Broome County Sportsmen's Assn. Inc.

Broome County Sportsmen's Assn. Inc. BCSA is a non-profit group of 800+ avid Sportsmen. Broome County Sportsmen's Association.

BCSA is a non-profit group of 800+ avid sportsmen. Founded in 1917, the club services upstate New York and northern Pennsylvania with excellent indoor and outdoor range facilities, training and competition. The facilities of Broome County Sportsmen's Association are sanctioned and approved for various competitive events.

Operating as usual

[03/17/21]   INDOOR RANGE will be closed March 27th for N.R.A. Pistol Match. 8AM - 6PM

[03/12/21]   Indoor Range Entrance is now only by coming in the Front RIGHT SIDE Clubhouse door. The rear code lock is gone. (PAR)


Remington Arms Company

Breaking News! This picture was taken last week at our Ammunition Plant. We are shipping ammo. Thank you for your patience.

#RemingtonAmmo #RemingtonHandgunAmmo #RemingtonGoldenSaberBonded #9MM #ThankYou


!!!!...GREAT NEWS..!!!! The new Clubhouse is now OPEN...!!!!

The front Clubhouse door code is the same as your Gate Code. Be forewarned the door handle only turns an 1/8 of a turn.

Bathrooms are to your right when you enter the Clubhouse. Make sure when you are done/leaving you turn OFF all lights and fans off. (Bathrooms, hallway & Indoor Range)

INDOOR RANGE MEMBERS: you will access the Indoor Range by going thru the front door of the Clubhouse. Straight down the hall is the door to the Indoor Range. Your Indoor Range door code works on that door. Please keep the door closed.

We still have some work to complete. As such, the Clubhouse will be closed for a day or two this week so we can seal the expansion joints. As soon as we know which days, it will be posted here and on the calendar.

And to answer someones question, yes, we will be having an Open House but we are going to wait until it gets warmer and everything is complete.

Today is the day quite a few if us have been waiting for and several of us have worked really hard to get this done... YEE HAAA!!!

Please share this info with any non-FB club members.

jps 01/24/2021

Keefe Report: On the Front Lines of the Ammo Shortage

Second article about the ammo shortage. This was from 01/22/2021. Basically the factories cannot keep up, they are trying, but demand is just too high. JPS Federal Premium President Jason Vanderbrink addressed several of the questions regarding the ammo shortage in a recently released video. 01/24/2021

The Great Ammo Shortage of 2020: When Will It End?

One of two articles about the ammo shortage. This one is from Dec 2020.

My thought is it is just like the T.P. shortage. Everybody had T.P. but kept buying tons 'just because....'. Now the manufacturers cannot keep up. If we all allowed the factories to catch up this would end. JPS Gun owners across America are asking when ammunition will be available again. Here are some of the realities and expectations straight from the nation's top ammo makers.


Concrete has been poured...!!! We are almost there.. 01/09/2021

And Here come the Anti-Gun Bills for 2021 :: Don't let the momentary interruption fool you, lawmakers on Capitol Hill have been able to submit a flurry of nationwide gun control proposals to be considered by the Democrat-controlled legislature.




Merry Christmas to all and to all Good Night...


The cleanup on Saturday made possible the floor sealing on Sunday. Two coats, on the entire building in 3 hours. Thanks Ken and Jim.


THANK YOU to those that gave of there time during a very busy season to clean the floors of the new building on Saturday.

Members assisting at the club today today: Wade Sr, Wade Jr, Deb, Kevin, Rick, Alan, Mike, Tom, Eric, Ian
.....Also Board Members: Jeff- me, Bob, Jose, & Jamie

[12/17/20]   OPPORTUNITY:

We are looking to put together a Work Crew to do some light work at the new club house on Saturday December 19, 2020 starting at 9AM. The work will be inside and will entail sweeping, mopping and vacuuming the floor. We would like 8 to 10 people, (currently have 6) We will have brooms, mops and vacuums that day. If we have enough people, the work should only take 2 to 3 hours.

If you can assist us that day, that would be great as many hands make light work. Please reply to this email:

[email protected]

so I can keep a tally of who will be coming. If you can bring more then yourself, let me know who and one email will suffice. See you Saturday

Jeff Culver
BCSA President 12/16/2020

NRA delivers Nerf guns to 4-year-old after mall Santa denied his request for the toy A mall Santa refused Michael DeCarlo’s request for a Nerf gun for Christmas, so now the National Rifle Association is stepping in to help the 4-year-old expand his toy arsenal.


The difference a day makes, partitions added in today.


This is my ‘The building is almost done’ photo dump, still need a few lock sets, bathroom signs, partitions, and base trim.

We are having a floor cleaning volunteer event next week, stay tuned for details.
We need some help.

Sidewalks and ADA ramp later this week.

Thanks to PR Improvements for the great paint job.


Reminder for this week...


Broome County Sportsmen's Assn. Inc.

Reminder... All Ranges closed 7am and 5pm Mon 12/7, Tues 12/8, Thur 12/10 & Fri 12/11
Any changes will be posted here on the FB page

All Ranges ( Outdoor AND Indoor) will be closed between 7am and 5pm on the following days:
Mon Dec.7, Tues Dec.8, Thur. Dec.10 & Fri Dec.11


New path, along the building and a glimpse into the new bathrooms


Being very tired of muddy shoes, I laid down a permanent stone path to the middle, pistol, and the construction entrance for the indoor range. Its still a little soft, as I did not have my tamper with, but it beats your shoes gaining weight as you walk!


Night view from the gate, and up close at night.

[11/26/20]   RANGE CLOSINGS
All Ranges ( Outdoor AND Indoor) will be closed between 7am and 5pm on the following days:
Mon Dec.7, Tues Dec.8, Thur. Dec.10 & Fri Dec.11


New cover for middle range (PAR)

[11/16/20]   Sorry for the short notice...
The Indoor Range will be closed starting Tuesday (11/17) morning until mid-day Wednesday (11/18) for some construction work. Again sorry for the short notice..
jps 11/14/2020

Vista Outdoors reports ammunition backlog of over $1B

Hopefully, when ammo is more readily available, the prices will come back down... Big-name shooting sports company Vista Outdoor Inc. reported “over a year’s worth” of backlogged ammunition orders worth more than $1 billion.


Building exterior just needs doors, inside is insulated and sheet rocked. This is the main meeting room.


NRA - National Rifle Association of America

If you are a member of the Broome County Sportsmen's Assoc., we offer discounted rates to join or renew your NRA membership. You get a discount and the club gets back a small portion of your fee, a win/win for all. For more information, email the Membership Director, Jamie Szenher at [email protected]


Click Here To Join NRA®:


1) The outside is almost complete.
2) Note the 6 foot overhanging on the front, there will be a wide side walk under it.
3) Insulation is staged, as the rough ins for the utilities (plumbing, electric,and heat) are almost complete.
4) All the internal framing is complete.
5) Expected completion first week of December!


Broome County Sportsmen's Assn. Inc.'s cover photo


Wow, the end of day 6 of building. Brigham Builders are rocking it!


Trusses... started hanging on Friday at 915am or so and completed 355pm.


Moving right along

ALL ranges will be closed FRIDAY OCT. 16th.
We have a crane scheduled for Friday morning.


New club house update: The floor is finished. Now to framing, it will go up quickly. Projecting early December completion.


Broome County Sportsmen's Association, B.C.S.A. is a non-profit group of 800+ sportsmen. Founded in 1919, the club services upstate New York and northern Pennsylvania with excellent indoor and outdoor range facilities, training, and competition. The facilities of Broome County Sportsmen's Association are sanctioned and approved for various competitive events.

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