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An Innovative, Paradigm-Shifting Lifestyle Intervention to Reduce Glucose Excursions With the Use of Continuous Glucose Monitoring to Educate, Motivate, and Activate Adults With Newly Diagnosed Type 2 Diabetes: Pilot Feasibility Study 02/25/2022

An Innovative, Paradigm-Shifting Lifestyle Intervention to Reduce Glucose Excursions With the Use of Continuous Glucose Monitoring to Educate, Motivate, and Activate Adults With Newly Diagnosed Type 2 Diabetes: Pilot Feasibility Study

Congratulations Dr. Mark Cucuzzella for continuing to pioneer a path of holistic progress in this space!! 👏👏

An Innovative, Paradigm-Shifting Lifestyle Intervention to Reduce Glucose Excursions With the Use of Continuous Glucose Monitoring to Educate, Motivate, and Activate Adults With Newly Diagnosed Type 2 Diabetes: Pilot Feasibility Study Background: Type 2 diabetes (T2D) is a growing epidemic in the United States, and metabolic control has not been improved over the last 10 years. Glycemic excursion minimization (GEM) is an alternative lifestyle treatment option focused on reducing postnutrient glucose excursions rather than reducin...

The mother who could “out-Goggins” David Goggins 02/24/2022

The mother who could “out-Goggins” David Goggins

If you want more out of life, go get it.

The mother who could “out-Goggins” David Goggins Jameelah ran more races in 2021 than anyone in the U.S. What drives her singular blend of toughness and endurance, positivity and faith?

Hybrid Health Coaching and Training 02/23/2022

Hybrid Health Coaching and Training

Leesburg get ready for smarter health and fitness training that's sustainable and enjoyable! All you need to join my primary training platform, SMPL CREW, is my app and paired heart monitor (this ensures proper training progression). There will be a live leader board for calories burned (with rewards), monthly Crew challenges, and much more come. Visit my website to sign up for pre-registration!

Hybrid Health Coaching and Training Expert health & performance coaching in-person as well as on the go, at home, or outdoors on mobile app.

Paul Koczera on LinkedIn: #strain #whoop #sleep 02/19/2022

Paul Koczera on LinkedIn: #strain #whoop #sleep

Very happy with my 4.0 so far. Check out my most recent insight. Your Fitbit and smart watches aren’t the same! If you’d like to learn more about Whoop let’s talk!

Paul Koczera on LinkedIn: #strain #whoop #sleep We’ve all heard it before from our GP “Get some rest.” Well how much rest? And then what? Could more be said? Yes, with objective bio data available...


tomorrow’s workout:
- 15 minutes: ground flow (6min) + indoboard (6min) + jump rope (3min)
- 40 minutes: TrueForm Run (nasal breathing)
- 3:30 minutes: Bring Sally Up w/ 45lb barbell consisting of split jerk & squat clean.
- 3:30 minutes: Bring Sally Up w/ 95lbs consisting of split jerk and squat clean.

Photos from Two Rivers Treads's post 03/07/2021

Photos from Two Rivers Treads's post

Photos from Dr. Dustin Jones, PT, DPT's post 02/25/2021



Best athletic base layer available ✊🐸

The party’s over...get to work.


1% 🙌

He did it!!! Chris Nikic is the first person with Down syndrome to ever complete an IRONMAN triathlon.

2.4-mile Swim: ✅

112-mile Bike: ✅

26.2-mile Run: ✅

What an inspiration!

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Inspiration to be healthy, happy, and motivated to overcome challenges 1% at time! Enjoy it Chris! 👏👏🙌

TOMORROW is the big day! Chris Nikic will aim to become the first person with Down syndrome to complete an IRONMAN triathlon at IRONMAN Florida!

— 2.4 mile swim

— 112 miles on the bike

— 26.2 mile run

We know he can do it. Let's all wish Chris Nikic good luck as he looks to make history! 👏👏


Kindred Delivery

I like my jokes like I like my nachos...

Cheesy :D

Happy Nacho Day everyone!

