Juneau Bike Doctor

Juneau Bike Doctor


Is the shop open this week? Which location? Inquiring minds want to know...
Hey! You just helped me out getting ready for a long tour! All the help was much appreciated and really great, so thank you.

On a separate note, my mountain bike was stolen from Gastineau last night and I wanted to give you a heads up, just in case it made its way to you.

Here’s a pic...it’s this exact bike.
When you going to be open to fix bikes? Thanks
Happy kid! Thank you Juneau Bike Doctor 🚲
Will the Bike Doctor be open on Friday (day after Thanksgiving)?
XL Specialized Pitch to handle that adventure.
The new GIANT pedals work great on my 29er. My big feet feel stable on the pedals.
Just wanted to say thank you for taking care of my bike emergencies. It’s a huge relief to know that you’re around to help. 🏥🚴🏻‍♀️👏🏻😬
Thanks for taking such good care of my trusty steed, Doc!
I love zooming into the bike doctor and picking up cables and random stuff for my bike builds!

Locally owned and operated bicycle shop providing quality service, affordable, new and used bikes an

Operating as usual


Please tell me you got out at least one day this weekend! Y’all wore us out on Saturday, but we have a little time on Sunday to get out and enjoy a brisk ride. #getoutside #juneau #thundermountain #mendenhallglacier #wheretobikeinjuneau #gianttrancee #ebike



Timeline photos 04/09/2022

Thank you Juneau for joining us on this journey. What a trip it’s been so far.

What a way to start a Monday! So many people to thank for helping make this dream a reality. I can’t put everybody in a list here, because it will turn into the longest social media post EVER! Still trying to wrap my head around the whole thing. Thanks @glennojard from KINY for sending this to me this morning. Ok, time to get to work! #thankyou @juneauempire #frontpage #abovethefold #localbikeshop #bikelife #juneau


It’s about to go down! #bicyclewheel #juneau #wheretobikeinjuneau #wheelbuilding #bikedocafterdark

Photos from Juneau Bike Doctor's post 04/09/2022

This is probably the last part you’d expect to hear about being high tech and wind tunnel tested. The leading edge of this front fender from Specialized has these “wings” on the underside that are there to encourage water coming from the front of the fender to move to the side, rather than straight up into your face. Fenders? Go figure! 🤷🏼‍♂️ #iamspecialized_turbo #turbovado #turbovadosl #ebike #localbikeshop #youcanridewithus


Spreading the news about our inventory of over 200 new bikes in stock! That’s right, two hundy! Come get you some! #newbikeday #gotafaceforradio #juneau #juneaualaska #juneauak


The hits just keep on comin! A couple pallets of new bikes from Specialized just arrived. #newbikeday #wheretobikeinjuneau


Had some fun with this the other night. We love working on these early mountain bikes. Have a look as we get an old Cannondale back on the road.

Note: the date code on this frame says it was made in July, 1996, but I could have sworn it was older.


He took the bike home without even taking the wrappers off the tires. I hear it’s got it’s own place at the house behind a velvet rope. #newbikeday #sebikes #socalflyer #blackandyellow #bikelife #pacman #meanmuggin #juneaustyle #wheretobikeinjuneau


It’s 1:40am, do you know where your bike mechanic is? #selfemployedandlovingit #bikemechanic #localbikeshop #mybossisanidiot #juneau #juneaustyle #wheretobikeinjuneau


We love working with Park Tool to bring you the latest tech in bicycle maintenance equipment.

Park Tool is proud to introduce the future of bicycle repair with the NFT-1! Visit parktool.com/nft-1 to learn more.


We’ve got a new addition to the family! We’ve been waiting for the right opportunity to bring eyewear that is high quality, looks great, is made for cycling, and doesn’t break the bank. Tifosi checked all the boxes for us! Stop in and slap some on your face! #instockatdocs #juneau #juneaustyle #sunglasses #tifosioptics

Photos from Juneau Bike Doctor's post 03/29/2022

Got chips? We got Salsa! The new bikes from Salsa Cycles have arrived! We'll start building sometime today. If you want your name on one, give us a shout and we'll get you in line.

Photos from Juneau Bike Doctor's post 03/29/2022

Photos from Juneau Bike Doctor's post


Counting down the days until our first shipment of bikes from Salsa arrives. 🤞 next week. #fatbike #salsabeargrease #comingsoon #juneau #juneaualaska #wheretobikeinjuneau #getoutside

Wahoo POWRLINK ZERO Speedplay Power Meter In-Depth Review 03/23/2022

Wahoo POWRLINK ZERO Speedplay Power Meter In-Depth Review

Here’s some great information about our Wahoo Fitness power meter pedals.

