Lebanon Valley Slow Pitch Softball

Lebanon Valley Slow Pitch Softball


I left a glove and batting gloves at heiseys september 20th. I believe hitmen and heiseys played after us then hitmen and rage. If anyone found them shoot me a message. Its a brown mizuno glove and white vuk batting gloves. Thanks.
Good folks. Rain is a pain in the ass. All is playable.

Good luck today thanks for playing!

If you need balls there’s some at heiseys and Avon. If your at optimist please stop a one of the stands first.

I also want to apologize for the conditions at Optimus there just was nothing else I could do. 
Shout out to Troy the stinker for changing bulbs today at the field!
FYI - I had my Miken bat tested by the league 2 weeks ago and it failed. I sent it to Miken & they also tested it and it failed again. The league machine was right on. I share this just in case anyone was doubting the league’s machine.
**BTW - Miken is replacing my bat with another bat. 👏👏👏🥎
Been playing in this league for years. Would like to join a team if someone would have me. Anybody thats needs a player? Message me.
Do we know if the Legion will have the food/beer stand open? Want to know if they will have beer available, and sure food too I guess. Asking for a friend......
Was there a decesion made yet about when the season will kick off this year??
With a heavy heart this morning one of our own passed away today guy sticker coach and umpire at all levels of softball was taking from us this morning. May not have been the best but always kept it entertaining. I had the pleasure of knowing him on a personal level great man he will be sadly missed. RIP Stick softball won't be the same without u.
Looking for a couple guys to play at the nook on the 4th in over night tournament
Any girl's free this Saturday in Lebanon we play at 8am at the legion dm if interested
Hello everyone don’t forget daylight savings . Tonight.
Fall weeknight playoffs???

There has been some talk about the possibility of changing the format of the playoffs for this year. Maybe it is a good idea and could carry over to the sunday league.

Here is what was talked about.... instead of having a straight double elimination tournament have a 3 game series...for example
#1 seed has a bye
2 vs 5 .....3 game series
3 vs 4 .....3 game series

#1 seed would then play the lowest seed remaining in a 3 game series and the other team would play the winner in a 5 game championship series.

The reason this was brought up was bc it would save on players traveling to play. I know ALL the teams have guys coming from all over the place to play and if you tell someone they are only gonna play one game and they live a hour away chances are they are not gonna make it but if you tell them they could play 3 games it is gonna change their mind.

I am sure I am gonna get some smartass comments on this but we shall see.

I am gonna tag all involved... Mike Patteson, Shaun Gettle, Chris Wunder, Andy Read. Chris or Andy if you can tag the other 2 coaches and see how they would feel about this......

So here is a rough idea of how the playoffs would look....

Oct 16th 3 vs 4...3 game series
Oct 17th 2 vs 5...3 game series

Oct 23rd 1 vs lowest seed remaining in a 3 game series
Oct 24th winner of Oct 23rd vs high seed Start of the 5 game Championship series
Play at 7:00-8:00

Oct 30th finish the remaining game/games for the Championship......

( wow that was alot )

Lebanon Valley Slow Pitch Softball Leagues

Operating as usual


Summer league coaches- meeting tomorrow, 4/10 at the Heisey's pavilion, 1pm. Please bring the rest of your entry fee.


The league meeting that was originally scheduled for today has been postponed until next Sunday, 4/10, 1pm at the Heisey's pavilion. Please have the rest of your summer entry fee for this meeting.


Please help us as we transition to a new league group, Lebanon Valley Slowpitch Softball . This page (where you're seeing this post) was created as a business page so it can be hard for members to post, and to search for past posts. Our shift to a group will make it much easier for members to interact. Please join the new group and add all of your softball friends.
If you are having a hard time finding the new group, comment below and we will make sure you are added.


League meeting this Sunday March 6th at the 5th ward club in Lebanon . Will be taking half of Summer entry $200 and also if you plan to have a team in the spring league it will be $100 also due at this meeting! Thanks


Who's ready for spring?!?! Hopefully the snow and ice are gone, and we can focus on the important things in life..... softball season!! We are currently looking to add teams for our spring and summer seasons. Comment below if you are interested in entering a team in spring or summer.

