Alloy Personal Training League City TX

Alloy Personal Training League City TX

We guide you to a life without limits! Small Group Personal Training
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Start your week off on the RIGHT foot! 💪🏼 Never Miss a Monday workout, we’ll see you guys at Alloy 🖤

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Don’t forget your protein!! We have your workouts AND your supplements covered! Make the most of the work you put in each time your here training! 💪🏼


📣 NOW HIRING: Studio Manager ($100K+ Income Potential)

Attention League City!

We’re not just a fitness studio; we’re a launchpad for your most ambitious career dreams.

Alloy Personal Training (200+ locations worldwide) just opened a new location in your city, and we’re on the hunt for a Studio Manager who’s ready to step up to the challenge of making this location the most successful of them all.

🤔 Why This Isn’t Just Another Job:

Leadership: You’ll be leading our team toward our monthly, quarterly, and annual targets.

Growth Potential: This is our 1st of many locations within our portfolio, and we’ll continue needing to build our leadership team to take on bigger tasks throughout the years.

Community Hero: Our programs are proven to help people get in the best shape of their lives faster and healthier than any other program on the planet, and we’ll ask that you help lead your team to do this for 150 League City residents.

Dynamic Environment: A brand new facility, with brand new equipment, stellar branding, top-notch tech, advanced systems, and an incredible culture to do great work in every single day!

🔭 We’re Looking For Someone Who:

Has a knack for sales & marketing - enjoys helping people find the best program for their goals.

Is a goal-getter - smashing targets isn’t just a job, it’s a passion.

Radiates positivity - you’re the bright light that energizes the room.

Values accountability & leadership - you walk the talk.

📍 Located at the Heart of League City

1355 E League City Parkway, League City, TX 77573

🙋🏻‍♂️🙋🏽‍♀️ How To Apply: Follow These Instructions Exactly.

- Send an email to [email protected]
- Use the subject line: Studio Manager Application
- In the body of the email, write a short paragraph describing why you’d like to work at Alloy.
- Attach a resume to the email
- Attach a video (or you can include a link to the video in the body of the email) of you describing why you believe you’d be a great fit for the role. Keep the video under 2 minutes.

🏁 Apply fast, as we’re aiming to make a decision within the next 10 days!

PS: If you’ve decided you’re not a great fit, that’s ok. Please share this awesome opportunity so others can possibly hear about it and land a wonderful opportunity!

*** Alloy Personal Training is an equal-opportunity employer. We celebrate diversity and are committed to creating an inclusive environment for all employees.


📣 Studio Manager Wanted: Join the Alloy Personal Training Family – Transform Lives and Accelerate Your Career!


🌟 Are You Ready to Lead, Inspire, and Thrive? 🌟

Location: League City, TX (1355 E League City Parkway)

Salary: Up to $55K Base + Lucrative Revenue Share Bonus (Potential to Earn Over 6 Figures!)

- Comprehensive Health/Dental/Vision
- 401K
- Profit Sharing
- Paid Time off
- Evenings as needed
- Professional development assistance
- Free Gym Access

About Alloy Personal Training:
Since 1992, Alloy Personal Training has been a beacon in personalized fitness. Our mission? To transform lives, focusing on clients over 50. We're not just a gym; we're a community that stands for simplicity, fun, integrity, and honesty. We're expanding our family in League City, TX, and looking for a Studio Manager who's as passionate about fitness and leadership as we are.

Your Role:
As our Studio Manager, you're not just managing; you're leading a revolution in personalized fitness. You'll be the heart and soul of our studio, driving growth, nurturing our team, and creating an environment where high-fives and achievements are daily norms.

What You'll Do:

- Lead and empower a dedicated team.
- Drive sales and marketing initiatives that keep our revenue graph soaring.
- Be the maestro of scheduling, ensuring our studio runs like clockwork.
- Scout and recruit the best trainers who share our passion and values.
- Oversee all studio operations, making sure every detail is perfect.

Who You Are:

- A sales and marketing maven with at least 1 year of B2C success, ideally in fitness.
- A management pro with 1-2 years of experience, making teams shine.
- Organized? That's your middle name.
- A positive force, radiating optimism and motivation.
- An accountable leader, striving for greatness.

