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From all the staff, coaches and interns at Performance Edge we wish you a Happy Thanksgiving! God Bless!


A big shot to County High's Nick Alexander on your commitment to continue your athletic and academic career at Christopher Newport University. It has been our pleasure working g with you over the past years. Keep strong and remember


In honor and remembrance! God Bless America!

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Best of luck to you Mark William's! NPR's almost weekly and a new team to utilize your efforts. Appreciate your hard work!


Congratulations Deuce! Quality hardwork will always pay dividends!

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When a lost ball on hole #7 from 176 yards away becomes a reality that you only believed happened to others. Never stop believing! You only fail if you never try!

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CPR and First Aid certifications updated! Always prepared but hope to never have to use.

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Thank you to all the men and women that sacrificed their lives for the freedoms we all enjoy today! God Bless each of your families, and for the men and women that serve today to keep us safe! God bless and thank you!


A much appreciated thank you to former Stone Bridge All-State, 1st Team All-Metro LB and Boston College DT and Team Captain for your generous donation. Your game worn 2017 Pinstripe Bowl Jersey will look great up on our wall as a constant reminder of how hard work, sacrifice and perseverance pays off. Leadership isn't made it's earned through example!


A big 3 years kicking your rear Adie Derry. Hardly seems that's possible, but I definitely appreciate your hard work, consistency and more importantly your great attitude. I know I can be demanding but it's only because your worth it. Thank you for your patronage. "It doesn't get easier you just get stronger!" 💪 💯 /


Keep them dialed in Andrew. Former Stone Bridge standout, client and team captain is leading the 12-1 Michigan Wolverines against the 12-1 Georgia Bulldogs in the College Football semifinals on Dec. 31 (Friday night/7:30 p.m.)


They walk it like they talk it! Airrosti's Mike Grillo, DC and Certified Recovery Specialist Deyonne Mitchell live by example. We appreciate your hard and diligence.

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We would like to wish all our mother's a Happy Mother's Day. We thank you for your strength, your wisdom, your patience, your caring, your sacrifice and most importantly your love! You keep us , guide us, direct us and support us through thick and thin. You are our rock, our center and our reason for our moving forward. Thank you!


Congratulations to Loudoun Valley's Cam Miller on his 4C 1st Team All-Region Selection.


Congratulations to Broad Run's Isaiah Lemmond on your being selected 4A 1st Team All-Region Wide Receiver. Can't think of anyone who has overcome as much through hard work, and adversity with such a great attitude! You are appreciated! gthdevelop


A big Congratulations to John Bacigalupi on recieving his first D1 college football offer (PWO) from Mercer University! @vivaloudoun


Friday Night Fights Round #2. NOVA VHSL 4A Quarter Finals 6-0 Tuscarora vs 4-1 Broad Run Best of luck to Sonny Mannino, Alan, Gbee, Aaron Palmer and Isiah Thomas. Have a great game!


Looking swole Big Dog! Just wanted to wish you well Nick. Have a great Spring practice ! Proud of who your becoming and appreciate your service!


Results Aren't Guaranteed...They're Earned! Don't let excuses or fear hold you back. .swim


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Muscle Growth for Ladies: 5 Tips and Tricks

Every woman who goes to the gym has a definite goal in mind that they want to achieve. Some want to lose weight, and many want to build their muscles. There are plenty of benefits in building lean muscles, including increasing your metabolism rate, stronger bones, giving your body a more definite shape, and better body measurements.

Even with the numerous advantages in strength training and growing your muscles, some women are still skeptical about doing this. It is partly due to the misconception that gaining muscles will make women "big" or "bulky."

Fortunately, that is only a myth. To start your journey to building your muscles, here are five (5) easy tips and tricks to help you.

Lift Weights
If you're a beginner in muscle building, you might be intimidated to try lifting weights. Lifting weights is often associated with a man's thing, but you have to understand that it is for both men and women. All of us are built with the same muscle growth. The thing that differentiates men from women is hormones. That is the reason men tend to bulk up more than women.

To increase muscle size or hypertrophy, you need to put a certain amount of stress or demand in the muscles. When you are doing some heavy weight lifting, it creates micro-tears in your muscles, which trigger your body's repair system. It will then activate the various nutrients, cells, and hormones and then be sent to help repair the tears in your muscles.