Spring season (Sundays)- March 27- May 1. 5 weeks, plus playoffs. $100 entry fee, umps are $35/game. We will be using 52/300 softballs.

Summer season (Sundays)- May 15- August 21. 14 weeks, plus playoffs. $400 entry fee, umps are $35/game. We will be using 52/300 softballs.

Every player will have to pay a $20 player fee to play. This fee is due before playing in your 1st league and covers you for the entire 2022 season.


Fall season (Sundays)- September 4- October 30. 8 weeks, plus playoffs. $275 entry fee.

Coed season- tentatively start in mid-July and run until September.


FREE AGENT LIST! If you are looking to play this year, but don't have a team, comment below. Coaches can look for players here. Don't forget to add your friends to the page!


With snow and ice on the ground, now is the perfect time to start planning for the 2022 softball season! Please see the tentative league schedule below.

Spring season (Sundays)- March 27- May 1. 5 weeks, plus playoffs. $100 entry fee

Summer season (Sundays)- May 15- August 21. 14 weeks, plus playoffs. $400 entry fee.

Fall season (Sundays)- September 4- October 30. 8 weeks, plus playoffs. $275 entry fee.

Coed season- tentatively start in mid-July and run until September.

As in the past, every player will have to pay a $20 player fee to play. This fee is due before playing in your 1st league and covers you for the entire 2022 season.

Umpire fees are not included in the league fee and are tbd. We will be using 52/300's.

We will be holding a league meeting on Sunday, February 6, 1pm at 5th Ward. We ask that all coaches planning on registering a team this year please attend. Please let us know if you have any questions and comment below if you are interested in any of the leagues.


There are a few teams looking to pick up players for a short fall season. Anyone interested please comment if u are not on a team! Thanks


Is there any interested teams in a fall ball league? 4 weeks $150 entry. $50 per team to 1st $25 per team to 2nd. One nation rules $35 per game for umpires. If we do not receive at least six teams we will not run it. Also will consider doing a draft league if this doesn’t work out. Thanks again all!

DK Reloaded
Neversink Fire

Photos from Lebanon Valley Slow Pitch Softball's post 09/13/2021

Congratulations to our 2021 Summer League A and B division Champions! Both taken to the if game by some tough runner ups!


Good luck guys


We are gonna push Coed 1 week later to see if it gains traction before sadly foregoing it this year! Ideally we should run league with 6 teams.

Team list
Washed Up


Due to all the rain, the fields will not be playable tomorrow. All games are cancelled for Sunday men’s league!


Week 1 standings
Division A

Alcoballics 2-0
Heiseys 2-0
Lemonheads 1-1
JRM 1-1
Hitmen 1-1
Hasslers 0-2
Team Copy 0-2

Division B
Reapers 2-0
Plain & Fancy 2-0
Wentzels 1-1
Crestwood 1-1
DK Reloaded 0-2
SOP 0-2

Week 2 standings
Division A
Heiseys 4-0
Alcoballics 3-1
Hitmen 3-1
Lemonheads 2-2
Team Copy 1-3
JRM 1-3
Hasslers 0-4

Division B
Reapers 4-0
Plain & Fancy 4-0
Crestwood 3-1
Wentzels 1-3
DK Reloaded 0-4
SOP 0-4

Week 3 standings
Rain out games need made up

Week 4 standings
Division A
Heiseys 5-1
Alcoballics 5-1
Lemonheads 4-2
Hitmen 3-3
Team Copy 1-5
JRM 1-5
Hasslers 1-5

Division B
Crestwood 5-1
Reapers 4-2
Plain & Fancy 4-2
Wentzels 3-3
DK Reloaded 2-4
SOP 0-6

Week 5 standings
Division A
Heiseys 7-1
Alcoballics 6-2
Lemonheads 5-3
Hitmen 5-3
Hasslers 2-6
Team Copy 1-7
JRM 1-7

