Studio 22 at Montalvo School of Performing Arts

Studio 22  at Montalvo School of Performing Arts


Here's an idea for you to use when you choreograph The Nutcracker. So cool...
Great job, Steven! Michelle and I loved your performance as the Mouse King and Arabian lead. I am in awe of your gift and talent. Congratulations on a job well done.
Hi Teacher Steven! 🎶 I need to grab a few more tickets for tomorrow, what time does the studio open today!!! Im so excited about tomorrow!!!😬😁🎶👏
Here's a routine for the morning Zumba class to learn...:) LOL (Miss being with you! :) )
Jenny Velazquez este es el estudio del que te estaba hablando. regístrate rosalyn 😊
How much for ballet classes

Studio22 at Montalvo School of Performing Arts produces quality & talented entertainers, teaching r

Operating as usual


Saturday, September 17! More info coming soon.

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Sign up before it’s too late!!!


*Time Change*

Friday’s A Star is Born has been changed to 6-7pm!


CONTRACTED STUDENTS: You have been sent an e-mail regarding your 2022-2023 dance registration.
We’ll see you all soon!!! 💛🖤💜


2022-2023 Class Schedule

Registration is August 28th at Studio22MSPA 10-12pm
*Limited Space Available!!!


STUDIO22MSPA’S Competition Team Auditions!!! August 28th 3-7pm. Learn choreography on August 24 OR 26th from 7-8pm. *Choose One Day *Bring Birth Certificate


AUGUST 28, 2022


Join us at 5pm for our

$10 gets you
-BBQ Leg & Thigh
-Bottled Water
and a chance to win $100

or Take Out.



Over 150 seats were sold! Get your tickets before the show is sold out!


Parent passcodes for recital tickets are in! We will give them out at about 7pm tonight via email to those who have paid their costume and recital fees. Tickets will go on sale to the public tomorrow at 7pm!


Studio 22 is closed today!!! Enjoy your Fourth of July!!


Oscar/Academy award winning George Chakiris who played Bernardo in the original movie “West Side Story” came to visit Mr. Steven at the studio today!!!!


Mr. Steven is looking forward to getting certified with Acrobatic Arts hopefully by the end of this year!!!
Isn’t this crazy impressive?! 🤯


Work on muscle memory, burn some calories with some cardio, and let’s have fun!!!

Text “ADULT TAP” to (559) 755-3191 to sign up!



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We had a blast performing tonight!!! Thank you to the Kerman Farmers Market for having us.

Great job all involved and thank you to all those who helped!!!

KLEPAC’s you Rock!!


Volunteers, our table is near the food bank. Find the grey truck!!!
Please talk to Vic and Sharon our favorite food bank volunteers.
Nothing on our table is for sale, it’s just to look at.
Text me if you need anything.
Enjoy accepting the donations!!!


Having trouble thinking of what to wear tomorrow!!!
Here’s an example with Ms. Georgi. $13.88 at Walmart.
80’s/90’s RETRO Kerman Farmers Market

We perform at 7:15!!!


Don’t forget to bring your food donations to the farmers market tomorrow 5-8pm.

Some of our dancers will perform at 7:15pm!!!

*If you perform, meet at the studio in your 80’s 90’s costumes at 6:55pm and we’ll walk over together.

❤️Kerman Farmers Market



This class is perfect for those that want MORE!!! A class set for a full warm up, stretches, across the floor and a dance combo.
This class is great fit for beginner-advance. We work at our own strengths, and our own levels.
Get your splits, turns, leaps, scorpions, and more!!!!

Dance like an athlete - Train like a dancer!!!

