Crossfit Acernus

Crossfit Acernus


Gym open at 12:30 today!
Sorry for the late notice.
Gym open today 12-2pm!
GYM OPEN AT 11am TOMORROW (Friday)..
See ya then! πŸ€ΈπŸ»β€β™€οΈπŸ‹πŸ»β€β™‚οΈπŸƒπŸ»β€β™€οΈ
Great place, great workouts, fantastic people!
Thanks Jeff for the Easter Egg hunt! It was awesome! Sam and Katie had a great time!πŸ’ͺ
Gym open at 10:30 am tomorrow (Monday). My [grumpy] child will be there, so bring him friends. Come join us! 😬
Change of plans.. GYM OPEN AT 12 TODAY!
GYM OPEN FRIDAY AT 9:45 am. Join me! πŸ™ƒ
Open gym Friday at 9:45am! πŸ’ͺ🏾
Monday, Christmas Eve, a group of us will be doing Hero WOD β€œChad” at 11 am. He was a navy seal and friend of the one and only Dave Castro himself and he passed away a few weeks ago. Castro challenged everyone to do this workout this weekend in his memory.

⭐️ 1000 weighted box step ups (45 pound backpack)

Everyone is welcome to join us. We will warm up prior but the workout itself is rather lengthy, as you can imagine πŸ˜‚ Feel free to bring a weight vest or back pack to load up if you want to rx.
Open gym style workout tomorrow (Wednesday) at 11am!
Respect the ladies

CrossFit Acernus. Advanced fitness training for ALL fitness levels. A coach for each session will CrossFit Acernus

Operating as usual


It's never too late... Or too early to start your fitness goals!


It's called CrossFit b***y. And it's a real thing. Come check out the b***y at Crossfit Acernus .

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Merry Christmas! It was a good one today!


Ladies boot camp starts at 8:30 a.m. this morning. Although it is bitter cold outside, 5Β°, the roads are great! Stay healthy and happy holidays from Crossfit Acernus


Dani Speegle's 245-lb Barbell Complex

We have a different definition of beauty.
Come and work out with us and get awesome!

8 Professional Athletes Who Do Crossfit 12/20/2022

8 Professional Athletes Who Do Crossfit

How to go pro...

8 Professional Athletes Who Do Crossfit Crossfit has taken Over the Whole Nation and Professional NFL, NBA and Soccer Players are now using it to Fine tune their Bodies.


All classes will be offered this week with no schedule changes due to the holiday!
This includes bootcamp!


Good morning! Now that you had your morning chuckles... It's time to get in your workout.
Ladies only Bootcamp at 8:30am
CrossFit at 10:00am


CrossFit is hands down, the best way to reach your fitness potential. Your journey can start at any age. Give us your weak, lost, and tired. We will give them a gym to call home.

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All of these classes and the Bootcamp are always coached by a certified and experienced professional. Please share and also give the reason why you haven't started your fitness comeback.


This is how fitness works. It's about feeling better and living longer.

Lady Love Bootcamp β€” CrossFit Acernus 12/02/2022

Lady Love Bootcamp β€” CrossFit Acernus

Fitness is hard.
But, the Acernus Ladies Bootcamp makes it easier!
Just show up. What's your excuse?

Lady Love Bootcamp β€” CrossFit Acernus Ladies Only. Just show up…8:30am Every Saturday!This is just for the ladies…. Our Lady Love Bootcamp is what you’ve been asking for! Each one-hour session is programmed to burn calories and sculpt muscle with an intense full-body workout. Workouts are led by a coach to ensure safety and give y...






Here's the thing. 99% of trainers don't have a clue about what they are making you do. They have no foresight and no end goal... They just want $.
CrossFit Acernus is light years ahead in so many ways. Message us to get on track.


This girl is the Bomb! Strength and beauty. We support our healthy strong ladies!


It's a community of regular people getting in the best shape of their lives.

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Every year, Coach B. offers a free one month CrossFit gym membership to 2 deserving candidates. Well, it's that time of the year again. If you live in Lebanon, and are seriously committed to getting yourself into shape, send us a message explaining why. If you are selected you will train with Coach B. For one month with no strings attached. If CrossFit is for you, you can certainly join. If not we hope that you learn something about yourself! Entries are due by the end of November.