Division B
Crestwood 7-1
Reapers 6-2
Wentzels 5-3
Plain & Fancy 4-4
DK Reloaded 2-6
SOP 0-8

Week 6
Division A
Alcoballics 8-2
Lemonheads 7-3
Heisey’s 7-3
Hitmen 6-4
Team Copy 3-7
Hasslers 3-7
JRM 2-8

Division B
Reapers 8-2
Crestwood 7-3
Plain & Fancy 6-4
Wentzels 5-5
DK Reloaded 2-8
SOP 0-10

Week 7
Division A
Alcoballics 10-2
Lemonheads 8-4
Heiseys 8-4
Hitmen 6-6
Hasslers 5-7
Team Copy 5-7
JRM 2-10

Division B
Crestwood 9-3
Reapers 8-4
Plain and fancy 7-5
Wentzels 7-5
DK Reloaded 2-10
SOP 0-12

Week 8
Division A
Alcoballics 12-2
Lemonheads 10-4
Heiseys 10-4
Hitmen 8-6
Hasslers 6-8
Copy 6-8
JRM 2-12

Division B
Crestwood 12-3
Wentzels 8-5
Reapers 9-6
Plain & Fancy 7-7
DK Reloaded 2-12
SOP. 0-14

Week 9
Division A
Alcoballics 14-2
Lemonheads 10-4
Heiseys 10-6
Hitmen 10-6
Hasslers 6-8
Copy 8-8
JRM 2-14

Lemonheads vs Hasslers to be made up

Division B

Crestwood 13-5
Wentzels 10-6 (2 vs DK)
Reapers 11-7
Plain & Fancy 9-9
DK Reloaded 2-14 (2 vs Wentzels)
SOP 0-18

Week 10
Division A
Alcoballics 16-2
Lemonheads 12-4
Hitmen 11-7
Heisey’s 11-7
Copy 10-8
Hasslers 6-8
JRM 2-16

Hasslers vs Reapers to be made up

Division B
Crestwood 15-5 (1 vs JRM)
Wentzels 12-8
Reapers 11-7 (1 vs JRM, 2 vs Hasslers)
Plain & Fancy 9-11
DK Reloaded 3-17
SOP 0-20

Week 11
Division A
Alcoballics 18-2
Lemonheads 12-4
Hitmen 13-7
Heiseys 13-7
Copy 10-8
Hasslers 8-8
JRM 2-18

Lemonheads vs Copy reschedule

Division B
Crestwood 15-7
Wentzels 14-8
Reapers 11-9 (2 vs Hasslers)
Plain & Fancy 9-11 (1 vs DK, 1 vs Hasslers)
DK Reloaded 3-17 (1 vs P&F, 1 vs Hasslers)
SOP 0-22

Week 12
Division A
Alcoballics 18-4
Lemonheads 14-4
Heiseys 15-7
Hitmen 14-8
Hasslers 10-8
Copy 10-10
JRM 2-20

Division B
Crestwood 16-8
Wentzels 16-8
Reapers 11-11 (2 vs Hasslers)
Plain & Fancy 10-12 (1 vs DK, 1 vs Hasslers)
DK Reloaded 3-19 (1 vs P&F, 1 vs Hasslers)
SOP 0-24

Week 13
Division A
Alcoballics 21-4 (1vs Hasslers wk3)
Lemonheads 16-6( 2vs Hasslers, 2vs Copy)
Heiseys 18-8
Hitmen 17-9
Hasslers 14-10(2 vs LH)
Copy 12-12 (2 vs LH)
JRM 2-24

Division B
Crestwood 17-8 (1 vs DK)
Wentzels 16-10
Reapers 12-14
Plain & Fancy 11-15
DK Reloaded 4-21 (1 vs Crestwood)
SOP 0-26

Week 14
Division A
Heiseys + 2 forfeited from Wentzels
Lemonheads +2 forfeited from JRM
DK Reloaded + 2 forfeited from SOP

Week 15 FINAL standings
Division A
Alcoballics 25-5
Lemonheads 23-7
Heiseys 21-9
Hitmen 20-10
Hasslers 16-14
Copy 13-17
JRM 2-28

Division B
Crestwood 21-9
Wentzels 18-12
Reapers 15-15
Plain & Fancy 11-19
DK Reloaded 7-23

Playoffs September 12
Good luck to all!