Why Join Us?

- Flexibility: Full-time with adaptable hours. We value work-life balance.
- Growth: With plans to open more locations, your career trajectory is sky-high.
- Culture: Be part of a team where fun, support, and success are part of the daily routine.

Apply Now:
1. Send an email to [email protected].
2. Use the subject line: STUDIO MANAGER APPLICATION.
3. Include a brief paragraph on why you're applying.
4. Attach your resume.
5. Attach a video (

Call now to connect with business.

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Congratulations to Julie for completing her very 1st Alloy workout yesterday. So proud of you for finishing the workout. It was a tough one! I had to post both pics. I couldn’t decide which one I liked better. 😉


Milestones from last week. Congratulations Marisol, Simone, Erin, Kim, Kevin, Reggie and Ally! 🎉 We are so happy to have all of you as part of our Alloy family.


Celebrating our milestones from last week. Congratulations ladies! 💪🎉🙌

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Congratulations to Erin and Simone for completing 50 workouts this week with Alloy Personal Training. 🎉🙌😃


Congratulations Marisol for completing 50 workouts with us! 💪 🙌


The colder weather is here! This is why we are featuring our joint flex gummies for our supplement of the month. Samples coming soon.


Tonight is going to be a spooky good time! Join us as we celebrate and mingle with our members during our first “Weights, Wine, and Trivia” social this evening at 7pm!
Let us know if you can make it in the comments below 👇🏼



The week is isn’t over! There is still time to hop in for a FREE session to see what we are all about! Message us today to snag one of our limited spots! Let’s end this week getting STRONGER TOGETHER 💪🏼

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Take out the uncertainty of what brand of supplement to buy at the store! Our protein powder offers all natural ingredients and no artificial sweeteners, flavorings or dyes!
Benefits of Protein:
🧬 Promotes muscle protein synthesis and recovery

📠 Proteins are cold pressed though a micro-filtration system which minimizes degradation of micronutrients

📈 Maximizes muscle growth and improves strength

Including a scoop or two throughout your day can drastically increase your success rate of reaching your optimal grams of protein intake per day! Not sure how much to take? Ask our training staff today to make sure you're getting enough protein building blocks to help you on your fitness journey! 💪🏼


Check it out!!! FREE TRAINING SESSION just by getting delicious stress free food! 💪🏼 🍽️

Spend $50 in-store and receive a FREE personal training session with !👏🏽 Now that’s 💪


💪🏼Ready to CRUSH your fitness goals?
Join the ULTIMATE 6-Week Fitness Challenge with Alloy
Personal Training starting October 9nd!
Just $349 for nonmembers - an INCREDIBLE value! 🫢

Get ready for a TOTAL transformation with
* nutrition coaching
* two in person weekly training sessions
* two inbody composition analysis scans
* weekly check in’s

🫨But wait, there's MORE! 🤗
Crush your excuses with dedicated ACCOUNTABILITY sessions.
Find your untapped potential with our INSPIRING trainers.
Connect with a COMMUNITY that's as passionate about your goals as you are.
🏆Join the Alloy Personal Training 6-Week Fitness
Challenge and:
- Sculpt the body you’ve been working for
- Boost your energy and confidence
- Smash your personal goals
Don't miss out on this chance to ELEVATE your fitness game and achieve the results you've always dreamed of!
Mark your calendars for October 9th - the countdown to greatness starts NOW! Weigh in’s must be completed by Oct 7th!
Tap that if ❤️ you're IN, and let's SMASH those fitness goals together!
📣Limited spots available, so RESERVE yours TODAY!
Drop a 🔥 in the comments, DM us, or call today for more details.
Get ready to UNLEASH the new and improved YOU!


