Erica Alexander, Fitness & Nutrition Coach

Erica Alexander, Fitness & Nutrition Coach


And this is how you start the year off right! We had thunder and lightning at 530am, and They could’ve easily just rolled back over in bed, pulled the sheets over their heads and said they would work out tomorrow. BUT they decided their goals were too important. Way to go ladies and gentlemen!

You still have an opportunity to start working on your goals for 2017. Comment below to get your promo code for 4 FREE weeks of CG!
Congratulations to you both..

Live Online Group Training

Operating as usual


The clock is ticking....11 days until the New Year! Gyms are going to be PACKED & CROWDED!

What's better than FREE??? Workout from the comfort of your home for 4 weeks! If you've tried Camp Gladiator in the past, come BACK - you don't want to miss our new training cycle starting January 2!

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Listen! The holidays are literally 3 days - it doesn’t have to knock you completely off track!

I want to help you stay on track or get on track with your fitness goals and give you a chance to walk away with $400 in your pocket!

This is open to my current members and non-members!

You can actually go into 2023 having checked something off your 2022 resolutions list AND maybe $400 richer!

Let’s do this!


You don’t have to wait until 2023 to work on those resolutions. Let’s get you started NOW!

I want to help you go into this New Year with new habits and having already started making progress.

You ready to change your life??


I’m not a big coffee drinker (high key Celsius addict here) but this is my favorite cream/sugar when I do drink coffee.

I add about 1/4 of the bottle. The salted caramel one is 🤌🏾

Protein Coffee!

Calories: 40
Protein: 7.5g
Carbs: 1.25g

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LIVE for the next 48 hours only!! 💲🔟‼️

Get one of the below for only $10 for a 4 week trial
(You will not need to cancel if you don't want to continue)

1️⃣ Fitness... You get access to live workouts online OR recordings where you can push play at your convenience each day, as well as in-person outdoor workouts if they are in your area!

2️⃣ Nutrition... You get a nutrition plan tailored to your goals with meal plans, plus personal coaching!

3️⃣ All of the Above!!

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My favorite high protein snack!! These 2 brands have been my go to for Greek Yogurt.

I also like Two Good brand for my kids beca it only has 2g of sugar!

Calories -170
Protein - 25g
Carbs - 8g
Fat -4g

Oikos Pro
Calories - 140
Protein -20g
Carbs - 8g
Fat -10g

This topped with a few berries or granola is my usual snack before running my 530am camp!

Do you like greek yogurt!


CG peeps, my workout isn’t showing up on the app, so use this link!

Open to the public just for the night!


I ♥️CG because it gives me the opportunity to get in a great workout from home with my kids! My 3 year old loves working out with me and I know I'm showing her healthy habits that will hopefully stick with her through life.

I want to give you that same gift!!

I'm giving complimentary access to 5 people for our workout classes either in person or online and also includes nutrition guidance the whole month of January!

Here are the codes to enter in at check out!

1.) CGHOLIDAY174292621T
2.) CGHOLIDAY870633921T
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Register below ⬇️

💻 Go here if you want to do online/on-demand workouts only:

☀️ Go here If you want to do the all access outdoor/online/on-demand workouts:

List me as the trainer that helped you and I will make sure you are taken care of!

Let's do this not just for you, but for your future...and theirs!

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I had the opportunity to lead a 30 min Camp Gladiator quick hitterworkout LIVE from the Texas Rangers stadium yesterday! Then had the privilege of being nominated to lead my fellow business partners through field work at our annual trainer conference!

It’s been a great week, and it’s only Tuesday!


POV: When you’re trying to do everything and be everything to everybody.

Sis, S T O P! You’re stressed because you’re doing too much, and much of what you’re doing doesn’t even align with the vision for your life.

Outsource- let others help you. If you can pay for help, pay for it. (I swear, finally hiring a housekeeper saved my sanity). When others offer help, take it!

Say no! Stop taking on extra projects that don’t align with what you want and need. You already know you don’t have the time. It’s ok to say no thank you. They’ll live and find somebody.

Save time and save your sanity so you can thrive doing more of the things that actually need your attention!

Comment with ✌🏾if you’re going to stop trying to do it all.


FIT FRIDAY! Did you know that in addition to 60 min outdoor and online workout, CG also offers 30 min LIVE online and on demand workouts?!?