Sunday May 16 week 1 schedule!

9 DK Reloaded vs Plain & Fancy
1010 Plain & Fancy vs DK Reloaded
1120 Lemonheads vs JRM
1230 JRM vs Lemonheads
140 Alcoballics vs Team Copy
250 Team Copy vs Alcoballics

9 Crestwood vs Wentzels
1010 Wentzels vs Crestwood
1120 Heiseys vs Hasslers
1230 Hasslers vs Hitmen
140 Hitmen vs Heiseys
250 Reapers vs Sons of Pitches
400 Sons of Pitches Vs Reapers

So we had a team join late I will be doing rest of schedule for the next few days and will have it to everyone at the week 1 games. As per coaches votes there will be crossover games. With that being said we will still be running a 2 division playoff. We will be awarding each division winner next year’s entry fee paid. We also voted to give 70 minute time slots. This was put in place to keep things moving. This will give a few minutes between games to set lineup and get right back at it. It will be no new inning after 55 minutes. Please do warm ups prior to your games. Do not wait till you are up and go out on field and start throwing this is a delay we are trying to avoid. Games will promptly start at slotted game times. We will have 2 bye weeks put in place that can be used for rain make ups. All make ups are to be organized by the teams making up games and relayed to league board with a weeks notice to allow us to arrange umpires. Umpires will be $35 per game. The home team is responsible to pay the $35 fee for that game. Any questions please feel free to message. Please have patience as we do this voluntarily and for the love of the game but we also have full time jobs and families to attend to. Thanks so much for your understanding and I look forward to a great 2021 season. Good luck to all!


Hello Men's Summer League teams!

Your remaining league fee balance, rosters, and player fees ($20 per player, paid in one lump sum) are DUE THIS SUNDAY, MAY 2! Our secretary, Brittani, will be at Heisey's field from 10am-12pm. Stop in anytime to drop off checks and rosters.

If you can't make it, please send money via paypal and email rosters to [email protected].

We start in 2 weeks and need to get things finalized. If you have any questions - comment or message! Thanks!


Some teams need a few players yet for Summer Men’s League! 🥎🥎🥎🥎
If you’re interested and don’t have a team, comment or message and we’ll get you in touch with coaches!


*updated spring schedule (team name update - times and dates are the same)


Spring Schedule!!
See you next Sunday at Heisey’s!

Photos from Lebanon Valley Slow Pitch Softball's post 03/14/2021

Here are the notes from our first meeting.

For Men’s Spring League:
• We’ll be contacting coaches soon with more info/details
• If you’d still like to enter a team, let us know ASAP!

For Men’s Summer League, remember these dates:
• Sunday, March 21 @ 3pm - DEPOSIT DUE ($100)
• Sunday, April 25 @ 3pm - REMAINING BALANCE DUE ($300) + ROSTERS

Questions? Comment or message!!


Men's Slow Pitch Softball SPRING LEAGUE is coming up!

D E T A I L S :: Begins in April, 4-week schedule + playoffs, $100 league fee + $35 ump fee, $20 player fee (good for entire year), One Nation rules, hit your own balls, roster must be given before first game and only those on the roster will be eligible for playoffs.

Contact any Board Member to enter your team! Everyone is welcome!

T E A M S ::
1. Lemonheads
2. Team Copy
3. Crestwood
4. Wentzel's
5. Heisey's


News. Updates. Important info.
If your team plans to play, please make sure you have a coach or team representative present at this meeting!

*tag coaches!


Had to come together on a tie breaker but here we go! Again please be there early and prepared to play early!


