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Leverage Fitness and Defense

At LFD we are focused on achieving self defense and fitness goals through a variety of martial arts,

Operating as usual


We had a small class today with my middle/high schoolers and sometimes little classes can be uniquely fun and innovative!

We stayed inside to avoid the evil mosquitoes which usually means we focus on empty hand or blade, due to limited space.
My daughter pulled out some bongo drums 🪘🪘that I purposely bought for Kali about 5 years ago and, of course, promptly never used.

The rhythm in Kali has so many correlations to music and dance. I think it is really interesting that in our little group today had varying levels of comfort with music and dance, but everyone was comfortable with Sumbrada.

It is the same, but different

It was really fun for everyone to explore the beat of the drums as it relates to our movements!

Photos from Leverage Fitness and Defense's post 08/07/2022

I had such a fun and inspiring day at GM Bobby’s Balintawak Seminar!

It has been too long since I have had the opportunity to train and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute!

Thank you GM Bobby for sharing your knowledge!
Thank you and setting up such a nice event!

Congratulations to everyone who tested!! You all rocked it!!


I started watching the show Naomi, an origin superhero show on HBO. (Never heard of it before, I’m probably SUPER out of touch as I just recently watched Dune and John Wick)

I really love that when shows want to show cool/bada # # martial arts they use Kali. In this scene the mentor is telling Naomi that from her planet, women are warriors 🥰

Let’s hope that on this Earth we can be our own hero’s as well!


Happy Birthday Tuhon Apolo! And Happy 3rd Anniversary to Filipino Kali Academy- HQ!

A little warm up with Tuhon Apolo yesterday (shortly after the ponytail went up, which of course means training has begun🤣)

It was a lovely day training with some really great people!

🎥 Mike Moris

Thank you Mike for getting some video of us training, I never remember to get it myself!


Sometimes it just feels good to move…

I accidentally missed a zoom class by Tuhon Apolo where they worked on freeflow, it inspired me though…as flowing usually does.


I really enjoy watching everyone’s Karenza’s that are posted individually and through The Global Karenza Project. So many thanks to Tuhon Jack Latorre, for giving exposure to so many people. Enabling us learn and collaborate with each other!

I learn so much about body mechanics and the way the blade can move through space…with purpose. (After all the reason for karenza is to move with purpose) Which then gives me questions and inspiration.

I always want to know the “why” behind the movement. One of the flow’s that I have been interested in is (now Tuhon…congratulations!)

The pandemic has been negative in so many ways, but it has also made it easier to access people and be able to ask questions in person “aka: zoom”
It was a blast to train via zoom and learn the why behind his movements. I have a lot of practicing and play to do now “ to figure out how this can work seamlessly with my body movements.

I always like sharing my new insights and ask questions of Tuhon . Which then adds to new insights and exploration.

In Design School, we all had our studios together which fostered a community of shared knowledge, inspiration, collaboration and drive.

I have hope that our online FMA community can be the same!

Thank you so much Tuhon it was so much fun!


After finishing my classes for the evening, what arrived?

A beautiful piece of artwork from Mila Belle

Have you ever seen anyone on Facebook that you have never met, yet you feel like you would be good friends?
I am so happy to support my FMA/artist sister! I look forward to meeting you in real life someday!

“Agave Returns” will now have a home with me in Virginia!
🤔now to find the perfect place to hang it!


It just occurred to me while talking to some friends who are not on Facebook, that I haven’t shared that I was recently interviewed on FMA Discussion!

It is now on YouTube so everyone can watch!

A big thank you to Dean Franco and Brian Rodriguez for having me! It was a really great experience (even though my internet connection was having issues 🙁)

FMA has become a huge part of my life in the few years since I have discovered it! It is something that will be with me forever⚔️🔪🇵🇭😍


I have always been intrigued by juxtaposition

the fact of two things being seen or placed close together with contrasting effect.

In college it was Organic/Industrial that captured my interest. Most of my designs would touch on that contrast to some degree.