Lifting weights is a strenuous activity but paired with drinking creatine supplements, and it will help you build your muscles. Just visit to find out more about them.

Over time, this process's repetition will help create a stronger and bigger muscle to withstand the demand caused by the weights. Your muscles respond to the stress placed in them, hence why you should never shy away from lifting weights because it is an integral method when you want your muscles to grow.

Choose the Right Exercise
While lifting weight is essential in building your muscle, you should not focus solely on them because there are numerous other exercises you can do for gaining your muscles. Ideally, it is best to do exercises that require you to work for a large muscle group. This includes bench presses, overhead presses, push-ups, curls, lunges, shrugs, squats, lat-pull downs, and deadlifts.

By doing this method, it allows you to work on multiple muscles in one go. It is advised to choose from six (6) to eight (8) exercises to perform on any day of your choosing. However, if the full-body exercise approach does not produce your desired results, try the body-part split. It is when you train a specific major group of muscles a few times each week.

Upon identifying what you will be doing, it is recommended that you have three (3) to four (4) complete sets for eight (8) to twelve (12) repetitions to build your muscles. If you are ready to do heavier weights, then have fewer reps, such as three (3) to six (6) reps. Also, remember to rest between your sets for around 60 seconds.

How you organize your split will depend on you and your trainer if you have one. Create a weekly training plan that suits best your schedule, body type, and especially your goal. It may be hard at first but never be afraid to embrace the challenge.

Be Consistent
There is one vital element you need to have for you to achieve your goal, consistency. Say you're focusing on building your legs this week, but you're only doing your routine once a week. This will never be enough if you want to build some muscles. Always stick to your training schedule, be consistent, and don't skip even once, if you can.

One of the best ways to keep track of your progress is to keep a journal. When your weight training, write down the weights, sets, and reps you did. When you are working out, identify first if you're doing a full-body workout or body-part split. After that, take note of what exercises you're doing or what muscle group you are focusing on in the current week.

By keeping a journal, you can easily track your progress and identify which parts you can improve. You can put more weights when you're lifting, add another set or rep, and increase your workout's intensity. Culminate your routine, continuously upgrade it, and challenge yourself because if you're not doing this, you're not going to achieve your goal.

Proper Nutrition and Diet
Outside of lifting weights and intense workouts, you will need proper nutrition when building your muscles. The proper diet paired with the right exercise is one sure way to achieve your goal. Eat enough food to give yourself energy when you exercise and support your muscle growth.

It would help if you consumed enough protein, calories, and a variety of micronutrients for growing your muscles. Proteins are essential macronutrients for repairing the micro-tears when you lift weight resulting in rebuilding a much stronger and bigger muscle. Research suggests that women eat 1.6 to 1.8 grams of protein every kilo of their body weight.

The suggested calorie intake for women is 1,600 to 2,400 calories per day. However, the exact calorie you needed depends on your age, height, weight, metabolism, physical activity, etc. Be mindful with your calorie intake because it may add fat weight instead of muscle. Never forget to eat foods rich in vitamins and minerals because they are necessary, especially when you exercise.

Never Forget to Rest
How much exercise you do is crucial in building lean muscles, but the rest you take is just essential. It is vital to take care of your body outside the gym because your muscles need to heal, build, and grow from the muscle fibers tear.

Get enough rest between reps when you exercise, and don't forget to have an adequate amount of sleep every night. Experts recommend that you have seven (7) to nine (9) hours of sleep each night. Allow yourself to rest for a day or two every week.

Even with the tips and tricks mentioned above, it is vital to educate yourself more. When it comes to building your muscles, it does not necessarily mean you're going to get big or bulky, but instead, it's about creating a healthy and strong body and mind. If you are in doubt, you can always ask for professional training to help you gain muscles.

The journey to building your muscles is not an easy one, but it is also not impossible. It does not happen overnight, which is why you need patience, hard work, perseverance, and most importantly, discipline.

Written by: Kenny Kline


Best of luck to you Jordan Miller! The U is fortunate to be getting such a quality individual. Look forward to seeing you in the orange and green. God Bless!


Wanted to congratulate Wi******er native, former client and Penn State alum on his signing with the AHL's San Diego Gulls. You have always been a hard worker and a pleasure to work with. Look forward to seeing where you end up next.


