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Don’t you just love the time change??? Since it is spring break all of the morning classes will be 6am so hopefully that will help. All classes should resume as normal EXCEPT stay tuned for Wednesday and Friday for the 8am and 6 pm times they may get cancelled but I’ll let you know....I hope y’all have a GREAT week!
Where do I find the monthly class schedule?
Spin tonight at 5:30... come early if you need help setting up your bike!!! Class is going to bet awesome!!!
We have a great playlist for Power 3 tonight and through in a little more dance-y stuff. We will be doing a fun dance to Working for the Weekend for the dance class tonight!
Is there Zumba this Monday am.
Can you post a current schedule? Thanks!

Zumba, Kickboxing, Circuit Training, and More

Operating as usual


This is leg wrestling

We need another contest


Spin has been cancelled for tonight and then Zumba at 6pm on Wednesday is cancelled…


Come get out of the heat and try spin Tonight at 5:30!!!!!


No classes tomorrow… enjoy this weather!

HIIT with Krista on Tuesday at 5:45am will be the next class

If you can’t make early morning we have Spin starting back up again this month Tuesday at 5:30pm spread the word


Yes 💯


Just a reminder!!!! Early morning classes will begin at 5:45 am starting again tomorrow, Monday, August 15th!


Hey come to Zumba tonight at 6 pm and get a gift card to get a treat to cool off from these cuties… 1st come first serve


This Friday there will only be 6am class! No 8am class due to Pioneer Days! Have a great weekend!


No classes…happy 4th everyone!


Gym is open tomorrow this month classes will be:

Monday -Zumba: 6am, 8 am, 6 pm
Tuesday- H.I.I.T style class with Krista:6am
Wednesday -Zumba: 6am, 8 am, 6 pm
Thursday - H.I.I.T style /Toning with April:6am
Friday -Zumba: 6am, 8 am


The front part of the gym will be closed this week as we are re-finishing our floors. Classes will resume June 13th. You can still do weights and cardio gaining access to the back just please do not go on the floor in front!


We will be taking a break from spin this summer… so no spin tonight!!!


Team Kims Fitness got it done… we are the tournement champions 🙂 these gals rocked it!


No Zumba classes on Monday, May 30th, in observance of Memorial Day. Morning 5:45 class will be moved to 6am starting Tuesday, May 31st!


In observance of the Crowther funeral this Friday May 13th we will be canceling 8 am Zumba!!!


I think men need this too! I gotta say i know a lot of people like this… and that’s awesome!

Photos from Kim's Fitness's post 04/04/2022

This girl completed a marathon walking the halls of the hospital… sometimes bad things happen to good people and we don’t understand why, but I know when i see the strength from those that are struggling, it gives me strength to do hard things. Because Angie was healthy before she got cancer, she is doing her treatments well and hopefully be able to get a bone marrow transplant soon. It’s so important to take care of our bodies so they can handle life’s challenges, I’m proud to call this brave girl my sister, she has influenced so many that watch her trying to push through this tough battle, i pray that we all can find strength to be a little better With our selves and others!


Next week, early morning classes will be at 6am instead of 5:45! Enjoy Spring Break!


This 74-year-old woman is a true INSPIRATION 👵



I am so deeply touched by all of your kindness, I am honored to associate with the most loving generous people. Ladies thank you so much for your donation, i can’t even adequately begin to express my gratitude i feel for your kindness, thank you so much! Krista please tell everyone that might not be on Facebook that i thank them from the bottom of my heart… you gals are too good to me!😘😘😘🥰🥰🥰❤️❤️❤️


Tomorrow morning (Thursday) class will be at 6 am since there is no school!!! Join April tomorrow!!


There is no 8 am class today please spread the work.


There is class tomorrow morning at 5:45 and then there is Zumba on Friday morning at 6 am

There will be NO 8 am Zumba on Friday as many will be attending the funeral services for Mark 😢


We encourage singing in Zumba! I might add it makes you burn more calories during your workout


Because of the big game today we will not be having spin… go support your local Sanford/Centauri athletes!!! (Be nice though 😘)


Class tomorrow at 6 am!!!


Due to it being parent teacher conference and the crummy weather we are canceling Zumba tonight!

Get warmed up and ready to come to class in the morning (toning with April) Or Zumba on Friday 6am and 8am.


