base on how summer classes are going so far, class sizes, enrollment, drysuit repair, finances, whatever else comes up.


Putting the boats away after the tuesday evening sail

[06/22/11]   JYS has started up a new event - Racing/sailing every Tuesday evening. Meet at 5:00 p.m. at the JYS Dock.

This evening sailing event is for experienced sailors (youth who have completed level II and can self-rescue or adults with some level of sailing experience; it will be left up to each adult to determine whether they should participate).

[05/12/11]   Have you registered your favorite kids for sailing classes yet? Don't forget, summer's not far away. Go to juneauyouthsailing.org to register online

[04/28/11]   Dock Party at Norway Point on Saturday (April 30) at 11am. All hands aboard - please come help launch the boats - we need you. There will be food to stoke the helpers. Norway Point is where the Yacht Club is, just north of Aurora Harbor.

amazon.com 04/17/2011

The Complete Sailor: Learning the Art of Sailing

Here's an idea for a Birthday or End-of-School-Year gift for your young family member - a great little book, terrific reference for the beginning sailor.

amazon.com The Complete Sailor takes the reader from the first sail to a mastery of small-boat handling. Weaving his writing around 600 drawings by noted marine illustrator Kelly Mulford, David Seidman has created a book in which each double-page spread invites the eye and communicates volumes of inf...

[04/10/11]   Saw the first sailboat of the season out in the Gastineau Channel a few days ago. Time to remember to register for classes for the summer. Register through our website, www.juneauyouthsailing.org

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Evening Sail, Tuesday, June 21, 2011



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