Wahoo POWRLINK ZERO Speedplay Power Meter In-Depth Review It’s finally here. After an 8-month delay (though tame by power meter pedal delay standards), Wahoo’s Speedplay-based power meter is …

Timeline photos 03/19/2022

You meet the nicest people on a Giant.

Photos from Juneau Bike Doctor's post 03/18/2022

Want the deets? Our new web site has a complete listing of our current inventory. There’s even a PayPal credit option where you can pay off your new bike over a 6 month contract. Just one more way we’re working to make your shopping experience easier. Bikes must be picked up locally, or we can arrange delivery to the local air carrier if your choice for delivery to our friends in Southeast Alask.

Link in our profile.
#localbikeshop #juneau #juneaualaska #juneauak #wheretobikeinjuneau #letsgetkidsonbikes #youcanridewithus

Photos from Juneau Bike Doctor's post 03/18/2022

We got bikes on deck! The new, full-squish Giant Stance 29er with the Shimano Deore 12 speed drive is a sweet entry into a really nice trail bike. This XL is taken, but we’ve got a medium on the floor and we’re building the large right now. #newbikeday #giantstance #juneau #juneaualaska #juneauak #wheretobikeinjuneau #giantbikes


Look what the cat drug in! Natalie stopped in for a visit today, so I put her to work! #wemissyou #welcomeback


The Giant Talon 1 in Desert Sage. Pretty sweet trail bike for under $1000. Check out www.juneaubikedoctor.com for more deets. #juneau #juneauak #newbikeday #trailbike #gianttalon1

Photos from Juneau Bike Doctor's post 03/16/2022

Check out the new Giant Talon 1! This is a great bike to get started riding places like the new Treadwell Trail, Eaglecrest Flow Trail and Perseverance. Rolling on trail gripping Maxxis Recon tires and a Shimano Deore 1X 10 speed drive train, you’re set like a jet! This is an Extra Small, but we have also have smalls and mediums yet to build. And yes, we painted the shop to match the bike….or maybe Giant has been following us. #gianttalon #giantbikes #juneau #juneaualaska #juneauak #youcanridewithus #mountainbike #newbikeday


The new Liv Tempt 4 in Slate Gray is a pretty sweet looking multipurpose machine. Whether you’re looking for something to cruise the neighborhood with the kids, or ride some laps in the Dredge Lakes area, this bike will take good care of you. #livcommitted #livcycling #mountainbike #wheretobikeinjuneau #juneau #juneaualaska #juneauak

Photos from Juneau Bike Doctor's post 03/16/2022

Here’s something new for ‘22. The Voya E+ 3 from Momentum, Giant’s lifestyle brand. Sporting a lighter 250 watt hour battery, pushing 25Nm of torque to the powerful SyncDrive motor, this is your stealthy urban ebike. The range of this bike is up to 45 miles, making it the perfect Valley-Downtown transportation device. Add a kickstand, rack and fenders, and this will replace your car! We’ve got this color is size large and another in size small in a color called Beeswax. Get um while they’re hot! #newbikeday #ebike #momentumvoya #pedalassist #wheretobikeinjuneau #juneau #juneaualaska #juneauak #youcanridewithus

Photos from Juneau Bike Doctor's post 03/16/2022

New bikes hitting the floor today. This is the new Liv Bliss, from the Giant family of brands. If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a gozillian times, Liv is rocking some seriously 🔥 colors! Desert Sage is a thing! #newbikeday #livinspired #livcommitted #livcyclingusa #livbliss #wheretobikeinjuneau #youcanridewithus #juneau #juneaualaska #juneauak

Photos from Juneau Bike Doctor's post 03/15/2022

It’s new bike day here at JBD. Our friends at Samson Tug & Barge brought 8 pallets of new bikes from Giant Bicycles, including some new road bikes, ebikes and new models from Liv Cycling. For scale, these pallets wouldn’t have fit in our original store. We sure love this new location!

Photos from Juneau Bike Doctor's post 03/14/2022

Our team, along with our friends from Juneau Drag teamed up and volunteered to help serve brunch at the Glory Hall shelter on Sunday. We’re so happy and fortunate to be able to join our friends to offer support to others in our community. #juneau #gloryhallshelter #friendssupportfriends #weareyourneighbors

Photos from Blumendogsak's post 03/11/2022

There’s still time to enjoy a tasty dog in the beautiful spring weather, served up by our friends at Blumendogsak!


Time for lunch with our friends from Blumendogsak!


Come join us for frankfurter Friday! Our friends from @blumendogsak will be service up their delicious hot dogs from noon to 4:00 at the shop. #goodeats #hotdogs #wheretoeatinjuneau #juneau #frankenfurterfriday

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