Here’s one of my recent 30 min workouts for you to try….

Right now if you sign up and commit to your 2022 goals, you’ll get:

▶️ The rest of 2021 FREE with Camp Gladiator
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If you love the workout and would like to sign up and start this week, fill out this form -

I would love to be your Trainer and help you crush your 2020 goals!! ❤️

Camp Gladiator


I was a sophomore in high school getting dressed for school when I walked into the living room and saw my parents watching the news- eyes glued to the TV in horror and confusion.

Where were you on September 11, 2001? 20 years and we will never forget.

Join me tomorrow on our Virtual platform at 915am and 12pm to finish off your Endurance week with a 9/11 Tribute workout.

You’ll need a step/bench and a dumbbells.

Want to join us? There’s still time to try tomorrow and the next 3 weeks for only $9!

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Did somebody say SALE?!? 👀

Here's the scoop on our Labor Day Sale starting TODAY:

1. Four weeks of unlimited workouts for only $13

2. A new Fit challenge to earn 50% off of a new Camp essential in our gear store when you complete 13 workouts

3. The chance to start a new routine with the accountability and encouragement needed to stick to it!

Ready for this?

Because it gets even better: DM me for a code and your cost will only be $9!

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TODAY ONLY! Over 90% Off Flash Sale 08/31/2021

TODAY ONLY! Over 90% Off Flash Sale

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Peak Week Tuesday and it’s Equipment Day!

Grab the follow toys and join me tonight at 615pm!

✔️Sandbells/Slamball or old throw pillow
✔️Plyo box/Aerobic Step or Sturdy chair
✔️Tennis Ball/Softball

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Happy August!

Have you set your goals and intentions for this new month?

No matter what last month, last week, or even yesterday looked like, it’s never too late to reset and realign yourself with your goals!

Real quick, grab paper and a pen, and write our 2-3 goals you plan to accomplish this month. Make them S.M.A.R.T and make them happen!

Let’s get it!

Let’s go!


Free month of Camp Gladiator (Virtual or Outdoor)

Register Here ——>

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Free month with Camp Gladiator (Virtual or Outdoors)

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I learned a long time ago that you can CHANGE or you can complain and remain the same. It's about about choices and action.

2020 wasn't the best for some of us, but there are still 44 days left to make a change. How are you going to end it??

I want to help you end this year inching closer to your health and fitness goals - no you don't have to wait until the new year to start your resolution!

Decide to commit to your 2021 goals now! Get the rest of 2020 FREE when you invest in your health today!

Over 1500+ virtual workout times to choose from a week and 2500+ outdoor options in select cities.

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SOMETHING BIG is definitely coming!!!

Non CG People - Fill out the below form to get details on what is coming! You will be the first to know AND get the BEST offer! Don't wait!

CG BOLD - Share this and the below link to get as many friends and family to fill it out and put YOU as the referral. They will get the BEST deal and you will earn some sweeeeeet prizes! Don't miss out!


😇Honest Advice from a CPT on how to Achieve your Fitness Goals:

2. Patience
3. Prioritize sleep, nutrition, and hydration
4. Strength Train (note: I didn't say "cardio" here for a reason)
5. Get someone to hold you accountable (FYI: that's literally my job. 🙋🏾‍♀️)

TRY Camp Gladiator workout for FREE with a Certified Trainer!
From the comfort of your home...or In Person 💪🏻

▶️ Live Group Zoom Workouts Daily
▶️ Daily Recorded Workout Emailed to You
▶️ Goals, Motivation and Accountability

All Fitness Levels Welcome!

Must be willing to workout minimum 3x a week!

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I've always gotten the most compliments on my arms. For some reason those seem to come back the fastest when I start lifting again.

But the back is where it's at. I want wings again! So much more progress I want to see in this body, but I'm going to celebrate the small changes!


🔺Tired of COVID? Antsy? Gained the quarantine 15lbs?

🔺Are you ready to start working out?

🔺Still kinda grossed out or worried about the safety of gyms?

🔺Maybe you don’t want to be seen on Zoom but you want to workout?!

🔥Hop on my Zoom classes (or any time of day) for an ALL BODY workout at every class! You don’t need to have dumbbells if you haven’t been able to purchase them (stores are wiped out!)

