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If you need a last minute Christmas gift for someone......I have finished editing all performances of The Nutcracker!! You can find DVD's and High Definition Blu Ray disks from each of the 5 performances at my online store. As a little information, DVD"s are widely comparable with computers and DVD players but are only approximately 480 lines of resolution. So playing a DVD on a big modern flatscreen can look a little 'blurry' if you are sitting too close to the screen. The high definition Blu Ray disks display 1920 lines of resolution so they are much sharper looking.....but you need to have a Blu Ray player to play them, they won't play in a normal DVD player. To find them, just visit my website at www.gforcevideo.com. Click on the 'store' link. Then click on the 'Juneau Dance Theatre' tab. Then choose which day and time you want and if you want a DVD or Blu Ray. Thanks! Gabe
black and white or color?
All in the air
All in the air
Nutcracker 2019
Here is a link to my google drive. It has all of my shots from the Snow White Dress rehearsal in it. I will leave it up for around a month and then take it back down to save space.
We have our granddaughters for the next couple of weeks that love to dance. Is there anyone that knows anywhere that they could dance, and have fun? They are ages eight, and ten. The eight year old is very spirited and likes hip hop, and the ten year old loves ballet. Quite the spread I know, but they love it. they got it from their auntie who danced on the drill team here. It is a divorce situation , and we are trying to get them to focus on something else. Thank you, Grandparents in need.
In the off season... Beach Ballet!
Are there classes on Labor day?

JDT is a nonprofit organization that provides the Juneau community with dance instruction, performance opportunities, and an annual Fine Arts Camp.

Operating as usual

Studies in Movement students work their brains and bodies in this cross-body exercise. JDT offers young dancer classes for ages 3-6 (limited space available). Visit our website at www.juneaudance.org/classes for more information or to register. Spring semester begins January 19. 🩰 ❤️


JDT's The Nutcracker Sweets

Just when you thought the holidays were over!
We have good news for anyone who missed the early release of JDT's documentary-style production of The Nutcracker "Sweets"! The link to the final version of our film is available here, and on JDT's website. Please continue to celebrate our students with us, all year long!


youtube.com If you are moved by what you see, and would like to support our program, please visit our website at www.juneaudance.org to make a secure donation.Please enj...


3 Different Approaches to Mastering the Pirouette

That time when JDT student Gabrielle Duvernay was pictured alongside Julie Diana’s article in Dance Teacher Magazine! 🤩😍😯

dance-teacher.com A pirouette en dehors from fourth position typically starts with a plié, with more weight over the front foot (see photo 1). “This style is very RAD," says Warakomsky, “where everything comes from a good soft plié that sets

[01/01/21]   Contrary to popular belief, there were a few causes to celebrate in 2020. Here are some photos to prove it! 📸 Thanks to the leadership of Artistic Director, Zachary Hench, the ingenuity of our faculty and staff, and the resilience of our students, we pushed through and made things happen, together! We wish everyone happiness and health in 2021. We are hopeful to be back on stage, but you can definitely find us in the studio, and online! ❤️ 🎉 🩰
Thank you, Ron Gile, for your many photos included here.
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Another inspirational piece of art from JDT alum and guest faculty. Congratulations, Anouk Otsea. ❤️

Anouk Otsea: choreographer, dancer, director Ryan Cortés Pérez: director of photography Robert Newman: composer and musician

Clara Chronicles - Ainsley Mallott

It’s the end of 2020, and the end of our Clara Chronicles. We hope you’ve enjoyed our Nut-rospective. Catch the other episodes on IGTV @juneaudancetheatre. Thanks to our dozen Claras, and everyone who has helped create 15 years of Nutcracker performances. We hope to be on stage again in 2021! 🎉🩰
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Home - Juneau Dance Theatre

We are excited to announce registration is open for spring semester. We look forward to starting off 2021 on the right foot (and the left!)
Register online at www.juneaudance.org/classes

juneaudance.org Our message to the community

JDT office hours during our winter break. #juneaudancetheatre

Clara Chronicles - Isabel Danner

We’re nearing the end of our Nut-rospective, and visiting with the delightful dozen Claras of JDT. Today we hear from our 2018 Clara, Isabel. Enjoy! 🩰 🎄
#jdtsthenutcracker #thenutcracker #nutcracker #clarachronicles #ballet #juneaudancetheatre

Clara Chronicles - Kristina Parker

Kristina Parker danced JDT’s 10th Clara, since the 2005 debut of what is now our holiday tradition of, The Nutcracker. Hear her describe how fine details and deep passion bring the beautiful ballet to life! 🩰🎄 👑
#jdtsthenutcracker #thenutcrackerballet #nutcracker #ballet #balletschool #clarachronicles

Looking for last minute gifts or stocking stuffers for your dancer? Visit JDT this week and browse what we have left in stock. We will be open 12/21-23 2:00-6:00pm.

