PREP Basketball Training

Our focus is to prepare our players physically, emotionally and mentally for the grind of moving on to the next level of their basketball careers.

So much to say but must start by thanking God for not only planting the seed but giving me everything I need to cultivate that seed into reality. He is always faithful! I have to thank my amazing supportive wife and kids for allowing me to take time away from them, your sacrifice does not go unnoticed and I love you for that. To the players that come to work every single session and are hungry to grow. Thank you to all of parents who have trusted me to help your kids develop their basketball skills. Lastly, to my entire support system who believe in me, encourage me, work hand and hand with me and who pray for me. This program is still in the infancy stages but I love the direction it is headed. Ultimately I am blessed that I've been able to do it on my own terms and be authentic in my training, focusing on what matter most. I look forward to what is ahead. Shout out to my amazing bro in law/video guy...I promise to stay humble but this video really makes me feel like I'm legit!!!

[09/10/19]   She's back at...I just may have to get the official training started...she's ready!! #jordynlynn #ladyballer #5yrsold #shorty

Without a doubt two of the hardest working, most coachable players I've ever trained. They embrace their makes and adjust right away. The subtle improvements they make each week is amazing to see. Keep at it fellas @castleberry2211 @castleberry567 #prep4success #prepbball #training #hardwork #grindseason

Recieved this framed picture today from @washcollmbb @goodyhoops I really appreciate it! It has been hanging in the gym office area for 15+ years. I'm assuming you took it down with the idea of hanging my jersey in the rafters?? 🤔😆🤷🏾‍♂️. #thatformneededsomework #icanreferyoutoagreatskillscoach #WAChoops

On the move! #prep4success #prepbball #ballislife #training

The game is there, the mindset is coming. 6' 7" (and growing) w/range. Give me the summer to get that bounce and explosivness to the rim and @iam_dvc is going to be a major problem next season. I can't wait to be able to post a video of that backboard tap w/ the heavy ball and it be a mikan dunks w/ the heavy ball...i believe 👀 #prepbball #prep4success #ballislife #grindseason

The game is there, the mindset is coming. 6' 7" (and growing) w/range. Give me the summer to get that bounce and explosivness to the rim and @iam_dvc is going to be a major problem next season. I can't wait to be able to post a video of that backboard tap w/ the heavy ball and it be a mikan dunks w/ the heavy ball...i believe 👀 #prepbball #prep4success #ballislife #grindseason

@iam_dvc is 6 ' 7"JR. We just finished our 2nd session and I couldnt be more excited to help pull out all of the potential he has. His shooting stroke & range are out of this world for a kid his size, but even that we are fine tuning. However our biggest focus is his aggressiveness and explosiveness. He has a lot of doubters and hopefully uses that as fuel to work even harder...give us a few weeks and check back on him...👀 #prep4success #waitandsee #ballislife

Been working w/ Ryan & Justin the last couple of weeks...they are HUNGRY to improve!!! @castleberry567 #prep4success #bball #ballislife #prepbball

Another year in the books, added another chip (🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆) to the resume. Gotta say this one may be the most rewarding, joined this squad last yr after my previous dynasty stopped playing. We lost the ship in OT, came back this yr to take home the hardware. Son's season ended w/ a chip, coaching season....ended 😏, and playing season ended w/ a chip, not too bad of a yr....w/ that said it's training season..PREP is open for business!!!

First coaching season in the books. It was humbling for sure but all in all it was rewarding. They say you learn more losing than you do winning, if thats true we finished the season as a pretty smart bunch 😁. In all seriousness I was super proud of these boys, they worked extremely hard all season, improved week to week and stayed together as a unit no matter what, so for that we can call the season a success. I hope they continue to work on their games this offseason and come back even more hungry next season....