Here is an amazing nacho Recipe! 08/14/2020

Saturated Fats and Health: A Reassessment and Proposal for Food-Based Recommendations

Where ya get it from matters, imagine that! Buy local! Tag your local farmers in this post! The recommendation to limit dietary saturated fatty acid (SFA) intake has persisted despite mounting evidence to the contrary. Most recent meta-analyses of randomized trials and observational studies found no beneficial effects of reducing SFA intake on cardiovascular disease (CVD) and total mortali...



Join Black Men Run and UCAN for a discussion on health and fitness for Black men with Aaron Perry and Dr. Mark Cucuzella, two men dedicated to improving the lifespan in their communities. We’ll give you strategies to implement in your own life to help you stay on track, whether you’re new to exercise or you’re looking to up your game. REGISTER HERE

Everyone registered will have a chance to win a UCAN Essential Nutrition Bundle ($175 value) 08/06/2020

Wild Recreation: Personal Training / Outdoor Group Fitness / Leesburg Virginia

There is too much 💩 to list when considering problems that led (and continue to lead) to the state of people's health (at large) becoming as de-conditioned, dysfunctional, and diseased as it is today (the worst in modern history).

I've seen every side of the health and wellness industry, the good and the bad. And honestly, the change isn't ever going to come from us. You are your answer. You always have been, and always will be.

I created Wild Recreation to help you find your answers that lie within you. As a coach I am here to guide your direction, to be a sounding board for your ideas and expectations for yourself, and to be your check engine light when life inevitably happens. Coaching is caring, and everyone deserves care.

Think back on a time in your life when you truly excelled at something(s). If you're like me, all of those times involved a coach, teacher, mentor, or elder giving me instruction on the applying knowledge and skill to my life in real time. I was a hell-uva pee-wee football player!! 😁

Why then...when it comes to our wellbeing would we expect to continuously excel week after week, year after year on our own...without a coach as we take on big sugar, big tobacco/alcohol, big pharma, big media...the 💩 list goes on and on.

It's so easy for that transformative power that each of has to be shut up, blown out, and buried by the giants that exist in our world today.

But even with the odds stacked against us, we can win. There is strength in numbers. I am here to be your health and performance coach. I will support you, challenge you, believe in you, and watch you heal yourself with your own passion, commitment, strength, stamina, resilience, vigor, and belief.

You are not the problem in the way of restoring your health, you are the answer. Personal training, outdoor group fitness, virtual workouts and coaching. Wild Recreation is based in Leesburg, VA, and serves region in-person clients with premiere strength and conditioning. All populations welcome, especially youth athletes and adult tactical and sport professionals. 07/01/2020

Herd Immunity: Mother Nature’s Vaccine | Dr. Phil Maffetone How the human population can develop its own natural defense to COVID-19 Herd immunity for COVID-19 has probably been building for several months since the virus was first detected in... 05/12/2020

Take Action | Low-Carb Action Network

“USDA again excluding low carb diet studies in Dietary Guidelines process. Take action now but following the link or watch the low fat chocolate milk continue to flow in schools.
share with others who have concern to flatten the curve of obesity and diabetes.” - Dr. Mark Cucuzzella Low-Carb Action Network (L-CAN) is a coalition of doctors, academics, advocates, and Americans with personal success stories, urging U.S. nutrition leaders to include a true low-carb diet as part of the 2020 Dietary Guidelines for Americans (DGA).



🏔 of a lift, incredible. Watching at this makes me want to see him in’s hard to fathom his mass and power that makes a 1,104lbs lift look so smooth.

Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson - The Mountain DID IT‼️

He deadlifted 1,104 pounds -- a new WORLD RECORD😮💪 04/23/2020

The Perfect Storm: Coronavirus (Covid-19) Pandemic Meets Overfat Pandemic

Great opinion piece from Dr. Phil Maffetone and Paul Larson, backed by profound facts. The “new normal” should value “normal fat” values.