1 and 1/2 hour class.
$80 for 4 classes a month
$70 for 4 classes a month with a 4 month contract


Okay. . . So this little one had a fear of being upside down. No back rolls, no front rolls, no head or handstands.
Today we were working on head and handstand and you can tell in her face it’s like seeing the boogie man. Her eyes get big like the cat from shrek, her shoulders lift trying to cover her little heart from danger, and her voice raises octaves that breaks your heart. She says “noooo. No.” And shakes her head. With big bulges of tears about to pour out of her big beautiful eyes she says “I’m too scared. . . I’m scared. I don’t want to.”
We won’t push anyone out of what they are comfortable with doing. So I put her in a frog stand placing her knees on her elbows and having her hold her body on her hands.
I turned around and then In the corner of my eyes i see her trying to kick her feet up on the wall. This is the FIRST I’ve seen her try putting her feet over her head. EVER!!! So like reaching for a frightened kitten I moved slowly 🤣 I crept over put my hands around her ankles and I slowly take her to the wall. I lift her slightly so there’s not a lot of pressure on her head. I didn’t know how MUCH of it she wanted to try. We get her up. . . And sorry mom and dad, I think I’ve created a monster.
I’ll send over some wall mark remover 😂
I’m sooooooo proud of her.
Look at that gigantic smile!!!


🚨We are looking for some volunteers to sit behind our Studio22MSPA table this coming Wednesday June 15th from 4-7pm. We can take shifts.
There will be someone there in charge. We perform at 7:15pm.
The studio will also be volunteering to collect the food donations that will be donated to the Kerman Community Food Bank. There will be a truck parked where you will instruct people to put there donated food into the back of a 94 Toyota pickup truck. I have some decorating ideas but if you’re interested in helping out, please let Mr. Steven know.
It’s a retro 80-90’s themed!!!!
Thank you!!!


Today we were Watching and listening to the last batch of judges critiques from the last competition we went to. We are so excited about hearing and fixing some things that will get us ready for “Showstopper”Finals in July!!!

*dancer pictured:
Dallas Meyer


Are you thinking about trying out for our competition team The “Royal Stars” in august?
Do you want a little more strength in your dancing?
Looking to reach your desired flexibility?

A NEW ”Training Day” dance class is an hour and a half long. Giving us the opportunity to give a full warm up concentrating on releasing to our strengths, flexibility and To our natural ability and BEYOND!!!
End class with a fun and challenging dance combo!!!

CALL, Text or Message if interested. First come, first serve. (559) 755-3191

*** 8 students max
$20 a class = $80 a month
$70 a month with a 4 month contract.
Non performance class


Congratulations to our Raffle winners!!!!

*a HUGE shout out to our sponsors!!! Keep an eye out. There’s something special in the mail for you soon!!!


We are throwing it back with a special retro edition of our Farmers Market next Wednesday! We are proud to announce that we will be a donation drop off for our community food bank as well as host a special performance by . Hope to see you there!

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And that’s a wrap for ”Starbound” Dance Competition.
I am soooo proud of all we accomplished this weekend.
The placement was Gold, High Gold, and Elite Gold (elite gold being reserved for advanced levels).
With a 3 HIGH GOLD wins this weekend we prove to ourselves what standards we have set. Proving to ourselves what hard work can do.
These kiddos come back to a sport that causes uncomfortable stretching and muscle training. WIth a constant reminder that there’s more to grow and improve. They come back to blood sweat and tears. The passion these kiddos have is proven by the consistency of their dancing. It’s not a fluke. It’s not luck. It’s talent and the ability and work ethic to strive to be the best they can be.
I walk out of the theater feeling accomplished and fulfilled. My dancers did what they had to do. Be themselves and DANCE!!!!
Studio22MSPA you should PROUD of how these kiddos represented us!!!!
Bravo kiddos!!!


25 minutes and she’s on!!! Stream it live!!!

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Im so proud of what we accomplished tonight!!!
Our dancers have grown sooo much. What we did tonight, on a stage of that size, a theater of that magnitude. . . They danced like they belong there. They belong on the stage!!! . They still get a little nervous. . . But man they push!!!
I love them so much!
Congratulations ”Royal Stars!!!”


We perform In 20 minutes!!!
Join the competition live stream!!!
Go to:
Starbound. Net
Live webcast
Fresno ca
Access code :QCT87


Jump online and watch Studio22MSPA’s The “Royal Stars” Compete!!!
They perform today at 6 and 7pm.
Dallas does her solo tomorrow - Sunday at 2pm.

Break a leg ladies!!!! M***E!!!

*we may perform an hour early if called to do so!!!


Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh!! OH MY GOSH!!!
We got a text message from Shawna Lambe Rhoades saying THE RHOADES GIRLS are visiting for a bit!!!
It was soooo good to see them today and they’ll be taking some classes while “home!”

We’ve missed you so much!


The studio is OPEN TODAY!!!
We are truly grateful to honor our freedom by doing what we do, living the way we live, and being free the way we are free. We dance, rejoice and remember those who fought for our freedom.

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Studio22MSPA- Dance Vibes!!!
It’s a thing!!!


Mr. Steven LOVES receiving pictures of our dancers practicing and posing everywhere they go!!!
Keep sharing your photos 😊

Look at this killer photo of Ms. Dallas Meyer 💪🏽

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Are your feet causing you to walk differently? Causing hip and back pain?

*before and after


Mr. Steven saw this commercial and got sooo excited!!! It’s What we teach!!!
From our littles to our competition team, we work on the alignment of our bodies for proper placement for dance. Dance has given Mr. Steven a platform to keep promoting the use of proper posture and alignment for a healthier and longer life physically. Starting with the toes to the top of our heads. We use yoga blocks to not only find our balance, but to find that proper lift in our feet to start the direction of proper alignment throughout the body.
The insoles will help, but lets work on the muscles so you have the strength not just a wedge under your foot 😉

We want to be able to dance till we’re 80!!!! 😊

Boogie Shoes -Thursday 4-5pm 05/27/2022

Boogie Shoes -Thursday 4-5pm

We were missing half our class today. . . So we had to jump into different parts. Today Mr. Steven got to jump in, and Ms. Mikayla Klepac was able to practice what we preach and did an AWESOME job in a part she learned by watching!!!

A dance from our upcoming a recital!!!

*I do not own the rights to this song. For educational purposes only.

Boogie Shoes -Thursday 4-5pm STUDIO22MSPA’S “Block Party”


We’ve got competition in 8 days.
I pray to God 🙏🏽😂😂😂
Stay safe - HAVE FUN kiddos!!!!

Mr. Steven is here cheering you on!!!


We’ll put this picture . . . Right . . . Here!


Have fun out there and stay hydrated!!!
Go cheer on some of our dancers and siblings of our dancers!!!

Comment your child’s name so we can cheer extra loud for them!!!!


Our Studio door will be closed. . . .
But our A/C will be on!!!
See you in class tonight!!!


Tommy Rall & Bob Fosse in "My Sister Eileen". @jazzdanceproject

Mr. Steven grew up watching films like these with his mother. It was gentlemen like these that inspired his way into show business.
The style, that energy, the athleticism!!!


Registration for our 2021-2022 Dance Season is now closed.

We look forward to performing a great Production Style Recital in July!!! Keep an eye out for tickets!!!!

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Thank you and congratulations to our neighbors So Fresh Cuts So Clean Salon & Spa!!!!
They had a had a grand opening and invited us to dinner. The tacos were delicious!!!

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Photos from City of Kerman Parks and Rec's post

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Happy Mother’s Day!!!


The “Royal Stars” Dance Company
Perform at 1:30pm at the Kerman Almond Festival

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Okay. . . So this little one had a fear of being upside down. No back rolls, no front rolls, no head or handstands. Toda...
Congratulations to our Raffle winners!!!! *a HUGE shout out to our sponsors!!! Keep an eye out. There’s something specia...
Mr. Steven saw this commercial and got sooo excited!!! It’s What we teach!!! From our littles to our competition team, w...
These Little ones are working on their recital piece. They don’t know how much this little dance means to me. Theres a m...
1st place Platinum #480 Low Rider 🚗🚙🎒🎒
21 years later Mr. Steven will return to Showstoppers Dance competition. This time as a owner, a director, a choreograph...
Mr. Steven teaches at California Arts Academy in Fresno on saturdays. Here’s One of our little men doing our Saturday ch...
A look back at another successful week. Woohoo!!! Strength, Flexability, and Determination. We still have A LOT of work ...
9 year old andrea Lopez, watch her left side. The stability, we’ll get her to not roll her foot in on her supporting leg...





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