We want to congratulate Valley's John Bacigalupi his 2nd Team All-District Defensive Line selection. You proved all the doubter wrong through your tireless work ethic and positive attitude, and we couldn't be more proud of you. Congratulations! 💪


Congratulations to Tuscarora's Sonny Mannino on being selected 2nd Team All-District Quarterback. We appreciate your consistent hardwork! Best of luck against Handley in the first round of the playoffs. 🏈


Congratulations Isaiah Lemmond on being named 1st Team All-District WR and 2nd Team All-District DB. Can't think of anyone more deserving having worked so hard to not only recover from two unfortunate injuries, but to have also added strength, size and speed during that same time frame. Good luck in the playoffs!


Photo by Nadine Shaabana on Unsplash
Article by Kenny Kline

Stop Doing These Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Muscle Gains

Regularly going to the gym is not enough to ensure muscle gain. Even if you have been working out or lifting heavy weights frequently, all your efforts and money will go to waste if you are not doing it right.

Having complete equipment or the most potent workout routine might help you gain muscles. Still, the question is, will you be able to continue gaining, or will you only ruin and lose your gains due to various mistakes you didn't even notice you are making?

Even if you think you already proficient in muscle gain, you may be still making some mistakes such as:

Do Not Take Proper Supplements
There are so many supplements available in the market, whether for weight loss or muscle gain. If your goal is to gain more and stronger muscles, then you must consider top rated amino acids as your supplements.

Amino acids can enhance your workout performance and help muscle building significantly. Additionally, it can also aid in recovery and muscle repair after an intense workout. Amino acid is also a great supplement to aid fat loss that will help muscle growth that will replace the lost fat.

Not Eating Sufficiently
If you thought that skipping meals will help you gain muscles, you are wrong. If you want to build muscles, you must take enough calories. Calories are the ones who are fueling your workouts and helps your muscles to grow and also repair after a strenuous day at the gym.

You must know how many calories your body needs a day to help your muscles grow. To get the right amount of calories you must consume to ensure muscle growth, you will have to multiply your weight in lbs. by 15 or 17. The result is the number of calories you must consume in a day to aid muscle growth.

Too Much Cardio
When it comes to cardio, you must know when it is too much. Weight-lifting alone is the most effective and robust activity you can do to fight fats that hinders muscle growth. It is why you must focus more on weight lifting and cut back on your cardio. Do not waste your precious energy doing rounds of cardio exercises if your goal is to gain muscles.

Individuals who are eager to burn fat tend to overdo their cardio, thinking that they burn more on the treadmill or the bicycle than lifting weights, but in reality, adding more cardio routine will only sabotage your weight gain.

Doing the Same Routine Repeatedly
If you are doing the same routine repeatedly, then expect that you will just hit a plateau which means that you will be where you are right now no matter how frequently you do your routines. If there will be an improvement, it will only be minimal, but most of the time, you will get stuck on that level forever.

Your body quickly adapts to a workout routine if you do not change it constantly. It is best to change the routine every four to six weeks to see the best result. Routine change is the most effective way to overcome a plateau in muscle building.

Not Tracking the Progress
One thing you can do to ensure that all your hard work pays off is to track your progress. By monitoring your achievements and setbacks, you can quickly know when to push yourself harder. You can write down your progress or use an app to log in your progress every day or every week quickly.

You can also use your tracker to know whether you are hitting a plateau on your workout so that you can plan and change things up a little bit. Seeing how much you have improved over time can also motivate you to continue and take care of what you have achieved.

Not Setting a Goal
Before you even sign up for that membership form at the gym, you must already set a goal and stick to it. Having a goal means knowing what exercise you must include in your routine. Some individuals go to the gym and do ridiculous exercises that don't even have relevance to their goal, and this is because there is no goal set at all.

Each exercise has its impact on our body, and doing the wrong exercise will compromise the result you are expecting. If you are working with a personal trainer, be vocal about your goal so that they will know what routine to give you.

Some may have a weight-loss goal, and some may want to build muscles, or others want to improve their overall health. You must know which gym-goer you are so that your trainer can prepare an effective routine that fits best on your goal.

Now that you know what the mistakes you unconsciously make that sabotage improvement and ruin your muscle gains are, it is time that you avoid it altogether. All the mentioned mistakes are not hard to avoid at all. It is all done by individuals due to a lack of knowledge. But now that you are well-informed, you can start avoiding it as soon as possible.

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