There IS spin tonight at 5:30!!!

There will be NO Power3!


Beth Stelling - 2018 Upfront

This was kinda funny 😆


We have Zumba tonight at 6pm… come join the fun!!!

On another note, i have had a few people ask when their annual memberships are due… most of you that originally signed up when i opened got your annuals pushed to January because of Covid so likely it’s due now 😬 😘


Come to Power3 tonight at 6p.m. I promise you won’t regret it!!!
Spin is cancelled tonight!


This week last week was rough but we made it through… good job!

Join us this week, exercise is so much better with friends and a support group!


Spin and Power3 are cancelled for this evening… they will be running full force next week!


Morning classes will remain at 5:45am next week! See you there!💪🏻


DEKAFIT will be set up in the morning… go get a great workout!

6 Week Wellness Reboot - Week 1 01/12/2022

6 Week Wellness Reboot - Week 1

Nutrition is huge in having success towards being healthy… but we all get busy and get lazy with the food preparation… maybe Prep Fuel SLV can help get you on track?!!! Check out their options:

6 Week Wellness Reboot - Week 1 6- Week Wellness Reboot ( WEEK 1 MENU BELOW) Each week ($120 per Week) you get 10 Meals FREE DELIVERY 5 Breakfast options 5 Entree Options ALAMOSA AREA: We have teamed up with SLV Sports & Wellness (Alamosa) to bring you an exclusive fitness plan to help you on your journey.


Thanks to 8 am i am still on track with burpees… 😘tomorrow morning we will have some yahoos doing Dekafit training.. pop in anytime in the morning and try it you can do all or some it’s a great workout! All exercises are written on the black board and I’ll happily demonstrate if you have any questions … I’ll be there a little after 7am


10 Burpees ☑️
8 cups of water ☑️

Have you drank your water and done your 10 reps? Let’s do it!


JANUARY SPECIAL PRICING-PERSONAL TRAINING (a workout plan designed just for you and your goals)

45 minute sessions

1 person
3 sessions -$80
5 sessions-$120
10 sessions-$225

2 people
3 sessions- $110
5 sessions-$170
10 sessions-$260


2022!!!! Here we go… I don’t know about y’all but last year got the best of me, and i threw my health out the window just trying to survive! I am ready to take my health back a day at a time, maybe you feel the same? Let’s be accountable together… It’s important to workout most days of the week, come see us at the gym. Is there something you want to get a little stronger at? For me it’s burpee’s… I am going to do 10 burpee’s every day pick your 10 (sit ups, push-ups, chair dips) do something just a little more, lastly but very important I have been horrible at drinking water, by 1 pm i am trying to have 8 cups (64 oz) make sure you are paying attention to your water intake, I like to do it earlier in the day so i am not up all night, you do what works for you! Who is in this with me?


Here is this months class schedule! I will add that many in the gym are going to be doing a Spartan DEKAFIT in March so on Saturdays we will set up the stations so we can practice… even if you aren’t sign up, feel free to stop in and do the workout!


Hello all! I wanted to wish everyone a Happy New year of health an prosperity!

If you haven’t been to our gym now is a great time to come check us out. If you used to come but it’s been awhile, know you are missed and we’d love to have you back! We have wonderful classes and we offer personal training and also have cardio and weight equipment so you can do your own workout at your convenience! There is an amazing welcome hometown feeling you get at this gym, let us be apart of your physical, emotional, mental health and make 2022 the year you take back control of your health we can get there together!


Merry Christmas
Next week schedule:
Monday: 6 am and 8 am Zumba
Tuesday: 6 am toning 5:30 pm spin
Wednesday 6 am and 8 am Zumba
Thursday 6 am toning

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Ahhhh thank you sweet elves!!! This was a fun surprise 🥰… my poser had to take a picture too lol


Join us tonight with
spin - 5:30pm
FREE for EVERYONE to try!

Photos from Kim's Fitness's post 12/21/2021

Come check us out!


Get some cute t-shirts and a gift card for that special someone this week!

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No Zumba today but I’d like everyone to gage where their fitness is with a Fit test if everyone would please time themse...
Run a block warm up 90 sec crunches60 seconds walking lunge60 seconds burpee/mt climber 90 seconds pushups60 seconds bur...
This weeks winner is?.... let me know what prize you want!
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