Probably, because the way I look and the things I am interested in do not commonly go together.
But really why can’t I be a mom of 2 girls, dress in fancy clothes AND have a sword at the same time.

I am a walking juxtaposition, I’m going to embrace that!

⚔️ Brian Rodriguez


It’s strange how a place 5 minutes away from my house can feel like a completely different world.

The peaceful sound of water while playing around with freeflow.

I may have gotten the side eye from some herons and egrets while flowing.

Photos from Leverage Fitness and Defense's post 08/22/2021

It was so nice being at the seminar with GM Bobby, it is my first time attending an in-person seminar for a loooong time.

Roel Vera introduced me to Balintawak and shared his vast knowledge with me. Showing me similarities and differences between styles. My foundation of Pekiti Tirsia Kali to Balintawak, Kombatan, Serrada. For that I am forever honored and grateful🙏

Today GM Bobby was talking about the importance of basics, how EVERYTHING has a counter and that it is like chess-we need to think ahead of our opponents. All of these things are the same in iKali-PTK and Roel showed me similarities in other styles as well. I am fascinated by the similarities and differences within FMA. They each have their unique beauty and emphasis, but with more similarities than you may see on the surface.

I always felt like Roel was preparing his son Hunter to be my Balintawak teacher when we were training. Hunter and Maya Vera have really taken me under their wing, helping me test for Level 2 today. They are awesome and I appreciate all of their guidance❤️

Happy Birthday in Heaven tomorrow Roel! I hope we made you proud!


I have recently been going through my photos and videos over the past few years. Saving and categorizing them so that I can free up space for new videos.

Knife Tapping is still one of my favorite things. I am not normally an aggressive person, but with knife tapping that all changes.
Old Softball cheers come to mind “BE AGRESSIVE BE BE AGRESSIVE”

Someone else has a knife… no thank you that’s “My Knife”

This was a seminar we did in Warrenton, VA


Post-class fun! A couple of my teens playing around with the tri-bunal knife 🔪😍

The blade becomes an extension of the hand 🤚

Playing around and having fun are really important to learning EVEN (maybe ESPECIALLY) in Combat Arts


This past year my habits have fluctuated all over the place. Some have been for the better, some have been for the worse.

I am in the process of turning some of those negative habits that have infiltrated my life and turning them back into positive habits.

Why not multi-task with making better habits than getting some cardio and blade work at the same time.
Although it does restrict me to more linear movement…when I much prefer moving off center. It’s a nice variation while getting reps.

Let me tell you the Air Assault treadmill is NO JOKE

➡️ 10,000 reps until it is a habit

Small changes can make a big difference!

What habits are you trying to change?


Photos from Leverage Fitness and Defense's post 07/08/2021

Oh the patterns I SEE and drills I can IMAGINE!

Whenever I am on vacation, no matter the duration, I try to relax and give myself a break. (I am not particularly good at relaxing...but I try)
It’s always in these off times that I notice the patterns surrounding me that then inspire creativity and perhaps drills that will be loved/hated at the same time 🤣

I can’t wait to have access to...
A huge parking lot + chalk
A huge field + spray paint
A huge ______+ _____


It was just too beautiful of an day...MUST KARENZA!

I have been concentrating on my left side lately, trying to get it somewhere near where my right side is.

As a “righty”I always assumed that my left hand was going to be the problem hand, but oddly enough it is my right empty hand that wants to stay still -rather than moving properly.

Any one else experience this?

My journey continues, some day both sides will feel the same!

Always a student - so much to learn!


Happy Mother’s Day to ALL of the AMAZING Mama’s!


Playing around with my empty hand to blade freeflow this evening.
This wasn’t my cleanest or best of the night, but it does have my favorite sidekick/sneaky ninja attacker.

My pandemic puppy🥰
There is never a dull moment with Zeus

Anyone else get a pandemic puppy who loves Kali?


Got my new sweatshirt today😍

Thank you
I love it!!

TGKP 2021: CHRISTEN FOSTER 04/05/2021


So Beautiful💕

I’m so proud of you Christen Foster!!!