👍🏼Select me (Erica Alexander,) as your Preferred Trainer for the next 4 weeks for $49 beginning next Monday, May 25th!

✅ Access to 2500 LIVE workouts each week!!

✅ Access to daily recorded workout that you can do at your own convenient time!

✅ Weekly Motivation and Accountability to reach your goals!



It's OFFICIAL!! Thanks to Covid-19, I'll be taking my services online. I'm so excited to be able to train with anybody, anywhere - distance is no longer an issue!

Message me or comment below for more details!


Who says moms can't be sexy and a great mom?

Are you living your best life, mom?

Photos from Erica Alexander, Online Trainer's post 02/19/2018

Let me be transparent for a minute. 😬 On a scale of 0-10, last week was definitely a -48 in the nutrition department. If you watched my stories, I did a huge meal prep on Sunday, which I did eat all of the food. Buuuuuttt, I ate everything else too. 🤦🏽‍♀️ So not good when you're a few weeks from starting a competition prep. Hey, I guess I needed to get it all out of my system, right?

But for a moment that set me back mentally and really had me questioning my ability to do this again. Or do it all. Some negative thoughts definitely clouded my mind.

So I had to have a little woman to woman talk with myself and remind myself of my why...Well one of them.

While the physical results of this lifestyle are great, I do this to make a difference in my life and those around me. I do this everyday because I hope to inspire women who struggle with self-esteem issues, or have a warped sense of self worth, to tap into all that they are as a woman. It took me a long time to really come to grips with my strength and purpose as a woman (I'm still discovering more everyday), but I have a strong desire to help other women recognize the freedom there is in finding and walking in purpose...Whatever that looks like! If I quit now, what opportunities will I have missed to help someone else?

So I told myself that the negative thoughts, words and energy has to stop. It's not who I am and it's not how I want to be seen. It's also not the type of energy I want to spread to my son or my future daughter.

So, today I'm speaking life over myself! I'm better, stronger, more motivated and more focused than whatever happened last week. Not looking for perfection but I'm expecting progress EVERYDAY!

I'm also speaking life over you queens!

Fearfully Made. Fearlessly Strong.

Timeline photos 01/14/2018

To peak week photo shoot before City Limits Championships 2016.

Catch me on a stage near you this summer.


You win from the back.

Gunning for that 👑 Gotta get that back jacked again. Progress is progress.

Stay tuned for a little throwBACK on a Sunday..


This morning’s home HIIT workout featuring Elyjah!

Great workout if you only have a small space and short amount of time. We live on the second floor and it was 6:30 in the morning so I kept it low impact but challenging enough to get that heart rate up. Details below.

20 Minute circuit. All you need is a kettlebell or Dumbell.

4 moves, 1 minute per move. Perform one after the other, resting after the 4th move.

*Kettlebell swings
*Sprinter Lunge Hops (30s/side)
*Snatches (30s/side)
*Mountain climbers
Rest 1 min then repeat for 5 rounds.


The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be. —Ralph Waldo Emerson

I’ve decided to be fearless.

START STRONG in 2018! 12/26/2017


Start Strong in 2018.

CAMP GLADIATOR - We are better together.
Join us for 5 weeks of fitness at unlimited locations starting January 2nd.

Claim yours for FREE!

What makes Camp Gladiator different?
*Camps starting from 4:45 am - 8 pm, 6 days per week
*Certified Personal Trainers running EVERY camp
*Community, motivation, accountability & fun!
*60 minutes of an amazing workout - and they are NEVER the same!



Back and Biceps with
Everyone always notices my arms first. That part is easy for me to grow. But the wings are where it’s at and I’m really driven to get those 🔙. 😏😉


Took my workout outside today since baby boy decided to take a nap right before we were about to head to the gym. Beautiful weather so we just roll with it. I must say, trying to get back to beast mode is quite a challenge with a new baby. I'm lucky if I make it to 3 workouts a week. And I'm having to make sure I consume at least an extra 500 calories on the days I workout otherwise baby boy isn't getting enough of the liquid gold (❌formula).

I still plan to get back on stage one day ( ) but for now, I'm just taking care of my body, my baby and my family! Happy Leg Day!

4 sets of each
15 In & Out Squat Jumps
15 Romanian Deadlift + Upright row
15e Reverse Lunge with a kick
20 Hip Bridge + Skullcrusher

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