JDT Holiday Raffle

We're here to draw our Holiday raffle winners! Thank you to all who purchased and sold raffle tickets. We appreciate your support.

Spring Semester Registration

We are excited to announce registration is open for spring semester. We look forward to starting off 2021 on the right foot (and the left!)
Register online at www.juneaudance.org/classes

[12/11/20]   Elin danced the role of Clara in 2015. Hear what she has to say about learning new choreography, by brand new Artistic Director, @zachary_hench.
We hope you’re enjoying our visits with Claras of the past. Only three episodes remaining! 🩰🎄🎁
#juneaudancetheatre #jdtsthenutcracker #nutcracker #thenutcrackerballet #ballet #balletschool #clarachronicles

There’s no Adult Ballet on Friday, December 11. Have a great weekend!
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ROLE CALL: Hot Chocolate!
Fiery Spanish Hot Chocolate is the first of the sweets, delivered to Clara and her prince. The sassy, competitive duo, kick up their heels with athleticism, grace, and stunning beauty. Level 6 advanced students typically dance Lead Hot Chocolate. The corps, added in 2017 to accommodate our growing school, has been danced by level 4’s. 💃🩰☕️🍫
#rolecall #rollcall #jdtsthenutcracker #thenutcrackerballet #nutcracker #juneaudancetheatre #balletschool #ballet

ROLE CALL: Coffee ☕️ A departure from much of the upbeat, celebratory score of The Nutcracker, “Coffee” lends mystery and allure to the Act 2 lineup. The mesmerizing pas de deux demands control, and is performed by an advanced Level 6 dancer (and guest).
#juneaudancetheatre #thenutcrackerballet #nutcracker #jdtsthenutcracker #ballet #coffee #rolecall #rollcall

Clara Chronicles - Maren Parise

Introducing our 2014 Clara. Check out our visit with Maren Parise, to learn about her experience dancing the role, and a long-standing Clara tradition. 🩰
#juneaudancetheatre #clarachronicles #mondaymemories #thenutcracker #jdtsthenutcracker #nutcracker #thenutcrackerballet

Party girl prep! Party scene is all about the boys, the girls, and the CURLS. Day two of filming includes party kids’ dances, and the beloved Bear and Doll.

We filmed our first few sections of the “Notcracker”, today. We should be at the theatre, on stage for the matinee performance of The Nutcracker. Instead, we are compiling a unique documentary-style production, for this very unique 2020! Our youngest dancers were excited to be in costume for today’s filming of cheese, baby mice, angels and soldiers. Can’t wait to share!

ROLE CALL: Soldiers. When danger closes in on Clara and the Nutcracker, Soldiers and Lead soldiers are called in to battle. Those pesky mice don’t stand a chance against the mighty military. In a typical production Lead soldiers are danced by JDT level 5 or 6 students; soldiers are danced by level 2’s. This year’s video project will feature a younger army, showcasing our level 1 students.
#thenutcracker #nutcracker #jdtsthenutcracker #ballet #balletschool

Feeling sluggish from eating turkey and leftovers this past week? Jump back into the studio with @ccfowle, Fridays at noon. Only three classes left in the semester! Face masks required. 🩰 💃 #juneaudancetheatre #dontbeshy #ballet #comedancewithus #nevertoolatetostart

Hecla Greens Creek

Thank you, Hecla Greens Creek, for continuing to support our organization and our community, especially in a year where we are unable to share The Nutcracker with a live audience and the many magical elements that make live theatre so grand. JDT fans are invited to enjoy our documentary-style compilation of excerpts from the ballet, danced in-studio by our current students. We are currently in production and expect to release the video on December 19.

This year’s Juneau Dance Theatre “Nutcracker” will be free and aired virtually. We hope you’ll join us in making a small contribution to a local arts or other community organization. The last several months have brought a long list of cancelled events, classes and performances, but Hecla Greens Creek is still supporting many local nonprofits. We know that, now more than ever, community organizations need support.


Clara Chronicles - Brimley Olliff

In episode 7 of our series, Brimley Olliff reminisces about her experience as Clara. Fun facts: 2012 was the first and only time, two dancers were cast in the role. 2013 was the only year (to date) Clara danced en pointe. 🩰
#juneaudancetheatre #jdtsthenutcracker #nutcracker #thenutcrackerballet #ballet #clarachronicles #waybackwednesday

Cause for a party! We’re celebrating #givingtuesday and #givingback with a huge thank you! JDT awarded over $20,000 in scholarships and financial aid during fiscal year 2019-2020, thanks in part, to donations, sponsorships, and matching contributions from our generous community. Thank you for helping make dance, ballet, and ART, accessible to children in Juneau, and for the many ways you support JDT. Scholarship recipients ranged in age from 3-18. Visit our web page to make a donation, or for information on how to apply for financial aid. 💰🩰 #juneaudancetheatre #juneaufineartscamp #balletschool #dance #makingartaccessible #grateful