TGKP 2021: CHRISTEN FOSTER The Global Karenza Project 2021.From Leesburg, Virginia, USA...Lakan Christen Fosterof iKali Pekiti Tirsia Music:"Black and Yellow"byJosh Vietti ...


Anyone else light up their tires?

I’m probably alone here🤣

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This is a little karenza with the smaller Kris sword from

I really like the weight on this one, it feels a bit more natural for me when first using it. I really like the visual weight of the larger size, but the feel of this one — at first try. Of course I am going to play with both of them more...as long as my girls will let me borrow them!

Playing around with Sumbrada and a touch of Sabayan.

lol, I notice when I am solo my eyes follow my sword. When I am flowing with a partner that doesn’t happen. Can’t wait to try something similar with a partner again...someday🤞

*also loving my new KONTRA Performance Gear by DFND a collaboration with Tuhon Apolo Ladra. The shirt is designed with different density fabrics to actually pull back your shoulders which I love since most of what I do places my shoulders slightly forward. This posture helps in training, but also (and maybe more exciting to me) preventing tension headaches from sitting at the computer. My shirt is super long which is nice in recovery mode, but when I’m moving I like folding it up so it stays in one place.


⚔️Kris Sword Karenza⚔️

I have wanted to play with one of these for a while, but with the release of “Raya and the Last Dragon” I NEEDED one!

Luckily, I knew exactly where I could get a trainer! I have been looking at since the holidays and and at the time I couldn’t decide what I wanted to try out. Now my problem was if I should get the Large Kris Sword or the Small Kris Sword....I messaged and asked what he recommended and...duh duh duh...I bought them both😂

As soon as they arrived both of my daughters took them immediately. My older daughter took the large one, my younger the small one. Even, snuggling with them during distance learning. Apparently, math is way more fun when you are cradling a Kris Sword🤷‍♀️
I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, they are MY girls!

It wasn’t until this evening that I had the opportunity to try them out. They are very solidly made. I can see how well they will hold up to sparring. For right now though Karenza is still my main exploration.

This is the larger Kris Sword, it is quite a bit heavier than sticks, but it was really fun to flow with, and I look forward using it more!


Happy International Women’s Day!

Of course, I think EVERYDAY should be


🙌 this is my favorite saying of the day, the week, the year.
We need more of this in life💕

PS: If you want to support a good cause is selling sweatshirts with saying to help support survivors of domestic violence.


Another cut from the other day, earlier in the Karenza, when I was trying my best to be slow.

So hard for me, my comfortable speed is faster.

I think the multiple effect on tiktok is kind of mesmerizing. Makes me think of performance art.


Happy Valentine’s Day!


Seasons Greetings Everyone!!

And here to make your season bright is a special Kali Carol inspired by the Knife (tri-bunal)Tree.....


I’m dreaming of a knife Christmas,
Just like the ones I used to know.
Where the treetops glisten
And children listen
Every time
Mama says “Opo”.

I’m dreaming of a knife Christmas
With every g**o that I fight.
May your sticks and free-flow be light,
And may all your Christmases be knife.

(written for me by my lovely friend )

It makes me laugh EVERY time!

I hope it adds some joy and laughter to your day!


My daughter is learning to LOVE freeflow as much as I do😍


I haven’t posted in a while, but my training hasn’t stopped.
Zoom has been a lifesaver for both training and teaching!

Freeflow is fascinating to me!
It has a special place in my heart!


This duo loves unicorn’s 🦄, rainbows 🌈, puppies 🐶, pig’s 🐷 and of course KALI!

I love that they can be super tough and totally girly at the same time! They can be anything they want to be💕

Social Distancing hasn’t been too difficult since they have each other!


Part 2

Single Stick Freeflow



Kali Freeflow + chewing gum = super talented 🤣

Slightly cooler than walking while chewing gum...maybe🤷‍♀️

Apparently I have been feeling deprived from both lately.
Happy Friday World!


Pumped up by Rocky music while I do my Tire Striking

My first stick broke after 60 strikes on each side. I guess I will be buying TONS more sticks now.


Timeline photos 06/02/2020

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