THANK YOU, Karen Bihm for your referral (and new member 🤩) Michele Weber, WELCOME!!!
We love our our people helping grow their own gym community! Nothing better than getting better with people you love 🫱🏽‍🫲🏼
AND because she brought a buddy AND she signed up, Karen received 6 tailgate raffle tickets 🎟️ towards our ULTIMATE TAILGATE PACKAGE giveaway!!!!
There are still a few days to gain tickets to win the BIG PRIZE of:
* 2 folding chairs
* 1 10x10 canopy tent
* portable grill
* Artic cooler
WHO’S NEXT??? 🤩💪🏼

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We have TWO pop up events with StretchLab League City coming up!
THIS SATURDAY Sept 30th from 8-11am
and again
Wednesday evening, Oct 4th from 4-7pm!
Message us to schedule a complimentary 15 minutes stretch or Scan QR code below to secure your spot! 💪🏼🤸🏻‍♀️


Who's hungry? Need dinner ideas? I GOT YOU!!! If you give this a try, be sure and give us a full report! 👌💪🏼


Back to school can mean back to YOU! Adults thrive on routine schedules just like those kiddos! If you are finding yourself with more free time, LET’S GO 💪🏼
Message us to hear our available weekly schedule options and who knows, you could start TOMORROW! 😎


We ALL know we need to be increasing our water intake…DUH! But how? Here are some ways to help you beat this heat besides just H2O! Your body needs more than JUST water…Oral hydration solutions contain water, electrolytes, and sugar. You can make your own simple rehydration solution at home using water, salt, and sugar. A good start is limit caffeine or making sure we are pushing water PRIOR! Here are some other things that can help and what to look out for in these triple digit temps 🥵
* Fruits and vegetables with the highest water content include:
berries 🫐
🗣️ things to look out for during extreme heat3
•dark urine color
•stop sweating
•dry mouth
If you find yourself having any of these symptoms get in a cool space, get fluids and regulate your temperature and contact your physician if problems persist!


Two flavors we LOVE in the south…Blueberry 🫐 and lemon 🍋
Give this recipe a try…
Cook ‘em, let ‘em cool, and then take with you anywhere!


Alloy Personal Training is for people of all fitness levels! We offer a customized personal training system that is uniquely designed for those who want to be in the best shape of their lives. Accountability, community and top tier coaching all in one place!
Message us or call today to schedule a hassle free starting point session today. Let’s get CLEAR on and MEET your goals, TOGETHER! 💪🏼

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Congratulations to Anne for dropping Lbs and bodyfat and gaining muscle!!! This is the way…WHO’S NEXT?! Message us to get started on your journey today!

Photos from Alloy Personal Training League City TX's post 08/07/2023

What’s better than getting results when you show up to the gym…FREE PERKS! Like this awesome shirt Erin is wearing! She gets points towards awesome rewards like merchandise, hotels, trips, and more for her efforts and she’s already 1 shirt deep! 💪🏼 Keep the gains coming! Come make showing up for yourself beneficial with us…you get better bodies and clothes to put on it!! 🤪


7/27/23 Update:

Our League City location is NOW HIRING.

Catch me outside…or inside…Monday - Saturday 10 am - 6 pm for an interview.

Pro Tip: Fill out an online application prior to arrival. (Website in photo)

📍 2502 Gulf Freeway South
🍔 Good Eats.
🍹 Good Drinks.
🎉 Good Times.

Please follow our League City socials:

Facebook: The Spot League City

My best.

-Dennis Byrd

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Janell is down almost 15lbs and 2% bodyfat! She has more mobility, strength, and much loser clothing


This place has PRECIOUS stuff and awesome vendors with insane raffle prizes! Come out 🫶🏼

Photos from Alloy Personal Training League City TX's post 07/24/2023

Let me tell you about LAURA!!! This firecracker of a woman didn’t even bother having a phone conversation before coming in to sign up YESTERDAY! And she brought every bit of that same energy today for her FIRST session today! 76 years young and I am not lying when I say she has better form than some 20yr olds I’ve coached! She’s solidified her spot with us and we look forward to more smiles and life lessons from this one! 🖤💪🏼


If you want to gain muscle and lose body fat, you need to strength train AND feed your body protein.
You simply cannot train your way out of a bad diet.
At Alloy, we offer customized strength training programs AND our own private line of small-batched supplements that, unlike most supplements, are third-party tested. So that means what's on our supplement label is EXACTLY what's in our supps. No hidden fillers.
Did we mention they taste good too? 😋💪🏼

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HUGE congratulations to Tiffany!!! Her first month here she has MAINTAINED her muscle mass and DROPPED -11.2lbs and -2% body fat!!!
We are so excited to share her results and more of our amazing members soon to come! 🤩
If you are ready to make positive changes to your health and SEE RESULTS, message us to get you started TODAY! 💪🏼


We hope you have an amazing time with friends and family over the holiday next week.
If you're not floating the river or hanging at the beach Monday, we'll be open July 3rd from 6am-12noon for you to get in some strength training ahead of grilling and fireworks!
We'll open back up bright and early Wednesday morning for our regular 6am workout.