“Perhaps a more important lesson for the world may be that we control much of our health, and that the prevention of infections through a healthy immune system is, not unlike chronic disease and physical impairment, strongly associated with a healthy lifestyle.”

If you have a concern about your health as it pertains to body fat I am here to help, message me and let’s get started on a plan of action. In December, 2019, China's Wuhan city became the center of an outbreak of pneumonia of unknown cause, and by January, Chinese scientists reported to have isolated a novel coronavirus, severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2; previously known as 2019-nCoV), from the infected patie...


Happy Earth Day - now get outside and celebrate with some mindfulness and physical activity!


Connect First Family Chiropractic


Looking forward to some socializing today! Woo-hoo! 🙂 Join us!

If you do not know Dr. Dan and Dr. Ryan of Connect First Family Chiropractic check them out now — amazing people and practitioners 👏

Today at 1pm, tune into our conversation with our good friend, Paul Koczera, CSCS

Paul is one of the very best at what he does. He is an expert in functional movement and leading his clients towards a healthy lifestyle in and out of the gym. He has wide-ranging industry experience from personal training and gym management to fitness equipment development and recreational event design!

We’re going to jam on human movement, the barefoot lifestyle, breath work and who knows what else!!

Head over to our page around 1pm to tag along and ask questions 🙌 @ Connect First Family Chiropractic


Low Carb Denver 2020 Interviews - Dr. Brian Lenkes and Dr. Mark Cucuzzella

Dr. Brian Lenzkes is an internal medicine doctor in San Diego. Dr. Lenzkes received a BS in Biology from UC Irvine, and an MD from USC Medical School. The in...


Institute of Clinical Excellence

Start your day off with a smile!

Bill Lapschies from Oregon has lived through the Spanish Flu pandemic of 1918, World War I, the Great Depression, and fought in the U.S. Army in World War II. He turned 104 yesterday and simultaneously celebrated his birthday as well as becoming the oldest-known survivor of the COVID-19 virus

Old, but not weak 04/02/2020

Maximum Aerobic Function: Clinical Relevance, Physiological Underpinnings, and Practical Application The earliest humans relied on large quantities of metabolic energy from the oxidation of fatty acids to develop larger brains and bodies, prevent and reduce disease risk, extend longevity, in addition to other benefits. This was enabled through the consumption of a high fat and low-carbohydrate diet...


My caretakers at Connect First Family Chiropractic 👏👏 Chiro care is essential to healthy living, continuing see them if you can still incorporate visits during the COVID-19 pandemic!

Why do athletes choose to ?⁠

🏃 "When it comes to sports and exercise, being properly recovered and ready for tomorrow means everything. When you aren't recovered, this is where the increased likelihood of injury lives and you're also not getting the most benefit from your hard work and time.⁠

What most people don't realize is that stress has a huge impact on our ability to recover. Most of us have careers and families on top of our athletic goals, which places additional strain on the body and locks us into the "fight or flight" stress response. ⁠

Chiropractic adjustments not only support the body's ability to perform better, but they bring balance to the nervous system so that we can get out of that stress response and into healing and recovery mode!"⁠

- Dr. Dan⁠

When people choose to , they choose to reach their full potential and show up as better versions of themselves 💪


O N E - H O U R countdown ⏰ Join me in beginning the day with some movement led by Pat Fore from Two Rivers Treads & Shark Pit Jiu Jitsu

Join TRT staff, Patrick, for a live yoga flow class Saturday, March 28 at 9am. Tune in to our page, and follow along. Won't be able to make the live stream? No worries! The post will still be there ready for you, at your convenience.



Difficult but necessary.

This past weekend, the saw high numbers of day , who see the outdoors as an escape from this difficult time. ATC President & CEO Sandra Marra asks everyone to help stop the spread and protect the Trail from overuse by staying off the Trail until further notice.