Super proud of our boy and his squad. 3rd Grade Champs! They took the difficult route as the #4 seed but beat both of the teams they lost to in the regular season as well as the undefeated #1 seed on their way to the title. Great job to the boys and their amazing coaches #buzzerbeaters #clblchamps #3rdgrade #31

[10/07/18]   Good luck to all of the PREP players participating in their final Middle School team tryouts today. Leave it all on the floor! Selected or not, keep working hard to get better every day.

Legacy... just turned 4 already eager to train #jordynlynn #babyballers #ballislife

Owen has been working hard all summer with his sights set on making his middle school team this upcoming year...doing everything in my power to help him towards that goal #rising6thgrader #bball #ballislife #prep4success #prepbball

Working on Owen's shooting mechanics. The focus has been on having a better base, eliminating the dip in his release and holding his follow through...he has put up 100's of shots (if not more) over the last 3 weeks to break some old habits and start developing an effective shot. Top left (week 2), bottom left (week 3), right (week 5)

Confidence in your ball handling leads to better overall development of your game. Check out Owen's progress from his Evaluation session (top left), to his 4th session (bottom left), to his 5th session this past week. Still a lot to work on but major progess being made!

Left video was our 1st session together, Right video was 7 days later. I'd like to think I have the magic touch but the key to the major improvement in 7 days was his willingness to take my feedback and instruction on day 1 and practice on his own every day in between our sessions. One of the top 3 things I'm looking for when training. Are you going to work hard those days when we arent together? #prep4success #prepbball #training #grindseason #ballislife

Want to introduce 5th grader Owen W as a recent additon to the training program. He has unlimited potential, is a student of the game, and eager to work hard to improve. Really looking forward to working with him. He has already impressed me in ways he doesnt even know (one being wearing shorts in 40 degree weather and snow on the ground) #prep4success #prepbball #training #ballislife #grindseason

Tough shooting night so I had to settle for a triple double, 17 pts, 11 asts, 10 rebounds ( gotta take my word for it on the rebounds the camera doesnt do a good job of capturing all of the defensive rebounds) #stillsomeleftinthetank #notwashedyet #compwasntthatgreat #stillgottamakeplays #tripledouble

@wesley21howard working on his shot out of a post entry attempt. This is setup when you have a big man who has shown a presence down low. Eventually your defender will start to jump the entry pass, all you need is that split second when they are on their heals to get your shot off #prep4success #prepbball #studentofthegame #training #ballislife #basketball #bball

One week left to reserve your spot, there are still spaces available but do not wait! I have some amazing ideas for this training....

Repost of the event I created last night which was not so user friendly. This is going to be a 6 week small group training once a week. As of right now Mon, Wed, Thur time slots open for both age groups w/ a weekend option if there is demand

Want a good cardio workout while improving your shooting/mental focus? Dribble from half court to 3pt line; 5 makes from both left/right. Immediately shoot 5 FTs, then back to shooting, this time 4 makes from each side, followed by 5 free throws, repeat until you get down to 1 make and 5 FT's to finish. The goal is to do this under 10 mins while making 75% of your FT's

Credibility is everything when you are working with kids, but relatability is also important. They need to see that you are human and they arent the only ones that mess up. Sometimes you gotta laugh at yourself so here are a few of my bloopers from this year....oh and some dance moves that I couldn't leave out 🤣🤣 #ballislife #basketball #bloopers #training #bball #tightenupthosehandles

So I've been ending my training sessions w/ a fun shooting challenge (6 mid range spots, 5 makes at each, 5 min limit). The current record is 3:04 set by Wesley H. Figured I'd do my own version, except I did 25 makes from "3". Finished in 4:12 making 25 out of 36 (of course I had no rebounder either...excuses excuses) #prepbball #ballislife #shooter #prep4success

Reps, reps, and more can only get better by doing the little things over and over until they become 2nd nature. Training season slowing down, so its time to sharpen the Ax. Cant teach what you haven't done!(long video but had to leave it unedited for authenticity of the shooting streak 😁). #prepbball #prep4success #training #grindseason #ballislife

