iStroll LLC, Lexington

iStroll LLC, Lexington


Snack is ready for tomorrow class!!
Miss you ladies! It only took 6 months but I finally got my Mai Tai 🥰 and some me time!
Recipes y’all need to try!!
We’ve all put in the work, so let’s see those results!

Meeting on base at the track, 9:30
It’s going to be a hot one tomorrow! Bring lots of water and let’s knock out our progress test before it gets too hot 😅

Meet at the track on base by the gas station.
I’m excited to see everyone at 9:30 on Minuteman Trail!

iStroll Socially Lexington
Don’t forget to go to iStroll Socially Lexington and RSVP for the diaper shower and a chance to win a free iStroll class! See you tomorrow!
Hi, everyone! Noelle, Michelle, and I are co-hosting a diaper shower for Ashley! I’m not able to create or share the event on this page, so if you’re not part of the iStroll Socially Lexington page, join now to see the event, say you’re going, and see all the other awesome stuff that happens in that group.
I love the last paragraph of this article!

Eloise has been missing iStroll! She got out the mats and weights to day and is practicing her jumps! See everyone tomorrow!
It wasn't pretty but we got the workout done at home! Don't let that cute little blurry face fool you.....he screamed for half of the doesn't help that he isn't feeling well today. My Fitbit also erased my workout in the last 5 minutes 😲

The ultimate 60 minute stroller workout that incorporates running, HIIT, body weight, dumbbells, resistance bands and strollers. A social network for mom and dads.

A playgroup for children. Advocating for a healthy next generation by being fit parents.

Operating as usual


Hope you all have a very Merry Christmas! Enjoy your time with family and friends and find time to embrace the fun and chaos of the season ♥️


Yep! You are in charge; set the boundaries, know if you are over committing, and enjoy the in between that may easily be over looked.

See you at 9am via zoom! Message me for the link


I love all the extra fun during the holidays; parties, visiting Santa, decorating, cookie making, and family gatherings; but man is it draining! Here is your Monday reminder that it is ok to slow down when needed and take those breaks too. Enjoy the process and embrace the chaos all at the same time, but remember to take care of you too.

See you all at 9am via zoom. Message me for the link

White Chicken Lasagna Soup 12/12/2021

White Chicken Lasagna Soup

I’m getting ready for the week and looking for some new things on the menu to try… this time of year soup is a big favorite of ours and I came across this recipe. It can be made with freshly cooked chicken, rotisserie chicken, or any other chicken leftovers. Looks delicious!

White Chicken Lasagna Soup White Chicken Lasagna Soup is a satisfying one pot comfort food recipe your family will love. It's so simple, yet so delicious!


There were never more true words... I've never ended a workout in a bad mood! Come join me via zoom at 9am to get your daily stress relief on 🙌


When all the things feel like they are faking apart, remember it is only Monday and it can only get better from here. Set the tone for your week and sweat out all that grief, see you at 9am on zoom!
Message me for the updated link


Hope you all have a fantastic weekend and don’t forget about you. The holidays can bring so much stress but even Pixar has the important things covered and ways to give back to you and your well being 😍😍


Rise and shine! The holidays can be busy and life can get a little crazy with all the extra activities but make it a goal this month to take care of momma. See you at 9am via zoom


🤣🤣🤣 but it’s ok and I’m sure it was delicious!

Meet me on zoom and we will get that Monday morning sweat on! See you @9am


With all the fun yesterday don't forget about you today! Take an hour to spark that energy to get you through the day. Member workout will be messaged to you! Enjoy your weekend and I'll see you all Monday.


I hope that everyone had a wonderful day with family and friends. There are so many blessings to be thankful and our iStroll community is one of them!


It can often be hard to commit to something for you, moms are always putting the rest of their family first. Don’t forget you deserve time too!

Meet me on zoom at 9am for a great pre thanksgiving burn. Message me if you need the link!


The holiday week is upon us but don’t let it set you back! Let’s get our sweat on to start the week right. See you on zoom at 9am


Isn't that the truth?!?! Happy Wednesday. We can tackle the rest of the week together, starting with a good workout at 9am via zoom


Ready to jump into the week with a good workout. Join me at 9am!


We are headed to the park! Lincoln park and Lexington fields to be exact. Let’s kick this weekend off with a good sweat, see you at 9am


Let’s finish the week strong! See you on zoom at 9am due to the rain.


Here is the updated calendar for November and don't forget to check back for daily location updates!


Of course the only rain today is going to hit during class 🤷🏼‍♀️ thankful for our zoom classes though. I’ll see you at 9am virtually! Message me for the link


Does the time change have you all mixed up? Me too! But let’s get that Monday morning burn in at 9am


Getting the weekend started, see you at 9am.


Monday’s are hard, Monday’s after a holiday are harder 🤦🏼‍♀️ but together we can encourage each other. Meet me at James Sullivan Playground, 9am. Let’s do this!


All this rain has been tough! But we will get another day of fair weather tomorrow, so let’s capitalize and meet up at 9am. See you at the park!


This wind is unstoppable! See you all on zoom at 9am. Message me for the link


Monday morning and it is raining! No fear our zoom link is still in use and we are going to rock this workout together! See you at 9am for a killer sweat session, message me for the link if needed.


Friday is finally here! Let us get it hat pumped feeling before the weekend. See you all at James Sullivan Playground at 9am

99 Eliot Rd, Bedford.


Mid week is upon us! Lets get out there and sweat @James F. Sullivan Playground 9am 💪


Remember to fill your cup! I know it is easier said than done but mammas keep the world spinning and no one needs the momma of the house to be depleted. Find that thing to bring light to your day and rejuvenate your mind. Might be coffee with a friend, a walk in the woods, a new podcast, or the thought that you don’t have to make dinner tonight. Remember to take care of yourself and then those around you 🥰


It may be Monday but we won’t let that keep us from our workout! See you at 9am at James Sullivan playground.

99 Eliot St, Bedford.


Let us feel that weekend hustle! See you all in Lexington on the turf


Let’s roll into the weekend feeling proud of how far we’ve come! It’s Friday!! 🙌🏻🙌🏻
See you at James Sullivan playground @ 9am.
99 Eliot


So glad our good weather is continuing! See you all at 9am for another workout 😊


It may be a holiday but we are going to get our sweat on. Bring the whole family and enjoy story and craft following class. 10/08/2021

This week has been dragging by... so lets run into this long weekend like maniacs! I'll meet you at James Sullivan Playground in Bedford at 9am


We are rolling into the month quickly!

Here is an updated calendar of events and happenings this month. We have an iStroll sponsored event the last wednsday of the month. This will be our Halloween class so come Halloween dressed to be entered in iStroll LLC's costume contest. Also check out our social page for a poll on MNO this month!

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