Working on playoff bracket for next Sunday! We will be sticking to the no new inning after 55 minutes to be sure the day keeps rolling! This will not be applied in championship game. Please hustle in and out! No warming up on field before start of game get your throwing in behind dugouts before your games. Please be ready to play up to 30 minutes prior to your game. Normally during Fallball playoffs all teams pay umps. With that being said if each team brings 1 game worth of ump fee $35 the league will cover the rest. Let’s play with respect and have a great time!! Thanks so much for allowing this to be a fun season! Good luck to all on Sunday!


Congrats to this season’s coed champs, Washed Up!


2020 Fall week 1
2-0 heisey
2-0 team copy
2-0 venom
0-2 assassins
0-2 Samantha Styles
0-2 Freaks

Week 2
3-1 Heisey’s
3-1 Team Copy
2-2 Assassins
2-2 Venom
1-3 Samantha Styles
1-3 Freaks

Week 3
5-1 Heisey’s
4-2 Venom
3-3 Team Copy
3-3 Assassins
2-4 Freaks
1-5 Samantha Styles

Week 4
6-2 Venom
5-3 Heiseys
5-3 Team Copy
4-4 Assassins
2-6 Freaks
2-6 Samantha Styles

Week 5
7-3 Venom
7-3 Heiseys
7-3 Team Copy
4-6 Assassins
3-7 Samantha Styles
2-8 Freaks


Fall Kickball League, anyone? Weeknights or Friday nights? $150. Open rosters. Balls provided. Thoughts?


- Begins Sunday, October 11
- $250 per team, plus umpire fees
- 5 weeks long, plus playoffs
- $50 per team entered to 1st place winners, $25 per team entered to 2nd place
- Hit your own balls
- Teams need to be registered, rosters sent in, and fee paid by OCTOBER 4 (THIS SUNDAY)
- NO GAME CREDITS for this league. You must stick to your roster and only rostered players can play in playoffs. Keep this in mind when sending in your original roster.
- One Nation rules, as always, and you must follow all Lebanon Valley Slow Pitch Softball league rules and regulations.

Drop questions in the comments or your team name to enter. Tag coaches, players, whoever! Thanks!

Photos from Lebanon Valley Slow Pitch Softball's post 09/24/2020

HELLO TEAMS! Here are final eligibility lists for playoffs this Sunday! If your name is misspelled, I apologize.

A few things:
- Make sure all players have IDs on them. If asked, they must be presented to confirm identity.
- REMEMBER WE ARE ON A STRICT TIME SCHEDULE FOR PLAYOFFS. Do not warm up on the field and please have your teams ready to go if we are ahead of schedule (or behind). We want to keep the day moving as quickly as possible.
- We expect all players to follow all normal rules and regulations. Be respectful of all umpires, board members, players, and opponents. Inappropriate behavior on Sunday CAN affect your eligibility to play in the future.
- THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES ALLOWED AT AVON OR OPTIMIST FIELDS. I cannot stress this enough. We do not want to see cans or bottles in anyone's hands, empty in the trash cans, etc. We did not make this rule - these are park rules and we do not want to lose privileges we have there. Again, this can affect your eligibility to play in the future.
- If you have any questions or concerns on the day of playoffs, please find a board member or present it to your umpire.

Have fun & play ball!


Sunday’s Playoff bracket! Good luck to all teams! It will be a long day! No warming up on the fields and make sure you are ready to take the field at game time and even up to an hour ahead. We will need to keep things moving in order to get this done. Thanks for you cooperation!


Final 2019 A Division Summer League Standings!

1. Heisey’s 21-5
2. Lemonheads 17-9
3. Alcoballics 16-10
4. Rage 15-11
5. Hitmen 11-15
6. Bering 7-19
7. Hasslers 3-23

Thanks to all for making the best we could of the season considering the situation our world is in! Look forward to Fall 2020 and definitely hoping for normalcy 2021! Thanks again guys. We will have playoffs this coming Sunday and we will be using Heisey, Avon, Optimus. As soon as bracket is complete we will post. Any teams getting in the fall 5 week league starting October 4 please let us know ASAP if you plan to enter a team. Thanks again!

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