Night session w/ Erin @eppich_2 & Christian, working on footwork & reading the defense: 3 options in this drill; catch & shoot, pumpfake & drive, or pumpfake & 1 dribble pullup. Prove you can hit the outside jumper and all 3 options will open up for you #prep4success #prepbball #ballislife #grindseason #training

Madi & Mason working on handling ball pressure, developing a quicker first step, and reacting to defense #prepbball #prep4success #ballislife #grindseason #training

Cant forget about my "Day 1", Nick has consistently been improving his game. Right now we are working on strengthening his left hand as well as his defensive footwork and positioning #ballislife #prep4success #prepbball #baller #day1

Last one for now..but just finished editing 20 hrs of content 🤤. 6th grader Mason working on ball control in tight spaces & developing that left hand, he has good handles but trying to teach him that "less is more" sometimes...#prepbball #prep4success #grindseason #basketball #ballislife

Helping Madi work on her aggresiveness, driving to the basket and reading the defense accurately. 1st video was last month, 2nd video shows the added elements based on the defender #ballislife #prepbball #prep4success #ladyballers #basketballer #grindseason

10 year old @wesley21howard working on this difficult ball handling combo (drill cred to @ballbeyond), took him a few times but he picked it up quick...stayed tuned in the next few weeks and see how much tighter and fluid it is #ballislife #prepbball #prep4success #handles #basketballer

Madi putting in some work during our solo session, gearing up for her freshman season #grindseason #prepbball #prep4success #ballislife #ladyballers

Working on footwork, balanced shooting and attacking the basket with both hands 👀 #ballislife #grindseason #prep4success #prepbball

Check out Leyla, just recently turned 9. We only train a few minutes a week but she makes the most of it. Check out her ball handling improvements, amazing how good she has gotten #prep4success #prepbball #ladyballers #ballislife

The heavy rains tried to slow down our progress, we just decided to get creative and had an amazing session #prep4success #grindseason #dedication #excuseremover

Alot of content stored over the last week, these kids are serious about their growth. We are working on Mason controlling his agression (especially on defense). He's already showing signs of improvement #grindseason #prep4success #prepbball #ballislife

Finally got @eppich_2 to stop avoiding these training sessions...okay maybe shes just been busy being a multisport superstar. Check out some highlights of our first session (a day after her 12 hr long volleyball tournament) #workethic #prepbball #grindseason #ballislife

Wes in the lab as usual, he's definitely going to be apart of the 10,000 hr club. Working on a new drill, simultaneous crossover w/ tennis ball catch, finishing w/ 1 dribble pullup. #ballislife #grindseason #prepbball #prep4success

Been a busy summer, these kids have been grinding. Its not just about shooting. Working on rebounding basics w/ Max #prepbball #prep4success #grindseason #ballislife

Want to welcome the newest members of the PREP program, brother/sister duo Madison (9th grd) & Mason (6th grd). They are both eager to improve their games and I happy to be given the opportunity to be apart of there growth. Here is a snippet of their group session, we work individually as well on specific development needs of each...stay tuned #prep4success #prepbball #grindseason

[08/16/17]   Good luck to all the PREP boys & girls trying out for travel teams tonight...leave it all on the floor and trust the process #prep4success #grindseason #prepbball

We have been working hard on Christian's aggresiveness. Starting every touch w a strong triple threat position. For the last few weeks we've focused on strong drives to the hole. This past week it was about a strong first step into a pullup jumpshot. That turned into making some footwork adjustments and the mindset behind it, it took a lot of reps but he picked it up pretty well. I'm excited to see his progress at our next session. #prep4success #prepbball #grindseason #training

My guy Wes working on some compact variation dribbles into his jumpshot. Gonna continue tightening up those handles and finishing with a strong balanced shot. #prepbball #prep4success #training #ballislife #grindseason

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