ROLE CALL: Marzipan. Another audience favorite! Marzipan lead those mischievous little lambs by playing their calming reed flutes. JDT debuted new Marzipan costumes in 2019, to complement the shepherdess theme. JDT’s Lead Marzipan choreography is packed with grueling hops on pointe and precise turns, and is danced by an advanced level 6 student. 🐑 🩰
#nutcracker #thenutcrackerballet #thenutcracker #ballet #marzipanandlambs #jdtsthenutcracker #juneaudancetheatre

Clara Chronicles - Sydney Truitt

Meet our 2011 and 2012 Clara. Sydney spent many years at JDT, as both a student, and a teaching assistant. Dance is a family affair for the Truitts; her three sisters danced with us (and taught!) and her mom, Charlotte, was our former board president, employee, and long time volunteer. #juneaudancetheatre #clarachronicles #ballet #dance #balletschool #thenutcracker #thenutcrackerballet #nutcracker

Clara Chronicles - Annaka Brayton

In our newest episode, Annaka Brayton reflects on her sentiments toward The Nutcracker, and her years training at JDT. She danced the role of Clara in 2010. 🩰
#flashbackfriday #fbf #juneaudancetheatre #jdtsthenutcracker #thenutcracker #thenutcrackerballet #ballet #balletdancer #clarachronicles

ROLE CALL: Konfeta 🍭🍬🩰
No dozing in the second act! The lively Konfeta dazzles with her agility and quick, impressive footwork. She literally jumps through hoops to entertain Clara, showing off her precision and athleticism. The Konfeta variation is danced by an advanced student in Level 6.
#juneaudancetheatre #jdtsthenutcracker #nutcracker #thenutcrackerballet #ballet #balletdancer

Coming soon: more episodes of the Clara Chronicles, featuring these lovely young women from 2010-2017. Find and watch episodes 1-4 on our IGTV channel and page. 🩰 #jdtsthenutcracker #thenutcrackerballet #nutcracker #juneaudancetheatre #ballet #balletschool #clarachronicles

Happy Dew’sday! We’re on pause for live productions right now, but finding ways, every day, to celebrate the tradition of The Nutcracker. Rehearsals are in process for The Nutcracker “Sweets”, which will be filmed in-studio, in early December. Excerpts will include the iconic Waltz of the Flowers, led by Dew Drop Fairy. This clip is from a 2019 rehearsal. 🩰 🌺 🧚‍♀️
#juneaudancetheatre #jdtsthenutcracker #nutcracker #thenutcrackerballet #dewdropfairy #waltzoftheflowers #ballet #balletschool

Clara Chronicles - Anouk Otsea

Our 2009 Clara is a familiar face to current JDT students. Anouk taught at our 2020 summer intensive, and has been in and out, teaching several classes this semester. Hear Anouk describe what the role of Clara meant to her, and how the experience helped her develop as an artist.

#juneaudancetheatre #jdtsthenutcracker #thenutcracker #clarachronicles #mondaymemories

Clara Chronicles - Gabbie Duvernay

2008 was a big year for JDT’s Nutcracker. It was the first year we were able to produce and perform the entire ballet. Thanks to a generous grant from the Rasmuson Foundation, we added costumes, scenery and props for the Act 1 party scene, plus a beautiful backdrop and flats for the snow scene (by artist, Dianne Anderson), and more! Right there in the middle of it all, was Gabbie Duvernay, as Clara.
#juneaudancetheatre #thenutcrackerballet #jdtsthenutcracker #nutcracker #ballet #clarachronicles #balletschool #tbt #throwbackthursday

ROLE CALL: Mother Ginger and her peppy Polichinelles. Quite a delicious burst of energy and smiles, Polis get Clara up out of her seat and patrons clapping! Donned in a birthday cake inspired gown by @fergussonemily, and wig by @thegigimonroe, “Mama G”, subtly flirts with the audience while her Polis pair up and dance. Her skirt can hide up to 22 young dancers! JDT Level 2 students typically perform this role, which requires a good grasp of ballet fundamentals.
#juneaudancetheatre #jdtsthenutcracker #polichinelle #motherginger #thenutcracker #thenutcrackerballet #ballet #rollcall #rolecall

Reminder: No classes today, in observance of Veterans’ Day. Thank you, veterans, for serving and protecting our country and our freedom! 🇺🇸

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Clara Chronicles - Ainsley Mallott
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Clara Chronicles - Kristina Parker
JDT Holiday Raffle
Spring Semester Registration
Clara Chronicles - Maren Parise
Clara Chronicles - Brimley Olliff
Clara Chronicles - Sydney Truitt
Clara Chronicles - Annaka Brayton
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