Read More:


Two Rivers Treads

Calling small, local businesses! Let’s work together during this time to keep things moving. Comment below with your business and tell us how folks can help support you during this crisis. Everyday, we’ll make a post about a local business and let our followers know how they can support you whether it’s buying gift cards, ordering take out or if you’re still open, what measures you’re taking to keep customers feel safe and comfortable. Together we can do more. 💪🏼♥️


Family Hike. First outing in the new Merrell Move Glove Sport from Two Rivers Treads

03/19/2020 03/19/2020

Global overfat pandemic worse than previously thought - Dr. Phil Maffetone Many not considered obese or overweight by traditional measures fall into this category The prevalence of the global overfat epidemic is considerably higher than originally thought, according to a new...


Tom Brady’s Home Gym

Look at that centerpiece in the G.O.A.T’s home gym. 🐐
Greatest Treadmill Of All Time ➡️ 🐐
Trueform Running


New performance and lifestyle kicks at TRT! I’ll be trying those new ultra minimal Merrells!

Wowzah! We’ve gotten so many new shoes in the last two weeks. Everything from your spring training shoes to your everyday shoes for kickin’ around. We’ve got the updated Runventure 3.0 by TOPO, with a sleek new upper design and more aggressive tread to keep you comfortable with every step on the trail. The Altra Viho, a new road shoe by Altra that we’re super stoked on. For those of you who loved the Instinct and Intuition, we think you’re going to love this new model! The New Balance Fresh Foam Tempo just hit the shelves, this super responsive foam will keep you feeling fresh and bouncy for miles. For you ultra minimalists, we’ve got you covered with the new Merrell Vapor Move Glove. This addition to the Vapor Glove family provides a bit more sole underfoot with a bit of extra lateral support for working out in the gym. Lastly, come try out the new Altra Tokala for ladies and the Merrell Leather Trail Glove for men. Both of these are perfect for all of your lifestyle needs as the weather warms up.

And with new shoes coming in, you know what that means – we’ve got some stock to move! So be sure to come check out what we’ve got left of our older sale stock. We’ve got limited sizes and styles left, so get them while they’re here! 03/02/2020

Thad’s New Running Chair organized by Miners Lady

Be the light! Please contribute the funding of Run4Thad’s new chair setup so this awesome human duo can enjoy the roads and trails of running in 2020!!! Run4Thad Miner's Lady 8-Hour 👏👏
John Witzing
Rick Muhr
Lara Harrington
Philip Maffetone
Jeff Vernon
Brian Chontosh
Josh Chessman
Josiah Novak
🖤 Many of you recognize Jake and Thad as active runners in the community. Always smiling as they c… Miners Lady needs your support for Thad’s New Running Chair

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Family Hike. First outing in the new Merrell Move Glove Sport from Two Rivers Treads
Tom Brady’s Home Gym
Hearthside Series: Farm to Fit Health Profession Samantha Savoca of Meditative Medicinals educating us about CBD
Hearthside Series: Farm to Fit Health Profession Samantha Savoca of Meditative Medicinals educating us about CBD
Weighted climb with 40lbs. 💪#strength #conditioning #strengthandconditioning #climb #rockwall #indoorclimbing #functiona...
If you find yourself with some spare time and you want to move, grab a jump rope and a barbell! Here is a quick exercise...
The Groundwork. Some of my clients enjoy it, others avoid it. These movements are fundamental to human development — the...
Recap of the framework movements in this morning’s live stream that dropped off. Strong Seven- Carry- Squat- Hinge- Lung...
Climbing + Dumbbells + Bands = 🔥Ages 16 and up - every Saturday morning 10:00am.
Light work before desk work. #letsmove #strengthtraining #strengthcoach
⏳30 Seconds of Work⏳Michelle is a trainer’s dream client ya’ll! A sponge for knowledge and eager to put it to practice. ...





208 Church St Se
Leesburg, VA

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beauty without excuses...inside and out. Jesus, fam, health, fitness.

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Orthopedic manual therapy and personal training offered in a relaxed atmosphere. Over 13 years experience in health and fitness industry with fantastic results.

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Knockoutfitness will build inner toughness, knock out mental barriers, train you like a champion and

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One-on-one personal training in home or via Skype. Corporate personal training at your place of work and boot camp for groups.