Mobile uploads 10/31/2022

We love this for so many reasons. Strong is beautiful.

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What's stopping you from taking control of your fitness?


In observance of Lebanon's trick-or-treat night, we will only be having a 5pm class this afternoon.


The goal is to be more athletic and healthier.
The goal is NOT to get skinny. 🀒
Fitness is
Send us a message to start the conversation!


Great example of a low impact, all bodyweight CrossFit workout.


We got some swag on our website.
More importantly, we have amazing fitness classes for all fitness levels. AND... Ladies only Bootcamp every Saturday at 8:30am... Why are you still out of shape when the answer is right in front of you?

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CrossFit is how professional athletes take it to the top level during their off season!

The goal is to inspire more people to try CrossFit.


Check this out.

Acernus Gear β€” CrossFit Acernus 10/12/2022

Acernus Gear β€” CrossFit Acernus

Hoodies and beanies just in time for fall...

Acernus Gear β€” CrossFit Acernus Acernus Gear All Unisex midweight hoodie $44.99 Acernus beanie $19.99 Acernus white logo beanie $19.50 Acernus trucker hat $17.50 Acernus wine tumbler $19.00

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"I don't love how I look." If you have ever mentioned these words to yourself, here's an opportunity for you to change it. Every Saturday at 8:30 a.m. we offer a ladies boot camp for those who need motivation and guidance towards a healthier self. It's free to try. What's your excuse this week?


Shout out to Coach Danielle! My shoulders are feeling it today? Ladies only Bootcamp every Saturday @ 8:30am.


You have 2 choices.
1. Continue to get out of shape, feel and look terrible and pay for it later. $$ 😒
2. Work with us, feel better, look better and not spend your retirement on medication! πŸ€‘

CrossFit Coppertop Crew Lifts Car Off Accident Victim in Daring Rescue 09/28/2022

CrossFit Coppertop Crew Lifts Car Off Accident Victim in Daring Rescue


CrossFit Coppertop Crew Lifts Car Off Accident Victim in Daring Rescue It was a normal Friday morning at CrossFit Coppertop in Amherst, OH on September 16. The sleepy 5 AM crew filtered into the gym, grabbed foam rollers and were working out some kinks on their bodies.


CrossFit Acernus...
There is no better way to become a superhero.


Sometimes the truth hurts. But, the results won't lie! Get uncomfortable and get your butt into shape.

Daily 'breath training' can work as well as medicine to reduce high blood pressure 09/21/2022

Daily 'breath training' can work as well as medicine to reduce high blood pressure

We can help you live longer, feel better, and keep off the meds. Send a message to request an intro or ask questions.

Daily 'breath training' can work as well as medicine to reduce high blood pressure Research finds five to 10 minutes daily of a type of strength training for muscles used in breathing can help anyone reduce or prevent high blood pressure. The training can also help elite athletes.


It's the little things...


Make self care a priority. Take control of your health. It's time to enjoy the life you have built.

Witness The Fittness at CrossFit Acernus

From our humble beginnings in a warehouse in Lebanon, to a shared garage, and then to our beautiful building in Cleona, PA..... we’re here to make you better. We offer class based, high intensity CrossFit accredited classes with the goal to make you good at everything; scratch that, GREAT at everything! Anyone and everyone is welcome here. We specialize in making you the best possible you no matter your age or fitness level. It’s a magical process that can only be truly understood by experience. Drop in, call in, or send us an email. No contracts, no BS, only you and your new fitness family, getting better every time you walk in the door. Every class is coached and each person is instructed through each movement of each class. Give us a month and you will notice a difference, give us a year and you will be a different person.

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This Memorial day we will be doing our traditional "Murph" challenge in honor of our fallen soldiers.  All athletes and ...
I'm pretty sure that's a 245 lb. Overhead Squat by our own Tommy Takemoto!  This kind of performance cannot be found at ...
Working out has never been so fun!
Compeer WARRIOR Fundraiser
And we dont quit....
What happens inside the 4 walls of CrossFit Acernus? We try, we persevere we become better, we live.
Get some work done!
How we roll
Truck yard battle!
Happy Easter from Crossfit Acernus.
Congrats for 2 of our athletes, Christa Dowd Winslow and Ashley Geisinger who have proven to be regional crossfit games ...




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Saturday 10am - 11pm

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