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Great things going on right here in our backyard! I’m proud to have TRX Training continue our support of Redwood High School along with Skaar Fitness to make a positive impact on the kids at my son’s school. Great work Coach Skaar! 🎥 by High Altitude Camera and Harrison Segal

Read more and see the full video here:
I absolutely love this video by Skaar Fitness. He trains my boy and his LAX team and shared this with us after collaborating with Bushell Film.

Awe-inspiring stuff and perfect for a little... .
As a company who celebrates human movement, we were captivated by this video that Yellow Rank Instructor, Stein-Erik Skaar of Skaar Fitness, helped create and felt compelled to share it with the TRX community.

Set amidst the rolling coastal hills and surf-filled beaches of Marin, CA, Stein collaborated with Jack Bushell of Bushell Film to create an impactful video about the beauty of fitness and its ability to generate a consistent sense of fulfillment in the lives of those who pursue it in any and all forms.

We would love to hear your reactions to this awesome clip and what thoughts came to mind when you watched it in the comments below!
Great Turkey Day Bootcamp! Thanks for making their first bootcamp a great one!
Super sore shoulders today. Thanks Stein!
Hey Stein, count Hannah and I in for tomorrow morning!
Greta Representing!
You need these
Stein is the best! His classes are challenging and offer a great work out!
Fitness Norwegian by heritage, Stein-Erik Skaar is an avid outdoorsman and sport

Operating as usual


So grateful to have this time in Norway to spend time with my family, especially THIS guy, who means the world to me. We are going to have a special Xmas this year in our winter wonderland. 🇳🇴


Pay those dues!!! Don’t complain through the holidays that you ate bad, drank too much, and over indulged in everything being offered to you. Just wake up, motivate, and pay those dues that you owe.


I never feel “normal”any day until I’ve gotten a good sweat in. Purging all of that anxiety, stress and negativity fighting to work it’s way into your life. The chemical release is what I strive for daily. CONSISTENCY is the key. LFG.


We love our second home in Nevada City❤️

Photos from Skaar Fitness's post 10/14/2022

Such an amazing morning celebrating and ‘s union. Grateful to be part of such a beautiful cultural experience.

Photos from Skaar Fitness's post 10/11/2022

So great beginning the celebration of and ‘s union this last weekend. Can’t wait for the rest of the festivities!


Spending the week in LA/Beverley Hills/Hollywood.

Photos from Skaar Fitness's post 07/20/2022

My happy place🇳🇴. Late night swim at Hornstranda 😊

Photos from Skaar Fitness's post 07/15/2022

Midnight swimming after dinner with and in Flaskebekk 🇳🇴🇳🇴🇳🇴


My heart is so full seeing my dad again. Words can’t describe…


Happy Father’s Day dad! My father was the most supportive, fun, generous guide for me growing up. You’ll get zero complaints from me about my childhood. Missing you so much and can’t wait to see you in Norway soon!! 🇳🇴


NCS champions! So proud of this group of girls! When we did our pre-season conditioning back in January, I could tell this hard working, fun, and talented group would go far. Here it is! Soak it up! You deserve all the praise coming your way! The hard work pays off! Thank you so much for letting me work with you all and I can’t wait till next year!


A lot of people tell me that my mom and I are very similar and I can’t think of a kinder compliment in the world. I love you mama! Happy Mother’s Day!! We’ll see you soon!


Mountain life with

Photos from Skaar Fitness's post 05/02/2022

Such a fun day yesterday and even got to hold the coveted prize!!


Two MCAL championships in the same day!! So lucky to have conditioned these programs, and I knew this was a very special group. Congratulations champions!!!💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻


Ready for the premiere weekend of The Northman with my ‘little’ brother Espen. 💪🏻🇳🇴


Back at the studio today after a week off to reenergize. Get ready clients, workouts are getting turned up a notch heading towards summer!💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻

Photos from Skaar Fitness's post 04/22/2022

Unplugging in Big Sur before a push towards Europe in July…❤️


Road trip south to Cambria with family! Nothing like the Big Sur Coastline….


Sunday Fun-Day! 😀


Got to hang out, play games, talk and chill with one of my favorite today. Such an amazing human being. We’re so lucky to have such great players on great organizations here in the Bay. Thanks to and for the hospitality.


Best training partner ever! Love this girl more than words can convey.


Never Skip Leg Day…how many times have you heard that?! Outside of the obvious functional reasons for strengthening your legs, leg workouts help your whole body get stronger! Because legs are one of the largest muscle groups in the body, they require heavy weights to truly strengthen them. The heavy weights are instrumental in the body’s hormonal response to training including increased testosterone production and growth hormone to help recover. But if you’re training upper body/core regularly(and intelligently) as well, it too will benefit from this hormonal response. Immediately rewarding your body with a high quality protein like Phorm Phormula 1 mixed with Ignition will jumpstart recovery from every one of your workouts, whether you’re training that muscle group that day or the previous! I’m here to help you with your training and nutrition at SKAAR FITNESS. Dm about your fitness or nutritional questions!


Are you chasing your “better”? Trying to be better in your occupation, better in your relationships, better in the things you enjoy doing? Prioritizing your health will help you get closer to the “better” you’re chasing. I want to help you fill in the gaps with your fitness and nutrition. Dm me to learn more about SKAAR FITNESS and how I can help you reach your goals with proper training and supplementation.


Reward hard work with proper supplementation and recovery! I reward my hard workouts with Phormula 1 +Ignition. If you need advice about training or nutrition dm me!


My dad was fortunate to have my little brother born on his 40th birthday, 2/24/79. So happy to have such close relationships with both of them. HappyBirthday Kjell and Kjell Espen!!🎈🎈🎈

Photos from Skaar Fitness's post 02/19/2022

Mountain bike ride to Big Rock Ridge in Lucas Valley on Friday with and my shadow dog Kika. So beautiful. Best downhill in Marin county.


Visiting headquarters in St. Louis MO. last weekend was truly inspirational. Thanks for the incredible day. Great things to come.


Happiest of Birthdays (1/10) to this bright star of a human!!! , inside and out, shines as bright as a diamond. She is the rock in the Skaar family, loves fiercely and if you happen to enter her world of love, friendship and generosity, you’ll never want to leave it. I love you beyond words Karmin and feel privileged to stand by your side on our life journey together.

Photos from Skaar Fitness's post 12/27/2021

Our afternoons have been occupied by hiking around 2:30 because the sun is setting most brilliantly at around 3:10 pm. Such amazing light. Photo credit

Photos from Skaar Fitness's post 12/23/2021

Sunset at 3pm, we took the 2pm ferry to Oslo to go to Gustav Vigeland’s park and shopping down Borgstadveien and off to Jul Vinterland in Spiserstulen in Oslo. Gifting up!!!

Photos from Skaar Fitness's post 12/23/2021

Fun night out in Oslo w/ our friends and Bjorn Mhyrvold last night. Great to keep our connections during our holiday.

Photos from Skaar Fitness's post 12/21/2021

The Norwegian tradition of scalding sauna and an ice water plunge in the fjord. 🥶



First time back to Norway for Xmas since 1994, and first time I’ve been back since Covid. So happy right now that I feel my heart could explode. Love my wife Karmin for upgrading us to first class on Lufthansa on the way here(!) and I can’t wait till what what my time brings me here!!! Open to the possibilities!


So much fun celebrating w/ Xmas party last night. Love this party every year.


Thanks to and for the great tickets to the Niners game today. Not only did I get to see an incredible game, but got to meet one of the best athletes in the NFL, DEEBO!!!


Getting back to my Viking roots w/

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