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Luck is when careful preparation meets opportunity. How do you prepare? Do you believe your behaviors impact your results? Makingluck, Inc. uses Sandler Systems to discover with businesses ways to implement successful sales tactics from prospecting, to closing the sale & customer retention.

We are able to develop innovative solutions for management that will improve team leadership and motivation, create accountability, resolve conflicts and foster a positive work environment. Not only will we provide the initial and advanced sales and management strategies and tactics needed to excel; our training enables people to develop the attitudes and implement the behavior necessary to reach

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Take control of the selling process and lead a team of sales masters! Our team at Making Luck Inc. is ready to teach you how. Contact us today at (561) 427-3945 to learn how.

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Are you looking to take your team to the next level? Come sit in on one of our complimentary training sessions! Take a look at the ones we have available on our website

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At Making Luck Inc, we love developing innovative solutions for management that will improve team leadership and motivation!

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Truth be told, we love all of our amazing clients! We wish you a very Happy Valentine's Day! 💙

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9 steps for running efficient and effective sales meetings. #1 Begin with the past.

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At Making Luck Inc, we believe that you must use a playbook for success. It's the best way to coach, train, and mentor others to execute your processes.

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An outstanding sales team starts with an outstanding sales manager. Discover today what you can do to improve and make your team #1 by visiting our website!

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Adaptable training, customizable for any industry or organizational structure—small, mid-sized, or Fortune 500! #MakingLuckInc

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Are you having trouble figuring out what to include in your goal-setting playbook? We have 5 important metrics that you should incorporate so take a look here:

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9 steps for running efficient and effective sales meetings. Let's dive a little deeper into how you can implement nine easy steps to improve your sales meetings!

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Maximize training investment by using our online resources. This will help reinforce what you learn since you have 24/7 access to all this information! Check it out on our website now!

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With over 250 training centers, we're equipped to help train individuals in sales, management, and customer service! Learn how we can help you by contacting us today at (561) 427-3945.

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Don't stick to your same old ways; get trained by the best sales professionals at MakingLuck Inc. today! Contact us today to learn more information or visit our website at

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Success doesn't just come from having a goal. It comes from teamwork, inspiration, and leading by example. #MondayMotivation

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6 Steps toward improved marketing-sales alignment and business growth. #6 Plan presentations wisely based around customer needs.

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Develop career paths and growth plans for your employees. Be sure to recognize and appreciate their accomplishments! This will help boost morale and help them be excited to take on new techniques and methods.

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We know that we’re doing a good job when our clients are successful! If you’ve recently had an experience with us, we’d love to hear about it!

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Build a dream team and lead them to success by checking out our complimentary training sessions on our website!

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Looking to be an effective sales coach? Take a look at 5 good qualities to perfect to be the best coach you can be.
✔ Conducting an inventory of reps to help track success over time
✔ Digging deep into a rep’s core competencies to identify gaps
✔ Establishing a sense of trust and comfort with reps by creating a coaching contract
✔ Implementing individualized coaching to help manage sellers' unique challenges
✔ Inspiring reps to challenge the status quo

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6 Steps toward improved marketing-sales alignment and business growth. #5 Marketing should be liked. Sales should be respected.

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Sharpen your selling skills and learn the ones you need. We offer sales solutions to those interested in improving their work ethic. Visit our website to learn how!

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Motivation at work: Where does it come from? Tell us what motivates you! #MakingLuckInc

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Don't stop improving! We can’t wait to help you improve your sales career, which is why we offer a range of solutions. See all of our methods and solutions on our website.

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Empathy and kindness are essential for building mutual respect amongst your team members: genuine interest in each person as a human being, not just as an employee.

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6 Steps toward improved marketing-sales alignment and business growth. #4 Agree to the follow-up steps and hold each other accountable for doing them.

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Give your career the boost it needs with today's top-performing programs! Find a complimentary session near you by visiting our website today.

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Why choose Making Luck Inc? We strive to deliver thorough and informative training to thousands of happy clients! Experience it for yourself and contact us today.

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Making Luck Inc. is a company that is uniquely qualified to help all businesses, on local, regional, and national levels! Contact us today to learn how we can help you! (561) 427-3945.

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#MotivationalMonday: You have to believe it before you see it! Believing in your goal is the first step in continued success.

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6 Steps toward improved marketing-sales alignment and business growth. #3 Know who owns the relationship and controls the conversation.

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Learn how to work smarter and not harder. We want to show you how to talk to prospects, present your solution, and get more decisions to avoid wasting your time on people who won’t buy!

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Start off the new year right by signing up for training courses to get a headstart on learning new skills and techniques.

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The training that we deliver is methodical, proven, and intended to speed up the learning process. Visit our website today to find out more.

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Track business growth effectively in the new year by setting benchmarks and checkpoints for your organization now!

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It’s New Year’s Eve! How do you think you did this year? What are your sales goals for 2022?

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