Hello Alloy family! Hey first I wanted to take the time to thank each of you. You all have made the first month of owning and operating our training studio an absolute dream. We have had the opportunity to make so many new found friends and the amount of ownership you all take for being a part of getting this place up and going makes me so grateful. So I cannot think you enough. I know many of you have already brought in referrals and that is without a doubt the most impactful way you can help us grow but also help someone else improve their quality of life, so thank you for that as well. It means the world to us. On that note we are closing out the month and therefore only have a handful of days left to offer our founding members’ rates so if you know anyone that would benefit from us please have them contact use before the month ends so we can offer them the discount before it’s gone.

Thanks so much and see you on the gym floor soon

- Billy


“The Ripple effect” is something we talk about often. And it is something that happens to us all, and not just through fitness!
One of our favorite things about coaching is having it reach out and touch others. The decision to better YOURSELF can turn into inspiring your spouse, friend, children, even strangers, to follow in your footsteps!
We love coaching this married duo, they PUSH one another and have so much fun and laughs while doing so. Keep it up, Boyd family!!! 💪🏼🖤


We are finishing the week STRONGER TOGETHER!!! 💪🏼

Photos from Luckystroke Putt Club's post 06/09/2023

We're Lauren and Billy Jones, your CO-CEOs at the newly minted Alloy Personal Training in League City. We're thrilled to invite you to the grand opening of our brand-new location at 1355 E. League City Parkway, Suite 300, TODAY , at 5 pm.

With Alloy's long-standing tradition of providing superior personal training services, we've crafted an event that promises fitness and fun, wrapped in a memorable experience.

We've partnered with local businesses to add some fantastic giveaways to your evening. Here's a peek at the raffle items:

DexaFit League City-, your body composition and fitness experts - offering $100 towards services
Balanced Foods - Webster, Tx , for nutritionally balanced meals - offering sample meals and a free meal
New Beginnings Massage & Wellness, LLC , your relaxation destination - offering a 60-minute massage and lymphatic drain
StretchLab Clear Lake , enhancing your flexibility - offering a 50-minute stretch session
Cool Cow Creamery , your favorite dessert shop - offering FREE ice cream
BoBeauty , aesthetic and skincare specialists - offering specials for Botox and lip filler.
Ellie Mental Health - Houston Clear Lake , mental health advocates - offering a swag bag
iCRYO League City , your cryotherapy specialists - offering complimentary leg compressions
Teazsol , tea lovers' delight - offering a Matcha Tea bag
Beatrice Leyva Custom Tee’s, for your personalized tees - offering a free shirt
Salon Renew , your hair care experts - offering a fully stocked gift basket!

We cordially invite you to join us, bring your friends and family, and enjoy a unique event packed with excitement, community spirit, and plentiful freebies!

This grand opening is more than just a celebration for us, it's a moment where we humbly ask for your support as we embark on this new journey.

We're excited to meet you and see you all today!
Did I mention free ice cream ??🍦😜

In good health,
Lauren and Billy Jones
Alloy Personal Training League City TX

Want your business to be the top-listed Gym/sports Facility in League City?

Click here to claim your Sponsored Listing.

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Milestones from last week. Congratulations Marisol, Simone, Erin, Kim, Kevin, Reggie and Ally! 🎉 We are so happy to have...
Celebrating our milestones from last week. Congratulations ladies! 💪🎉🙌




1355 E. League City Parkway, Suite 300
League City, TX

Opening Hours

Monday 6am - 8pm
Tuesday 6am - 8pm
Wednesday 6am - 8pm
Thursday 6am - 8pm
Friday 6am - 7pm
Saturday 7am - 12pm

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